The Cosmic Turtle Calendar: 13 Moons of Harmony Begin Today

Pacal Votan believed it was critically important for humanity to return to the natural cycles of the 13 Moons.  He had the necessary information inscribed upon his tomb in Palenque, Mexico after his death in 683.  His beloved Bolon Ik [later known as the Red Queen], who was buried in the adjacent Temple [13] made an oath to bring the 13 Moons back to life.

1300 years later, Valum Votan [Jose Arguelles] decoded the inscriptions on Pacal’s tomb, and reintroduced and promoted the 13 Moons through years of global travel,  and many books, interviews and articles.

On 9/11/2004, a mysterious message appeared on my computer at 19:13. [7:13 p.m. on Saturday, Lunar Silio 21]   Only 10 lines of the message were intelligible to me at that time.  The first of these was:  “As of 19:13, you are awakening to the Prophecy of the Red Queen“.  The last  line that made sense referred to me as the Cosmic Turtle Moon Goddess”  {I was born on July 10th,  in the middle of the Cosmic Turtle Moon}

The next day, I learned of a crop circle that was placed 20 miles from my home, in which 28 circles [28 days in a Moon] extended from two high electrical towers, connecting with an 11-circled body that appears on the cover of Valum Votan’s book “Time and the Technosphere“.  The Two Towers referenced 9/11, which Votan’s book referred to as the ‘puncture in the Technosphere’ which leads to the Noosphere.   At the time, the 39 circles reminded me of 3×13, but during my trip to the Law of Time in Ashland a few days later, I learned that kin 39 was also referenced as 19:13, the time of the 9/11 message.

Since that ‘awakening‘, I have begun each 28 day Moon on Sunday, as Valum Votan wrote in so many places.  He had ample opportunity to correct me during our many times together, and never wrote anything to contradict his many statements that “Every Week, Moon and 13 Moon year begins on Sunday“.

The Day-out-of-Time’ crop circle that appeared on July 22, 2006 [“3 days early” according to the Law of Time site] and hours after I did the suggested Day-out-of-Time meditations ‘three days early’ on Saturday::Cosmic Silio 28, was further confirmation that each year, Moon and Week ends on Saturday, and begins on Sunday.

The current ‘official 13 Moon Calendar’ is aligned with the Gregorian Calendar, and to ‘fit’ that crooked system, must skip a day or 2 each year.

The Cosmic Turtle Calendar counts every day,  just as the Mayan Long Count does.  The Mayan word for Day is Kin, which denotes the 24 hour period of a Day and Night alternation.  It doesn’t seem right to skip some of those days as the Gregorian and the ‘official 13 Moon Calendar’ do [Example:  Leap Day]

Today, Sunday, [7-27-2014] marks the beginning of a new 13 Moon year that is aligned with the more ancient and globally recognized 7 day week.  Today is also the beginning of a New Moon, and of a new period of time ‘ruled‘ by the Mahavidia: Bhairavi  {The Goddess who opens the Heart}

This is an auspicious day to begin “The Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  13 Moons of Harmony”  🙂  The Turtle has remained on this planet for 220,000 years with the emblem of the 13 Moons on it’s back, and usually 28 shells around the perimeter, to remind us of the 13 Moons of 28 days

The Turtle will remain the totem for the 13th Cosmic Moon, but most of the Moons will receive a new totem in The Cosmic Turtle Calendar [in part so that they aren’t confused with the names of some of the 20 solar seals].

In the Cosmic Turtle Calendar, the new totem for the Magnetic Moon of Purpose is the Hummingbird.

“The hummingbird is a symbol of regeneration or resurrection.  The Hummingbird is the creature that opens the heart… With hummingbird consciousness, we learn the truth of beauty.  Our life becomes a wonderland of delights in flowers, aromas and tastes.  We laugh and enjoy creation, we appreciate the magic of the present moment, and the magic of being alive.

The Hummingbird has been memorialized by the Mayans, as this image of Quetzalcoatl with a Hummingbird shows:


The Star People imprinted the Hummingbird into the English crops on July 2, 2009

In Peru, a huge image of this tiniest bird was  imprinted in the Nazca Plains

 The Hummingbird in this image has 18 appendages.  A synchronicity that reinforces the Hummingbird as the totem for the Magnetic Moon is that alpha-numerically, Hummingbird = 118:  Magnetic Mirror.  The CGF of Hummingbird is 559, which [reduced by 441] has a B.M.U. of 118, making the Hummingbird ‘Magnetic‘ in 2 numerical systems  🙂

During the Magnetic Hummingbird Moon we set our Purpose for the Year.  One of my goals is to post a blog for each Week of this Year, to facilitate others who begin each Week and Moon on Sunday.  Another goal is to move to the country which has 132 varieties of Hummingbirds [and an abundance of Turtles] before the  Cosmic Turtle Moon begins  🙂

This first day of the Cosmic Turtle Year is coded by Dreamspell Kin 10:  Planetary Dog [a-n = 138]  and Long Count Kin 223:  Lunar Night. White Wind Wavespell 18:  Power of SPIRIT codes this year in both 13 Moon systems.

Thanks to Jannis 7 Moon for sharing how this crop circle [discovered on Cosmic 20, coded by Kin 1:  Magnetic Dragon]:

    represents PEACE      

As the Israeli operation Protective Edge has so far claimed over 1,000 dead, users have been flooding the web with dozens of photos of Jews and Arabs together showcasing Peace and Love, under the hashtag #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies.  The campaign was launched by Abraham Gutman (Jewish) and Dania Darwish (Arab), both students at Hunter College in New York, immediately after the start of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza – and this week it gained momentum.”

View image on Twitter

                             P E A C E  WILL  P R E V A I L   !!!

1. 27. 1. 1.          Dreamspell   Kin 10:  Planetary Dog   L.C. Kin 223           7-27-2014

8 thoughts on “The Cosmic Turtle Calendar: 13 Moons of Harmony Begin Today

  1. good work, Marten Kuilman (prolly still in Holland, published books in dutch as late as 1990)

    ….. not exactly the quadropheni(a)c Bob Dobbs is on about to no end (he means to make that literal even .. he’s mellowed out a lot, the audio has gotten better … but he cowtows to ionettes who fall for the fetish drops and chats salesmanbullshit with them, his wife throwing in her interest and more conventional magnesium supplement spiels and discussions … kinda kult kinda kitsch .. and one k vitamin too many is you askkk me ….
    scroll down till you see a 4×4 with weird curved squeezed gapday figure in the form of 4 bent arrows

    Fig. 14 – Sebastian Truchet gave sixty-four possibilities to arrange a pair of bi-colored tiles in his ‘Memoires sur les Combinations’ (‘Treatise on Combinations’), 1704.

    The significance of Truchet’s arrangements (for the present investigation) lies in the graphical treatment of combinatories. The handling of a two-fold division (or bi-colored tiles) in a topological manner is ‘a kind of metaphor for the hierarchy of separations and connection in all things.’ (SMITH & BOUCHER, 1987; p. 378)

    ps: you eyein Equador obviously
    do you remember the name of that oddball guy there i mentioned here a long time ago?

    do come and live here first on your way there OK?
    maybe you could give me a ride in exchange for a boost … we’ll work something out ..

  2. ~O)*(O~ …peace’full’ly”’D’R’E’A’M’I’N’G’G’G”’…
    ~ ”’T’U’R’TL’E”’EYRE”’LAND”’ ~ ”’A’W’A’A’A’K’E’N’S”’

    ~ ”’N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S”’ ~ ”’NOO’EARTH’NOO’TIME’SHP”’

    ~ ”’OUR”’QUEEN’D’OM”’AW’A’A’A’KE’N’S”’ ~

    …You Know what You Truly Know…
    …before You Know…how You Know it…


  3. in the interest of making smalltalk (better than nothing) here’s another leg up (such a hit on Google+ where you see animals climb on each other a lot and not just ants):

    The INTERNET Database of Periodic Tables — half a million views since 2011
    … i saw an earlier .. much less extensive version of this page w 3D models ..

    Came across this once very strikingly beautiful lassy going after a number circle/coil that led me to the above also

    By the way, the coil = lifegiving vs the dead spiral (archimedes vs plato?? .. someting like that .. according to Paul Laffoley who hasn’t put out anything new for quite a while now by the way way)

    She audienced with The Mother in the 30s and works on ‘supramental yoga’ from elsewhere in India
    Aeon Centre of Cosmology near Kodiakanal, Tamil Nadu, India.
    Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)

    The Flawed Auroville Matrimandir
    A Distortion of the Mother’s Supramental Vision
    ‘This earth is ours, a field of Night’
    In 1976, when the final veil was drawn aside concealing the deepest secrets of the Mother’s Vision, with it came the knowledge that the nuclear issue would be centred on India and not between the then super powers. This was inevitable given the distorted axis as it was right at that time set in place in the Auroville Matrimandir. At the time this seemed preposterous, yet this is what the distortions revealed, a subject matter we will leave for another time. Yet it has come to pass.
    All of this has to do with the final element in the equation: 0-1. It is interesting that these numbers have become so immensely significant in our contemporary civilisation. Indeed, when in 1969 the Mother revealed her work with Number in the creative zone of the physical, could she have imagined the scope and sweep of her nighttime activities? Or that Number would dominate both the mundane and the sacred in an unfolding that stood only a few years in the future? Ground Zero is the codeword for what has come to be a very controlled operation revealing the full extent of the new Power working in the world. There are some revolutionary functions of this Power which 9/11 demonstrated better than anything we could describe in these pages.
    up to date, site with her name long abandoned but there are fresh vids at aeoncentre1 (all of them interviews with her from the last 2 years)

    she’s an old one by now .. american
    claims aurobindo’s and the mother’s insight are lost
    full of old grudges against those impervious to her now faded charms i suspect

    first vid there:

    Series 1 * Part 1: The Maya 2012 ~ Is it Relevant?
    2 years ago 1,139 views
    Q&A with Thea (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet)
    Aeon Centre of Cosmology
    here’s that intriguing cross river drivebelt braid / snake again w big crowds on either side …. anothe site by Thea (fresh)

    there are 2 5 year old series there
    a 13 part Produced by Ben Stewart
    and an 8 part by Josh Garret

    Ben grew up all over the place (stateviolence brat) but tried to make amends (telltale remnants remaining quite noticeably though); he filmed the famous earthshipper sovereign Rob Page:

    Kymatica, Ungrip and The Esoteric Agenda w/ Ben Stewart
    vanfilmcity — 299
    4,848 — Published on Jan 14, 2013
    5 0
    Featuring all-original music by Hierosonic.
    Topics include: The filming of The Esoteric Agenda, Kymatica and Ungrip, The Labyrinth of the Mind, What Truth Really is, The Story of Rob Page, The Meaning of Life and much more.

    the (13 part) one on esoterics has a LOT image as thumb for part 1 (and a few more in the first half) and is seen 17x less than the parallel one (multipart also, 8x) on alchemy; in the 7th of nearly 10 minutes it shifts from 2012 themes to Weishaupt (end of the 9th minute it’s onto John Dee) … it must be riveting cause the numbers barely drop up throughout … part 7 beats 1 even … fittingly eh?? hahahah!!! .. but i can do better:

    from Kin 245, 11 (spectral) serpent, july 2 (per grrrackg orrery), 28 days ago

    Occult Message in Speech by Christine Lagarde of IMF

    Steve Moyer

    Faith in each other is better than faith in numbers.

    always circling the ‘zevende zeven’ (children’s tune in Holland, literally: sifting
    sieves as well as seventh seven) but never ever getting near them and what
    spirit would give them an ecol and econ (+demog. etc) uniting meaning, on the
    contrary they distract from that all they can and try to erect a smokescreen
    cordon ‘satinaire’ around this, the very ‘body’ of thought i have pursued for over
    a third of century already.

  4. kin 198 is when i made the comment (not 245) . so that was 3mirror, not 11 serpent … must be due to the galacticspacebook thingie being on the blip for a while now
    did i mention the only other synchronotrician i found?

    hey … i just discovered something fascinating …. if you flatten the octahedron you can lay it out as a pyramid with the top (8th triangle) missing …. hah … whaddayagnaowe

  5. woopsie ….. throwaway comment, just me core acting mysufl
    …. 27th of june was cosmic 1, 5storm
    so, 5 days on, july 2nd could never be 3mirror in my previous comment … luckily i make up for it in the second half .. which i can’t match now nor for a good long while perhaps …

    july 2nd (sieve in- and thrusight) was 10seed = cosmic 6 after all (was/is it just the image that seems off at galacticspacebook?)
    .. except it would be 8th of the moon for tmq and so today (4th first moon) = 4 short of a full month since then + the doot hump .. = 5 short, thus 23 days on from cosmic 6, 10seed , not 28 already …..

  6. — it is best to autom[ental]ate this kinda thing early on and see how long a drive train stretches and which way to store and shelter it when threatened
    … what’s more/worse: specialisms are inevitable .. please help accept the horribly realistic conclusion.

    i might know how (mindseyewise at least in a crypter that caped hollohood kind of way) to load a structure with huge wheels bearing huge weights for slow but sure momentum build and benefit w light octa held in the wind to achieve the low -budget smaller community type of tie-in and -over … but i sure as hell ain’t got a glyph clock running fair smooth fast and accurate both ways eh?

    ps: the latest holomind thingie i found seems to have been added to in a way reminiscent of that old long time matrologist’s work (i pointed to here before).. except i can’t remember rite now and can’t look it up easily … a web adress w 3 numbers in it … gaussian space fan or something … nope .. out of time … latur ..

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