Number is the Language of Telepathy, and Following the 13 Moon Calendar Increases Synchronicity

Today contains many numerical synchronicities which indicate the Earth, the Galactic Mayans and the 13 Moon Calendar in several different ways. Today’s Dreamspell Kin 16:  Electric Warrior alpha-numerically equals 177.   Today’s Cosmic Turtle date:  Planetary Fifteen also equals 177.  🙂   Kin 177 is Galactic Earth, and 17.7 denotes kin 137:  Resonant Earth, which also refers to the special Mayan Lord Seven Earth  who mediates the Radial Plasmas from the Center of the Earth. Galactic Earth = 108, the number which denotes the Galactic Mayan mind Transmission known as GM108X.   Resonant Earth equals 158;  Cosmic Turtle also equals 158.  This very synchronistic day marks Ten Weeks until the Cosmic Turtle Calendar synchronizes with the official 13 Moon Calendar  on Sunday, July 26th.  Then for 218 days, [until leap Day which the official calendar does not count as a day] both 13 Moon Calendars will begin each Moon and Week on Sunday, as Valum Votan decreed in a variety of ways, and never repudiated, even in conversations with me. As Valum Votan stated, “Number is the Language of Telepathy“.    Increased Telepathy is one of the main reasons to return to the natural rhythms of the 13 Moons.  So, the  218 days, when both Calendars are synchronized, is a great opportunity to unify via telepathy during this critical time on Earth.  Telepathy and Planetary both equal 112, which bodes well for the next 13 Moon year, since it will be coded by Planetary Wizard. The G-Force of Electric Warrior is Planetary World-Bridger [6.10, which can also denote 6:10, the precise moment of Valum Votan;;Jose Arguelles‘ Birth and Death.  The 4 year anniversary of Valum Votan’s passing was 27 days ago, and his 106th Galactic Return was 5 days ago, on Kin 11:  Spectral Monkey.  {106 will also appear below} Todays’ Combined Dreamspell Kin is Planetary Earth:  Year: 10.10,  Moon: 11.10 and Day 16.3= 17.10.  Today’s G-Force and CDK are known as Magic Turtle Kins, because their tones match that of the 10th Planetary Moon of Manifestation.  Since this Cosmic Turtle year is coded by Planetary Dog, one could call this a rare Magic Turtle Moon, with the same Planetary tone coding the Moon and Year.  6 days ago, on Kin 10: Planetary Dog,   the same Planetary tone coded the Year, Moon and Day. Besides the Simple Gematrical Frequency [S.G.F.]  used above, Valum Votan shared what I call  the Complex Gematrical Frequency [C.G.F.] which yields larger numbers, that can be reduced by increments of 260 to yield their Kin Equivalent, and by 441 [21 x 21] to produce their B.M.U.   In this system, another example of ‘number play’,  A=1; K=20 and Z=800. I have [as of today] published  Eight Hundred blogs, since beginning this blog over 60 Moons ago [August 12, 2009] The S.G .F.  of Eight Hundred is 123:  Rhythmic Night.,  which coded the day that Pacal Votan’s Jade mask was first revealed.  Image result for pacal votan jade mask Other ways to ‘play‘ with this number are:  800-780 {3 x 260} = Kin Equivalent of 20:  Magnetic Sun, which is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign.  800 – 441 = BMU of 359.  The Vigesimal of 800 is 2.0.0. The C.G.F. of today’s Gregorian date:  April Nineteen is 364, the number of days in the 13 Moons of 28 Days.  The C.G.F. of Planetary Fifteen is 1428.  It’s BMU is 105, which is the S.G.F. of Pacal Votan.  The Kin Equivalent of 1428 is 128 [Spectral Star:  8.11] which is an interesting number regarding Mayan Calendars.  “The exact measure of the Solar cycle is the Tropical year:   128-year cycle (31 leap days)Ten Weeks” [until the two Calendars sychronize] has a C.G.F. of 885, which also reduces to a kin Eq. of 105.  105 is also the S.G.F. of New Zealand, which displayed this awesome aurora during the powerful solar flares of the Solar Moon:The aurora over the Mackenzie District, taken by Maki Yanagimachi. The Solar Moon began with a Solar Eclipse near the time of the Equinox.  This would be particularly significant to the Mayans, whose Dresden Codex tracked Eclipses, and whose Quetzalcoatl Pyramid  was oriented for special displays during the Equinox.   During the hour of the Equinox, I was  kayaking at nearby Monaco Bay.  While out on the water, I realized that Monaco Bay alpha-numerically = 89, and that the day’s Kin, Cosmic Hand also equals 89 [9.11]   🙂 The day’s synchronicities were complete when the last kayak I passed was actually named ‘Total  Eclipse! The Solar Moon also contained several significant Solar Anniversaries.  Shortly before the 4th Anniversary of the death of Valum Votan, there was the 4th anniversary of the Fukushima catastrophe, which has the potential to cause the death of most of Earth’s species, including nearly 8 billion of us at the top of the food chain.  Chautauqua is one of the few writers articulating the depth of this daily ongoing disaster. umanity has raced past four of the boundaries keeping it hospitable to life, and we’re inching close to the remaining five, an Earth resilience strategist has found” ‘The Earth and every sentient being that calls it her home, is going through a transition into a brand-new age of learning, growth and experience.’  Let’s make this a more positive experience! It was partly with this in mind that I chose my intentions for a ritual which began on the last day of the Solar Moon of Intention, and the first day of the new Tzolkin.  The numbers telepathically confirmed all  🙂 The  once-in-18-year Lunar Eclipse was  the Third in a series of 4 Blood Moons, and by sundown, several of us were ensconced in a purpose-built half-covered sacred yurt, in the center of two amazing circles of stones.  The skies were totally clear as we watched the rise of the Full Moon.  The fire warmed us, and the music energized us and we felt connected under the Red Full Moon with so many others around the Planet.  Here in New Zealand, the   5 minutes of Total Eclipse ended at 1:06 a.m., the precise moment when the Moon was at its Fullest.  Kin 106 is a  Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Lunar World-Bridger. The following pertinent terms all equal 106: Some of us prepared for Our Mass” = 106 [as in sacred ritual] during this most powerful period of time of  A Blood Moon”=106   with a “Holy Fast” = 106.   My first intention involved awakening and connecting with  ‘The Goddess‘ = 106.  Soul Mate = 106, reinforced  my intention to reunite the powerful Sacred Masculine and Feminine energies.  “Love Earth” = 106 provided the third intention:  Connected with the re-awakened Goddess, and with the power of the reunited sacred Male and Female, we will demonstrate our love for Gaia by working with Her to Heal Our ‘Precious‘ = 106  Earth  while creating a  13:20 Paradise here. One Six [the time of the Full Moon] alpha-numerically equals 86.   86 was the S.G.F. of our location:  Takaka Hill = 86 and the name of the Earth Goddess:  Gaia Sophia = 86 🙂 As  Pacal Votan stated several times:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.” Later that morning, which was Easter and the first day of The Tenth Moon of Manifestation, we each meditated and envisioned the Beautiful 13:20 Paradise we are now Manifesting.Image result for magical fairy landscapes Image result for magical fairy landscapes Image result for magical fairy landscapes Image result for magical fairy landscapes The Totem for the Cosmic Turtle’s Planetary Moon of Manifestation is the DEVA.   In the Cosmic History Chronicles, Valum Votan and Stephanie South describe various existing energies which have been relegated to the realm of whimsical magic.  Let’s call upon their help in Manifesting Planetary Magic for our  Earth. In The Faces of Findhorn, devas and elementals are described as living forces of creative intelligence that work behind the scene.  All life is considered an outpost or point of entry through which great intelligences externalize themselves. “The devic or angelic beings work at that level where the divine image or idea is sketched out into the archetypal patterns for all forms. The devas, whose name stems from a Sanskrit word meaning literally ‘shining ones,’ hold these archetypes in consciousness, wielding and patterning the forces which vivify the physical form and stepping these energies down to the elementals or nature spirits, the ‘blue collar workers’ who build the forms through which Spirit reveals itself.” “Following the guidance given to Dorothy by the “devas,” or overlighting intelligence of the plants, the vegetables, flowers and herbs of Findhorn thrived beyond belief, stunning horticultural experts. Gaining special fame was the 42 pound cabbage. Plants unlikely to grow in the Findhorn area thrived…”   For me, an important part of our Manifestation  involves regaining our telepathy. ” Number is the Language of Telepathy” and the numbers bode well for the ceremony in which our Solar Intentions began their Planetary Manifestion. The S.G.F. of that term.  NUMBER [73 = Goddess]  IS [28 = number of days in a Moon] THE [33 = 13.7, 33-20 = 13; Key 20:13 numbers]  LANGUAGE [68 = Tulan]  OF [21 = G-Force of 11.11, Valum Votan]  TELEPATHY [= 112 = Planetary].   The entire phrase equals 314.  Subtracting 260 yields 54, the S. G. F of Love  and Sun, two other vital components for creating Heaven on Earth  🙂 Kin 19:  Rhythmic Storm will code the 45th Earth Day, which Valum Votan was instrumental in creating. Image result for earth day and jose arguelles Image result for earth day and jose arguelles Image result for earth day and jose arguelles Prior drafts of this 800th blog identified several individuals whose actions during the past few Moons are  making the Earth a better place during these  challenging times.   My heartfelt gratitude is extended telepathically  🙂 N. S.  1. 27. 10. 15.    D 16:  Electric Warrior,  M: 8 Muluc   4/19/2015

7 thoughts on “Number is the Language of Telepathy, and Following the 13 Moon Calendar Increases Synchronicity

  1. Hi! you are very wise! I would like to show you something. How can I contact you? can we be friends on facebook? I really like your blog

    • Thanks Vernon RCD, for your ‘nice, nice’ comment 🙂

      That was quite a strong earthquake today!
      The 6.4 was felt everywhere in New Zealand, though our towns were among the closest to the epicenter. Hope all’s well in Christchurch 🙂

      Claire 138

  2. All good here lol normalish for us, go to theonetruth < forum, you will be surprised and interested in the goodet story there and uptodate info, I feel

  3. Oh and maybe engage with Solarimplosion, they/we interacted on the main thread there about dreamspell page 84 and prior, a lot of evolved beings there indeed

  4. Thanks Vernon RCD;
    Those forums sound good,
    Couldn’t find Solarimplosion–just one connected to Deviant Art. Could you post links for these two intriguing sites please?

    I’ll check them out after I post the blog I’m writing for this Magic Turtle Day: Kin 23: Planetary Night of the Planetary Monkey Moon 🙂

    Highest Dreams for our Planet,
    Galactic Mirror

    copy of entire txt below

    endlessly remixes sacred geometry (related) imagery into long vids, often with soundtracks of cymatic experiments
    The first one i sample starts off ok, and i get a rare treat even; that hippie software pimped nudes guy downunda posted Pawlicki (8:45 the most interesting pics from his entire book) in 2011 and we get to see a screenshot .. etc etc … it’ll prolly be slides and soundz thru-out i bet …

    on one of his vids i posted:
    thank you, we walked similar paths .. but i broke off and away from what i, passingly, in a lost noidy moment, could even suspect of psyoppyfoppy intentions … against 3dIfication of cropland (TREECROPS!!!!, softened hardware (rockdust) in the leading catalyst fondamentalist fun fungible and confoundinimical ROLE), re- + displaced with mere hippie software faykid fake it (per)versions

    you see, the croppie phenom came on strong right after i had persistent visions of writing much like confectioner does, not harnessing and directing volcanos but simply taking some of that hard work off their hands and getting to write scape (not scrapscripbb) with valuable dust, rivalling nazca lines but becoming .. patterns of forestation. You see, it’s earthing i’m after, not energy and escape velocity and all that ‘rotprojection’ you seem prone to.

    The State’s War on Sustainable Communities
    WeAreChange – 206,950 subbers
    186,566 Vs from Dec 5, 2013
    In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Dallas Texas to visit Quinn Eaker of the Garden of Eden community. Quinn tells us about the mission of the Garden of Eden and how recent pressure from the state has harassed, intimidated, fined, and is threatening the existence of their community.

    golden path evolution

    wonder what our bro will feel when he sees this … or is he working with them .. already??

    GOLDEN PATH Evolution
    mandalamatrix — 48
    1,167 May 19, 2014

    12 Steps to reach the

    1. 64 DNA codons.
    2. 64-Tetrahedron-Grid.
    3. 64 Cubes rotating on their tip.
    4. 64 Cubes rotating on their side.
    5. 64 GENE KEYS.
    6. 64 DNA codons + 22 Amino Acids.
    7. 64 I-Ching Hexagrams in a circle.
    8. Astrological imprinting at design and birth.
    9. Thirteen as Design.
    10. Thirteen at birth.
    11. Eleven for the GOLDEN PATH

    DataCube Design
    Art & Animation by:
    MandalaMatrix (Jörn Lehnert)
    5102 visits (next day)

    the longest comment there . (of 16):
    Marc Jones 2 months ago
    One thinking person here? These geometries are of course mentioned most everywhere these days. The creative and structural processes…

    However most appear to miss the reality of the situation, in which these geometries stares one in the face, so to speak. It’s all essentially “bars” to a prison.

    Just as with the Torus, which is the crux structure and process of the Multiverse…

    All this is scientifically validated. But again, what you won’t hear is what it does TO US (our ethereal counterpart). It creates our prison. So why is everyone so gaga over this stuff? The usual reasons… It’s Too obvious for one.

    The Torus, if you will note, is, in essence, for those traversing it’s surface like we do in matter, a Treadmill…… As in get set for the Next Kali Yuga etc and so forth. It’s this… Unless there IS a way to get off the Wheel for good. Is there? Why are You here reading then!? Stuck here on earth? It likely wasn’t your idea to come here as to New Age mantras etc. This kind of thinking scares folks so it’s only natural to have contentions. Like people “chose” to be burned alive…

    Also, the model above of the solar system, the Paths, are wrong. That’s akin to the flat earth model. The “Ecliptic” is for convenience Only. it’s not a reflection of hint hint, 3D reality. It’s more conical shaped overall.

    But all the above is why you will still be exploited by the system, have regular and ongoing challenges, never know what is Really going on etc and then die. Also why animals must feed On each other. This place Is a Hell like Realm, if not as close to hell as one can get. It’s a legacy of trauma.

    So there’s of course the idea of luck, good and bad. It’s not really about a payback type of karma. We really judge ourselves. But it’s clear luck is distributed… who knows the reason for it’s favoring whomever while the next innocent person gets a bullet in the face.

    But bullet, face as well as will etc are due to those geometries above. So what about goodness and love etc? Fair question…. But may be meaningless; when you live within a food chain.

    But is is all predicated on Consciousness. This alone may be our saving grace. Need to cut Through, so to speak, all those bars as indicated above! This or be a puppet.

    shortly after this (all on tuesday, 4 days ago) i discover a confirmation of the comment posted at the top

    Gene Keys and Human Design Trine Systems (free charts)
    Matt Reis – 498 (spunearth –
    7,395 Mar 4, 2013

    and yet more:

    the stacked cubes spinning out into a quadrangle rounddancewise ..

    grace butler also does this (qtips, clay, paper mache, plantwire) channel: logos144videos
    your golden bay buddie surely knows this lady, Claire

    the more global a cult, the more abstract it’s baubles, fetishes, symbols and revered objects / numbers (and please, for the love of true diversity — mechanisms of which i have long since uploaded, pointed out, hinted at, only to infect 99% of my readers as they resisted what i was and stood for (the inverse jealousy / imitation / outdo reflex, occurring after identifying it ([my ‘id’]) correctly for a split second — take that number both ways, literally as well if not more).
    there’s a right way to get and stay high: don’t remove scaffoliage for fear of being followed in too thick a throng and feed it from it’s minutest most innumerately numberless, easiest to mobilize simplest and all outweighing levels (i mean soillife of course).
    i put up some pics of breathing fuller doohickies [due to someone making the Leonardesque sprockets on an octa triliptical [is that a word?] around 1999 (go to poetpiet’s ‘Blabsabs’ page) along my journey looking for a cheap and mobile way to may very fine dust ([fresh clay / mud / compost / soil out of reducible rock/oxides .. first to second base / breath .. hulloooww]).. the secret to all pasts and futures of giantisms iows, duuuh scalability, not to mention funfeed; have your kids clambering around your tensile objects is/as a prelimberment working up to breathers in/as and for living limbs for one thing .. and so much more .. right??

    Anyway i sifted thru all advice good and bad more succesfully than i managed to help others find it / follow me and my reaching out via thread comments must seem downright Quichottic by now (as the NSA sure as hell isn’t gonna turf, weight and present us our ideals in the ways Andrew Lehman vidded about just before his demise at the hands of the pharmaffiosi whom he greatly underestimated focusing on the environmental precursors of their shenanigans too much). My basic peace tool proposals, if i ever get ‘m built or manage to see to their simulation at least (not bloody likely either due to gamergayterse busy signal) looks much more like a mellow roller coaster ferris wheel prayermill boulder polish gauntlet array than all this merkaba woowoo which frankly disgusts me.

    if you can’t (be bothered to) lift the weight, refrain from babbling about ‘ascension’ (an old term for mounting as in copulating by the way).

    a Juryt sample (more at slowly expanding)

    U Ching
    9.3 and 24 lunar rings ago
    March 9, 2015 by U 1 Reply

    NS1.27.9.3 . It is monday, the 9th of March 2015 and in the Dreamspell / Tzolkin calendar it is today Kin 235. This 9th of March we write as 9-3 or 3-9, and at the same time it is today (and every year again) also the 3rd day (Gamma) in the 9th (Solar) Moon of the 13 Moon calendar / synchronometer. We can write this also as 3.9 or 9.3.

    Besides that, it is today day 211 in the Lunar Ring, four days after our last Full Moon. In the Lunar Ring it is today the first day of hexad / cube 49. The first day of a hexad is always connected with the first or bottom line of the hexagram. If we change this yin line of today into her opposite (yang), 49 will change likewise into 17.

    It is remarkable that I Ching hexagram / chapter 49 is decoded into the U Ching cube number 17. The title of the related UR Rube or memory symbol is the Revolution of Time / Telepathie. On December 10, 1989, is was day 211 in the Lunar Ring as well, and on this day the Law of Time was discovered. This means that the Law of Time discovery was today, exactly 24 lunar rings ago.

    This 24 plays an interesting role in the synchronisation of the Lunar Ring with the Long Count of the ancient Maya’s. One baktun is counting 144.000 days, which are exactly 375 lunar rings. If we count 64 baktuns on the Arcturian chessboard (in stead of 64 hexads or periods of six days), we count in one chessboard exactly 64 x 375 = 24.000 lunar rings.

    In this the clock is round, because 24 lunar rings ago the Law of Time was discovered, which synchronises today with that remarkable outer and inner time calendar phenomenon of 3.9 and 9.3. Further it is remarkable that this synchronisation of today happened at the start of the 19th wavespell of the Blue Eagle, in which we find the 3rd solar seal on the 9th galactic tone as the Blue Solar Night, Kin 243.

    According to the Book of the Cube this number is also known as the Valum Votan frequency, which plays a key role in the ternary decoding of the hexagrams to construct the Matrix of Inner Time, a measurement of two solar rings within the cube of 9.

    and as a nice conclusion, here is a comment to the feature length thing on sacred geometry by Jordan of New Science:
    i’m kinda amazed (see last comment) to see Jordan stick to his formula so faithfully (too much of the ‘effen’ bg for me but my affliction is rare enough for lots of developers to not bother w bg setting compatibility, luckily, google does).

    Spirit Science 21 ~ The Sacred Geometry Movie
    i go:
    just before the half hour you tell a fib: ‘casting shadows helps obtain information’
    this is an at best euphemistic perversion of leafyness processing light
    and sure enough, just after the half hour mark you betray earthiness with an extra terrestrial excursion. i will leave aside wether life has to hop to planets that spin in yet closer orbits than the one that is getting too cold and far out. It’s a betrayal of the ‘grind that grounds’ (see previous remarks i strew across the cybersphere since 1996)

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