Magic Turtle Day: Kin 23: Planetary Night Codes the Day After the Catastrophic 7.9 Earthquake in Tibet

The 8ooth blog contained many numbers that indicated Our Earth {=106}.  5 days later, a 6.4 Earthquake struck 90 miles from here, and it was felt throughout all of New Zealand.  The earthquake occurred at 15:36  on Kin 21: Galactic Dragon, which was also the 15th Galactic Return of this blog.  Kin 21.  Galactic Dragon is the Galactic Signature of ‘2013 and The Mystery Queen‘,  the Analog of this Galactic Mirror writer,  and the G-Force of Valum Votan.  Valum Votan::Jose Arguelles’s last complete year on Earth was coded by 6.4:  Self-Existing World-Bridger.

The following day, the massive 7.9 Earthquake struck Tibet, causing over 2,200 deaths, and the collapse of centuries-old temples.  The death toll and humanitarian crisis continues to escalate.  The numbers for the {PVCS} 7.9  on  2.9 [Kin 22:  Solar Wind] equal  9.18 – 20.13 = 9.5:  Kin 109 [Overtone Moon is the S.G.F. of  Fukushima which alpha-num = 109.  The location of the 7.9  earthquake: Nepal Tibet also equals 109.   

Almost exactly a year ago, an avalanche killed 16 Nepali guides in what was the single deadliest day on the mountain.”  The 7.9 Earthquake triggered an avalanche at Mt. Everest which has tragically surpassed that grim toll, with at least 18 dead, and many more climbers injured and stranded on the world’s tallest mountain.

 During the period between the 6.4 and the 7.9  earthquakes, the eruption of the Calbuco Volcano in Chile displayed this erie image of lighting and fire. This articles describes a UFO above the Volcano.  Volcanic activity is greatly increasing.  During this Planetary Moon, there are more active volcanos than usually occur in a year.

This is a most turbulent time on our beautiful Earth, in more than the many challenging geological events we are experiencing.  War, famine, planetary poisoning, and looming military coups are some of the threats we need to address immediately.  The solutions do exist, and are awaiting our unified action to be implemented.  Humanity is awakening to the Truth that exists outside of the Matrix.  Information is more readily available than ever in our lifetimes, but that window of light [information]  may be closing.

Synthesizing information in this new found awareness then becomes thrilling, while at the same time a daily challenge.  Being well informed about the illusory nature of this level of existence we’ve been injected into is imperative in order to stay free from its many traps and ensnarements.”’

A shift towards a more positive direction has already begun:

Russia and China have risen to physically reset the current financial quagmire that will put us all on a very different financial, military and political course: A course that will build upon responsibility and sanity to literally create a solution that has the capacity to pull us all back from the brink of nuclear annihilation.”

7 weeks ago today, I awoke from a long vivid dream with Vladimir Putin, in which I told him he was the man who was making Edgar  Cayce’s prophecy come true.

“‘Out of Russia comes the hope of the world’.   Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world”  This article is written by an American anti-nuclear activist who now lives in Ecuador.  This photo shows the President of the country that is the HOPE of the World greeting  President Correa of Ecuador,  the country I call the HEART of the world:

Russian President Vladimir Putin, foreground left, with his Ecuadorian counterpart Rafael Correa

Other news that demonstrates the capacity to cooperate with the sentient being that is our planetary home:

‘Costa Rica obtained 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources for 75 days straight this year. ]Jan. Feb. March]

Read more:

The ‘Educating Humanity‘ site was created by New Zealand airline pilot and author Bruce Cathie, [Resonant Seed] .  I regret not meeting him before his death in June, 2013.  As one person wrote:  A very easy prediction to make is that one day everyone will be curious [about] who Bruce Cathie is”-

Under the site category”  “Why extra-terrestrials visit Earth” he wrote

Most people believe that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth to monitor the progress and behavior of humanity.  To a certain extent that might be true, but it is much more likely that they are periodically coming here to examine the health of Planet Earth. After all, even our scientist are beginning to come around to the idea that Planet Earth is a living sentient being. – See more at:

Bruce Cathy also writes:  UFOs have a long and documented history of appearing just after natural or man-made catastrophic events.  There is not much question that they are keeping their eye on the prize we call Earth.”

This Magic Turtle Day signifies Quetzalcoatl [Skywalker] in two different ways: Today’s Antipode Kin is Planetary Skywalker, and the G-Force of Planetary Night is Resonant Skywalker.  Today, this interesting article about Quetzalcoatl’s Pyramid at Teotihuacan appeared:

Image “Local researcher Sergio Gomez announced the discovery on Friday of “large quantities” of the element [Mercury] underneath the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent – the third largest in the ancient ruined city of Teotihuacan, which is shrouded in mystery and was once one of the largest in the hemisphere… there used to be 200,0 00 [Mayans?] , living amongst gargantuan stone pyramids some 1,300 to 1,900 years ago.Visitors look on at the archaeological area of the Quetzalcoatl Temple near the Pyramid of the Sun at the Teotihuacan archaeological site, about 60 km (37 miles) north of Mexico City (Reuters / Henry Romero)Visitors look at the archaeological site at Quetzalcoatl’s Temple‘   Three chambers located 39 feet below the temple are being investigated.  Results will be revealed when the dig ends in December 2015.

Jose Arguelles assumed the name of Valum Votan when he was named “The Closer of the Cycle‘ atop  Teotihuacan’s Temple of the Sun on March 3, 2002.  The new Cycle that began in December 2012 is proving to be one of great change.  May it lead to the new age long prophesied by the Mayans and other great seers.  Then, we will manifest the dream envisioned by Valum Votan and expressed in his many books, including

Earth Ascending    “Earth Ascending [which] postulates a planetary design which envisions the evolving field of Earth in relation to the galactic whole.  Earth Ascending is a workbook for human and planetary survival.  Earth Ascending demands a stretch of consciousness”  Valum Votan  provided us with tools for stretching our consciousness, including the 13 Moon Calendar, the Dreamspell Tzolkin, the 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Manual, and the 441 Synchronotron.

2013 and The Mystery Queen will resume daily posting when use of these tools will have maximum effectiveness, during the 218 days [beginning July 26, 2015] when the official 13 Moon Calendar and the Cosmic Turtle Calendar are both beginning each Week and Moon on Sunday, as proscribed by the instructions for these tools.

May the final week of the Planetary Deva Moon bring relief for the victims of the 7.9 earthquake, and more Peace on Earth

N. S.  1. 27.  10. 22.        D  Magic Turtle 23;  M: 2 Warrior

6 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Day: Kin 23: Planetary Night Codes the Day After the Catastrophic 7.9 Earthquake in Tibet

  1. Human Resonance: Magnetic Earthenware of the Hummingbird Pyramid
    182 views counting from Apr 24, 2015
    Magnetic earthenware pot sherds from the Hummingbird Pyramid’s upper walkways contain finely pulverized quartz, tourmaline, pyrite, nickel, iron and laterite inclusions that reflect the sunlight.

    you of all people should have had an early enough interest in Philip Callahan (wrote ‘Paramagnetism’) to have known him. If so, can you tell me what happened to him … he went off the radar (his specialty actually) all of a sudden, around the time Dan Winter announced the release of hours of vidding with him … which never happened .. nor was it explained. Something i find suspicious, not to mention offensive to this very day.

    pottery shard text:
    dwindling from dwindling synchrony commencing dwindling works

    ” … “, 2x works, ‘..’ for delivering, 2x
    roaring works

    roaring =? ruehren / roeren ?? … i regularly counsel keeping some freshly stirred rock at the ready .. for all volatile / explosive emergencies .. as well as regular emergences (prime[al] product)

    whittling rock swells …

    action commencing granting

    a bit like my blabsabs mantra / talisman / brand

    palindromes to eh?
    stirring boath ways?
    cue the torus guys, Steiner’s preparations .. the whole anti-gmo, anti-fracking, anti-war crowd, would be homestead[y]in wageslaves … most of us …

    roaring initiating

  2. Thanks Piet 55 🙂

    I am glad to now know of Phillip Callahan, and have begun perusing this:
    I’d also like to read the only book he owns 2 copies of: ‘Irish Heritage’ [since I am named after my 100% Irish Grandmother 🙂
    It is curious how Callahan went off the radar with Dan Winter–with whom Grayham 195 is now in contact.
    I’m also happy to see that you are checking out the work of Alex Putney who now lives in Ecuador. I’ve enjoyed reading 7 of his books, and am awaiting the publishing of the remainder of his latest, ‘Akasha’.

    Initiating roaring,

  3. mutant-convergence-how-john-major-jenkins-jonathan-zap-and-terence-mckenna-met-during-a-weekend-of-high-strangeness-in-1996/

    Terence was born and raised in Paonia, Colorado, and by 1985 I had relocated to Boulder, Colorado. At the campground I helped empty garbage and clean washrooms. An old hippie storyteller was staying for the summer in his run down trailer. At night he kept a fire and people would gather, drinking beer and telling stories. He had some kind of ancient wisdom thing running through his veins. He called me over once, in the heat of a mid-afternoon, and said he had a book for me. It was Tony Shearer’s Beneath the Moon and Under the Sun, published, like Waters’ Mexico Mystique, in 1975. This was a book that I didn’t grok the importance of until years later. But it stayed on my bookshelf and was ready when I was. Shearer was a storyteller, had lived in Mexico, and was the first to present the Mesoamerican calendar as a sacred path or wisdom teaching, valid for humanity today. He also originated the August 16, 1987 date that was later appropriated by José Arguelles for Harmonic Convergence.

    I’ve since come to respect Shearer’s pioneering work as a poet, visionary, and storyteller, all the more needful of acknowledgment considering that Arguelles stole his thunder. Although I was quite taken by Arguelles’s books Earth Ascending, Mandala, and The Transformative Vision, I instinctively recoiled at Mayan Factor (1987). It seemed oddly hollow, distinctly … twisted. I didn’t really get what the attraction was. By the way, when Harmonic Convergence happened (August 16-17, 1987) I was in Chicago, at a Peace and Music Festival organized by my brother Bill. I remember meeting someone who told me of the HC events, but although I’d already been to Mayaland, it didn’t register as something I needed to join. Later I did quite a lot of research into Arguelles and Dreamspell, and received inside stories from his circle that revealed a lot of what was going on there.

    wow, shades of the HBO series ‘Carnivale’

    At the same time, there was a revelation of anti-Christ like energy in Ivan. At that moment on the stoop I may have thought that he was the Antichrist. And in that perception there was also this implicit knowledge, or awakened memory, that we had opposed and battled each other for lifetimes.I was conscious of no animosity toward Ivan, or feeling of immediate physical danger from him. I knew that there was a powerful bond between us, though I also realized that our relationship had always had an edge of racial competition.

    lots of stuff about jews vs ukrainian with, as i hinted, weird twists

    Carnival 2012-A Psychological Study of the 2012 Phenomenon and the 22 Classic Pitfalls and Blind Spots of Esoteric Research

    that page has a defunct link for the 57Mb aud:
    [audio src="" /]
    this works:
    [audio src="" /]
    555 views (midrank out of 5 files for ‘jonathan zap’ search)… with a weird pachinko hall photo for some reason …????
    — 14th of 124th minute he gets into Arguelles (after mentioning him sideways via the NYT article which mentions ‘feverish’ and ‘inconsistencies’ (out of the mouth of Jenkins i believe, characterizing the field of ‘researchers’)
    — i think on the 16th minute he says: ‘frauphecy’ … and then begins to really try ridicule JA’s supposed apocalypticism …..
    — at 20m they get into the ‘wizard count’ ‘discrepancies’ with the traditional one … for which explanations appeared YYEEAARRSS after the dreamspell* got up and ‘ran’ since 1992; the discussion began in 2003 (when i myself tried unsuccesfully to engage dreamspellers on the essence of any and all ‘counts’).
    * – S’ace deGroot appears twice on the first search results page (?!?!??!?!)
    — 21st minute: “pompous posterings”
    — end 25th minute: “supersticky flypaper for the narcissistic personality types”
    starts in on Calleman at the 26th minute mark
    — 49th minute he gets into Bill, a friend of both Arguelles and an alcoholic guru named trungpa … then there’s a lot of general rambling about his by now familiar to me bugaboos before in the
    — 56th minute he gets into a 2009 interview with Jose .. on april fool’s day .. to Jonathan’s delight … since he thinks the trickster is unshak(e off)able .. i think he means the ‘cover’ of mental confusion without which squidbrain[Y] jews feel naked
    — the 59th minute it’s back to the 97 nyt article which Jose refs as a triumph .. anybod still wondering why i see parallels with Bob????

    When it comes to defending my own concepts as the ones that are correct (core act), closest to doing ones duty and fullfilling the obligations of living most fully human i am liable to attack the dreamspellers – and assorted counters, economists, agronomists, sociologists, psychologists, etc .. although there’s a large and generous wallop of complementarity in the 2 ways of champ and chump change – as harshly as Jonathan does .. but in the face of the latter’s i am quick to jump and unreservedly come, almost reflexively, except for right now, to Jose’s defense …. odd that eh?

    64th minute: ouch, .. good point, .. one i made a little while regards Bob

    80th minute he knocks himself out cold from the (count)court of contention fair and square … claiming that “jewish religion doesn’t have much of a hierarchy” …. note, in contrast, this comment of mine, barely 24 hours (c)old:

    oops, .. was amongst those lost from me notes due to a mysterious mishap … nope, still there .. but google doesn’t like to index my comments .. as opposed to my posts ..
    social strata steeper than among the variables of other interraces .. cause the process Koestler described happened multiple times… so they are interracial, interracially racist .. on top of racist period.

    wanda oreilly
    +Piety Piet duh Pious Poet They are racist… they are the racists.

    583 victim klm jet disaaster due to ‘loss aversion’ compounded with ‘deference to authority’ comes up in the 82th minute

    end 89th minute: “recognized by mainstream psychologists”
    yeah, you mean that one of myriads of layers worth of demolition crews, infiltrated in every profession, taking any and every thing and being down in order leverage the remains and rubbles, organs, patents, .. yeah, that’s the ‘halo effect abuse’ alrite …. you are working to shore and buff up the defenses for and of the tribe jonathan … why don’t you turn them awesome excorcist and file-ing skills on yourself for a change .. huh???

    95th minute: “irreducible amount of subjectivity”
    you can’t get much more subjective than rockbottom and that happens to be eminently, not to say imperatively reducible” .. i immediately distrust those who use the inversion to the exclusion of this fundamental and ageless truth … upon which my whole house of thinkingskill rests very squarely not to mention hypercubically… it’s one of the thing i prolly pointed out most often in my commentarian career when it comes to my untiringly repeat ‘offenses’ (if you were to [/ once someone will] tally them up)

    89th minute he quotes Frederik v Eeden 1894 …. hah!!!!!!!!!!!!
    a very special amsterdam citizen said i reminded her of him …
    saskia … lived in the towers of the harbour crane rails with ‘zorgmijders’
    body of an athelete, unkempt hair few and bad teeth …. an earthy angel

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