1300 Days [5 Dreamspell Tzolkins] Since the Death of Valum Votan a.k.a. Jose Arguelles

Kin 89 Spectral Moon [9.11] coded the death of Valum Votan at 6:10 a.m. on March 23, 2011.  In the Cosmic Turtle Calendar, that day was Solar Kali Eighteen, a Wednesday.  Today, Electric Gamma Twenty Four, is coded by Dreamspell Kin 89, and by Mayan Kin 3 Wind [a Mayan  Magic Turtle Day]

This Electric Seed Moon,  Kali Eighteen was catalytic‘ in a different way:10-8-14 Lunar eclipse main

The second of the Tetra of 4 Blood Moon Eclipses was on Electric 18.  TMQ was able to spend the last hour of Blue Overtone Night observing the entire Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon.  It did exude a glowing golden red during its total occultation at Midnight.  Here in New Zealand, the Full Moon peaked 12 hours earlier, at the exact middle of the 3rd Week of the 3rd Moon  🙂

The next Dreamspell Tzolkin begins on the next Blood Moon Eclipse [4/4/2015]  and the new Haab year [of 18 moons of 20 day plus a 5 day Huyab] begins the day before.  This period of time in the middle of the Tetrad of 4 Full Moon Lunar Eclipses is a critical one for humanity and Earth.  It’s a powerful time to focus on Peace and our Planet.  These images serve to show us what is vitally needed.


Kin 225: Self-Existing Serpent will code the Self-Existing Moon of Form, when we ask “What form is my Service to take?”  The Totem for the 4th Moon in the Cosmic Turtle Calendar is the Self-Existing CAT.  The Egyptians held the cats in highest esteem, maybe in part because “When a cat purrs within a range of 20-140 Hertz, nearby humans may be therapeutically benefiting from these vibrations. Purring has been linked to lowering stress, decreasing symptoms of Dyspnoea, lessening the chances of having a heart attack, and even strengthening bones“.


An Abyssinian cat [like the one in the Egyptian sculpture above] is sitting on my lap as I write this  🙂  Her name is OMA, for the Original Matrix Attained, and she has met Valum Votan, the originator of that term, several times.

Even domesticated cats can be ‘self-existing‘ when required.  When our neighbors’ house burned down, they left their cat to fend for itself in this ‘country-like’ suburban neighborhood.  She survived for over a year outdoors on her own, subsisting on birds, smaller creatures and fish from the creek [and petting and some food from me]. Her ‘owners’ finally moved into their newly built home this week.

The largest sculpture on Earth has a feline body:  The Sphinx in Egypt appears to guard the Pyramid of Ra [Cheops] .


In Cosmic History Chronicles II, Valum Votan discusses the  terma of the six basic types of Cosmic Electricity hidden in Chamber 13 of the Great Pyramid of Ra.  On page 161 this synchronistic passage appears “In dum kuali, the central parton is Cat“.

On this 24th day of  Moon 3, it’s interesting to observe that ‘CAT’ alpha-numerically = 24  🙂  The Galactic Mayans designated our Sun as Velatropa 24, and Earth [the 3rd Planet out] as 24.3.

Page 161 also contains a gem: ‘The Secret Chambers of Ra and the Tomb of Pacal Votan‘   :Of the 33 chambers in the pyramid of Ra, three contain information about Cosmic Science.”:  The 13th, the 5th and the 11th….”Complementing the Pyramid of Ra [Cheops] in Egypt, we have the two principle pyramids in Mexico, Pyramid of the Sun [Teotihuacan], and the Pyramid of Inscriptions  [Palenque], each with its secret chambers.”…’These are the three pyramids on the Planet where the most profound and supreme initiatic knowledge is vibrating and resonating.”

Pacal Votan’s Tomb is the sole secret chamber of the Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque“.  1300 days after his death, we honor the man whose one of many accomplishments was to decode the priceless terma of The Tomb of Pacal Votan:  Valum Votan::Jose Arguelles.


Sphinx alpha -numerically equals 89: today’s kin 89:  Spectral Moon which  coded the Death of Valum Votan:  11.11.                                                                                                                                          11 Moon’s kin 89 is a prime key, and it is  the 11th number in the Fibonacci sequence.

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments during this Electric Moon.  Noosphericusaustralia noted “A profound wavespell.of cimi and the synchronicity as always is mathematically perfect”  The 13th day of the 6th Wavespell, coded by seal 6 occurred on the 13th day of the 3rd Moon.  13 Mirror was  my 793rd transmission here.  793 – 780 [3 x 260] = 13  🙂  It contained 1858 words, a reflection of Kin 78:  Cosmic Mirror; 18.13 [18 and {5+8 = 13} ].

S’ace 9 Wind shared more about his own observations of the 28 day Moon [3 x 9 +1]. Rotoso 3 Eagle had lots to say during the Moon coded by his tone, including a video showing the 28 days of the Moon reflected in a 28 layered temple decoration, and referring to the ‘churning’ of the Milky Way and the Turtle in ancient legends.  55’s copious comments maintain our focus on the 13:20Back to Nature‘ ‘Self-ExistingParadise  🙂 .  Melovia 12 Moon appreciated the 13 Moon Calendar discussion between 7 Moon and 8 Mirror; the ball is in Jannis 7 Moon‘s court.

Jay 1 Warrior [whose name shares the same C.G.F. as Votan;  both = 711] activated a response with his questions about the Cosmic Turtle Calendar.  As a result, The Cosmic Turtle Calendar is taking ‘Form‘  in time for the 4th Self-Existing Cat Moon of Form.  A single page will contain both the Dreamspell and Mayan Tzolkins, the PSI Chrono Kin, and the minimum information for the practitioners of the  Telektonon and 7:7::7:7.

I hope that as a result, there will be more people barefoot on the grass or ground, taking in the Radial Plasma Dali on Sunday through the vitris in their hands, transducing it through their Crown Chakra and sending it into our Earth through the vitris in their feet.  The corresponding Day::Radial Plasma [plus it’s action], and Chakra are shown in the first row of the Calendar.  Let’s use the Cosmic Turtle Calendar to synchronize each of the 7 Radial Plasmas from Hunab Ku with the consistently appropriate one of the 7 Chakras and 7  Days.

The Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  13 Moons of Harmony will be published before Sunday Self-Existing One at  http://cosmicturtlecalendar.wordpress.com/

N. S. 1. 27. 3. 24.      D: 89:  9.11;  M:  3 Wind           10/14/14

24 thoughts on “1300 Days [5 Dreamspell Tzolkins] Since the Death of Valum Votan a.k.a. Jose Arguelles

  1. An Anecdote on Sphinx

    In 2002 i was engaging with Jan who identified himself with TzuJan ..

    We got friends on an anarchistic way .. and i introduced him to dreamspell with Ca Eb – peter toonen, lowlands.
    He aligned Wind 7 whereas i match 22 : Wind 9
    Suddenly / spontane he honoured me as a Sphinx ..
    Perhaps staying cool when i ought to be stirred?

    Anyway on anither site -ucs- i narrated this night on Rigel, giant star in Orion constellation : the trinity mark on heaven for many tribes & cultures.

    I wonder how those things fuse such a Gizah, Stonehenge & hills of Tara, Ireland close to Newgrange ..

    That has a nice 3 twin spiral as totem ..

  2. I met Jose & Stephanie twice in august 2005
    Friday in Belgium & Saturday in Utrecht, Netherlands

    I sort of blessed my relation with YaniQ, cosmic human 52
    Both we kin as 74 , wizard 9

    This CAT converting to number has various ref. Cards that lead into a number as default 3 1 20 : 24

    The harmoniq alphabeth is quite different and integral:

    ABCDEFGHIJKLMN : 12345678901234 : 1-13
    MARK second JKLM as the collective carriers / essences
    N IS as vacuum & obligate : oublier = forget

    The other half of the harmoniq alphabeth is
    _Z&YXWVUTSRQPO : 01234567890123 : 0-13

    2×14 is as 2 times wizard / timekeeper

    Here CAT is 3 1 8 : 12
    12 as implememted in clock 2×12

    Alternative from my invocation : 3×8 is better frequency for human minds ..

    Key is & : mother and child ..

    & is mother birthing child 9
    So & is character 8

    Here 89 synchronises formedable : “4 me d’able”


  3. Well if the ball is in Jannis 7 Moon`s court I hope we don`t have to sacrifice neither the “looser” nor the “winner” of the ball game at the end, as was practiced on the ancient mayan playgrounds. I enjoyed your last blog Claire as it describes more about your personal reasons to install the Cosmic Turtle Calendar. Though I don`t agree ….. I have absolutely no problem with Kin`s counting and drawing and learning through different ways than only blindly reading from books. I even encourage people to do so. Sometimes amazing syncs only appear when f.e. you write down the words into a blog. The tools of learning are without boundaries, and there is “truth” in every system. Even the gregorian calendar holds it`s secrets and syncs. The point is: If everybody starts his count now and promotes his uGing, 19×19, 1999, Totems and stuff we get the same chaotic jumble in the fourth dimension, that we have already in the 3rd. The porpuse of Jose`s work was allways to create a syncronized whole unified human field, that lifts through every single Kins special mental abilitys the courtain of 12:60 illusion. I´m personally not thrilled about the idea of running around with 5 different Almanacs, asking: Hey what Kin is in your system, look in mine is this. Wow you have the cat, look I have the cockroach as my totem. 🙂
    Besides this I honestly have an intuitive and deep aversion against phrases like “the more harmonious calendar” (Turtle) and “the official calendar” (Law of Time) They imply your system as “better” and serve only for your Ego to continou.
    I know through following your blog – not frequently- but often, that there is some “disharmonious frequencies” between you and some people inside the LoT. Well this is human, but this makes me sad to see also. If WE can`t manage to handle our little differences why do we expect from Obama and Putin to smoke a peacepipe.
    So it might be better for your audience that you speek out what is really happening behind the Curtain than writing sentences like “my very good friends Stephanie South and Jose Arguelles” …. At least Stephanie South also known as the Red Queen has a responsible 24 hour job to navigate as a Captain this Arc full of apophenic Spacecadets through the waters of the Noah-sphere. And she certainly is not pleased about discussions if Dali should be allways on Sunday and “Come on let`s invent a Week out of Time”.
    But this outside smile and inside I don`t know what is a real female ability. Men start driving up their tanks, maybe with 113 written on it, start a nice battle and afterwords go on a good beer together. After they “discussed” their problems they become the best friends.
    My partner Kin 208 allways says this: Look at the world, all this war and fighting. Only men can make such things. And I insist yes, but women can be designing and wrong, they lead war at home. At least men go outside for it. 🙂
    It is interesting that you assigned 158 for the challenge of the Cosmic Turtle Calendar:
    ” Kin 158: Lunar Mirror ‘Reflects‘ the ‘Challenge‘ of the Turtle Moon Calendar: Aligning the Lunar Calendar to the 7 day week, rather than to the Gregorian Calendar, and assigning a Kin to each and every day [Mayan definition of Kin is one 24 hour unit]. The Dreamspell Tzolkin skips ‘Leap Day‘ and the current ‘official 13 Moon Calendar‘ skips the 365th day of the year and Leap Day.”
    My 3- Dimensional mother is Kin 158 (while my father Kin 67) and it is a real “challenge” for me to communicate to her. Currently we only write letters from time to time, as phone calls are getting loud soon. She is realy “old school” Catholic. I suppose she believes there is really a white bearded old man in the sky, whom she has to pay attention and her authority to. If 13 is the number of the freed female power, my mother is the female who choosed to stay in prison inside the 12. Beeing ruled by a +1 Male Priesthood. On the other side she is extremly intelligent, speaking 5 languages fluently. Well it`s complicated…

    By the way, here in “Good old Europe” the week starts allways on Mondays not Sundays. So also the 28 day Month would start on Monday. And if you Commonwealth buddys don`t like this…. Well f**** this shit. I deleted the week at all and life the 13 day Wavespell !!!!
    One argument of the Vatican opposing a Global Calendar Reform which was a subject of the United Nations in 1933 was, that it would interrupt the christian “holy” seven day week. Therefore a “Day out of Time” outside the week and the calendar was not possible for the Church.
    Sounds familiar?
    “Throughout these efforts the Papal response was always very intense in the defense of the current calendar for liturgical reasons. But a further defense put forth by the Vatican was that any calendar reform had to respect the succession of the seven-day week. This argument of the Vatican very much restricts or even deadlocks the debate on calendar reform and essentially functions as a “catch 22” which says, “Yes, you can reform the calendar, but only so long as there is no break in the succession of the seven-day week and….”


    In lak ech
    189 on 89
    1300 days since the Monkey choosed to dissapear from the public stage.

    • Underlining Jannis by Quote

      ‘By the way, here in “Good old Europe” the week starts allways on Mondays not Sundays. So also the 28 day Month would start on Monday.
      And if you Commonwealth buddys don`t like this….
      Well f**** this shit.
      I deleted the week at all and life the 13 day Wavespell !!!!’

      It gives ground to repl’ace 7777 by 9991

      Just see for PI that carries 999999 in first 999 digits arising after point

      Adding on the commonwealth buddies i’ld wonder commonhealth

      Anyway rhythm is a key in memory realm as em’pi~re

      But cannot be possessed and sactified by pervert male chirurgy .. or science

      24 hours sliced into 3×8
      And only 3 phases cut by dawn noon eve
      Give morning afternoon night as phases ..
      And whole earth has one single hour as tracking current ..
      Uniting the common health health at common synch

      In Lak’ech ala kin
      Bolon Iek

    • 89 189 289 land in 29 while

      289 minus 260 gives 29

      Wave 2 Tone 9 : 2 swans … s’ones aka trust

      A Deen / Dean is a swan archetype originally spoken

    • Dear Jannis 7 Moon;

      I appreciate the time you put into this comment, and as always, am rooting for a win-win in our ‘volley’.
      There is so much I could say in response, but due to time constraints {see reply to Jay 196 below} I will succinctly focus on what is important, and say “Thank You Jannis!’:
      In several different ways, your comment {unwittingly?} gives me additional encouragement to implement and promote The Cosmic Turtle Calendar 🙂

      Peace and Love to All,
      Claire 8 Mirror

  4. Breaking ego is also a theme in Jannis ..
    And as i live it since 1991 similar as meant in egolution ..

    A label carrying evolution as a universal tracking by humanity healing the means .. getting along with one another ..
    Form tribes and celebrate exchanges when they happen ..
    As fusing & enriching vocabulary ..

    Well i like other scripts as Sanskrit to see …
    But didnot manage nor try a single read …
    Would other focus aspire my human vessel to learn chinese ?

    Well .. somehow lucky to be dutch having oriented
    German , French, English .. a bit Latin & Spanish
    A son of Yaniq studies Chinese

    In fact egolution brought me clear minded tracking ‘babelonic’

    And studying chc 1 till 7

    8 & 9 are the books every single one writes while living the unique life ..

    8 till 49 then landing in 9


  5. Thanks for the post Mystery Queen!

    I’m looking forward to have a physical copy of the Turtle Moon Calendar! I actually enjoying following a few calendars!

    I see now that Seli 23 – “Lovers Reunion” is symbolic for the return to this count and the synchronization of the daily plasma to that of the Earth’s, etc!
    Keep up the great transmissions!

  6. Quick update:

    Not sure if you’ve seen this but it is Kin 34’s interpretation of the “441” crop circle!
    I’m waiting to hear back from Gar about if he thinks the 21×21 matrix needs to be revised for the holomind perceiver. (I don’t think it does but we’ll see an interesting point.)

    I calculated my first TFI for the Cosmic Turtle Calendar today with some amazing synchronicity!
    Hopefully I didn’t make any mistakes but I want to check with your calculations!

    3.24 – Kin 89 – Gamma (Heat>Light + Light>Heat)
    PSI Chrono: Kin 203 – 8 Night
    Metabolic pattern/ MOAP – (Cosmic Awareness, Inner Portal, +, Lunar Horizon) (Page 185 of CHC 2)

    Time TFI: 608
    Space TFI: 478
    Synchronic TFI: 427
    MTFI: 1513
    Kin: 213 – 5 Skywalker

    Now if this is correct this is a little strange! My “3D” father’s galactic signature is Kin 89: 11 Moon, my “3D” mom’s galactic signature is Kin 213: 5 Skywalker and their Kin equivalent is Kin 42: 3 Wind -> the mayan Tzolk’in kin for today!

    Now after calculating that I wanted to see if I could calculate the TFI for the Tzolk’in and the Haab but I wasn’t sure what Matrix’s to use to calculate that! I was thinking it could be the same for the Synchronic and Space but I wasn’t sure what the Time matrix would look like! I think it would have to be a representation of the Haab which is 20×18 = 360 as you know but it could be represented by 19×19= 361 but it would mean a remix of the Space and Synchronic Matrix which would be easy!

    My brother is Kin 233: Red Crystal Skywalker and my girlfriend is Kin: 181: Red Crystal Dragon or 441 in kin form!

    My parents traveled to New Zealand in the 1980’s I believe and I was there for 4 months from February – June in 2012!

    Let me know your signature and if these calculations are right!

    • Hi Jay 196,

      Thanks so much for these comments 🙂
      Your calculations for Kin 89 on 3.24 are perfect!
      Taking them one step further:
      The BMU of 1513 {-1323 which is 3 x 441} =190. The Dictionary of Number {page 243 :)} says:
      “190: 19 x 10; triangular of 19; vigesimal 9.10 = 19”
      The sum of the 3 Base Matrix numbers {T=273; Sp=368; Sy=425} is 1066. Subtracting 882 [2×441] yields 184.

      May this detailed answer to your second question {you are the first reader to ask about my signature} “Serve” to help “Activate” the Cosmic Turtle Calendar:

      I am coded by Kin 138: White Galactic Mirror; Truth, Integrity and Harmony, Guided by Spirit.

      Postulate 18.8: “Mahabodhisattvas are angelic orders who choose galactic transmigration. Bodhisattvic striving is ceaselessly directed towards limitless whole world realization of radiance and luminosity through the entire radially infinite mirror universe of infinite galactic brains and world systems.”

      Three of the 260 postulates include the term ‘mahabodhisattvas’. See what page 114 of CHC: Volume II says about them 🙂

      My Mayan Kin is 75: Planetary Eagle, 15.10. I didn’t realize that until several Moons after Valum Votan had sent me an e-mail entitled “Planetary Vision” on Kin 75. My computer [S. Hem. style] shows today’s date as 15/10.

      138 + 75 = 213: Your Mother’s Signature and the MFTI Kin Equivalent for Kin 89 [your Father] on 3.24 🙂

      Now, back to that Self-Existing project–there’s a slim chance that I’ll be able to publish the 4th Moon of the Cosmic Turtle Calendar before leaving on a 4 day trip early in the Guide watch of
      Cosmic Monkey; which is coded by 15.13, reminiscent of the 1513 MTFI 🙂

    • “Now if this is correct this is a little strange! My “3D” father’s galactic signature is Kin 89: 11 Moon, my “3D” mom’s galactic signature is Kin 213: 5 Skywalker and their Kin equivalent is Kin 42: 3 Wind -> the mayan Tzolk’in kin for today!”

      As a remote but engaged kin in this castings i strike a match as Lucifer in this dialogue .. perhaps when One can align Bolon Ik.

      First here
      196+22 depicts Jay 196, 15.1 plus bolon ik 2.9 : 218, 17.10
      Planetary moon : manifesting universal water

      138+22 depicts Claire 138, 11.8 plus 2.9 : 160 : 13.4 ?
      Self Existing Dog : defining loyalty: forming heart ?

      Joined 138 22 196 : 356 – 260 : 96 Overtone Warrior 8.5
      Spells Radiating Fearlessness

      Okay ? Notify miscalculations however track heavenly mistakes

      Then the strike is on my guardian type 4.3 aka 42
      Who pops in the euphoric kin for today

      In my practice i envowed kweakspell
      Which pops a wizard day for octobre 15 …
      I use it to address a judge 😉

      • Dear Jay;

        Thank You! Your kind offer of help with the Cosmic Turtle Calendar made my 7 hour drive on a beautiful Spring day even more enjoyable 🙂 I’ll be in touch.

        Claire a.k.a. Mystery Queen on the Cosmic Day of the Wavespell and the ‘doubly Cosmic’ {2 x 13 = 26} Day of the Moon

  7. Note 3 properties in kweakayn

    1. Dreamspell functions as eve break on previous eve .. this break initiates night and dreamenergy as clearvoyant
    So kweak kin is 1 up against ‘modern current’

    2. Mayan Tzolkin depicts the voyage traveling destiny to arrival

    3. Treekweak is the sum , the arrival ..

    Concluding a day of 24 hours travels 3 kin .. in the phases
    Night – Morning – Afternoon

    This expressed in a clip recently set free by the last worldbridger in dreamspell 246 ..

    Count your blessings ..

  8. Hi S’ace 🙂

    “138+22 depicts Claire 138, 11.8 plus 2.9 : 160 : 13.4 ?
    Self Existing Dog : defining loyalty: forming heart ?”

    Actually it is 18.8 plus 2.9 which makes 20.4, Self-Existing Sun 🙂

    I’m enjoying the inte-ractive numbers!

    • Here the Lotta casts:

      A mailing just from remote noosperic alignment

      S’ace, Fred, Bruce
      Maybe the Aztec/Mayan Calendar ended because it was the close of the Fall and the beginning of Human Ascension (aligning with Source Will).

      Therefore, The Word is don’t look back into the time of the Fall because that is full of man-made illusionary poison pills that do NOT pave the way back to Divine Source.

      As Fred seems to infer, why repeat ‘the being duped processes’, and like I say ‘Go Directly to Self Source (AYN), – and do NOT mess with Mr. In-between because his motives can and have been deadly (false fear beliefs).

      If there was ‘ any good’ Source stuff it will prevail as needed for it may be part of the Eternal Truths – but maybe redesigned to fit an up graded Consciousness.

      From your link S’ace: “In Judaism, one common view of Lot’s wife turning to salt was as punishment for disobeying the angels’ warning. By looking back at the “evil cities” she betrayed her secret longing for that way of life. She was deemed unworthy to be saved and thus turned to a pillar of salt.”

      Salt can cause heart attacks – but also in combination with water it can cause life motion in our hologram

      (water + salt = electromagnetics) according to our S’ace Bubble Knowledge – which can be expanded when bubbles collide in ying-yang fashion.

      To clear sight (gnosis) as our bubbles inter/intra act positively on the Love-Light Path Home.


    • well i donot read 138 as 18.8
      how is this ..

      any way i read popping “serendipities” as sign for 4th Prince(iple) of Serendib , a SriLanKa phenomenon & kin’ethic 😉

      here 18.8 speaks communicating the long term in Wind Wave 222 (3 swans: father mother child)

      its 8 is the vertical endlessness as timelessness speaks for 9 lords of Time

      striking wisdom in tzolkin(G) excelence is that seal 18 sets endlessness in physical domain by SEAL Mirror – the eye both catching light as speaking true radiances ..

      • Dear S’ace’
        It’s lovely to read this, in the first hour of the Human Wavespell 🙂
        Good Night

  9. chime watch

    “My partner Kin 208 allways says this: Look at the world, all this war and fighting. Only men can make such things. And I insist yes, but women can be designing and wrong, they lead war at home. At least men go outside for it. :-)”

    All counts are gendered and not all rubs are lies
    198 points to how feminine deftness with wile and guile is expressed through scheme and plot with a preference to disguise their designs and sugarcoat a bitter pill (potemkin and commercial style) but when pressured (criticized strongly) tends to switch on/over to, ambush tactics) so that it can be said soft power war campaigns are conducted in even the most intimate recesses of privacy.

    Conspicuous uniformation as sleigh of hand/mind in play with all stock taking and ‘sortage’ (“sortage” “to sort” = 1280, “sortage” “sorting” = 4350) can attract weaponizers and fist maker specialists and grudge keeper experts in absolutely no time flat.

  10. 3 days work and 4 days weekends 🙂 No win::win… I lost …. and whatever you count, do it properly. Seashells, sandcorns, clouds, rainbows, days or years. My 113 tank is running out of fuel. Holland is not part of the Commonwealth or did I miss something in the News? Sace28, I honestly do understand only 50% of what you comm-uni-cate, but activation dream was 1999, so certainly we share many syncs. Would be good to meet in 3D one time. I`am another yourself and challenged Kin 59.

    • Dear Jannis
      Holland functions as triggerpoint to the CW+

      Honestly people exchanging quality info only understand less than 30% .. so here is aome effect by synch?
      Sounds hopeful ..

      To meet needs some date & place & security?

      A thing as station & red rose ¿

      59 + 22 makes 81 3^2 crossing 3^2
      Dragon flight
      Tone 3 service energy & transmissive

  11. IN FINE: On Cosmic Monkey Kin 91 (7×13) this appeared on the screen. Keep the tradition Alive! And start every Month and Week on (Dali) Sunday = Domingo. In the lineage of non other than Julius Cesar and Pope Gregory the 13th …Anno Domini Christi 1582-2014

    • in sequence of the proclamnation of oktober 1582 the 4th moon in treekweak settles ‘octobre 18, 2014’

      it is SIRdaya
      and restores the vacuüm point symbolized in 8 & infinity symbol ..

      8 depicts timelessness, the Wizards enchanting effects ..

      the power animal is a robin ..
      dedicated from pseudoacacia Tortuoza ..
      a Robinea type , a world tree ‘cultivar’

      SIRdata refers to triple star Sirius that makes life so worthwhile living .. from radiative Love while sun attracts & moon raises choice – the Void ..

      In lak’ech

      &olon Ik

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