The Second Week of the Cosmic Turtle Calendar begins on Kin 17: Self-Existing Earth

Today, Sunday, is Day of the Cosmic Turtle Calendar.   This  ‘8‘ was  discovered in a Dutch field on the 8th day of July 8 [portrayed as a lemniscate in this angle of the crop circle} is the number of HARMONY and Infinity.  This is the 788th published blog of ‘2013 and The Mystery Queen’, producing another ‘8‘:  the Kin Equivalent of 788 is 8.8:  Galactic Star  🙂

Magnetic Dali 8 is coded by Long Count Kin 9 Dog.   Together, the Dreamspell Kin 17:  4 Earth and L.C. Kin 230 = Kin 247:  Cosmic Hand.  19 x 13 = 247.  Postulate 19.13 states:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

“Week 2: (White) Humility Refines Meditation”  This Week, we have the highest synchronization of refining ‘White‘ energy:  This 13 Moon year in the Cosmic Turtle Calendar began on [and is coded by] White Planetary Dog.  This year [in both 13 Moon Calendars] is coded by the White Wind Wavespell of Spirit, with this Moon being coded year by Magnetic Wind.  Today, the Long Count Kin is White Solar Dog; tomorrow, the Dreamspell Kin is White Overtone Mirror.  This feels like a great week for meditating more than usual  🙂  This week also coincides with the second quarter of the Moon’s cycle.

The Cosmic History Chronicles by  Valum Votan and Stephanie South discusses ‘Synaesthesia.’

Wikipedia’s definition  displays this image  to illustrate how synesthetes see letters and numbers in color.

This fascinating article:  discusses how idea of the ‘blossoming ‘union of one’s senses’ has gone mainstream with its introduction on a recent English television program.  Holly Williams, author of the article, has been a synesthete her entire life, and can smell rainbows  🙂   She sees each day of the week  [and month] as a particular color


People around the world are protesting en masse at Israel’s appalling ongoing massacre in Gaza.  Turkey is being more proactive by organizing a ‘Freedom Flotilla’ with urgently needed supplies for the beleaguered people there.  Let’s envision a more positive outcome than the fate of 2010’s ‘Mavi Marmara’, in which 9 of the humanitarians on board were killed by Israeli commandos.

3510168399.jpg  Anonymous has taken down the Mossad website.   We can each make a difference in ensuring that the murdered Palestinian children and all victims of war have not have suffered in vain.    Our beautiful EARTH and all of Her inhabitants require a return to Natural Time and PEACE  🙂



N. S. 1. 27. 1. 8.   D 17 :: LC  230;  Day 8 of The Cosmic Turtle Calendar: 13 Moons of Harmony


14 thoughts on “The Second Week of the Cosmic Turtle Calendar begins on Kin 17: Self-Existing Earth

    • Dear Vikki;
      It’s so nice to be receiving comments from another dweller in the Night bio-region–where the days are now growing discernibly longer 🙂

  1. The colours are interesting
    uses characters to each kin in the Moon.
    Kweak states our Alphabet origins from Moon period of 28 or 29 day’s
    So we miss 2 or 3 given characters in the 26 numbered English alphabet.

    Kweak uses & for 26
    Z for 27
    Blank for 28 (null)

    Remember 260 is 9 to 29 minus 1

    The minus 1 factor is metaphor for each kin to add its best deal.

    This 29 ia within all days and is celebrated once 4 suncycles are done ..
    Then 4 D365 & leapday are planetary days to celebrate our time span.

    This year was zerosQuad from july 21 25
    It was done in S’ilence because of some heavenly circumstances ‘wrongly understood’ by leaders ..

    The curren sQuad’AYN is labelled ‘solar dog’

    Currently Year is ‘planetary monkey’ ..

    Kweak promotes a daya if 3×8 hours perhaps symbolised by infinity crop

    • Hi to S’ace, another unique Calendar aficionado 🙂 Synchronistic that Solar Dog::God appeared during your ‘ curren sQuad’AYN is labelled ‘solar dog’

  2. Hey Claire… Kin 17 you meant, of course, in the title….. 🙂
    Autumn.3.Bhairavi.9. (Mirita’s Calendar)
    Magnetic 9 DS Kin 018 MT Kin 231 3K Kin 249

    • Hi Reimar 143 {Kin 17’s G-Force}
      The image you shared is my vision of an ideal home–it’s also a beautiful depiction of a ‘Cosmic Night 🙂

  3. Inner silence works from the moment you begin to accrue it. What the old sorcerers were after was the final dramatic, end result of reaching that individual threshold of silence.
    Carlos Castaneda

  4. arnold keyserling was a fan of castaneda but not of me
    drew hempel is a fan of lispervicing silence but not of me
    i am a fan of music but musicians are no fans of mine …. though i have 5 octave voice when happy … nobody treasured that … along with the rest i now regret which seems to actually fertilize the pile of pitiful fitefritenfliteshite around me the more tearfully i do so.

    Green Gathering Saturday
    Goodisplanetearth gipetv …. 133rd subber
    8 hour long vid of the workshops held at this year’s Big Green Gathering; at a
    spectacular location with view of the Severn bridge again this year

    … but the multiple crises has made great big inroads on attendance ….
    obviously. Who would have thought we’d degenerate to permaculture in
    buckets; not me, when i was upset about post festie uprootment and this very setbackage thing threatnin as far back as the 80s!!!!

  5. Ziv Zeira shows a selection of the local statuary in the city nearby the rainbow gathering of 2012 (Slovakia);
    his 149 pics are prolly the most intimate and lovey dovey series of duuuh family clicks i ever saw … it even includes a pic of a golem … who seems to have found work as a cook.
    Since Ziv has a cooking fixation that’s no suprise … he might be jewish too, given his first and fairly fresh gathering vid seems to be shot in Israel – that on the whole most disparate and desparate delusionality kindled hellhole, choked and filled with, .. founded on demonization of their very neighbours and ironically closest thing to the very people they came from all over the world to impersonate and ‘be’ (displace and torture is what that in fact, under such conditions, works out to) – it’s a nitetime theater thing …. i think having rainbow gatherings anywhere away from checkpoints is cowardice and blasphemy and every other karma clogging sin in the bin, hook in the book and lack in the back .. but hey … you’ll prolly see it all differently .. if you do … i’ll be damned to link it though

    Published on May 26, 2014
    332nd viewer
    The Rainbow Cabaret at Ruhama Spring gathering:
    “The earth is not ours we are of the earth!”
    i ‘liked’ it .. before actually viewing .. no wait .. i didn’t .. and i’m not gonna … follow that split soul i will though. … my 55ness is all to do with correcting the zionist ‘miskleun’ on (9/11 & Gaza) dust .. golem production .. etcetera. If you get anything out of seeing me and Jose in some sort of relation it will be best when that.

    there’s more pertinent stuff i wrote about this (me and the jewish family) last nite but this will do for now …. don’t wanna task your digestion bitsies … and my stomach just did a very long growl … so i’ll pause.

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