GAP Kin 222: Magnetic Wind begins today’s 18th Wavespell of Spirit, which is a Fractal of this 13 Moon Year’s Annual Wavespell

Galactic Activation Portal Kin 222:  Magnetic Wind begins a 13 day Wavespell that is a fractal of this year’s Annual Wavespell of 13 Moons.  GAP 222:  Magnetic Wind coded the First Moon of this year.  The next Magic Turtle Day is Kin 228:  Galactic Moon, which is the same Kin that codes this  8th Galactic Moon of Integrity and Harmony.   Besides containing a fractal of this 13 Moon Year, this Moon also features the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

The Year of the Goat began 5 days ago, and the world’s largest annual human migration is now well underway as 2.8 billion trips are made across China during the period of their Lunar New Year.    “Although China has used the Gregorian calendar since 1912, Chinese New Year is based on the ancient Chinese Lunar Calendar, and it falls on the second new moon after winter solstice – somewhere between 21 January and 19 February, meaning it changes from year to year.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar is a prime example of a Calendar being aligned with the Solstice and the cycles of the Moon,  so it is heartening to know that One Sixth of the world’s population celebrates this most important Chinese holiday.   The Year of the Goat began on the 60th day since the December 2014 Solstice.

Fireworks explode at the River Hongbao Lunar New Year Celebrations along Marina Bay in Singapore Because the Chinese character “yang” can translate in colloquial Chinese as either sheep or goat, there is a bit of confusion over this year’s Zodiac [Totem].  The Goat/Sheep comes 8th in the Chinese Zodiac.

The Totem for the 8th Galactic Moon [in the Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  13 Moons of Harmony] is the Bear, which is associated with the constellation of Ursa Major, and with the country of Russia.  Baby Polar Bears in Moscow Zoo: First Steps With Mom

These adorable Bear Cubs were born at the Moscow Zoo during the ‘Galactic Bear Moon‘  🙂

 Russia is dominating headlines during this Galactic Moon of Integrity, thanks to the masterful leadership of Vladimir Putin. who conducted Peace talks in Minsk, and who, according to the following article made the most important speech of his career last week:  “what he {Putin} actually wants from the US is not conflict but cooperation.

Putin also recently met with the ‘landslide-elected‘ new Prime Minister of Greece, Alex Tsipras, {D: Planetary Monkey} shown here with their new Finance Minister [left]

Greece’s prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, right and finance minister Yianis Varoufakis said they were confident the government’s plan would be approved. Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, like Vladimir Putin, is a consummate game-player.  Varoufakis [D: PVCS Magnetic Sun]  taught Game Theory Mathematics.  He wrote here:

that“The trouble with game theory, as I used to tell my students, is that it takes for granted the players’ motives  . In poker or blackjack this assumption is unproblematic.  But in the current deliberations between our European partners and Greece’s new government, the whole point is to forge new motives. To fashion a fresh mind-set that transcends national divides, dissolves the creditor-debtor distinction in favor of a pan-European perspective, and places the common European good above petty politics, dogma that proves toxic if universalized, and an us-versus-them mind-set.

 The Dreamspell signatures of Greek’s new ‘Dream Team‘ equal 11.11, and “They may renounce not only austerity but their foreign debts and eternal interest payments. The entire financial empire – the so-called global financial system could be shaken . . . Greece could once again become the ‘cradle of democracy‘.{ }  Leaders who are restoring Harmony and Integrity seem to be ‘ascending’ during this 8th Moon  🙂

Here is ‘new ‘ information about the Earth, that is compatible with what Dr. Arguelles::Valum Votan; 11.11 has revealed:     “A research team from the University of Illinois and colleagues in China found earth’s inner core has an inner core of its own, with crystals aligned in a different direction.”

A quote from:  also supports the concept of INTEGRITY:

Aldo Leopold said, “A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”

Fractal Enlightenment [during this Fractal Wavespell] calls to mind Grayham Forscutt, who lives in Golden Bay, near where 198 whales beached themselves last week.

  Galactic Mirror [this writer] decided to remain in the part of New Zealand depicted in this image for the remainder of the Galactic Moon. This image is from one of Grayham’s excellent sites, which were updated this week.

Two days before the Whales beached themselves at Farewell Spit, New Zealand experienced “A “blinding” flash, intense explosion and sonic booms experienced over much of the country … probably caused by a meteor, experts agree”.

This meteor disintegrated off of our coast just before the Two Year Anniversary of the Chelyabinsk Asteroid, which was the largest object to hit Earth in 100 years…[since the Tugunska Event]  The fragments from the Chelyabinsk Asteroid from Maldek [The Asteroid Belt] are 4.5 billion years old, virtually unchanged ” “Before astronomy was ‘adjusted‘ to become the science of the study of planets, it was concerned with the study of comets and when they would return...”

This week also contained the 4th anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake [on 2/22, a Gregorian expression of today’s Kin 222] which caused the demolition of 1,040 buildings and made over 7,000 home permanently unlivable.

This article by Augureye Express  :‘Mission Status Field Report #108‘ gives a synopsis of where we are at,  in  the New Cycle of The Fifth Sun:

 “The uplift specialists known as the indigo children and the crystal children are already carrying out their specific parts of the mission, and have gained recognition as the leaders and way showers of the 5th Sun.  They are taking the knowledge of living spiritually and embodying it in the way they live upon the planet; setting an example of a better way for all… “We are doing everything we can conjure, and even though we may not see the path of it now we are confident that the uplift mission will succeed

This is another reminder of how many are working on different fronts to ‘Increase the LIGHT‘  [=56=GALACTIC]  In terms of the 13 Moon Calendar and 13:20 progress, I appreciated recent “Likes”  from two kins who are each working on this in their own way via these sites:

  Xochipilli is also a Galactic Mirror  🙂  Gracias  🙂

I am looking forward to delving deeper into Galactic Wizard‘s site:  This  799th blog, carries the Kin Equivalent of the Sacred 19  🙂

Besides contributing so much here with his many comments, Poet Piet 55 is currently seeking a way to contribute more than his considerable knowledge to aspects of the  13:20 community.  We need more like him! Thanks to Mieke, Reimar 143 and Vernon 221 for your recent comments  🙂

Jay 196 feels like one of the Crystal Children, with his e-mails of  information and thought-provoking questions about the Calendar systems and Galactic Wizard’s 1919 Matrix.  196  is one of the ‘pioneers‘ who consistently aligns the 7 Radial  Plasmas with the 7 day week, and he requests more information about the Cosmic Turtle Calendar.  I’ll write more about that from my new location [arrival during the Solar Moon]  But here are some ‘tidbits‘ about the Gregorian Calendar which was relatively recently imposed upon humanity:

Less than 100 years ago, “Russia makes a new proposal to the world, which is to abolish both the Julian and Gregorian calendars and adopt a new – fangled Russian one. There has lately been much discussion here regarding the necessity of reforming the Julian calendar”.

March 25 is known as  Lady Day, named for the Virgin Mary’s Annunciation. [illustrated in this painting by Leonardo da Vinci:   In England, Lady Day was New Year’s Day until 1752, when 1 January became the start of the year”.  Most of humanity only adopted the Gregorian Calendar in the last century, and billions still resonate with Lunar Calendars.

Regarding NUMBER:  “… of the great philosophers in history such as Archimedes, Copernicus, Socrates and DaVinci all were mathematicians first and foremost.   I submit that everything from biblical prophecy to DNA strands are built and based on quite simple mathematical formulas and patterns”

The 8 and 9 of this of this 8th Galactic Moon coded by Galactic Moon 9.8 is reflected in every line of this intriguing table:

(1 x 8) + 1= 9;    (12 x 8) + 2 = 98;    (123 x 8) + 3 = 987;     (1234 x 8) + 4 = 9876;   (12345 x 8) + 5 = 98765;   (123456 x 8) + 6 = 987654

(1234567 x 8) + 7 = 9876543;   (12345678 x 8) + 8 = 98765432;   (123456789 x 8) + 9 = 987654321

The Hidden Power for today, this 13 day Wavespell and this 13 Moon year is Cosmic Storm:  19.13, whose postulate states:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.

May you make the most of this Fractal Wavespell of the Annual Wavespell of Spirit, which begins with oday’s Galactic Activation Portal  🙂

1. 27. 8. 17.      D: GAP 222;  M: 6 Men [Eagle]      Feb. 24, 2015

7 thoughts on “GAP Kin 222: Magnetic Wind begins today’s 18th Wavespell of Spirit, which is a Fractal of this 13 Moon Year’s Annual Wavespell

  1. Your 22 bolon ik is a goat

    The static roundabout spells a wooden goat / hearth

    June 24 als is Celtic Birch Tree , the soulstice single dat

    The inspiration from waterdragon a few years back ..
    Says that in a dynamic roundabout the 5th completion
    Is the WaterGoat.

    Do the win is playing itself at 22

    Als 220 in Tzolkin – crystal sun

    Both 242 : galactic wind in eagle wave

  2. wrote a long thingie .. but haven’t the guts to post it …
    .. interested in staying the champ around here though so i’ll just do the encore:
    ppps: how, o how very very much like mounting the steps to a sacrificially steep
    sacrifice altar your little niney niney nanny niner niner table rillie rilly is .. swale .. i
    mean swell, catch the water’s while it’s dry .. i mean high …

  3. 26th of februari … kin 233

    a word on sacrifice …
    learnt lots about it — in addition to already fairly ripe though faintly
    expressed thoughts in a post about the occupy movement (so so akin
    to rainbow family, trying out their mores right in the middle of it all,
    right next to where the suction valves are centralized, right next to
    the chopping blocks and hi altars / hi alters) — from douglas dietrich.

    felt like i had elements of some famous / infamous ones (jesus /
    cernunnos as that coin thingie with saint and devil sunny side and not
    so nutso scarifaces .. scoro scure score!!!) … yeah, those ones’
    karma .. no doubt ‘nurtured’ by my father’s riches and his using me to
    haul a little money from switserland in my teens, him given to
    hollowhood moves .. bad teeth and all … mom pulled him back from
    the brim of gamble & drink brink which took damn near all of her
    [k]90[ ]kin… my travelling with thousands in cash became quite
    routine, always doing an excellent job of looking dirtpoor borderline
    homeless .. until the moment came to dream of revealing myself ..
    shine like an unexpected but prayed for sponsor saviour benefactor
    upper cheerer .. hideyo poidnah!!

    now, that karmaboil is about to pop perhaps .. or it may have already
    and i have a mere few waves left to take and leave quietly and
    discreetly … something i used to be so so good at for decades and
    decades (true) before the last 5 years happened .. which makes it
    kinda unreal to get back into as i did the last few weeks, visiting old
    haunts with many time travel revelations, as befits that tactic. hey
    tio, long long tome no saw

    now, ..i had asked my offshore / tax evasion haven worker about
    ethical investments in .. oohh, maybe back in 2002 or 04 or so and
    ended up just picking the closest thing to it from a large book of
    shares traded left in a consultation room.

    never was i told that entering and leaving the share market is a way
    to shear the gullible investor for global operators unplagued by
    qualms about ruining their repute in an ocean filled with unawares
    (to hookiecrookie fish from) who just don’t know that as yet.

    long story short … i waited for yeeaarrss and thought it would have
    to come back .. if only for this company (on 4 continents, ‘managing’
    tropical woods responsibly .. they claim) to carry on their business.

    yet another ‘throw away’ grace note / comment
    now i finally find mention of this practice and even moneywary swiss
    farmer friend with his 1000 projects and recycled goods in store
    operation knew this. My consultant told me the shares were taken
    off the market and said my only recourse would be the company itself
    .. deflecting critiques of not being warned about runtime of time to
    runners .. if you know what i am spelling a way away to ..

    i did write an email … which got it off my
    mind enough to not go through with the company entrance protest
    banner threat. Kolomoisky would have to come first on that score
    anyway .. and retreat to the magic of security illusion instead*.

    above mentioned circumstances explain (somewhat) my decision to
    begin paying this famous / infamous bank 1000 euros a year to
    withhold their mail to me (afraid hacking indiscredtion would corrupt
    postal services quite soon, another call i made early enough to make
    me seem very mad) … now though there is coordination with what a
    recent letter — came in time to escape the worst, as was a phone
    call which kept stuff in veiled terms and was offered by an interim
    employee of theirs, the part-time scam of particleEYEzation in order
    to loose sandicate any protest /resistance and cooperative cohesion
    which has thoroughly dominated the healthcare industries for some
    time now has finally reached the banking one — called “international
    mutual tax assistence”

    how am i doing on hi-octanity of 2160 beats so far?
    taxes is the heat to beat .. so decided the rich there’s a true
    witchhunt and mobcrowd switch/swift-hunt goin on and i, having lost
    interest in the (taxation) subject – after being 15 years ahead of my
    time as usual (haven’t counted the times i try to tastefully and
    appetizingly soundbite / recommend the basics on the subjects:
    Knapp and Beckerath .. and poetpiet .. but they are many) – by the
    time i could have profited from all that flexing (William Irwin
    Thompson, who still makes curriculla for the well to do concerned
    parent exclusive school, complains about being plagued with
    something similar in the way of offtiming in his last slide illustrated
    speech in front of prospective and present customers / parents) I
    completely missed it to my detriment and peril .. and dare i say that
    of CREST ?? .. though it has a stiff competition .. literally .. i buried
    my mom here and am losing loads of dreams daily to her grave /
    circumstance … my at this late stage quite unhealthy closeness to a
    times past sell by commemo dates .. therefore i appeal to all int.
    finance experts to help me out here … might help if you live in one
    of these places (though only another year in the case of singapore
    and hongkong i gather .. and at the rate of the wayz thingz are goinz,
    it’ll be sooner rather than later):
    7 location examples

    Belize Firma
    Delaware LLC
    Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
    St. Vincent Firma
    Panama Firma
    Hongkong Firma
    Seychellen Firma

    a replay of my meeting with a man endorsed by ‘Tovan’ himself who
    went thru the motions of showing how easy opening a bank account
    on his mac in the middle of switserland around 2006 really was, in
    the offing???

    */ ps: is one of the places i revisited; run by a man who cared
    for his old mom around the same time, sorta similar history /
    interests .. except he became an industrious wholesaler for a while;
    he told me to renounce the nest egg to the state and be at peace
    with liddul things and be real .. declared the rainbow family belgium
    spiritually bankrupt .. but noted the pacal votan titles i flashed just
    before departure (cruel .. right?).

    The place has improved over the years, old shit shifted into more
    coherent sorted and smoother piles, waiting for the large container
    circus to breeze .. i mean stink through …
    .. it’s become a little cult with hi voluntariness / cultic quotient on a
    par / easily confusable with slave labour at the recycling level of
    those who have trouble throwing things away … early recognition
    should pronto lead to the compost industies (along with those who
    tend to hold grudges / have long memories … hint .. hint) and in
    many cases it does .. this rural place tucked into the intensely
    settled fertile grounds of belgium has got a motley intl. crew of
    transient rerooters many of which were into mandalas at the time
    (yesterday, one of them even fasting for a south american frog
    poison purge, with ayahuasca-like symptoms which triggered my
    pulling out a few gifts from kanoc30).

    excellent segue for the DD program if only it wasn’t thursday today
    bruce agnew … hosted on private eye revealed (RR)
    … kinda faintly echoes the Pacal Votan thingamajig thunkamayug .. donit? … to
    think i met this shotcalling god and didn’t know it at the time … same goes for my
    parents …. oh how we ‘hosteriorate’

    check the timestamp on the previous comment (triggering this one by a hair – hari
    hari hairy harry .. christianity is a bloodline sport … which did not trigger nor got
    inspired by aztecs delivering coke to the pyramid people .. oops, aaaargghhghgh):

    Piety Piet duh Pious Poet | 2015/02/26 at 3:32 AM
    wrote a long thingie .. but haven’t the guts to post it …
    .. interested in staying the champ around here though so i’ll just do the encore:
    ppps: how, o how very very much like mounting the steps to a sacrificially steep
    sacrifice altar your little niney niney nanny niner niner table rillie rilly is .. swale .. i
    mean swell, catch the water’s while it’s dry .. i mean high …

    2/24/1942 – The Battle of Los Angeles, one of the largest documented UFO sightings
    in history; the event lasted into the early hours of February 25.

    last nite i checked for new DD addtions and found someone saying “trouble w DD is
    he believes in aliens” … i used to think that as well but that’s just the camo he
    wears to not seem too much of an ugly duckling in a pond of geese (domme
    ganzen) .. go listen to the last vid of his i shared on G+ and stuck in my youtube
    lists (the 4 hour long one; it’s from 2012)

  4. News-2008-2 – Habiter-Autrement › News

    Eco-villages en Russie:

    Eco-settlements in Rostov Region

    Community house construction

    the new europia book has an entry for a place near there … perhaps that’s where i am needed and useful most

  5. Ecovillages are the collective inspiration at present, even here in Chch (1 of the 108 ecovillages around the world will be here ( probably whitecliffs area) as part of the oneness community India). We did/have entered collectively energy wise for the divine to be in charge as such instead of a person/s because everyone meditating gets the same divine answer (of course).

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