The Heart of the Tzolkin, the Heart of the Earth and Love of the Divine

Today and tomorrow,  we are in the HEART of the Mayan  Dreamspell Tzolkin The 260 day Tzolkin [which literally means count of days]  was/is the most sacred of the 19 calendars maintained by the Mayans; Masters of Time and Mathematics.  This 130th day/kin  is coded by Kin 130:  Cosmic Dog; which represents Loyalty and Love of the Divine.

The affirmation for Cosmic Dog states:  I endure in order to LOVE,
Transcending loyalty
I seal the process of HEART
With the cosmic tone of presence

The Cosmic tone is the 13th, and  Thirteen is the key sacred  component in both the Mayan Tzolkin and the 13 Moon Calendar which is composed of 13 Moons of 28 days  {= a 364 day year}

What is universally agreed upon is that there are some extremely important ‘mathematical relations’ utilizing the numbers 20 and 13 which were considered to be of great significance for all Mesoamerican cultures and specifically useful to the Maya for their purposes of divination. When these two numbers are multiplied the result is equal to 260. Thus, this 20 x 13 matrix is the essential core foundation of the Tzolkin and basis for its functionality within Mayan society.”

The White Mirror Wavespell of Endlessness  [the Tenth of Twenty  13 day Wavespells] and the first half of the 260 day Tzolkin;   end at Midnight which will be the precise heart of the sacred Tzolkin.  Then we enter the Eleventh Monkey Wavespell of Magic  🙂

26 {13 x 2} is a fractal of 260, and it’s interesting to note how 26 appears in Cosmic Dog:  Alpha-numerically {A=1;  Z=26} DOG {and it’s anagram GOD} equals 26, and the reverse of 26:  62 equals COSMIC.  The Complex Gematrical Frequency [the more complicated alpha-numeric system revealed by Valum Votan} computes Cosmic [=215]Dog [71] as 286.  When we subtract 260 from 286, the result is 26  🙂  Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Kin 26 {Cosmic World-Bridger} is one of the 13 Clear Signs found on the Tomb of Pacal Votan.  As decoded by Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles, the heavily inscribed  Tomb delivers the vital information about the 13 Moon Calendar of 28 days each.  [13 x 28  = the harmonic 364 day year].

The Babylonian priests sought to remove the sacred  number 13, which is the common factor in  the  cycles of the Moon, the Feminine, and the planets of our solar system.  They replaced the 13 Moons with the 12 irregular months of the Gregorian Calendar [named for Pope Gregory] and they removed  the 13th  constellation/astrological sign of Ophiuchus.

Jose {a.k.a. Valum Votan}and Lloydine Arguelles  re-introduced the 13 Moon Calendar in 1993.  The following year, the Tomb of the Red Queen {who was considered the Spiritual equal and partner of the  Great Pacal Votan} was discovered adjacent to Pacal Votan’s Tomb in Palenque, Mexico.  In 2010,  the 13th constellation was  re-instated as the 13th Astrological sign known as Ophiucus, the Snake-Tamer.  “Ophiuchus /ɒfiˈjuːkəs/ is a large constellation located around the celestial equator.”

Rho Ophiuchi.jpg 

The Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex, and Johannes Kepler‘s drawing depicting the location of the stella nova in the foot of Ophiuchus.

 Ophiucus, the Snake-Tamer

To acknowledge a 13th sign now might seem awkward for astrologers, who like the tidiness of 12 signs that rule over the 12 houses of the Zodiac. The heavens are alive and they do change after a few thousand years and the astrologer who wants to maintain accuracy must change along with the signs in the heavens.
Those words also apply to our re-alignment with the 13 Moon Calendar, which reflects the 13 Full Moons in the heavens.  In The Cosmic Turtle Calendar {whose  Weeks, Moons and Years always begin on Sunday} today is the 9th day of the Fifth Overtone Moon.
The Sun spends only 19 days in the 13th constellation, and Ophiuchus spends most of its time in the 5th Overtone Moon of Radiance  This 5th Moon is coded by Kin 226:  Overtone World-Bridger, and it’s Totem is the Peacock.  The Fifth Moon and the 13th Cosmic Moon, whose Totem is the Cosmic Turtle, are the only two Moons to have the same  Totem as the ‘official 13 Moon Calendar’ {which is aligned with the Gregorian Calendar rather than the 7 day week}
The Peacock RADIATES beauty when it displays it’s  brilliantly colored  plumage:
   Alpha-numerically.  Peacock = 54, and 54 is also the numeric value of the letters in ‘LOVE” and “MAYAN”  Synchronistically, LOVE when calculated via Valum Votan’s more complicated alpha-numeric system equals 495.  The BMU [495-441] of Love again equals 54  🙂
During the Fifth Overtone Peacock Moon, we ask ourselves:  “How Can I Best Empower Myself?”  We need to do so for the sake of our planet and her inhabitants.
Some current examples of empowerment include the following:

US Flag and Constitution of the United States of AmericaThe sacred rights of mankind …  are written, as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of divinity itself, and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power.” ~ Alexander Hamilton

Yesterday, {Self-Existing 17} by a significant margin, {Mendocino}  became the first county in California, and only the second county in the country to pass into law a very powerful local ordinance that declares local self-governing rights in their communities over state and federal jurisdiction.

Russia, whom Edgar Casey  predicted would be “The Hope of the World” continues to fortify and empower herself.  “Russia, , has amassed one of the largest gold reserves in the world to counter these economic warfare moves against the Federation… “Former US Federal Reserve ChairmanAlan Greenspan last week stunningly admitted, “Gold is currency, no fiat currency, including the US Dollar, can match it.”   “Russia [is] “fully prepared” to accomplish its end-game,  with its gold reserves and combined energy-mineral wealth (which is the greatest in the world valued at over $75 trillion),

MMM sfPeople around the world are increasingly Empowering themselves by making their voices heard in peaceful demonstrations, and through their successful lawsuits against Monsanto.  Perhaps the thought of fewer pesticides is what caused the Earth to manifest many rainbow smiles during the 3rd week of the 4th Moon   🙂  Thanks to rotoso 55 for this: 

Here is an empowering and uplifting article, which is in resonance with the Mayan concept of humans being ‘cosmic vibratory roots‘ meant to transduce the 7 radial plasmas [building blocks of life]:

If we’re an organic, cosmically influenced body of crystaline receivers and broadcasters in an alive and amazing all-knowing Universe, perhaps we’re exactly where we’re each supposed to be.  In fact, we’re probably carefully distributed to create a world-wide grid of truth!

Are we all truly strategically positioned for the best possible effect on the cosmos and the awakening?

We’re each generators, nodes, transmitters, relays, conduits and vessels of light, truth and love. The ultimate power of positive transformation. And we may be just where we’re supposed to be, lonely or not.   So take heart!

This  797th blog is transmitted in the 5th year and 5th Moon since 2013 and The Mystery Queen began 70 Moons ago.  The Kin Equivalent of 797  [797 – 260 x 3] is 17:  Earth.  HEART and it’s anagram: EARTH both equal 52 [2 x 26]  During this 5th Overtone Moon, I am preparing to empower myself through a move from the beautiful  Heart of New Zealand [Nelson is the exact geographical center of the two islands of New Zealand] to the place I consider to be the HEART of the EARTH.

 Just as Ophiucus lies along our galaxy’s equator, Ecuador is named for its position on the Earth’s equator  🙂  It’s rainforest is part of the lungs of the Earth, and it’s people  happily, co-exist with an incredible diversity of plant and animal life.  While geographically positioned on the center [Heart] of the Earth, it’s welcoming, courageous  people and President exhibit the Heart of the Earth in a compelling way.  Ecuador first came to my more focused attention when they granted  Julian Assange a safe haven.   Two weeks ago, their President Raphael Correa  stated:  ““I believe in the power of love, not the love of power,”  during a speech in the southern city of Cuenca“.   This  Harvard-educated economist has made strides in elevating the poorest Ecuadorians, improving the infrastructure and so much more.  A recent poll [based on public smiles] determined that Ecuadorians are the happiest people on Earth!

The Totem creatures for every Moon of The Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  13 Moons of Harmony  reside in this Paradise nation.  I will live in a beautiful ‘Sacred Valley‘ which attracts people from around the world who live in  harmony with the Earth and with each other, resonating with the 13:20 lifestyle. A plethora of stars light up the night sky.   

The ideal conditions for spiritual growth and optimal health, longevity and happiness are Empowering.  During the  Rhythmic Moon of Equality and Balance I will move to where Day and Night are always equally balanced  🙂

Thank you for your e-mails, comments and ‘Likes‘.  May each of us make empowering choices during our remaining time in the 7th central column of the Dreamspell Tzolkin, and the Fifth Overtone Moon of Radiance, while under the canopy of the 13th constellation of Ophiucus  🙂

N. S.  1. 27. 5. 9.        D:   Cosmic Dog :: Mayan: 5 Night {M.T.}  Seli 9   

19 thoughts on “The Heart of the Tzolkin, the Heart of the Earth and Love of the Divine

  1. Yes RCD–It’ll be good to catch up 🙂
    This morning I awoke from a long and vivid dream of/with Princess Diana!
    Queen of Hearts [Princess Diana] was actually part of the original title of this blog:
    “The Heart of the Tzolkin, the Heart of the Earth and the Queen of Hearts”
    Princess Diana: = 122: Overtone Wind. Kin 122 coded the Magic Turtle Day that began this Overtone World-Bridger Moon- which is coded by another Kiwi Kin; Mike on the North Island 🙂
    Love to all

  2. upload list (reverse order; 30+ x 12m, 2002, uploaded 3 years ago, Pacal Votan in Mexico)
    Marite Urrutia Hunkan 2011 Seminario Jose Arguelles Teotihuacan Parte1 by HAZE AGUERO

    same account (top of same list):

    round dance vid uploaded this last past summer of some 60 people in the a well shaded park square (birds!!):

    Celebración con Lloydine Burris Parte 1/3
    HAZE AGUERO — 67 subbers
    57 views May 25, 2014
    Parque Melchor Ocampo Cueranvaca México

    ps: anybody know if the crest at the tippy top of holland is entirely abandoned in favor of that catalonian volcanic region spot or what is going on at all? i’d like to somehow invest in crestiness yet the communication among all yall borderline autists is plain grocely atrociously and terrifically atrophic

    • Electric Eagle’s comments are appreciated, and they deserve more than this necessarily brief response.

      All my time and energy are currently occupied with my move alone to a country I’ve never visited, and whose language I do not yet speak.
      If rather complicated preparations are completed in time, then I will arrive at my idea of Paradise on the next Magic Turtle Day. 🙂
      The location of my new home will appeal to some of you, and all are welcome.
      It feels like an organic 13:20- spirited community already exists there.
      Beauty, joy and ideal growing conditions prevail.
      This video will help to explain my choice:

      Before viewing this video, I had already chosen the Horse as the new totem for the Rhythmic Moon, which begins one hour from now 🙂

      • huh?? the utter silence around here, the moron mumness at gsb … can’t even get a kin 220 – 4xmoi – to simply lob a courtesy lump of local clay squeezed onto her Tyrolian – woergl of all places – swish my way .. in acknowledgement of my greetings response …
        …. the bad news waves keep building; storms come to places already in drought but hardly carry water …. all of that makes it very difficult to revive anybody’s cheery disposition, let alone somebody who thinks jesus didn’t do miracles .. he just used truely common sense (in itself miraculour enough for me mind you … but god …. what a gulf / disconnect between religion and their inspirations!!!!!!

        how come the best vids – the ones one thinks need the most distribution on the double, made by a guy you think you should sell your house for in order to give him all your money to, rather than give it to you for some extra Ecuadorian acreage for me to go hide in when push comes to ‘scape clause* – paint horrible hells patterned on painfully real footage; here’s one on africa and i’ll challenge you to actually visit my place (the thumb does not visit the image tenor of your blog anyhow):

        * besides, my subfeed contained horrible news from Ecuador just yesterday, givin me pause … even though time is running out. Needless to say the faith in my ability to drop hints effectively is at an all time low.
        There are those who don’t believe in hints, .. they drone on and on, hammer away and apply all ways of emphaticality 7 ways to sunday … such as ‘truthiracy3’; in his latest he does the old american thing, keep doing what you do but faster; if anybody is familiar with the RQ blog heading illustration of half red half bleu and likes that kind of stuff, acquaintance with his vids are instructive when trying to see how things come to polarization … but get stuck there and not past it; subbing combinatorix with binarity at it’s base guarantees bipolarity (iow zionism) as easily as dedication to the road / market and it’s mercantilism slides into mercenary cruelty before you can pronounce the word culture using two full breaths.
        Well … let me try end on cheery note:
        i once again, as i do just about bi-annually since around the turn of the millenium, stumbled into Meegan, a savant in his own right … it’s quite easy to see the resemblance to lots of differently styled (coloured, punctuated, etc) square style iconography:

        his matrix gives a centrality to 2X7 .. and given i’ve been reading Rowan’s blog (and comments before that) for over a decade (him being kin 27) it’s nice to notice this vaguely mysterious resonance.
        I asked him if the Rodin crowd hasn’t tried to engage him … he’s been on G+ for a while already, leaving strangely accusatory and haughty comments to people who fail to see the merit in his defence for the Catholic Church … anyway, he made his work into 3 vids .. and there’s a 2013 article i shared on my ‘Piet Betcetera’ account.
        And as to a final cheery thought:
        Guess what, … i am nearly cured of expecting a relevant answer from any and all of you ….

      • looks like plenty of opportunity to thicken and/or regrow the greenery on the denuded steepnesses in that region, iow, practice a little strategic swaling … one would have to design a machine to make these tiny horizontal (contour following) banks on what looks like pretty rocky ground to help them regain soil cover; i read about ‘keyline’ systems decades before finally realizing their importance; there prolly is nothing as fruitful as preparing for floods … and i don’t mean building no godddam boats either.

  3. youwannano wat really cracks me up, fucks me over, baffles me stupid and gets my goat?
    my numbers (((to those who worship them .. and i don’t mean the simplistic 999 crowds .. but the ‘synchronometricians’ known as ‘Red Queen’ and Ruben Skywalker; check come up in such blatantly obvious ways, even when perusing the field with a half cocked eye ((kin 55 is me, a number that figures hugely in their theonumosmology)) that i must be raising a heavenhi stink [-:X i do realize that someone who makes the best of a rotten situation is hard to focus on realistically … if christianity has anything to teach … X:-] to repel them from at least perusing my run-ins with them ((me, who much like their guru [Jose Arguelles] claims to aim for, will completely boulverser (bowl over) the main traditions [buddha, jesus, mohammed/PACAL VOTAN, born in 1:2 proportions apart] this years’s last day is me dad’s kin))) if and/or whenever something/someone puts a stop to the linkrot i see before my own eyes or pieces my message together from variuos deposits and the pile of cellulose i stuffed this little ‘fokhok’ with.

    A secular / mundane version of the above is reflected in the afflicted paternity i share -::- along with the hosts of others (10th minute of this vid … JA was [mex]mixrace too), that make the shows examined in this vid perrenially reiterably updatably popular .. curses [humor is psychedelic turbulence said Baudrillard in a sentence underlined by McLuhan right?] -::- yet seem to be quite unique in managing to see thru (jesus complex) … or … share yet seem unable to resolve and concretize from con- to percept and vica versack again from public to private, setting up a breath of life sort of 1:2 in that good old n gold nontox type binary … the translation from private to public gets all choppy … hippy dippy ………..
    …. or … can neither escape nor share.

    Lana Lokteff is herself a white whore (the land was payed for and there was happy mixing – all her words) … it’s that horrible ‘allowed’ (haloed) yet mandatory ‘Truth-In-Bible-Ratio’ again, cheering for institutions that should be dismantled as carefully as you would collect and disassemble any toxic waste, holy book, etcetera; she’s like the white whore i saw yesterday, raising her arms under a giant rocket …

    born againites pervert the need to be unborn = stop identifying with happenstance, consisting to 99% of karma your forefathers dragged in and dunked you in, tethered you with. I am by no means a starsfancier nor a rootedness imperative proselyte. What i AM pressing upon yall is find a way to be rooting rooting .. if you care to grace your days with, .. have any residual memory of days filled with ROOTEDNESS

    • Dear Reimar 143;

      Thank you for this ode to Ophiuchus, the 13th Constellation. It’s time {1:43} reflects your Kin: Blue Cosmic Night. The 13 also reflects the combined weight of Twin G.A.P. daughters {6 and 1/2 pounds each} born to my niece Laura at the end of Kin 152: Yellow Solar Human 🙂

      Your beautiful message gives me additional courage {from French for Heart} for making my move to the Heart of the Earth!

      Peace and Love, Claire 138
      11 Wizard :: 13 Dog {S.H.} Day 1 of Haab 13, Day 5 of the Rhythmic Horse Moon

  4. Recently I was acquainted with Nele After graduating, Nele moved to Guatemala to empower the population .

    I was very surprised when I heard about the exploitation of the native people (Maya), the corruption, the poverty. She explained how a top layer of rich people, are looting nature, how they use poison as cyanide in the extraction of ores and precious metals.
    Several of her friends who strive for human rights, for the right to education and nutrition, are imprisoned or executed.

    Nevertheless, the Maya remain faithful to their respect and spirituality, they move together as a group of warm supportive people.. They do not give up.

    What if all of us who have affections with Maya spirituality, would show their gratitude for the beauty that the Mayan have given us such as the calendar,spiritualism, lifestyle etc ….

    (Who knows, a New Time assignment? ….)

    It can be done in many ways,
    – meditation
    – bring the situation in the consciousness of people
    – only buy fair trade things
    – financial support for the children in order to study
    there is also a need for lawyers, experiences, ….

    (if you think, it may be a NewTim assignment, I can bring you in contact with Nele. Who knows, you can help to empower the mayan, and relight their light)

    blissful greets, Mieke 246 (186)

    • Mieke 246, Thanks so much for what you’ve expressed here.
      I totally agree:
      “What if all of us who have affections with Maya spirituality, would show their gratitude for the beauty that the Mayan have given us such as the calendar,spiritualism, lifestyle”

      In fact, it’s part of the reason I am moving to Ecuador, where I’ll show my gratitude for their 13:20 lifestyle by living it!
      There is even a place in Ecuador “Heart of the Earth” called Palenque 🙂

      “Blissful Greets”,
      Claire 138 [75]

      • You know Claire hoe kweakayn spells kin in treekweak ..
        Read tHreekweak 🙂

        138 plus 75 gives the third eye 211 ..
        You dan read IT as 22 top while 11 is 2
        Do very occult coded you were maybey searching your beach
        Whale spice in monkey 3 in moon wave ¿ purification

        Similar as mykey does experience Human race
        246 + 186 gives summed 432 aka 172 Human 3 in dog wave hearth andere affection

        So precious a kin ..
        Motify the temple a quest on calendric

        Its a shark in the air .. 🙂 these 9 days kweaking another crown

      • Thanks a lot for sharing, transunit12.
        It seems like a magical answer, to the wave of movement, that arose following the request for support.

        rejoiced greets,
        Mieke 246

    • Thank you Piet 55 🙂

      I love these transmissions from RuBen 113! I haven’t quite finished this one [detoured to read the one linked within it] but do agree with your assessment 🙂
      My own post for GAP 176 wasn’t finished in time. Might not post another until I reach my destination, the ‘Heart of the Earth’.

      In Lakech,
      G.A. 138

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