Magic Turtle Day: Kin 131: Magnetic Monkey codes the 6th Year Anniversary of ‘2013 and The Mystery Queen’

Six years {78 Moons} ago today,  the first blog appeared on Magnetic Kali Eighteen of the Self-Existing Seed year. This 803rd post also falls on the 18th day of this Magnetic Moon, which is coded by the Eagle.  Today’s Kin 131:  Magnetic Monkey  codes the Solar Anniversary of this blog, while it’s G-Force; 121: Self-Existing Dragon codes the Galactic Signature of the Law of Time.

For the first time since the Self-Existing Seed year ended, the official 13 Moon Calendar year, coded by the Planetary Wizard, began on Sunday, thereby synchronizing with The Cosmic Turtle Calendar which begins each Week, Moon and Year on Sunday. For those who follow the 7:7::7:7 Telektonon, the Revelation of Valum Votan, we will all be transducing the same Plasma on the same day–until the official 13 Moon Calendar skips February 29th, 2016; Leap Day

KALI 18: CATALYZE; SACRAL Chakra. SP-Earth: “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born. I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.” The Moon, the Day and the Radial Plasma all bear the Catalytic Blue energy on this Magic Turtle Day. Consequently, there is an abundance of Transformative opportunity during this 3rd Blue Week of the year, at the beginning of the 11th Blue Monkey Wavespell of Magic :).
Today’s 13 Moon date is written numerically as 1.18. The CTC totem for this Magnetic Moon of Purpose is the Hummingbird.  Hummingbird adds up to 118 in the Simple Gematrical Frequency [where A=1; Z-26] and in the Complex G. F. taught by Valum Votan, Hummingbird adds up to 559, which reduced by 441 also = 118.

Image result for hummingbirds in vilcabambaImage result for hummingbirds in vilcabamba

Today we are at the Heart of the Tzolkin, and this blog emanates from the Heart of the Earth: Ecuador!

This crop circle appeared in Wiltshire around the time we arrived in Ecuador. One researcher’s interpretation: The Eagle has landed, and ‘new beginnings‘. The Magnetic Eagle Moon of Purpose began the next day 🙂

On the first day of the Planetary Wizard year, I  rented a ‘13:20′ Eco-house with privacy and spectacular views above Vilcabamba. For two Moons, this lovely house provides a perfect setting for a spiritual retreat totally immersed in nature. The only voices heard are those of birds, roosters, donkeys, squirrels, dogs and the horse next door. The village of Vilcabamba is a steep 20 minute hike plus a 3 minute bus ride away.

After 3 years of online research, Vilcabamba exceeds my high expectations in several ways.  Although I knew it was nestled in a valley in the Andes, I am constantly amazed by the beauty surrounding me, and the changing light upon the mountains.  The weather here really is perfect, the people are friendly and happy, the food is delicious and the prices of everything except housing are very affordable.

Here are some first observations derived from constant travel between Quito, Cuenca and Vilcabamba while Rhythmic Sun was here:

Everyone has a cell phone, nearly every woman of all ages has very long hair,  people are very affectionate in public, and almost no one smokes cigarettes.Tthe vehicles here are newer than in New Zealand, the drivers navigate steep curvy roads very quickly and skillfully, passports are required at every hotel, flight and even for the  shuttles between Cuenca and Vilcabamba, and Cuenca and Loja.  Roosters don’t just crow in the morning, and the free range eggs actually come in a variety of colors–at first I thought they had been dyed pale pink, green, and blue!

So, the G.A.P. Planetary Wizard year, guided by Spirit,  is off to a magical and more natural 13:20 beginning. Let’s manifest a world of Peace, Magic and Joy!

N. S. 1. 28. 1. 18.       Magic Turtle Kin 131;  M.T. 6 Seed    Aug. 12. 2014

7 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Day: Kin 131: Magnetic Monkey codes the 6th Year Anniversary of ‘2013 and The Mystery Queen’

  1. I’m so happy to receive this now as Iam in Yellow Lunar Eb/human ..kin132 xxI ,experienced kin 131 at 7 Sistars/3sistars now standing in Katoomba in the Aboriginal national park ,special timing to be in our Mystic Column the heart centre of our being ,I go into meditation after the Law of time telepathic experiment Inlak’ech xxxx

    • It’s nice to hear from you on this Pacal Votan Clear Sign day: 12.2. Lunar Human 🙂
      Even though I’m still in the Southern Hemisphere, I now lag behind most of the time zones, instead of being ahead of everyone when living in New Zealand, ‘First Land to See the Light’.
      I’ll need to adjust the timing of blogs accordingly.
      Sounds like you’re making very good use of this time in the Mystic Column 🙂
      I’d love to hear how the Telepathic experiment went.
      In Lak’ech,

  2. Awesome first Ecuadorian — if that’s right — post, Claire! The Eagle has landed, indeed. 🙂 As you know, I am very happy to finally be on the same kin as the Mystery Queen and even in the same Watch (2.2 Lunar Wind at the moment) at least some of the time. Did you manage to see any of the meteor showers of the last two days? The viewing conditions weren’t really ideal here in B.C., but I did see half a dozen around midnight to 1 a.m. last night. Always a thrill!
    Enjoying my occult day that happens to be guided by Kin 184 which codes my current solar spin….
    In synchronicity (more now than ever),

    • Thanks Melovia! You know how wonderful it feels to finally be here 🙂
      And after our hundreds of conversations while a day apart, it is so nice to be more closely synched.
      It’s synchronisitc that we’re both in the {2.2} Lunar Wind watch: Your latest Skype message which related that your 78th Galactic Return was {2} days before the 78th Moon Anniversary of this blog, and now our time zones are just {2} hours apart.

      Synchronicity and Magic Abound,

  3. may i interrupt your little ‘numbers are always rite’ orgy for a few moments with reports from the world where numbers are (ab)used to rally the steel studded enforcers of ‘numb by the number’ ‘numbers’, them geniurds behind austerity ‘numbers’ and the like, .. rallied in order to do their drill demo control thingie and then make a big todo over some weakest link or other* and derive an ‘aaahh, policed’ sense of utterly false security from it?

    express the telepathic gap between the viet kid burnt, naked on a path hobbling towards the photographer and the pudgy fella pepper spraying the totally passive seated row of Oakland Occupy protesters …. in ‘numbers’ please.
    and don’t hide behind some neutral date correspondence either, show a little open nerve in solidarity please.

    ok, here goes, brace yourselves

    i am happy you are happy and your posts are considered by me to be top of the world’s writing cause i get hindsight confirmation from them almost everytime, likewise of this piece (see below) .. but i nevertheless view the scapes and cultures there differently, the mountains just as denuded as the formerly thickly forested gringofied portion of turtle isle … badly in need of a massive runoff slowing swale digging and replant remediation for example, as you know i counsel dial back and phase out of (open) fire use reduction, replaced by soilmineral reduction (a tide turning inversion of the former in phact) but that applies practically everywhere.

    Of course Equador has what flat land never will have except by approximation, when you go up in balloons or climb spikey promontories.

    i was brought up to speed on equadorian culture at a german climate camp##
    via the movie (bajo suelos ricos)
    which i thought was a strange name. … abajo sono suelos ricos? rich earths underneath? underearth realms = onderaards rijk … ??


    In a remote mountain valley in Ecuador, coffee and sugarcane farmers face the dismal prospect of being forced off their land to make way for a mining project. Unprotected by the police and ignored by their government, they prepare to face down the invaders on their own. Their resistance ultimately leads to a remarkable and dangerous stand off between farmers and a band of armed paramilitaries deep in the cloud forest. In a world dominated by news of massacres and terrorism, Under Rich Earth is a surprising and poignant tale of hope and determination.


    ¿Qué pasa cuando una compañía minera virtualmente desconocida recauda millones de dólares en Toronto para financiar un proyecto en Ecuador, el cual campesinos locales están determinados a frenar? ¿Hasta dónde irá la compañía para imponer su visión de progreso y obtener ganancias? Bajo Suelos Ricos cuenta la historia de un extraordinario choque entre familias campesinas y la poderosa industria minera global. En un remoto valle en Ecuador, campesinos se enfrentan con la posibilidad de serán forzados a dejar sus tierras fértiles para abrir camino a un proyecto minero. Determinados a defender la tierra que ha sido colonizada por sus abuelos, ellos se unen y arriesgan sus vidas para detener la compañía minera. Su resistencia los lleva a un histórico enfrentamiento con un bando de paramilitares armados y escondidos en el bosque nublado. Apasionado y provocativo, Bajo Suelos Ricos trae las voces críticas de las personas cuyas comunidades estándivididas por fuerzas globales.

    it shows collective struggle .. some hilites: 56 paramilitary men hired by a canadian mining company ferreted out of the hills by all villagers who surround, disarm and then lock them up in their church (all this after earlier confrontations over a blocked road resulted in teargas attacks and drawn weapons) until the minister flies in a week later and takes over, withdraws the mining concession … scuffles with pro miners happen repeatedly over the years … and on and on .. for the last decade almost, .. during which, by the way, the mining company loses it’s place on the canadian stock market (and changes it’s name to continue operation) via DC influence (what did they get in return one wonders? .. the fact perhaps, that a much bigger paramilitary force, as a type of revenge perhaps? .. after giving the police even bigger bribes, shows up and takes the protest leaders in custody????).
    The mining company that took it’s place is chilean … but all these multinationals aren’t in any sense national at all of course.

    ## climaxes today (magnetic20) w an attempt to stop a digger for a while after a massive illegal freeway crossing – the bridges will be blocked, those are the rules of the game in the macabre ‘feindbild action theatre’ all 1984er crowdsterics subject ‘msolves to … which proves once again that EURO methods, ‘exemplary’ (cough) hyped fads, masspsyops and the whole gamut of mediafied mooringloss and -loosing inscenations, once transplanted and exported to rougher less feminarchofied cultures and more delicate grounds … result in all sorts of disasters. Take the increasing agricultural machine cost / size effects for instance …. on forgiving lands like dutch soils which take a beating and bounce back up no time, they are temporary, hence negligable, … but devastating in less robust surrounds.

    And so likewise, a little pushing and shoving, a shout and a curse here … translate to real bullets and real blood overseas in rougher neighbourhoods … and covert colonists, .. the internet … will make sure, that more and more explicit ‘thou shalt mix and multumulturalize’ instill interdependencies and remotations which are not instant/galactic at all but require all that ‘dead corner/dark place roadwork installment to make inroads turn to scars, devolve to maimings and stoop to outrite amputations on and of previous norms and balance, usually to get at subterranean wealth / toxicity (synonymous for multiculture but it’s the pc hygiene service that will not halt at murder to suppress this ‘hidden ground’ no matter how much of an impossibility this is in days with telepathic bass lines beginning to

    In about a week’s time a greek protest camp will settle in 40k from the place where the huge confrontations went down around goldmining concessions in greece for the last half a decade. Up to 40.000 head protests, some chased with teargas bombs from a length of 7miles by the police. kids from villages near which a few mining trucks got torched taken in for interrogation (given no water for an entire day) and … see my few words on escalations above

  4. “…DORMANT VOLCANO COTOPAXI IN ECUADOR ERUPTS: How interesting that on the eve of the Dormition of The Mother (August 15), a DORMANT or sleeping volcano erupts! Cotopaxi is a massive volcano with a unique equatorial glacier. Cotopaxi is a Queche Maya amalgamation of words meaning “Shy Lady” and sometimes “The Neck of the Moon.”
    Copied from today’s (Magnetic Silio One Kin 134) Oracle Report courtesy of Laura Walker

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