The Third Electric Moon of Activation and the Sixth Wavespell of Transformation begin on the Eve of The Equinox

Kin 66: White Magnetic World-Bridger and Mayan Kin 19: 6 Storm code the beginning of Wavespell Six and the Electric Moon of Service and Activation.

The 6th Wavespell is coded by the 6th Seal: World-Bridger, which alpha-numerically equals 135. Electric Dali One also = 135 🙂  The PSI for Electric 1 is Self-Existing Night: 3.4. Reversing that to 4.3:  Electric Seed yields the Kin that codes this Electric Moon. Today’s CDK is PVCS 20: Magnetic Sun [10.10 + 4.3 + 6.1 = 20.1]

Today’s Dreamspell Kin is 66. Freedom and Lunar both a-n = 66.  During the Lunar BUTTERFLY Moon, Scotland’s bid for Freedom from the United Kingdom was called the BUTTERFLY Rebellion .And that has become what this campaign really is – Gordon Brown swinging his big, clunking fist at a thousand butterflies.  All grunt, no connection. Because that’s what we are – a thousand butterflies.  None of us is strong. …Britain is for the rich, Scotland can be ours.  We are a campaign held together with sticky tape and goodwill.  We’re all broke (we give all our money away). We’re all exhausted (we’ve haven’t rested in two years).  None of us is scared. None of us needs anyone’s permission. And we never underestimate the people of Scotland.  This is like nothing I’ve ever seen.  We have barely a single institution on our side, barely a newspaper, and damn few millionaires.  And they are truly petrified of us.  A butterfly rebellion is coming close to winning Scotland away from the forces of the British state.  I think we’ll do it, but either way, they can’t beat us. We are already half of Scotland and we keep growing. They are weak and we are strong.  When the people of Britain see their titans defeated by a rebel army who used infographics and humour, what is there to stop them following? England needs its butterfly rebellion as well…

You can’t beat a thousand butterflies with a gun. But you can beat a gun with a thousand butterflies”.     “Was Scotland’s Referendum – Fair Or Foul? Considerable doubts remain.”   Though their 2 [Lunar] year bid for FREEDOM lost by a small margin, the Scots Butterfly Rebellion has set a FREEDOM initiative in motion, and others will follow their example.

The Electric Moon always begins of the 57th day of the 13 Moon year.  Hours after posting the PVCS 75 blog on 9/13 [here in New Zealand],  I read of 13 Shamans gathering in Siberia for 9 days of ceremonies that originated in prehistory.    Shamans from Peru, Greenland, South Korea, Mexico, Chile, Mongolia, Sweden, Belarus and Russia answered “The Call of 13 Shamans” which was timed to coincide with cosmic cycles ”  The shamans began the sacred festival by going to different locations in the mountains for three days of meditation and spiritual ceremonies “...The inner eye of the wisest shamans of Earth will open new horizons through communication with spirits, planets and stars of far Black Heaven (Cosmos), comprehension of the mysteries of the interaction of stars, planets and Mother Earth in modern times, and what to expect on our planet in the future,’ said the organisers in advance.”

9/13 was coded by PVCS 58: Rhythmic Mirror.   On that day, I also discovered a wonderful site by Galactic Wizard 34, whose daughter is coded by Rhythmic Mirror 🙂  Today is coded by Kin 19 in the Mayan count. 19.19 – 20.13 becomes 19.6: 6 Storm.  Galactic Wizard’s site displays his “19:19 Crystal Matrix 6th Dimensional Meditation Tool” 1919CrystalMatrixMeditation “ It contains and delivers prophecy, time and magic to the sub dimensional systems”. Welcome to Galactic Wizard, the latest follower here 🙂

Last week on Galactic Sun, Kim Dotcom hosted the  “Moment of TRUTH  Dotcom’s amazing conference at the Auckland Town Hall included Glenn Greenwald and Dotcom’s lawyer in his fight against extradition to the U.S.  They [and two leaders from Dotcom’s Internet and Mana Party] were joined by Edward Snowden in Russia and Julian Assange at Ecuador’s London Embassy [where something was audibly tunneling below the Embassy].  Each participant gave a  brilliant presentation regarding spying, privacy abuses and more.  It was disturbing to see how adroitly the media hid and misrepresented the amazing truths they revealed that night, in a demonstration of how well-funded orchestration of propaganda trumped the TRUTH being presented by globally-recognized heroes of Freedom and Privacy.

That day of The Moment of TRUTH was also 10th Galactic Return of the August 1, 2007 Cube crop circle, which Valum Votan told me [face-to-face] that he created [during the time he and Stephanie and myself lived a few miles apart in Nelson New Zealand].   Crop circle: August 1, 20074 Galactic Spins [1040 days] after the ‘Cube Crop Circle‘ appeared, I shared in [the 6/7/10 blog] my conclusion that  Pacal Votan was born on August 1, 603, and that this formation appeared on Pacal Votan’s 27th Solar-Galactic Return [27 x 52 years].  2007 = 27, triple NINE, Pacal’s special number.  It seems perfect that Pacal’s later incarnation as Valum Votan Kin 11 created this “Inter-Dimensional Signal‘ [through his Third Eye [like the 13 Shamans mentioned above] on the day coded by Mayan Kin 11

It’s interesting to note that the Lunar Moon of the year coded by 10.10 contained two 10th anniversaries:  10 Solar Spins [or years] since the 9/11/2004 message [in Synchronic Readout form stating that I was “Awakening to the Prophecy of the Red Queen“, etc.] and the 10th Galactic Spin since Valum Votan created the 8/1/2007 Cube Crop Circle [while a few miles away a Waitaha woman came straight from his house to mine to speak of Prophecy and plans for 5 hours]

The Kins coding those two events [6.7 and 20.8] combine into a  Pacal Votan Clear Sign: 6.2:   Lunar World-Bridger.

The Kins that code the Moon and Wavespell that begin today [4.3 and 6.1] also equal a PVCS:  10.4: Self-Existing Dog.  The 10 and 4 also mirror the 4th and 10th Galactic Spins since the Crop Circle that memorialized the 27th Solar-Galactic Return since the Birth of Pacal Votan.  As the Postulate he repeats often in Telektonon states:  19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”


The Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  13 Moons of Harmony begins each Year and Moon  on Sunday:  DALI, and is aligned with the 7 day week [as Valum Votan wrote so many times and as shown on the learning tools:  The Telektonon and the 7:7::7:7].  To further distinguish it from the official 13 Moon Calendar that is aligned with the Gregorian Calendar, most of the Moons are being assigned a new Totem.  The Bat, totem for the Magnetic Moon was replaced by the Hummingbird, and the Lunar Scorpion became the Lunar Butterfly Moon.

The Deer is replaced by the Jellyfish as totem for the Electric Moon of Service and Activation.


Jellyfish have been around for 1/2 to 3/4 billion years!  They have been of Service to  Humanity on several occasions in the last few years.

On 10/2/2013,  Moon Jellyfish closed the world’s largest nuclear plant…During the Electric Jellyfish Moon!! Staff at the Oskarshamn nuclear plant in Sweden had to close reactor number three on Sunday after hundreds of Moon Jellyfish entered and blocked the pipes that bring in cool water to the plant’s turbines“.

And last year, staff at the California-based Diablo Canyon plant had to shut its reactor two after sea salp – a gelatinous, jellyfish-like organism – clogged pipes.” During the week of July 10, 2011, Jellyfish closed down 4 Nuclear Reactors; 2 in Scotland, and a Nuclear power plants in Japan and Israel“.

That was less than 4 months after the Fukushima Nuclear disaster, whose damage to Earth and all of her inhabitants continues to increase.  daily. the nations of the world really understood the implications of the actual ‘fallout’ – past, current and future – the current nuclear energy paradigm would be systematically shut down.”


Jellyfish are unique in 3 ways:  1:   They are the oldest multi-organ creatures on our planet; 2:   Jellyfish serve the earth in the unique  manner mentioned above; and:

3:  A Japanese jellyfish researcher says:  “Out of all the animals in the world, only Jellyfish are able to reverse the aging process instead of dying,” he said. “We really don’t know their lifespan. They might live forever.” – See more at:

Like the new totems for the first two Moons, the Jellyfish has been imprinted in the fields of England.

This Jellyfish Crop Circle appeared in England on 5/29/2009  D:  11 World-Bridger;  M: 2 Mirror.  Note the two sets of ‘7‘s   🙂
At the ancient Maya city of Chichén Itzá, during the spring and fall equinoxes, the great pyramid of Kukulcán serves as a visual symbol of the day and night as the sun of the late afternoon creates the illusion of a snake creeping slowly down the northern staircase.  Each year tourists visit the site at the equinoxes in appreciation of Maya achievements in astronomy and their obsession with time and cycles of the heavens”   In New Zealand [= 105], the Equinox [=105] occurs on the 3rd day of the 3rd Moon, which is also the first Magic Turtle Day of the Electric Jellyfish Moon:  Electric Star.  The Equinox is a good day to tune into the Mayan Masters of Time.  Enjoy the Equinox, wherever  you are  🙂
N.  1. 27. 3. 1.       Electric Dali One      D:  66;   M:  19         9/21/14


18 thoughts on “The Third Electric Moon of Activation and the Sixth Wavespell of Transformation begin on the Eve of The Equinox

  1. My dearest 138,
    again such a nice blog. Full blown codes of the Syncronic Order. I know that you really, really really love Valum Votan. And yes …. I mean we had such a great time here a few Moons ago. I refer to you as my first teacher Claire 138. I would love to share all those syncs again with you. On Galactic Spacebook and maybe on the Facebook and in the Noo-Book. Right now the syncs regarding 138,77,46, 67 are countless. Re-Member 189+138 = 67 Blue Lunar Hand “Sacred Mount Earth” Inbetween us … 67 and 77 …Crystal Core. Lord Seven Earth. When did I step on the Island of Patmos? 18.08. ::: 2007, Kin 77 Lunar Wizard Ring. When is your birthday? 10.07. or 13.14. the day I finished the 442 Matrix. So many syncs… Please do me a favour Claire. Please read this Rinri Newsletter.

    Click to access Rinri-II-2.1.pdf

    And then ask yourself this:
    What is the Wizards Count?
    Why does it not count leap days?
    What happens if you count the gregorian leap days?
    Why does it trace back to the Chilam Balam?
    Why is it so important to continou in this prophetic lineage?
    Why did Jose write this Newsletter only three weeks after the 9/11 Invenitable Event?
    Why did the pope step down from his throne on 259 and how is this related to 259 Crystal Storm in this Rinri letter?
    Why did the Planetary Healing Doctor start the syncronic Readout with Electric Deer Moon?
    Why is the Affirmation “I consume dualistic thoughts as food. I purify the mental electron at the north pole”?
    Why did he write this post on Kin 12?
    Why is on the 7:7::7:7 Card for Limi 13 also Friday GK Earth?
    And why is it then f**** Tuesday this 2nd of October 2001, Kin 12, even though Limi should allways be on Friday?
    And last but not least why is it Hun Ik 222 on the Long Count?

    In lak ech Another Yourself Mirrored
    189 on 67 on 22 on 09 on 20:14

    • Dearest 189;

      Thanks so much for this lovely comment with its thought-provoking questions 🙂
      This is my third [and shortest] attempt to respond. My first very long response [and the beginning of the next blog] suddenly disappeared [something to do with this touchscreen I think]
      The second response also vanished.
      Instead, I’ll respond to ‘The Wizard’s Count and the Triumph of the Synchronic Order’ and your ensuing queries in the Cosmic Mirror transmission.
      Interesting to note that the 1987 Galactic Wizard year[and the 26 year countdown] began on a Sunday::Dali 🙂

      In lak ech Another Yourself Mirrored
      138 on 72 Electric Silio 7 on 9/27/14

      • Well 138, I suppose in your world even the Universe 13,7 Billion years ago started on a Sunday::Dali. 🙂 The 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation was published 1998 and introduced the “Plasmas”. How, you can read on pages 7-13 in the introduction. At that time Dali fell on Sunday. With the first “leap” day of the gregorian calendar on 29th Febr. 2000 Kin 211 Electric Monkey (the 60th day of the gregorian year by the way) it changed. You can run your “more harmonious” calendar only if you count gregorian leap days. Because also a leap day will be a day of the week and it`s in Roman times invented day names.The next will come 29th Febr. 2016 Kin 71 Rythmic Monkey. But even the leap day thing is not in “speed” with the actual rotation of planet Earth around the Sun. In about 4000 years you have to subtract one day again to keep in pace. Why the Wizards count, which is the Dreamspell doesn`t count leap days is written above in the RINRI letter. What the 7 Plasmas have to do with the Octahedron at the Crystal Earth Core Kin 77, Kin 137 Lord Seven Earth Ah Vuc Ti Cab and Bolon Ik`s Kin 22`s 55th birthday you can read in the above mentioned “manual”. If you don`t have this “little” book , I would really like to recommend it now to you Claire. It`s a cornerstone of the teachings of Valum Votan. And the second part of the Telektonon Revelation. In lak ech from the Mirror Universe @ 15.10

      • Jannis 189;

        I have quoted from the 7:7::7:7 manual many times here, and have read my two copies [having received the second one from the hands of it’s author, Valum Votan] scores of times.
        The illustration in your link shows the Dali One card on top, with Sunday still written above it 🙂
        The next blog will address [again] the other issues you have raised.

        Thanks for caring about this important matter 🙂

        138 [1+3+8= 12] [G-Force = 12] on Electric 12, coded by 12 Earth

      • I realise you are already a kin ahead, but I am still enjoying the synchs on Kin 76 Electric Kali 11. The day’s Analog [3.11] and Anthopode [6.11] Kin reflect the 13-Moon date and the day (11) of the Wavespell (6) respectively. The G-Force Kin 86 [6.8] is even reflected by Mirita’s Gaian Calendar (see date of Autumn 60 Kamala 8, or A.60.K.8.

        I regularly visit the Starroot site and lately I’ve been drawn to the Haab Count, which appears to more closely follow the astrological/astronomical year (began on April 2 this year), and the 18 months of 20 days plus one of 5 days seems to correlate somewhat with Planetary Tantra and the Channels of the Shakti Cluster (metahistory again). Today is 2, Yax in the Haab, Yax being the 9th month (if I’ve understood correctly); in the Mayan Tzolkin count Kin 29, so also a Magic Turtle (M.T., M=20, T=13).
        Here’s to those who enjoy the numbers, for their entertainment as well as their enlightenment ‘value’! 🙂

        Just want to note how much I enjoy and appreciate the exchange between you, Claire 138, and Jannis 189. It’s most helpful to be party to a thoughtful debate between two knowledgeable and passionate kin.

        Melovia 129
        (Infra)Red Crystal Moon
        Kin 67 in the M.T. 😉

  2. Wildpark Nederland
    Het Levende Dorp
    928 views Sep 2, 2014

    Programmamakers Emil Andel en Kim Brand gaan op zoek naar de oernatuur in ons kleine, natte land. Vandaag: Kim helpt Bob mee te bouwen aan de meest spectaculaire boomhut van Nederland.

    Fragmenten uit de NTR Wildpark Nederland uitzending van 31-08-2014, voor de voledige uitzending zie:

    for a bit of contrast and limber up towards the grand finale .. after which it should be easy to answer wether sino- and zio timeline arts are ganging up on dutchmen w designs on and ideas about treelifespans and treehousingprojects that go deeper gentler …. :

    a phat ‘hell on earth’ list addition if i ever i added one:

    V681 Now more than ever I believe JESUS committed suicide because he could not make a difference.

    by David Andrew Christenson
    7 hours ago
    forget it, i don’t want the blackening of your mood on my conscience ..
    amanda butler and paul on their merry way with a sharp camera, young account, i suspects Paul instructs english in asia

    at 2:07 check this tapering chinese (Guang Jue) buddhist temple obelisk with multifacetted rings (28 of them, the last 7 a different colour

  3. i meant the other one sweets, but it’s still possible to look at playlist titles and get to the right one (it’s a click in the top corner .. and go to the one that says Guag Jue, the thumb for which shows a tile temple roof .. or use this one:

    wordpress validates the list part of the url not the further specification of which vid within it … guess this fucks up since youtube switched these elements of it .. dunno for sure … don’t do a lot of wp commenting anywhere lately .. .. just G+ing my head off, for instance, reflect on radfem (perhaps a good thing to air since a nasty woman will be scolded a kwal (fellyjish) in holland, or used to anyway):
    posted yesterday at 3:03 and written the 3rd day of the third moon (dreamspell tmq), sept 23rd:
    forgotten frust (w a radfem) renewed .. but at least i now know what she looks like; here’s how i got back to her and a piece of my past that embarrases me now:

    Diana and JtO made a vid on femicide last week and pretend it’s a brandnew word. It’s not:

    Femicide is the Result of Objectification (False Flag Mirror)
    .. although i recognized the voice i did not immediately connect it to it’s youtube handle (worrying memory wear or am i being mercifully spared the much worse embarrasment than the one recounted here?).

    160 line article (at G+ formattage)

    • Dear rotoso 15.3;

      Only one of those two similar comments came though, for some reason. Great 28 ring obelisk [on the vid immediately above]
      That’s a lot of threes–4 3s at that moment of the Moon coded by 4.3 🙂
      I always enjoy your links and videos of 13:20 living.

  4. a strangely encyclopedic autist man – rather duddy though, his plans did not quite work out either i guess – i ran into a long time ago, this time reveals this:

    Click to access pacal.pdf

    3D sculpture Kinich Janaab Pakal
    (Sculptor Juan Carlos Varela)
    there’s a vidlink also:

    Juan Carlos Varela Garduño
    The large carved stone sarcophagus lid in the Temple of Inscriptions is a famous piece of Classic Maya art. The widely accepted interpretation of the sarcophagus lid is that Pakal is descending into Xibalba, the Maya underworld.

    i am 466th viewer, second subscriber
    the world tree is placed behind the dragonmouth (snake rather, cause it’s dislocated jews .. eh .. jaws within which gapes another open animalmouth which pacal puts his ass down in (tomb scene). The tree has a mouth on it that is undeniably in the shape of the mirror glyph
    oddly like the drawings Scheerbart made so many of. I just discovered this visionary savant a few hours ago; his perpetual mobile book was published in 1910 .. very simple ways to make a couple of wheels roll off each other while keeping them in place with weights and struts.

    this is a very uplifting quick impression of covering a quarter of the world (15
    months on bicycles in asia mostly, w some weeks long pauses) in 15m

  5. hmmm, did a duddy myself, let’s try this:

    Les aventures de T&T à vélo en Eurasie 2/2
    —- 1 year ago 1,567 views
    Deuxième partie du film résumé de notre boucle de 15 mois de
    voyage à vélo en Eurasie avec 23944 km au compteur. Il résume
    rapidement nos 4

    you might like the 34 part series (4 hours long)

    Cycloconstructour – 01/34 – France – Voyage à vélo
    by T&T
    3 years ago 3,210 views
    Partis le 9 avril 2011 de Grenoble, les cyclovoyageurs Tachou &
    Tintan partent pour un long voyage à vélo de 15 mois en Eurasie.

  6. today in Belgium, palace of justice (palais de justice) nicknamed ‘butterfly’ hosts 8 of the so far retrievable 46 ‘Sharia for Belgium’ members (a ‘good’ number of them died in Syria) in order to help them with their ‘recruitmentprovocations’ .. ehrr .. no sorry, ostensibly it is bycause they are illegally calling for ‘their’ women’s rights to a .. dust protector (don’t mean something that may have saved the lives of 30 people near the japanese gritsy cough yesterday, close up footage of some of them was found …. nor do i mean someone who can ‘project’ the appropriate substance through their compost etc .. but that hiding cloth, practically protecting FROM it, but very ineffectively and certainly not tide turningly so; i mean the veil, a thingie which i won’t indignify with the usual silly names like rag (integral to ragheads, the male version of ‘erodoregio’ the shame over whic gets so well hidden that a cure is out of sight. Males of ANCESTORMADE DESERTS sport thicker layers, his head tied up in several ‘turns’ due to his outdoor activity concentration presume, where one and all is threatened by the sun; unimaginably attractive to northern crusaders since jesus who showed them the way of [regreenery] failure. They have searched after a revival of their stepson ever since. Or perhaps they had grown oddly attached to a hostage kept at their courts, first principles of empire after all; one’s offspring let go in to the occupier’s ways and secrets who in turn hope to keep unruly underling rulers in order and the latter in the illusion that the best of them, the very ones in line with them had a straight line to the very heart of the enemy .. to get the best of them in the long term.
    Go permies … go satanists … may the best ones win … and if another region goes dead … we’ll just purge the books from whatever lived there and can no longer stay on them.

    Feminotions as in supremacist queendoms do spread .. on rags … and in gamergates and Potteresque legislations, the genderwars are trying .. vy for prominence with religious ones, i think they are winning .. on the internet .. cause gaming is very very big … which bodes well for dreamspell synchronotron and other iterations …
    Given the female headgear fetish (strong among evangelicals too, the old whitie establishment) it’s a bit rich/much to see them scold and try deride moslima headgear as ‘rags’ since islamic headgear aims at public status due to cleanliness, newness, beauty of ply and fold plus deftness with that, the primal forms for which must be sought in the ‘primarer’ (is that a word?) feather ones.
    So don’t call them rags as if they were proof of poverty (thrift down to the last thread) rather than an impoverishment process to which they are the seal, sign symbol and capstone .. not to mention drainplug to stop stuff comin back up (comin up though).

    Perhaps i will save the passage about the [Stockholm Syndromatically speaking ostensibly] intended effect: modesty, for anothe day since it has to do with early farming, and so do tthe djihadists of course, Euro versions most famous for what their UK brethren did, alcohol patrol in Sharia streets and hoods; attempted in germany as well .. I see alcohol as a huge problem and the huger the more i realize most of asia is hooked as well, or at least loaded, cocked and aimed at their selves.

    France has lost the 3 years of exceptional lefty rule in their ‘chosenite’ house. House of politicians, those who are bought by and take pay for keeping their instructors out of sight and pretend it’s people’s choices they work for; that may be in the nick of time for Alain Soral who couldn’t make videos without being slammed with yet another hail of courtcases anymore. adjust ice anybody?

    Speaking of sorry, i must correct my earlier description of PC’s perch.
    He seems to tense his belly muscles over … .. it appears to be an either smaller snake/ dragon/ reptile (that old prehistoric mouth protection frogs and fishes indulge in?) or some other animal wearing .. headgear in the shape of a toiletseatsize coin and easy enough to train (hold still) i guess

    Either way, great intimacy with animals is what seems to be indicated in a ‘chains of beings’ kinda setting, cause what happens in the tree is obviously taking up a good chunk of his attention.

    ps: could someone visit my plus page and tell me what the date of the latest (top) post is there?

    • Dear 55;

      Loved the photo of the wild bear and wolf who hung out together for 10 years 🙂
      “Butterflies’ appear in the next blog too.
      I checked out your rotoso plus page, but nothing would display–does one have to sign up to be able to view your latest post?

      138 on 75 [75 = my Mayan signature; Electric a-n = 75]

  7. samudra manthan is a mighty widespread piece of iconography
    About 5 years ago i noticed this iconography while searching for the indian
    version of cernunnos and saw people on either side of a river hold what seemed
    like a long rope across it .. which made me suspect a cernunnos connection due
    to the torque [‘lus’ = loop] of course; i was actually thinking it might have been
    metal and a rather outsized nutcracker type thing applied to large boulders via
    teamwork and perhaps waterpower; one can imagine the many opps along wild
    rivers …
    turtle at bottom is 2nd of 10 vishnu incarnations

    Dashavtar Illustrated Story – Kurma Avatar…The Turtle Incarnation
    ISKCON Desire Tree —– 9,879 subbers
    2,529 Published on Aug 12, 2013
    Dashavtar Illustrated Story – Kurma Avtar…The Turtle Incarnation
    This comic narrates the adventurous story of Kurma Avatar- The
    Turtle incarnation of the Lord. It describes in a nutshell the Samudra
    Manthan pastime wherein Lord Vishnu takes the form of a turtle to
    save the Mandara mountain from sinking into the ocean.
    Produced by:

    all this proves is that the schizotypification of reality (turning it on it’s head,
    never mind churning) is very very old
    is it a comfort to tell the kiddies one can trick the bad guys into work and cheat
    them of payment or is it always the other way round?
    apropo churning, a chunk of hope is hidden in cooperation around that primal
    truth: making local glacial milk will bring the health and vitality of the
    non-manmade versions anywhere that sort of smarts is applied (best therapy for
    bad guys, works without fail if you catch them early enough)

    H.H. Dalai Lama teaching – Gyu Lama (The Furthest Everlasting
    Stream) Part 1/8
    meridiantrust –789 —– 215 views beginning Mar 12, 2014
    Dominicus Church — Amsterdam, Holland —– 18 May 1986
    the feudalization, or abstraction process, needed to spike the sociography is
    done with waffle … such as this Dalai Teaching in an Amsterdam christian
    church (6 hours total) but the chinese party replaces religious texts with top
    down money … which comes down to the same thing, iow, it comes down on
    reality as a disastrous demand and extortion of ‘respect’, etcetera.

    part 2 sets off meticulously abstracting physical mechanics but then
    switches to mind over matter instead of offering illustrations; the
    ‘stain’ mentioned occurs in the samudra manthan story and makes
    me think that great god who turns poison into nectar must be a
    stand in / personification / anthromorphosized … compost
    i as usual have a visceral reaction to that kind of imaginary
    limbclimb; it’s pretending you live in a tree without growing the
    tree first; it’s presumptuous and precipitous and yes hypocritical,
    not to mention suspect in the sense china likes cast its aspersions,
    that one[‘s dogam] asserts peace and quieting of mind is at all
    possible without creating and maintaining the conditions for peace
    of body , maintained, kept up and in place. Are they skipping that
    cause it’s childsplay, goes without saying … or cause trees don’t
    grow in most of Tibet??????
    How did you like my intuitions regarding the churning?
    isn’t perhaps the churn and it’s liquidation (prevented by the god
    taking the turlte shape to prevent this) quite as important as the
    churned and one with it to become the type of stuff one may
    associate with global milk and all that stuff Blavatsky calls it???

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