The Mystery Queen spent most of her  adult life  in pursuit of the Truth, and excelling at Chess, Backgammon and Poker.  Truth led her to the Knowledge being brought to us by  the Closer of the Cycle ending in 2012, Valum Votan.  Shortly after that, the Prophetic Message of 9/11/2004 brought her to the other side of the World, to engage in the Ultimate Game of  Consciousness and Cosmic Evolution.

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  1. some memoryflash gave me a visit from RedQueen to Belgium and Holland “TollanD” … (accompanied by Valum, and some of me bro’s)

    she gave me a nice smile on that Saturdaya in U’Trecht …

    bolon ik :: Moon1 traveller from Universal Water (where the smoke is gone)

  2. hi TMQ , i wonder what 9/11/2004 is …

    is it either an American Notation or a European similar one , you use down under …

    november 9 or september 11

    resp. give those 2 readings (to fuse?)

    Red Magnetic Serpent
    Blue Western Castle of Burning
    Earth family- Polar Clan- Blood

    I unify in order to survive
    Attracting instinct
    I seal the store of life force
    With the Magnetic tone of purpose
    I am guided by my own power doubled

    and for 3 years after 911-2001 (11 september 2004)

    White Resonant World-Bridger
    Red Eastern Castle of Turning
    Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Blood

    I channel in order to equalize
    Inspiring opportunity
    I seal the store of death
    With the resonant tone of attunement
    I am guided by the power of endlessness


    does that spell a LifeForce Bridging Two Worlds ?

  3. hi Mystery Queen Down aboVe 😉

    the Húmane Wave is by now charged … and we’ve achieved some co*panionships here at dogon in G

    in this arena i happened to be invited to play the united spirit of communities …

    isn’t that a great privilege and chance for the great ping daya to occur?

    😉 have a good scripture :: 92 (11) in 2009 …

    the kweekspell is entering the next DNA codon quarter and i will inform the whole pilot bunch from your mediation talents … wirinG’alaxy

  4. Kiwi Allegiance Mission Statement;
    Kiwi Allegiance is a collective of people with a belief in universalism.
    Universalism is the theology that all mankind will be saved. People matter
    most. The time of measuring a man, by the measure of how much he owns, is
    over. As is the Gregorian calendar that has monopolized our minds, keeping
    our heads down and earth bound, chasing the dollar. Calendars of our
    earliest civilizations knew about our galactic universal connection to the
    moon, stars, sun and planets. By adopting a lunar calendar we take the first
    step, to tuning in to our destiny. How we perceive ourselves is paramount.
    My father (who had his Maori tongue beaten and shamed from his consciousness
    by an authoritarian state government education system) and my Grandfather
    who was a Maori Ratana Church Minister here in Aotearoa New Zealand, told
    me. God came over in a cloud and inside that cloud was a ball of fire, and
    he spoke to T.W. Ratana the prophet the same way he spoke to Noah. He said
    he had been to the four corners of the world and Aotearoa New Zealand was
    the Alpha Omega the beginning and end, the land of the rising sun, and it
    was up to the people of this land to show the world how to live in love
    peace and harmony. Kiwi Allegiance is acknowledging the law of time and the
    galactic research institute for all there efforts in spreading the global
    peace plan, one world, one people, and one peace under a calendar of
    synchronicity. Every time we use the incorrect labels for marking time,
    Mon,Tues…January, February…we as a collective for the masses invoke old bad
    karma, tapu and disrespect for our ancestors. Kiwi Allegiance is taking
    every possible means at hand to share its philosophy without pointing any
    fingers, remembering when you point the finger there is three pointing back
    at you, from your own hand. It’s about the honesty of the chemical alcohol
    and the dishonesty surrounding other chemicals. Over half of all violent
    crimes committed are through drug deals gone bad. If you are not allowed to
    be honest with all chemicals , then you can’t start the healing process. It
    will stay in the shadows where people can blame and justify, and not have to
    own it. We can all blame and justify, I stabbed my neighbour because I didn’t
    have my morning coffee”. The honesty of the chemical alcohol along with
    pornography has desensitized the human race “I slept with him/her I was
    drunk”. The belief system of money, owning stuff, power and greed is the
    learnt measure used to value honour and be respected, is taught in our
    schools, kindergartens businesses every area of our existence is being
    governed by a calendar designed to stress and frustrate the masses, while
    all global structure
    has been created using the cycles of time and space too be manipulated by
    those that have gained the knowledge. Cycles of time natures law of time
    synchronization. Maybe they can’t see there own disorder because if you live
    in a world of insanity, then unless you are able to step back and be given
    another perspective you wont know or be able to comprehend. Time and
    planetary cycles, go hand in hand with our existence of being. The need to
    educate is paramount. Like helmet laws Kiwi Allegiance believes those that
    ride decide. I personally will teach my children too wear a full face
    helmet. The public are kept blind and passionate for Sports and Alcohol,
    which contributes to disconnecting us from ourselves. Elite sports, teams
    and the media border on in sighting riotous behaviour, with newspaper and
    television advertisements and quotes, “so and so said he was going to take
    so and so’s head off in the next game. A bums on seats “money matters most”
    policy fuelled with the honesty of the chemical alcohol. Our mission is to
    value every body. The bulk of this Power and money have been accumulated by
    a minority who’s daily life decisions, affect mankind negitivly. The people
    of this land Aotearoa New Zealand (KIWI‘S) share a spirit that has not been
    conquered, the great British Empire tried to conquer this land and failed.
    The spirit of this land was corrupted not conquered and its measure of being
    valued, honoured and respected was flipped, I call it the flipflop.The point
    in time, where the people of this land, and its measure of wealth and power,
    was flipped. The measure of a man was measured by grace of deeds and
    mannerism, commonsense, children come first. Our people of this time were
    the Maori people, they were proud and fearless, they were grateful with
    every utterance of each word that passed there lips, so is the way of the
    language. First landing of the European sailors was in the bay of islands,
    where they set up shop.Remembering these sailors weren’t respectable family
    men, they had practiced there first contact with the locals of other pacific
    islands before they arrived here. After seducing the men with alcohol, they
    then proceeded with there organized plan of trading.The measure of “people
    matter most” was flipped because of a need for the chemical alcohol and
    stuff, the sins of our fathers, is that we whored out our wives, sisters and
    daughters to fill the need of our induced addiction. Our women were revered
    throughout the world. The first people of contact with these sailors learnt
    quickly the ruthless ”money matters most” policy. They were a northern tribe
    called Ngapuhi.
    Kiwi Allegiance is here, please help this nation heal the world. Kiwi is
    what we locals call ourselves it doesn’t matter if your born here or not,
    white, black green yellow or blue if you have the kiwi spirit of Good
    Orderly Direction, fairness, commonsense stuff, “people matter most” then
    you are kiwi of this land. Trench warfare was another first to be invented
    here, the mathematical calculations and the magnitude of effort and
    knowledge needed, has been compared to the Egyptian pyramids and the
    knowledge of the stars was/are amazing. Our strength of spirit is being
    realigned with this collectiveness, the trenches of today are being
    embraced, and people are the glue. The Gregorian calendar and mans desire to
    own and control, have lead us to this point in time, where we re-evaluate
    our priorities. Kiwi Allegiance is about reconnecting with ourselves, the
    Moon, stars Sun and planets by following an ancient calendar of the Moons.
    Alpha Omega beginning and end Aotearoa New Zealand. The 13 moons Calendar
    can be viewed at 13 moons.com .-We also feel the labels for marking time, ie
    Mon,Tue, etc and Jan, Feb etc dishonour our ancestors and enforce the prison
    hologram of the Gregorian calendar, which was imposed in 1582 by Pope
    Gregory xiii. Imposed so the indigenous conquered people could pay rent,
    taxes on the 20th of every month.While the church of the day eliminated
    any and all vessels of knowledge, containg natures planetry time cycles.We
    need to expose those that have been accumalating from the planetary time
    cycle knowledge.So the collective of and for the masses will have a chance
    of an easier comprehension. Reprogramming generations of a faulty measure of
    man, mankind. We have been human cash cattle long enough. 13 lunar cycle and the cycles of time. They would have us believe they burnt all the books and records of, recorded measures of time. Yet back tracking events in time we
    see following the cycles that our Moon, stars, Sun, planets and time have
    followed parallel numerous earth bound events that have been of financial
    gains to the minority of the people of this time. For any further
    information about this collectiveness please email Allegiance@kol.co.nz.

  5. Hi TMQ… Sister poker aficionado here… don’t play much anymore (never online!!!) but I enjoy the game 🙂 I am KIN 129, part of KIN 022 (S ace) team covering Galactic 21 and 22 (and it’s only thanks to him I even know of you), although I have to say having (re)discovered ‘all’ of this only around my Kin last November I remain a neophyte at best and haven’t had too much input ~ any noted synchronicities are more of a personal nature ~ not too helpful for the blog. I’ve been feeling the urge to make personal contact for some time now, though, so what better moment than the double Crystal eve of this powerful Full Moon that coincides with the completion of the Warrior’s Cube Journey and the Red Moon WaveSpell? Very much appreciate and enjoy your blogs, dear one. Red Crystal Moon

  6. Hello Beloved, it would be interesting to have a network built around your amazing work. I offer to construct a ning network for you so we can meet the other kin here involved and perhaps also learn more as you post and field questions.

    If you like to do this, write me at sky2urth@gmail.com. I will make the basic outline with any assundry graphics appropriate and turn the keys over to you.

    In humble service,


  7. Dear Mystery Queen,
    I repeatedly return to your blog with riveted interest; my Soul tells me you speak of Truth. I have basic knowledge of the Mayan calendar, but I have little understanding of the meaning of the codes and numerical references. Can you please direct me to the best guide to read, in order to get up to speed most efficiently on what all of you are discussing? With gratitude.

  8. hi.. mystery queen…
    yellow galactic seed kin 164 sitting here in gemany .. waiting for activation ^^

    searching my guide…

    i like your page … very useful informations…


  9. Greetings – I have learned so many things here. Much gratitude for sharing your insights.

    Things are ramping up here with the veyab and enjoying the prospect of 10 activation days, and the great coming together of all who will join in the no-osphere meditations.

    in lak’ech
    Jaguar Woman
    7 Mirror/ETZNAB

  10. It’s me again. I have been unable to find a reference to the “Magic Turtle Day” – have tried to track it back to 13s in some way, but coming up short on figuring out exactly what determines that – and what it means.

    I love having a resource that challenges me beyond what I know… and also, which clearly leads me in the direction of things I am looking at daily, but have yet to figure out. I just discovered the building the cube exercise and have been seeing it every day in your column… just now connecting to the reference every day. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    Happy Warrior’s Cube Journey… I always look forward to this, but DO FIND the unconscious days tend to be totally out of touch with myself and challenging – even when I know they are coming. Then, the first day we enter back into a conscious column – I feel the ‘oh yeah – how could I forget’ feeling.

    Thanks again – blessings, in lak’ech

  11. How do I find out what all the abbreviations you use on your daily page mean?

    I searched for them on your search bar, but there doesn’t seem to be a glossary.

    Thank you,


  12. Greetings INjoy beloved KINs : )))
    I AM so greatfull & happy to be “surfing” with you all & wanna say many thnx & big big love for sharing the luminic flow so beautyfully ..

    blessings from a crystal moon~

    INLAKECH ala kin xxxx

    • Welcome to you, Red Magnetic Moon 🙂

      Your Antipode is Kin 79; Blue Magnetic Storm (known as ‘The Noosphere Constant), and you will be in your Magnetic Storm Year until you turn 27 in 9 moons.

      Glad you’re here!

      Kin 138

  13. 13
    1. the ending is just a begining
    2. the devil is never wining
    3. the world is safe for meaning
    4. trust your self to being
    5. close your eyes and get the feeling
    6. the closer you get to the meaning
    7. electro aye is playing
    8. get the enerG with being
    9. imagine what u want
    10. r u a robot?
    11. god bless u
    12 . the moon is just a son @ night thats general meaning
    2013. BALANCE

    • hello hun ik 222, i am ulli, stardancer23.

      222 is a special (inter)dimensional code. i am in the 5d-dreamspell timesync actual life year kin222, white magnetic wind. and 222 / 2:22 / 22:2 ++++ appear so often actually, i am amused and it makes me smile always when i find another 222, like today, now, your(s).

      kind regards from germany/berlin to you!


  14. Bonjour !

    J’ai découvert que je suis kin 133. Je recherche des sites sérieux explicatifs (je n’y connais rien). Pourriez-vous m’en indiquer ?
    Merci !

  15. Dear Mystery Queen,
    I was born in Greymouth NZ on 6 November 1963 at 10:18am. I have been a mystic since birth. I live in Sydney, but In the past few years I have felt a calling from New Zealand, and strangely I am attracted to the Nelson Hinterland/Takaka area. I see this has attracted you as well, and I am wondering what you feel about the country and the area. I have the ability to ameliorate earthquakes, but my partner thinks NZ is dangerous.
    I would appreciate any assistance through information

  16. Aloha to all Planetary Kin !
    Sending Noospheric Beams from BsAs, Argentina, Skywalker Zone
    Happy to find a Synchrogalactic Forum!
    In Lakech!

  17. The Mystery of the Stone Fulfilled. The Talking Stone has Spoken. One is All and All is ONE. As Above so Below. All is Number. I AM. 7 , 9, 11, 189, 1123, 2123.
    189 is a centered cube number (HyperCUBE) http://mathworld.wolfram.com/C​enteredCubeNumber.html
    189 is a heptagonal number (7 sided polygon) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H​eptagon
    One TON Tone of the New Octave.
    The Ninevah Constant
    Nineveh constant = 195,955,200,000,000 seconds.
    With (432 x 200 seconds) = 86400 seconds a day, this gives 2268 x 1.000.000 days. Half of 2268 is 1134.

    The hexagon and circle connect directly to the sun and the Nineveh constant. Because the 6 x 189ft tangents of the hexagon = 1134 harmonically this can be raised to Ninevah constant(NC) by diameter of sun 864 x 1134 x 2 = 1959552 remembering the NC is both 1959552 seconds x 10 to power 8 and can be converted to 2268days.

    The Blue Star Kachina. Magnetic Eagle

  18. *:•.☆..°».•:*¨ Where Are We on the Levels of Consciousness? *:•.☆..°».•:*¨
    (August 30 = 6th Day Mayan Calendar according to Carl Calleman) All the 9 levels completes together on the 28th of October 2011. It is this process of seed to mature fruit. Level One: The first level that started 16.4 billion years ago ignited a certain type of consciousness to be part of the divine plan‟s purpose. This level resonates to Substance and at the inception of its fruition stage (the 7th Day) it brought in the fruit as Cellular. Each of these13 divisions of 7 days and 6 nights is 1.26 Billion years long. Thus the 7th day started nearly 1.26 Billion years ago and we are still in it and this level together with all levels completes on the 28th of October 2011. In fact all the 8 levels fit into this 13th section called the 7th day which is 1.26 Billion years long.

    Level Two:
    The second level which is 20 times smaller started some 820 Million years in the past. This level resonates to animals and its fruit is Mammalian. The 7th day started 63.1 Million years ago. As Creation resonates through and up the 9 levels of the Mayan Pyramid, each level is 20 times smaller. This allows for the feeling of time speeding up. In other words more and more is happening in less and less time. Life is a process of evolution which is speeding up to a point of Oneness where only sacredness will prosper. This speeding up has brought in the feeling of how many more challenges we are encountering because of the fact that we are learning to find our center point which will bring our physical and spiritual being into synchronicity with Oneness.

    Level Three:
    The third level resonates to Families and was ignited 41 Million years ago. The purpose brought in the fruit as the Anthropoid (human like in form) and the 7th day started 3.2 Million years ago.

    Level Four:
    The 4th level started 2.05 Million years ago and resonates to Tribes. The 7th day and fruit of this level is the Human and this started 158 thousand years ago. As we climb up the levels you will start to notice how these cosmic forces of natural order are coming down to meet us and gift us with what we need to be complete and thus whole. Weather it seems bad or good we are gifted the tools from Creation to confront all situations. Our mind might get in our way but our heart will know the truth.

    Level Five:
    The 5th level started 102 thousand years ago and resonates to Shamanism (communication with the cosmic forces). The 7th day of this level started 7900 years ago and the fruit is Regional consciousness.

    Level Six:
    The 6th level (also known as the Mayan Long Count) started in 3115BC and resonates to Religion (a manmade system of faith and worship). The 7th day started 394.3 years ago in 1617 and brought the fruit of National consciousness.

    Level Seven:
    The 7th level started in 1755 and resonates to Materialism (a greater interest in material possessions and comfort rather than spiritual values). The 7th day started in 1992 and brought the fruit of Planetary consciousness. The fruit of this level brings balance to Materialism which has been driven by power and it is from here that our human greed has been fueled. This fuel has given us inspiration to become successful in the illusion of our temporary comforts. If one goes back to the date of 1992, one can see what was going on in the collective consciousness. Apartheid was abolished in South Africa and in Germany the Berlin wall had just fell, to name just a few material powers that had to fall because they where not in balance with Creations divine purpose. We are for the most part starting to see ourselves for whom we have become and are starting to accept that ignorance is not bliss.

    Level Eight:
    The 8th level started on the 5th of January 1999 and resonates to Spiritualism (belief in, and divine communication with, cosmic forces). The 7th day starts on the 3rd November 2010 and brings the fruit of Galactic consciousness. This 13 year period from 1999 to 2011 comprises basically of 13 by 360 day cycles which are 7 periods of light and 6 periods of dark. These 12.8 years also represent a process of seed to mature fruit. What it has been all about is balance especially with our core truth, we are finding out how unethical the collective consciousness has been and how blind we have been. Its all part of the divine plan, consciousness in the 7th level was subjected to a unitary blindfolded consciousness taking it collectively away from inner spiritual truth, which it had to be to resonate to Materialism. Then we entered the 8th level and our eyes have been opened back into a dualistic consciousness which was last in effect on the 4th level some 102 thousand years ago. As we enter the 9th and last level we enter back into an opened unitary consciousness, which will be 234 days long and each day and night will be 18 days. The last time the collective consciousness was here was before 3115BC when there was receptiveness to the universe and a balanced attitude to life and humans lived in harmony with Creation. These last 13 years to the completion the Mayan calendar are preparing us on all levels for our birth into a “New Earth” of sacred balance.
    On the 8th level, in 1999 it was the start of the first of 13, 360 day Tun cycle taking us to the completion of the Mayan Calendar on the 28th October 2011. What is interesting to note is that from a numerological point of view the year 1999 added up, is 1. If you add 1+9+9+9 it = 28 and if you add 28 you get 10 and take away the 0 you get 1. Also, you will find that on a numerological level for all the years leading up to 2011 they synchronize with 1 to 13. 1999 = 1, 2000 = 2, 2001 = 3, and 2002 = 4 and so on up to 2011 = 13.This brings to light the notion that even the Gregorian calendar, as insidious as it is, is also on some level synchronizing to the completion of the Mayan Calendar. From 1999 to these present times we can look back in consciousness to see what we were up to and how things on a spiritual level are growing from a seed to a mature fruit. You can add your own experiences into these times.

    Level nine:
    The 9th level starts on the 9th of March 2011 and will resonate to Oneness. The 7th day and fruit of this level will be complete “Universal” consciousness and will start on the 11th October 2011. Each day and night of the 13 divisions of this 9th level to ascension will be 18 days. The possibility is that we will be gifted the tools for “Universal Co-Creation” enabling humanity and all of creation to live a future of complete Oneness. We will embark upon a time of anything but separate. It is already becoming more realized that everything outside of ourselves is inside and we are infinitely connected to everything. What we do to the sacred hoop we do to ourselves. The ancient people of Earth Mother knew this and still know this and they knew that humanity would lose its way and thus left clues in the form of sacred teachings to help us now. In order for the fruit that we become to be able to give good see ds for our future we need to look inside our heart and look at who we are.

    February 11th – 1st Day
    First 20 day Tun cycle – 1st Day
    February 11th. is 1 and the start of the first 20 day Tun Cycle. 1 = Initiates
    Cycle one is a period of light or an opening for the growth of consciousness. The seed is planted and it is time for a new beginning to create the flow in a new direction. For some it may have been a time of being unsure as we entered a new millennium. One is the beginning of all things and new perceptions are available.

    March 3rd – 1st Night
    Second 20 day Tun cycle — 1st Night
    March 3rd is 2 and the next 20 days. 2 = Creates a reaction
    Cycle two is a period of dark or the opportunity to apply the enlightenment just received from creations flow. The germination of the seed allows for new points of view. To be or not to be is the question. We are separate but one. We are 2 sides of the same coin and the coin will not be whole if we only look at one side. It is the application of “initiates”. After the seed is planted, does the seed grow or not? Have you noticed that before something begins we hold our breath in anticipation? Breathe in and let go with trust.

    March 23rd – 2nd Day
    Third 20 day Tun cycle – 2nd Day
    March 23rd. is 3 and the next 20 days. 3 = Activates
    Cycle three is another period of light, in nature the seed sprouts and displays 2 leaves. New points of view override old ones. History has shown this period to be a time of civil turmoil. This is the new light that brings the movement. The question is answered through communication. Sept 11, 2001, a big movement was communicated to the world.

    April 20th – 2nd Night.
    Forth 20 day Tun cycle — 2nd Night
    April 12th is 4 and the next 20 days. 4 = Stabilizes
    Cycle four is a period of dark when polarized factions come to blows over their differences. In human history these are peeks of violence. The 4 sides of a square bringing complete balance. The 4 directions connect with the center to bring about freedom from past barriers.

    May 2nd – 3rd Day
    Fifth 20 day Tun cycle — 3rd Day
    May 2nd. is 5 and the next 20 days. 5 = Empowers
    Cycle five is another period of light and in nature the development of a root system and the second set of leaves that will be the permanent part of the plant. Lies are disclosed so that progress is not blocked.

    May 22nd – 3rd Night
    Sixth 20 day Tun cycle — 3rd Night
    May 22nd. is 6. 6 = Creates flow
    Cycle six is another period of dark and the seedling set of leaves are dropped from the plant as another set of leaves spring from the top. Failed systems are washed away, usually be force.

    June 11th – 4th Day
    Seventh 20 day Tun cycle — 4th Day
    June 11th. is 7 and the next 20 days. 7 = Reveals
    Cycle seven is a period of light where in the plants life good progress is made for it to develop into a strong tree, the taproot grows deep to firmly attach the plant while the stock thickens and branches form. It is a period of expansion of the foundations laid. New points of view and ways of doing things take dominance.

    July 1st – 4th Night
    Eighth 20 day Tun cycle — 4th Night
    July 1st. is 8 and the next 20 days. 8 = Harmonizes
    Cycle eight is a period of dark and brings the application of new procedures. The plant multiplies its leaves and root system abundantly. In human evolution it has been a time of rebuilding and healing.

    July 21st – 5th Day
    Ninth 20 day Tun cycle — 5th Day
    July 21st. is 9 and the next 20 days. 9 = Creates forward movement
    Cycle nine is the brightest period of light (Quetzalcoatl — God of Light — Christ consciousness) and in the plants life it is when the chemicals are produced that carry information for the buds to form. In this period was when art was invented, the message of Jesus moved over Earth, Einstein discovered the theory of relativity and America with the victory of WW1 rose to world power.

    August 10th – 5th Night
    Tenth 20 day Tun cycle — 5th Night
    August 10th is 10 and the next 20 days. 10 = Challenge
    Cycle ten is the darkest period of dark and in the plants life it is the growth of the bud. In your life it was puberty. This has been a time of great physical hardships or major conflict. Going back in time, the Illonian Ice Age, Neanderthals going extinct, World War II, the Great Depression of the 1930’s and more recently the World markets finding challenges and crashing in December 2008 were examples of this cycles energy.

    August 30th – 6th Day
    Eleventh 20 day Tun cycle — 6th Day
    August 30th is 11 and the next 20 days. 11 = Creates clarity
    Cycle eleven is an enlightenment period of light and this brought the flower in a plants life. For you it was adolescence. In human history this was the creation of the 1st tools, the 1st attempts at agriculture and constructed shelter, the renaissance and the flower children of the 1960’s. This has also recently seen the Flowering of our spiritual consciousness on a galactic level. Many of us are meeting our galactic friends.

    September 19th – 6th Night
    Twelfth 20 day Tun – 6th Night
    September19th. is 12 and the next 20 days. 12 = Creates understanding
    Cycle twelve is the last period of dark. In the plant’s life the flower wilts and dies, setting the stage for the fruit development or of seedpods that will dry. This is what happened to the Maya civilization right on queue. Throughout human history there have been conflicts and revolts during this period, most recent of these being the Vietnam War.

    October 9th – 7th Day
    Thirteenth 20 day Tun cycle – 7th Day
    October 9th. is 13 and the next 20 days. 13 = Completes
    Cycle thirteen and a period of bright light, a time of readiness for something new and different. This is a time of ascension — going from one level to the next higher level. The plant spreads the seeds or drops the fruit to begin again a thousand times over. In human history it was during these repeated cycles of seed to mature fruit that consciousness developed Homo sapiens, agriculture and domesticated herds, signed treaties to establish the sovereignty of nations and their people and put up the Internet creating a planetary consciousness in 1992.
    October 28th 2011 Unity- A New Dawn
    NOTE: When does the ninth wave actually begin? This is from Carl Calleman’s website, “I have probably contributed myself to the confusion that reigns when it comes to the beginning date of the Universal wave movement and have given different times for this. What we know is that the calendar develops according to nine wave movements, where the longest one goes back to the birth of the universe, and they all differ from one another with a factor of twenty. According to such a fractal view of the prophetic Mayan calendar system the ninth wave would then be only 234 days long made up of 13 different uaxaclahunkin (18 day) periods. This places the beginning of the ninth wave at March 9, 2011 and that of the preceding wave (Conscious Convergence) at July 17, 2010. These are points in time that are expected to mark significant frequency increases and accelerations of time.”http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/ninth_wave.htm
    Originally, the date given was February 10 or 11, 2011 – depending on when the source was recorded. Ian lundgold was the one that first introduced me, through his videos, to the entire concept of the evolution of consciousness regarding the Mayan Calendar. Before that, I had bought into the December 21, 2012 scenario. After listening to Ian’s description, I simply felt that that was more correct than all that I had looked at previously. It just felt better, just as it feels better to me to use 13 20-day periods. Not only is this more in keeping with the numerical system of the Mayan calendars, it also comes closest to the period of human gestation, which somehow seems significant to me.
    In the final analysis, I don’t think it really matters which is correct. It will be obvious that the energies of this ninth wave will continue to produce radical, visible changes in our world. This is the awakening.

    @ aline.hibbert

    Sharing is caring …

  19. Hi there Mysterious Queen…thanks for your amazing column. I love it….Just checking in on the chronograph for Crystal Monkey and Cosmic Human….according to my calculations the LC (long count) glyph on Solar Star (dreamspell) was Cosmic Sun (completion of 9th underworld)…..Wouldn’t that mean the LC for crystal monkey (DS) would be Electric Night and for Cosmic Human (DS) Self-Existing Seed (LC) ? ….I have noticed the weave between the LC and the DS have been of the same colour now for some time….after years of observing this amazing tapestry of time I have not see the two counts weave the same colour for a while….

    Love your column and all you amazing insights…

    Blessings for your day

    Maya – 7 Sun

  20. Hello,

    Could you write on Blue Solar Eagle? There is nowhere nothing about it, as if people are intentionally avoiding. Thank you.

  21. Hi mystery queen !!
    I just love your blogs.
    I am living in and around Queenstown area at present.
    I have not lived at Kinloch for a couple of years.
    Love and happiness to you
    😉 Pete

  22. I agree, this site is a wonderful resource and full of much insight. I have many question but then when I think about it, I really have none at all. I am Yellow Planetary Human and I’ve been falling all over myself, especially after last year when I sealed my 5 with a fifth life path. Truly, amazing. I hope you don’t give up on all this anytime soon! I’ve seen so many sites that seem to have just stopped working the magic. Blessed Be! rXalchemist

  23. hello mystery queen! we should meet… i need your help, i have a lot of new info to share with you. i will travel to lima peru in a few months, doing ceremonies for kundalini and pachamama. look for me as “calendario libre” on facebook, please. best regards… I I : I I + V : V = M : M and 12:60 + 13:28 = 25:88 “I will return as a frequency, and as a frequency you shall know me”… do you remember?

  24. fitteephi heah … still coming to Holland this month?
    pi0.webcindario.com chilian guy (k34) gone silent last year .. as well as S’ace
    JA gave us the tools to run circles around the blackhearted ritualists ..

    .. and i don’t mean the light intensity in this child’s ‘grey mass’ (as they call brain matter in Holland):

    … to effectively ridicule and deviralize them via front diffusion dynamism in the live and immediate ‘ligtenupment’ (understanding lift and levers a lot better once you think about it is a piece of cake and we need t o build some of that stuff, specially if we are to go out of the way for freedom, economy .. and of harm.

    Please don’t let the Crest ideas die; i may have harsh criticism of the formalism JA’s systemics invite and seduce into but (1) combined with my complementation and yet, in a way, .. PLUS, exactly CAUSE of a complete foreignness which yall just can’t seem to see coming (cause/but (2) it’s right at the heart of it, born that way).
    Speaking of which, what about the tincture / aura soma no 55 being identified as christ? Paula Sani (Avani) will share the peptalkstage with the RQ in the UK soon. I asked them about this curious discovery .. (note to self, search for it’s birthday, was that in fact k55?) .. hoping they’d drop their fear and realize that perhaps it simply does take a battering ram for some krispy quicken changes, like taking Kiev (the criminal thing was wanting to hold onto all on the east side of Dnjepr as well afterwards though; they should have generously bought out russian speakers instead of demoting them to second hand citizens, ‘promoting them to target terrorists, … etc).

    I can ‘batter’ pacifistically though … lifting loads of weight in such a way it keeps on spinning … off … that pinch, … that daily need, requirement, right, duty and pleasure in one .. cause of the ‘knockin on heaven’s floor knack i was born with.

    If even the Deepers among Dreamspelllures can’t realize something is to be gained engaging me … they are only following their master’s example .. under Stanford’s MKUltra Tavistock sway residues rite when it mattered most perhaps (????), .. in that A’dam squat by the freeway .. something 11 (the adress/name) .. how gem in eyeish .. || .. elluf alaaf misttree quenkiwenki the visioned pillars for my autobacus powdersource* make me … the flying dustman who simply refuses to make it on his own … antijesuslike …

    *ascii version:
    |.´.´.´.´.´.´.´.´.´.´.´.´.´.´.´.´.´.´.´( | )
    rim ——————————– hub
    in reality the b&f rock rolling trax aren’t parallel but abutting t&b of the ‘gear’ shown as ( + ), carrying 5-7 times the weight of/on the rim …

  25. hello white queen! your people needs you… please contact rocio itzadragon and gar magusa asap… that day, k120 electric sun 20160418 monday in the Archeologic Zone of Palenque… you received the 9 Divine white winds legacy directly from Deity Bolon Ik… what I am telling you is 1000% real, we need you… with all our love and blessings… saris & mau… contact us asap… we should meet again… greetings from jannis, ruben, uma and mikuak

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