The 5th Anniversary of ‘2013andTMQ’ is coded by P.V.C.S. and G.A.P. Kin 26: White Cosmic World-Bridger

Pacal Votan Clear Sign and Galactic Activation Portal Kin 26:  Cosmic World-Bridger codes the 5 year [65 Moons] Anniversary of the first published transmission of “2013 and The Mystery Queen’ on August 12, 2009 [coded by Kin 21:  Galactic Dragon]  Interesting to observe that we advanced 5 years on the Gregorian calendar, and 5 days on the Dreamspell Tzolkin  🙂  Today’s Mayan kin is 5 Storm;  The two Kins coding this 5th anniversary combine into 5.5  🙂   The G-Force of 13 World-Bridger is also a P.V.C.S. and G.A.P.:  Kin 40:  Magnetic Sun.

8/12/2009 was the 178th anniversary of the birth of Madame Blavatsky, who was coded by Dreamspell [D]: Crystal Monkey, and Mayan Tzolkin [M]: Spectral Storm.  [Her two kins combine to make 10.10, Planetary Dog.]  Today, her 183rd birthday, contains the numbers of her year of birth:  1831, and today’s Mayan Kin is her G-Force:   Spectral Skywalker Here is a pertinent quote from  H. P. Blavatsky, the woman Valum Votan called ‘The Key to 2012″: 

Following the 13Moons is a step away from materialism [which is embodied in the Gregorian Calendar] and towards Nature and the Divine.   Today is the 17th Day of the Magnetic Wind Moon and the Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  13 Moons of Harmony, which both began on 7/27/14: D 10: Planetary Dog; MLunar Night [which codes the next Moon].

During the Magnetic Hummingbird Moon,  our goal is to Unify our Purpose” and ourselves.  This photo illustrates that beautifully:

In the last 4 Earth post,  Peace was named as a ‘tag’ for the first time. Oxford Dictionary describes Peace as ‘Tranquility‘, and peace of Mind’.  Wiki’s definition: “Peace is an occurrence of Harmony characterized by lack of violence, conflict behaviors and the freedom from fear of violence“.

According to my WordPress stats, the PEACE tag attracted 33 new readers on the first day.  That would be a miniscule sample of those ‘searching for Peace’, and that prompted a comparative search.  On Yahoo, PEACE showed 72,500,000 entries, while War displayed 206,000,000 results.  On Google, the number of PEACE entries was 224,000,000 while war had 612,000,000.

War had roughly 3 times as many ‘results’ as PEACE.  Clearly, that is a reflection of the names of all the various wars that plague mankind, and not an indication of the huge overwhelming amount of people who desire PEACE, including those who are forced to wage war.

Over 10,000 rallied at the White House [last weekend] demanding an end to the Israeli-lead bombing and destruction of the Gaza territory. The historic demonstration was the biggest anti-war march in over a generation and bore resemblance to anti-war rallies of the Vietnam War era.”

But when the pawns refuse to play there will be no game.  The power lies not with the plans of the rulers but with the decision of each and every one of us, especially those in the military. Refuse to fight and reclaim your birthright of living in peace.”

Last week, more than 400 Ukrainian soldiers refused to kill their fellow countrymen in eastern Ukraine. They “defected” across the border to Russia and laid down their arms.  One of them, Yaroslav, said: “I want to do something peaceful.”

Some Israeli soldiers are also recognising that what they are doing is wrong. Dozens refused the summons to service:  “ We are more than 50 Israelis who were once soldiers and now declare our refusal to be part of the reserves. We oppose the Israeli Army and the conscription law.”

The tragic conflicts in Gaza and Iraq  shouldn’t distract us from the  volatile events unfolding in the Ukraine.  Astute observers believe World War 111 will begin, and some believe it has already begun: .  This short video ends with the words:  “Your future lies in what happens in Eastern Europe“.

However, Russian President ‘Vladimir Putin the Peacemaker’ may strategically  [to continue with the Chess metaphor]  ‘Check‘ that action.  First, he is acting to relieve the humanitarian crisis in Lugansk, where “250,000 people have been left without water, electricity and communications for over a week in the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk. “We’re being bombed so severely, there’s hardly anything left to bomb”

And Naomi Klein’s soon-to-be-released book ” This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.  addresses the core issue [which Valum Votan spent his life rectifying]

Last week, [on Kin 19] I was able to meet Kim Dotcom Self -Existing Night [self-described “Entrepreneur – Innovator – Gamer – Artist – Fighter – Father of 5 “] after his townhall meeting in Nelson with his ‘Internet Mana Party’. Kim was seated in front of  a large poster which might provide the first step in changing the economic model:  “Let’s hack politics and delete the government

Last week, a tipping point was reached in the balance between Humans and Artificial Intelligence:

The Second Half of the Magnetic Moon began with the Super Moon which may have been the ‘largest’ and nearest Full Moon since 1935! “During its full phase Sunday, the moon was about 31,000 miles (50,000 kilometers) closer to Earth than it is during its farthest point in orbit“.  The Moon was at it’s ‘fullest’ in the same hour as the maximum Perigee.  The 3rd and final one in this series of ‘Perigee Full Moons’ will occur on 9/9/2014.  It will also be accompanied by the Perseid Meteor Shower  🙂  One crop circle analyst describes how the latest ‘Inter-dimensional Signal’ may have been signalling the Super Moons of 8/10 and 9/9/2014Several times he mentions 9 or 10‘, which are also the choice of the two Kins that began this 13 Moon year

When this blog began 5 years ago, it was the one in 6 or 7 years that the ‘official 13 Moon Calendar’ happened to begin each Moon and Week on Sunday, as decreed by Valum Votan. When the next year began, I continued to follow the 13 Moons as I have since learning of them exactly 10 years ago.

The Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  13 Moons of Harmony remains synchronized with the 7 day Week and the Dreamspell stays linked to the Mayan Tzolkin which also counts every day [instead of skipping the Gregorian-contrived Leap Day as the ‘official 13 Moon Calendar’ does.     This choice  has regrettably alienated or confused some.   I strive to stress our common ground, while providing a 13 Moon Path that is grounded in Truth,  Harmony and Common Sense, and that was confirmed by the “Day-out-of-Time 3 Days Early” crop circle in 2006.

I greatly appreciate all of your support and input over these first 5 years  🙂  Next year, the ‘Official 13 Moon Calendar‘ will be in synch with The Cosmic Turtle Calendar —at least until Leap Day 2016!

The 6th year of ‘2013 and The Mystery Queen’ begins with a new Wavespell,  Wavespell 3: Power of Accomplishment,  and a Magic Turtle Day:  Blue Magnetic Hand.   The 3rd Wavespell begins in this 3rd week of the Magnetic Moon and leads us into the Lunar Night Moon. The next transmission [the 790th] will introduce the new Totem for the Lunar Moon  🙂

May   PEACE,   TRUTH,   UNITY  and  JOY  Prevail !!!

1. 27. 1. 17.         PVCS and GAP D Kin 26 :: M GAP 239

16 thoughts on “The 5th Anniversary of ‘2013andTMQ’ is coded by P.V.C.S. and G.A.P. Kin 26: White Cosmic World-Bridger

  1. My mother (asc 11/20/2003) shares a solar birthday with Madame Blavatsky (August 12, 1917). Thank you for pointing out MB’s combined kin = 10:10 Planetary Dog. This is the kin of my mother’s ascension bringing one more tie between them. This morning’s card from the Tarot were The Aeon (Isis-MB), The Empress (my mother) and The Hermit (Rudolf Steiner to whom I have committed myself concentrated study…

  2. As we know the Philadelphia experiment was happening around this time also so time lines were shifting ………just a though ,im so happy to be reciving my downloads on this supa dupa moon and our favourite comedian Robin williams passed on i would love to know his galactic signature and story line to share with all !!!

  3. Hi Vikki and Vernon;
    I’d love to hear about your Super Moon downloads 🙂

    Robin Williams sadly passed 21 days after he entered his [D] 4 Seed :: [M] 9 Earth Year [4.4 +17.9 = RCD 1.13]
    He was born on 7/21/51 and was coded by [D] 6 Moon :: [M] 8 World-Bridger.
    Now he’s spreading Laughter and Love in another realm.

  4. i used to publish even the handful of notes i had written during the course of surfing a morning or afternoon or nite in the late nineties and early noughties cause i recognized the urgency … being the dustkincarrier (55) i had some serious apprehensions right around that timeframe, as did JA/PV, who did mark and hilite hiroshima day’s commonality with 9/11 (2×28 years apart) way before i ever became aware of him and his honouring my kin w the HC event – 42 years after the US used atombombs on densely populated areas – 3/4ths of the way to the 2001 propaganda propped and proppeled bankrollheist (consult Ry Dawson on that, and if you had troubling grasping these lines, play a few harmonics on a guitar and/or try break dry branches against a solid ‘piece de resistance’, then try again).

    45 87 2001
    – 42 – 14 = 56 = 2×28
    .. heheeheh … guess what, together they make 98

    Now that international cabal sponsored state terror raises dust clouds throughout the Levant and by the hour for nearly a month relentlessly in, again, highly urban and undefendable environs (check Ry Dawson on that as well) … i think the urgency has only grown.

    i derive hope and comfort from the little ways i am prepared and willing to follow you ‘lot’ .. into things calendrical … not least of which was learning about kin 90, ‘worn’ by my mother, whose final years i witnessed (passed last kin 252) … but my resistance in general has only grown in parallel and 2fold ways; my mom for instance was not at all willing to criticize that most dangerous of calendric cults known as variously named flavors of christian zionism (no book more gauntletlike and lifethreateningly cruel than the bible; check out 9nania for ‘calendkicks’) which frusted me no end and at the clicktick rumble bonkboom bottombase drumhum end of the reliability ‘matrologizing’ (steady accretion, accountable accumulation, no runaway festie revelry, awarding of titles to humans left and right nor mark as feastible every other day and occasion at every turn rather than occasional enough to remain special – used to be a very seasonbound thing) the parallel prob as i see it is as follows:

  5. near Barcelona, big drums and typical hippies, fair amount of native and other SAers, stone circle, altar, lodges, marquis and all the newage amenities, even one of those pigment dust orgies ….
    MONTSERRAT2013 – Homenaje a la Tierra

    Homenaje a la Tierra. Danzando en el circulo de piedras
    Partap Kaur

    so much people power … such a good time .. yet so little grounding, no rock spun, much less a little fresh dust make to contain waste & prevent stink + hold water attract clouds and pay true service to the innumeracy factor, the miracle of repeatabilities repletions and cycles no matter their size but always at hand from smallest on up.

    Should i blame myself? for counseling rather than showing a true execution, exertion and celebration of the ‘count’erculture that celebrates numberlessness in a grounded fashion, envisioned at rainbow gatherings attended in the 80s?

    The innumerate and illiterate native peoples had a slowly eroding effect in history on the whole.
    I suspect it will take a consciously EXnumerate and EXliterate ‘tribe’ (club / community / pioneer crew) to show how to let go of that blocking shackles substitutionalism before true sovereignty with the heart and smart to open rock and care for the proceeds, can catch on.

    The dust thing is obviously as timely as timeless, .. comin around willy nilly … wether in the form of volcanoes and bombs or along the ways of spinning boulder on boulder set up to wet up thru and thru via strategically fitted canvasclad wingarmpoles fitted to a few pegged and pinned holes here and there; care to help load the prayerwheel folks? Or should i say prayer mill. Am i sacriligious and followed by the Sino/Zio NSA for doing so?

    i know you know one and we can unleash / invite countless blessing guardening the soil and not with usury leading to the fistmaking one-clique-upcultshipshop turning live and towering shade into conflagrates lost at sea. The nitty gritty fine tune rhythmicity is at hand ….

    these comments were not accepted at the rq blog … an enigmatic comment appeared instead:
    but there’s hope .. they’re still chewing on it, my comment number is 3952 (with -3 and -4 as the same in 2 part since after the first attempt i thought it might have been too long.
    there certainly was a little sync between this Austin kin’s and mine … as you can go see …

  6. Electric Dog
    Overtone Night
    Solar Hand
    Rhythmic Earth
    Resonant Hand

    As requested. 🙂

    (M.T. reference in earlier comment was Mayan Tzolkin)

  7. the 12th was kin 26 and the 17th of the first moon and so
    a wave later is kin 39 and 2nd day of the 2nd moon

    It has been 26 years since the EU rainbow gathering happened next to the ruins of a mountain village in northern spain and the week long celebration began on the 20th,
    posted on the same day here:
    but i was quite shocked to see google doesn’t show the freshest additions to non registrees, a dirty facebook trick .. after all (their line of reasoning):
    those precision ads garner sooooo much more money .. rite?
    …. i use adblock in the meantime, in part cause of the annoying art but more bycause they slow my schedule / box down even worse than the barely tolerable level i run at without that grief; i have a 2G processor running Linux now

    I alway confuse the village name, Matavenero with Monte Verita (southern switserland), another spot i have a too poor a relation with, but not due to seeing the denudation of slopes where the to be Armada-ized wood stood alive and well in my minds eye*. Nice work if you can get it …

    Matvenero’s beginning kinda answered prayers i myself had helped formulate the years previously in austria and ireland, the up to that point only 2 preceding european rainbow family gathering locations, the 3rd was a first of many i missed .. but wether for mentioned reason?

    As i wrote, Matavenero used to be the ruins of a mountain village in northern spain; it became the first and only such permanent post gathering rainbow village; the family persisted, persevered and ‘permanenticated’.

    Apparantly there is 15 acres of quite arable terrain in Hungary someplace .. or 30 .. for 15 years already, not sure now. i could look up the name; very little happening there apart from new age to dos and a yurt dwelling lady (i ‘+’ed her)

    * apropo fleets vs treecover
    One of my first favorite vids is by a Scot who shows his grown young son swinging from an oak he planted .. Italo Calvino’s book ‘the baron in the trees’ could as well have been about a journey from scotland to the persian gulf (have a tree for him to stay in on a boat across the channel .. why not??).

    Like i said, the village materialized after heartsong shares were emitted at the rainbow stocktaking markets of the irish and austrian gatherings .. and yet i passed it up. … Or was that the year i ran into the ‘legal alien’ status questionings by a longhair hater at the canadian border?

    Not so deft at calendarization am i? Matter of fact i accused this very endeavor of horrible things the other day, check nania9 .. or 9nania (getting tired here, lost a great deal of this compositions closing a window which had multiple tabs i did not warn me about … the firefox on linux works in slightly different ways than it does on windows …..) or that G+ link

    on kin 36, 3 days ago, last day of the first moon for this 10dog year, is when it was 303 days after mom (k90) departed … i had a very strange dream .. one part of which was feeling shoved rhythmically .. in the back .. by hindsight it may very well have been a memory of what dad’s penis felt like while i housed in mom’s hot little oven (sure blew his fuse very quick every time i noticed years later … but i have also come to understand that his rich years were quite unfaithful as well … i awoke with what i thought was a bad heartburn .. which never happens so i was going over last nite’s intake: ginger tea … i now think it was a lower heart cramp (one or more of them seven curved crescent letter shaped muscles that make up that noble bundle of muscles we call an organ locked up), and began a tonemoan to try zapajig it loose ..
    .. pipin hot stuffup story of course .. specially if you consider i differ 33 years with both parents.
    did they grant me another lease of/on life … or was it rather an attempt to call me away to save me huge disappointment coming up if i hang on .. or in order to keep that ratio stable; honour it con- and affirmationwise for another try, the very sort of attempt at repair between the 4 of us (i include my down syndrome sister, 9 years older, whose latter years could have been eased had i taken my care task much more seriously and conscientious enough to ease me mom’s worries) …. the very sorta thing i had been praying for at their grave (these past 10 moons and 23 days) regularly … lately making way for trying to see if letting go is not much closer to my taskmark and the more decent thing to do …

    Time will tell wether i can pray for them to be released from pesky pests like me and spare us all dangers of disappointment and discouragement – giving up and step away from those dangers that would prolly if not inevitably develop their slippy slopes yet again .. iow, i feel quite unsure wether or not my prayers to the contrary would actually have effects other/better than preserving a status quo.

    anyhoo, such a repeat (‘repiet’) can be ‘superfluousized’ and obviated if we get this piet riteride right, this little matter of preventing further – than to, (that is) across the brink of unstoppable – slide into thanatopian tribulations which a certain global and intertribal cabal has plotted out and unleashes on us all right now as it happens (Ukraine distraction directly related to Gaza aims no?), acting as if prophecy is a merely global sport …. we at dreamground zerospell know different better eh?

    • Thak You Rotoso 3 Eagle;
      This comment answered two telepathic calls/requests 🙂
      The next post will be on Magic Turtle Lunar Dragon, 4th day of the Lunar Night Moon of Challenge.
      I enjoyed your link to Matavereno- and glad to hear of a Rainbow Ecovillage thriving for 25 years 🙂 Curious about Hungary too.

      PVCS Kin 40 begins the Sun Wavespell today [S.Hemi.]

  8. As remarked upon and linked on this post earlier, RQ wrote about JA’s return in 2000 years (a ‘weltenjahr’ away), a fully processed precession forward, on kin 90. Apart from the absurd precision across that kinda distance … (hallmark of pretension if you ask me but perhaps no earlier opp arises to tie up loose ends), i look forward to refamiliarization any ol’ day though full well realize any kin’s bearer n wearer ain’t necessarily anything like other such kin’s bearers

    Judging by earthly conditions, up (so) there where’er, may be like down (so) here .. with times aplenty in between any 2 rite hilite times … wherein and at which fools are tempted by hunger to jump the gun, take huge risks and bite unripe apples, deciding that to fake it is better than nothing. Impatience ruins everything, pe-empts, usurps and falsifies. Perhaps our stomachs settle down in discarnate bimbo limbo.

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