Harmonizing the Dreamspell and Mayan Tzolkins with The Cosmic Turtle Calendar: Thirteen Moons of Harmony

Several synchronicities  indicate that today,  Cosmic Mirror,  is an auspicious day to discuss the Two Tzolkin Counts and the Cosmic Turtle Calendar. Today’s latest comment  from the prolific Electric Eagle: Rotoso included a link to a short video called  “Kurma Avatar:  “The Turtle Incarnation“.  The video is 1:58 in length.  Cosmic Turtle [62 +96] equals 158.  Synchronistically, Cosmic Turtle also equals 158 in this calculation.  The Complex Gematrical Frequency is Cosmic {214} Turtle {825} for a total of 1040 [Kin Equivalent 20.13  :)]  The Base Matrix Unit [1040 minus 882 [2 x 441] is 158!

Kin 158:  Lunar MirrorReflects‘ the ‘Challenge‘ of the Turtle Moon Calendar:  Aligning the Lunar Calendar to the 7 day week, rather than to the Gregorian Calendar, and assigning a Kin to each and every day [Mayan definition of Kin is one 24 hour  unit].  The Dreamspell Tzolkin skips ‘Leap Day‘ and the current ‘official 13 Moon Calendar‘ skips the 365th day of the year and Leap Day.

The most Sacred of the 20 calendars [measurements of synchronicity] maintained by the ancient Mayans was the 260 day Tzolkin.  According to one Mayanologist:

The Traditional Mayan calendar system is valid for the whole universe and goes back to the so-called Big Bang o when the universe was born and no solar systems with their particular cycles even existed. This is according to modern physicists and the Mayan calendar alike. Since the Traditional Mayan calendar is not limited to our own planet or solar system it is not subordinated to its particular astronomical cycles, such as the solar year. It reflects a cosmic process of creation, where our own particular solar system is just a small part.”

Traditional Mayan calendar system would be equally valid on Mars or Venus or any other planet in the cosmos as it is on earth, despite the fact that the periods of revolution of these planets would be very different from ours. In this, it differs from all other calendars in the world that are geocentric and based on the parameters of our own particular planet.

The current indigenous Mayans have kept that count of days to this time. Today is coded by Mayan Kin:  5 Monkey.

Jannis 189 directed our attention to http://www.lawoftime.org/pdfs/Rinri-II-2.1.pdf .   Valum Votan wrote that article “The Wizard’s Count and the Triumph of the Synchronic Order”  13 years ago on October 2, 2001, “Limi Thirteen of the Electric Dog Moon” [coded by my G-Force; Kin 12:  Crystal Human.’]  Today [in The Cosmic Turtle Calendar] is Limi Thirteen of the Electric Jellyfish Moon .  [ The change of totems reduces confusion, since  Dog is already the name of the 10th  Kin]

In this article, Valum Votan explains why  he chose to eliminate the Leap Day in the Wizard’s [Dreamspel]l Count.

“After a long break in the tradition of the Chilam Balam, the count was prophetically reformulated to prepare for the Harmonic Convergence and the subsequent revelation of the Telektonon of Pacal Votan.  This count was reformulated precisely so that July 26, 1987, would be White Galactic Wizard, July 26, 1993 would be Yellow Magnetic Seed, and July 26, 2013 would be Yellow Galactic Seed.”  The full and true Harmonic Convergence will not be complete until the Earth itself becomes the Galactic Seed, 2013 Seed.”

Pacal Votan left vital information for humanity’s return to the Calendar of 13 Moons in his elaborate Temple of Inscriptions, which was built to his specifications.  It took 9 years to build his 9-leveled Temple and the elaborate Tomb, [shown with it’s 13 Clear Signs, whose sum of 13 tones = 78, today’s Kin] which was discovered precisely 1260 years later, when Valum Votan was 13 years old.


Valum Votan decoded the information in Pacal’s Tomb, and left for us a treasure trove of information.  Valum Votan::Jose Arguelles and his wife spent years spreading the message of the 13 Moons.  He  developed the Dreamspell Tzolkin which also codes the Moons and Years.  He revealed the Terma of the 7:7::7:7 which links each day of the week to a specific one of the 7 Radial Plasmas [which he referred to as ‘the building blocks of life’.   The Terma of Pacal and Valum Votan  continues to reveal  itself through the Telepathic language of Numbers.

The numbers, my conversations and experiences with Valum Votan, Crop Circles and analytical logic has guided me to always follow the 13 Moons as Valum Votan wrote and said so many times:  “Each Week, Moon and Year begins on Sunday::DALI.

In this blog:  https://2013andthemysteryqueen.wordpress.com/2013/07/, I explained the new Formulation‘ via  The Harmonic Convergence Week-out-of-Time [with Galactic Seed 2013 on Friday:   LIMI:  PURIFICATION]:

The current Week-out-of-Time which began on the day of the Earthquake here, Sunday July 21, ensures the continuity of the Sunday::Dali correlation.   In the official 13 Moon Calendar, Galactic Freedom Day does not correlate to a Plasma.   TMQ doesn’t believe that  the flow of Radial Plasmas from Hunab Ku skips a day on a particular  Gregorian date on Planet Earth!

I believe that Votan’s ‘Reformulationthrough the Wizard’s Count  was as he stated:  To allow the momentuous 26 year Harmonic Convergence to begin on Galactic Wizard and to end on Galactic Seed 2013.  This was accomplished.  The Harmonic Convergence Week-out-of-Time  marked  that special period of time between the year of Quetzalcoatl’s Return [1987] and the end of the 26 Year Harmonic Convergence in 2013.

Then, [I believe] it was time to separate the Wizard’s Count from the Dreamspell, and begin aligning the Dreamspell and Mayan Tzolkins, with both counting each day.  I developed a Calendar which allows the DALI::Sunday alignment in perpetuity, through a mechanism used in the early New Zealand Sabbatical Calendars.

3 days after ‘the Earth itself becomes the Galactic Seed, 2013″ the Cosmic Turtle Calendar began on Sunday::DALI, on the Gregorian date that encapsulates the 7 Day Week, the 28 Day Moon” and the 13 Moon Calendar:   7/28/13   [July 28, 2013]  The Cosmic Turtle Calendar  was ‘Birthed‘ on Dreamspell Kin 66:  Planetary World-Bridger:  6.10, which numerically denotes the moment of Valum Votan’s Birth and Death at 6:10 a.m.  Metaphorically, at 6:10, Valum Votan ‘Bridged in and out of this World‘.

In the Mayan Count,  Kin 119: 2 Storm coded the beginning of The Cosmic Turtle Calendar.  119 is a Mirror of 9-11.  On 9/11/2004, the mysterious message appeared on my computer at 19:13 [7:13 p.m.]  See the Synchronic Readout at the end of ‘The Wizards’s Count…’ and you will understand why only about 10 lines of that message made sense to me at that time.  The first intelligible line said  “As of this moment in time, you are awakening to the Prophecy of the Red Queen.  The last intelligible sentence referred to me as “The Cosmic Turtle Moon Goddess‘.  [I was born in the middle of the Cosmic Turtle Moon]

In an effort to understand this life-changing message, I searched Yahoo the next morning for the crop circle that I had visited after it appeared 20 miles from my home in Benicia.  That is when I learned of a more recent formation that was also 20 miles from my home, in the fields of Solano County.  It is described in depth here [along with a photo of me with Votan and some of the Law of Time crew]: https://2013andthemysteryqueen.wordpress.com/2011/09/11/kin-1-red-magnetic-dragon-codes-lunar-20-and-begins-the-260-day-spin-that-leads-us-into-2012/ : Crop circle The Two Towers were connected to the 11-circled body [like the one shown on ‘Time and the Technosphere‘ were connected by 28 circles, denoting the 28 Day Moon as the path between the 9/11/2001 ‘Puncture in the Technosphere‘ and the Noosphere.  The 39 circles [3 x 13] reflect the date of Votan’s Report about the Wizard’s Count and  today’s transmission on 3.13, Electric Thirteen  🙂  Kin 39:  19.13 reflects the time of the 9-11 message.  Postulate 19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”  Crop circle

Perhaps this helps explain my dedication to the 13 Moon Calendar.  3 days after the message, I drove to Ashland to visit the Law of Time and see what the message and crop circle meant. I bought all of Valum Votan’s book and the Crystal Storm 13 Moon Calendar.

However, I followed the 13 Moons one day earlier than the calendar, so that each Week and Moon began on Sunday, as I found stated so many times by Valum Votan.  This meant that I did the Day-out-of-Time meditations suggested by Votan [who along with Stephanie had also moved to New Zealand] 3 days early on Saturday, July 22 N.Z.T.  I visualized [and drew]  the Roerich Peace symbol, and asked for a sign that extra-terrestrial life had received it [as V.V. had proscribed].  The following morning, the Roerich  image appeared at Windmill Hill in England!  [my surname means Windmill in French]  The Law of Time posted an article “The Day-out-of-Time Crop Circle appears 3 days Early” [Shown above]

Now that the 26 Years of Harmonic Convergence is over, we can all be synchronized with Hunab Ku, generator of the 7 Radial Plasmas and  ‘The Star People/Galactic Intelligence‘ who left that Roerich Peace sign [with a total of 13 circles]  By following the Cosmic Turtle [who has carried the  13 shells on it’s back for millions of years]  we will be synchronized with Creation instead of with the irregular Gregorian Calendar.

Valum Votan gave the 7:7::7:7  Revelation kit to 300 workshop participants at the Easter 2005 workshop in Ashland.  If we were meant to transduce [as Cosmic Vibratory Roots] the Dali Plasma on a different day each year, wouldn’t he have said so then?  To my knowledge [including many conversations with him]  he never once contradicted  what he wrote so many times:  Every Week, Moon and Year begins on Sunday::DALI”

The more advanced practices [such as the Synchronotron and the 7:7::7:7] depend upon the correct 13 Moon Day::Plasma alignment.  A few of us scattered around the planet are enough to make a difference.  For that rarefied group, The Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  13 Moons of Harmony provides that correct alignment.

 Electric LIMI 13:  PURIFY, coded by 78:  Cosmic Mirror.

Cosmic Mirror alpha-numerically equals 153.  Cosmic Mirror synchronistically equals 153 in another way:  It’s C.G.F. [Complex Gematrical Frequency taught by Valum Votan]   is [215 + 379] is 594.  We reach it’s Base Matrix Unit by subtracting 441:  153  🙂  In several years of following the numerical systems introduced by Valum Votan, only 4 times have I found a phrase or word in which it’s Simple Gematrical Frequency [A=1, Z=26] equals the B.M.U. of it’s Complex Gematrical Frequency [A=1, Z= 800]  3 of those pertain to the Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  Cosmic Turtle {159}, Hummingbird {118} [the new totem for the Magnetic Moon] and Cosmic Mirror {153}.

The  totem for the Lunar Moon, Butterfly, appeared in the news twice this week:

http://www.citylab.com/weather/2014/09/a-strange-cloud-over-st-louis-turns-out-to-be-an-enormous-swarm-of-butterflies/380614/  “Also beautiful—and strange—is that the shape of the swarm itself resembles a giant butterfly.

Butterflies made an unusual appearance  after George Clooney  married Amal Alamuddin  at 8:18 p.m.  She is a Galactic Warrior, and is a barrister, specialising in international law, human rights, and extradition. She is  Julian Assange’s lawyer, and wore a dress of butterflies in their first appearance.  Together, this power couple with political aspirations are 39:  Cosmic Storm  🙂  Wedding rings on the hands of George Clooney and his wife Amal Alamuddin.

Votan  mentioned how the Wizard’s Count began 33 days earlier.   33:  13.7[ signifying the 13 Moon Calendar and the 7 Day Week] appeared in some unique ways today.

During the Cosmic Star watch, my octagenarian neighbor, Muriel,  and I attended a book-signing by Annabel Langbein.  The CGF of Annabel Langbein [139 + 154] = 393, with a kin Equivalent 393-260] of 33.  The CGF of Muriel is 474.  The B.M.U. [474-441] also equals 33!

During the Cosmic Wind watch, I received an e-mail from my friend Kim.  Her name alpha-numerically = 33, and Kim’s Galactic Signature also is Kin 33:  Resonant Skywalker.  Her e-mail was titled Amazing Pictures.  Imagine my delight when I saw the 8th of the 49 photos:

8. A Turtle Riding a Jellyfish

8. A Turtle Riding a Jellyfish...

May the Electric Jellyfish Moon ‘Serve toActivateand Support The Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  Thirteen Moons of Harmony  🙂

Kin 79:  Magnetic Storm ends the 10th week of the 10.10 year on Electric Silio 14, and begins the 7th Wavespell:  Self-Generation

N. S. 1. 27. 3. 13.       D:  78;  M:  31    Magic Turtle CDK:  12.3;  Greg. 10/3/14


White Magnetic Wizard Codes the First ‘Magic Turtle Day’ of the new 13 Moon Year

White Wizard Wavespell Two:  Power of Timelessness begins today on Day 5 of the Magnetic Wind Moon.  This day is coded by Dreamspell Kin 14:  Magnetic Wizard and by Long Count Rhythmic Hand.

The next blog was planned for the 8th day of this Magnetic Moon whose totem is the Hummingbird.  But this brief transmission was inspired by awakening to the news of the latest crop circle.  July was a ‘bumper crop’ for crop circles:  31 ‘Interdimensional Signals’  were reported in the first 30 days of this month.  The was discovered a few hours ago: at

Roundway Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 30th July.  This formation reminded one person of this illustration which seems perfect for this Wizard Wavespell of Timelessness:

Thank you for the comments from Vernon 221 [who coded the Cosmic Moon],  Jannis 7 Moon [with the ‘Peace‘ crop circle from his area of the Sun region] and Peace::Raven::Walker [Happy Galactic Return to you, 13 Skywalker  :)].  Piety Piet 55 weighed in with 4 comments, some of which I’m still digesting.  3 Eagle has written much more here this year than I  🙂

The Postulate for this Magic Turtle Day is a ‘timely‘ one to consider during this first full Wavespell of the Cosmic Turtle Calendar year.

14.1:  “AD 2013 is the synchronization point signalling the completion of all of the necessary exercises to open the interplanetary flux tube-time tunnels of the heliocosm.  Telepathic continuing consciousness becomes normalized, making possible the common functioning of the super conscious order.”

May the Magic and Timelessness of this Wavespell enhance our connection with each other and with Spirit {which codes this 13 Moon year} 🙂

1. 27. 1. 5.        Magic Turtle Kin 14 ::  L.C. Kin 227   ::   Gregorian: 7/31/14


Kin 8: Galactic Star Codes ‘Galactic Freedom Day’ a.k.a. the ‘Day-out-of-Time’ on Gregorian 7-25

Today is a global celebration of Peace, Harmony and Freedom, initiated by the proponents of the 13 Moon Calendar:  Jose [Valum Votan] and Lloydine  [Bolon Ik] Arguelles.  This is the first Galactic Freedom Day that we observe, without either of them.  Lloydine followed her husband into Spirit 70 days ago.

Galactic Freedom Day is on Gregorian July 25 [7-25] because 7-2-5 delineates the sacred ratio of 7 Galactic Spins to 5 Solar Spins.  For example,  this blog began nearly 5 years ago, on August 12, 2009, which was coded by Kin 21:  Galactic Dragon 7 Galactic Spins [of 260 days] later, Kin 21 will code August 7, 2014.

This beautiful image is from The Law of Time.


http://1320frequencyshift.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/day-out-of-time/  contains more information about the Day-out-of-Time, which Valum Votan also referred to as Galactic Freedom Day.

Synchronistically, today is coded by Dreamspell Kin 8:  the GALACTIC number of HARMONY.  In the Long  Count this special day is coded by Kin 221: Cosmic Dragon.  Dreamspell Cosmic Dragon codes this 13th Moon.

The Galactic Spin ended on the last Magic Turtle Day of the Galactic Seed year:  Kin Cosmic Sun [20.13] on the 19th day of the Cosmic Dragon Moon.  This intriguing crop circle [‘Interdimensional Signal’] appeared on that day:

The Forests Way, Nr Roydon, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 17th July.

Then, on the 20th day of the 13th Moon, [First day of the new Galactic Spin] this formation was reported:

Ammersee (Lake Ammer),Bavaria, Germany. Reported 18th July.   The following link is to an analysis  which correlates this crop circle to the first day of the new Galactic Spin [Kin 1Magnetic Dragon].:   http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2014/Ammersee/comments.html

In the ‘official 13 Moon Calendar’, the Cosmic Moon ended yesterday, while in my system, today is the 27th day of the 13th Cosmic Moon of Presence.  The new 13 Moon year will be the 27th one since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, and the new year begins on the 27th day of July.  Here is a photo of the Cosmic Moon’s totem, the Turtle, which illustrates cooperation, pleasure, beauty and synergy:

Butterflies drink turtles tears

In Ecuador‘s Yasuní National Park, butterflies sip the tears of a  Yellow-Spotted River Turtle.  The mineral-rich liquid helps the butterflies reproduce.  In exchange, the Turtle  gets a good eye-cleaning  🙂

This brief last blog of the Galactic Seed year will be followed by a post on the first day of the new 13 Moon Year:  Sunday, July 27th, coded by Kin 10:  Planetary DogThe beginning of the New Year synchronizes with a New Moon  🙂  That transmission will explain why I continue to begin the 13 Moon Year [and each Moon and week] on Sunday, as decreed by Valum  Votan in so many places.

As I write these words, and post this blog, it is the Galactic Mirror watch of Galactic Star  :).  Perhaps the attributes of Truth and Integrity inherent in that Seal and Tone  are part of the reason I persevere with this version of the 13 Moon Calendar.  Let’s remain united in our devotion to the 13 Moons, the Mayan’s sacred  260 day Tzolkin. and our love for each other and our Earth.

On this Galactic Freedom Day, let’s focus on PEACE, which our Earth needs more than ever.

As Valum Votan wrote:   “PEACE is the all-abiding awareness which is the foundation of the One Mind.”

1. 26. 13. 27.     Galactic Freedom Day:: Day-out-of-Time       Galactic Star  7-25


The Seventh Mystic Moon and the Wavespell of Magic begin on the Day of the 2013 Super Moon

Tonight’s Super Moon will appear 13% larger and 30% brighter than a normal Full Moon.  In New Zealand, the Moon is  Full at 11.23 p.m. on Sunday.  The Perigee [when the Moon is closest to the Earth] is just 20 minutes before the Moon is at its fullest, making this the largest-appearing Moon of 2013.

This is happening  during the 23rd hour of the first day of the 11th Blue Magnetic Monkey Wavespell of Magic and the Yellow Cosmic  [13] Star [8] Moon.  The 23 [the 13 Moon number of Lover’s Reunion] is reflected in the Gregorian date [6/23], reminding us of March 23, when Valum Votan ascended during the week of the 2011 Super Moon.   His departure was exactly 2 years  and 3 months ago.


During a Perigee  [Super] Moon, the distance from Earth to the Moon is roughly 221,000 miles.

The Simple Gematrical Frequency [SGF] of  “Cosmic Super Moon” = 198.  198 = Synchronotron  The Synchronotron number dictionary informs us:  “:221: 13 x 17, code of the cosmic navigator, Chac Le…Vigesimal 11.1.”

Valum Votan  [11.11] wrote of Chac Le, whose expedition from space ended in a crash on Earth.  An entire Maya city full of pyramids and palatial complexes has been discovered in a remote jungle in southeastern Mexico, archaeologists report  http://www.sott.net/article/262983-Ruins-of-Maya-city-discovered-in-remote-jungle.

It appears that this was the area in which Chac Le landed, and that the Mayan complex called  Chactun may have been named for him.  “Sprajc and his team found three monumental complexes with the remains of pyramids – one 75 feet (23 meters) high – as well as ball courts, plazas, homes, altars, bits of painted stucco and stone slabs known as stele.”

The vigesimal of 221 [11.1] is today’s Kin:  131:  Blue Magnetic Monkey;  11.1.  221 occupies the center of the 441  Cube Matrix  [H:  11;  V 11] and Kin 131 anchors the center of the Tzolkin.

 Today we begin the Return Journey of the Tzolkin that contains 5 of the Mystic Moons, our Galactic Synchronization [in 33 days] and the beginning of the Galactic Seed year.  

Today’s Long Count Kin is Rhythmic Earth, and the Combined Dreamspell Kin is 138:  Galactic Mirror  [11.1 + 8.13 + 19.7 = 18.8]  

The G-Force of  1 Monkey is 4 Dragon,  Signature of the Law of Time.  The SGF of Self-Existing Dragon is 208, the number of the Kin that codes the Seventh Mystic Moon:  Cosmic Star Moon.

The last week of the Mirror Wavespell and the Crystal Hand Moon contained the Magic Turtle Solstice coded by  Crystal Moon.  That week also hosted a lively ‘Crystal Round Table‘ with lots of input from Jannis 9.7 and Adrian 17.8, wonderful news from KiwiMike 6.5 and a beautiful video of a Solstice celebration at a sacred site in the Andes…merci beaucoup, Christine 13.3 .  Thanks to Poet Piet 55, for the videos of Valum Votan 🙂     Kin discussed whether the 13 Moon Calendar is aligned with the Gregorian Calendar or with the much more ancient and globally recognized 7 day week.


As pointed out, [see comments at prior post]  the Heliacal Rising of Sirius does not  necessarily happen on July 26th, and an internet search will show that there are many opinions, ranging from July 10 [my birthday] to  August 11:  8.11, [G-Force of 8.11 = today’s cdk 18.8]   🙂  Whether one begins the next 13 Moon year on Sunday, 7/28 or Friday 7/26, we are all within the average period of the Rising of the beautiful Star of Isisknown as Sirius.

What is most relevant is the fact that we have all chosen to return to the natural cycles of time, via The Sacred 13 Moons.  We have so much in common, and are now focused on oUR Galactic Synchronization,  in 33 days.  To paraphrase 177, let’s agree [or disagree] with HARMONY 🙂

This ‘Inter-Dimensional Signal appeared on the Solstice, in  England:

Per my calculations, the Base Matrix Unit of this number is 316:  “79 x 4, form and measure of Noosphere Constant = 4 plate psi bank code, corresponds to Ur Harmonic 79, Tree of Cosmic Force Generates Planet Mind”  One ‘Mayan interpretation‘ of that number:  There are 223 Sunspot Cycles in the Mayan Great Cycle, and 13 Oxlahuntiki,  and 9 Bolon Tiku.

This Crop Circle was ‘completed’ a  day later:

The Kin Equivalent of 223,139 is 79:  Blue Magnetic Storm.  Again, The Noosphere Constant is indicated by the ‘Star People‘  🙂

TMQ recently viewed a film about crop circles, in which it was relayed that mathematicians had calculated that several crop circles [appearing during the decade of the Discovery of the Tomb of the Red Queen] were indicating this ancient phrase:

*****    G O D D E S S    of   ALL   C R E A T I O N    *****

To paraphrase the Postulate for 79:  Magnetic Storm:

 19.1:  “There is but one Goddess::God, and but one God::Goddess alone to be reverenced.”  

JOY  and TRANSFORM with the Magic of the 11th Monkey Wavespell, during the Seventh Mystic Moon  🙂

N. S.  1. 25. 13. 1.;            Kin 131;        c.d.k.:   138      2013  Super Moon    Cosmic 8 Moon

The Second Magic Turtle Day of the Second Mystic Moon: 8 Star codes Day 18 of the 8th Galactic Moon

Kin 8: YELLOW GALACTIC STAR is the Guide for oUR Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization.
It’s Challenge; 18.8: Galactic Mirror mirrors the 13 Moon date: 8.18.
Eight‘ [49] Star [58] alpha-numerically equals 123, the Hidden Power of Antipode 18.8

Today’s Analog is 8 Monkey, a reminder that on Galactic 21, 11 Monkey [Valum Votan] codes the 26th anniversary of the Quetzalcoatl 1987A SuperNova that ushered in the Harmonic Convergence organized by 11.11 Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles.

Today’s Hidden Power is 6 Skywalker, the Seal of Quetzalcoatl that denotes Equality.
The G-Force of Galactic Star is Crystal Wind [2.12] which suggests a Round Table Gathering of Spirited Communication.

Today’s Guide is Galactic Human, and this writer’s Challenge is now to UNITE as many ‘Galactic Humans’ as possible for the Galactic Synchronization/Harmonic Convergence Week-Out-of-Time that begins on Sunday, [7/22/2013]

In The Harmonic 13 Moon Calendar [which counts each day- instead of excluding the 365th day and Leap Days] today is the 18 th day of the 8th Moon.
Today is the 25th Moon Anniversary of the Disincarnation of Valum Votan on March 23, 2011.
Today also marks 46 Moons since the first transmission of The Mystery Queen on Magnetic 18 of the 4 Seed year. That day [8/12/2009] was the 178th Birthday of Helena Blavatsky, whom Valum Votan called the Key to 2012. {12.8 , Galactic Human, is today’s Guide}
The ‘Galactic Signature’ of this blog is Kin 21: Galactic Dragon.

Synchronistically, Kin 21 is the G-Force of 11.11: V.V., and the Analog of 18.8.
Twenty [107] and One [34] = 141, and the names of Valum Votan and Claire DeMoulin [the 18.8 who writes this blog] both equal 141.

One purpose of this blog has been to disseminate the knowledge uncovered and revealed by Valum Votan. The Law of Time, with Stephanie South 3 Serpent at their helm, is now doing a suberb job of that, along with several sites that monitor each day’s Kin.

The Birth of this blog was triggered by the 7.1 Earthquake in the land of my Birth; Tokyo, where I lived for the first 6 Moons of my life.
Nearly 14 Moons later, [9/4/2010] a strong 7.1 Earthquake struck Christchurch a few Moons after TMQ had led a Rainbow Bridge meditation at 11:11 in Christchurch [=138] on the GM108X Day-out-of-Time.
7.1 was on kin 149 [combined Kins of 11.11 and 18.8 = 149]
18.8 + 9.6 [Kin 149] = 7.1.

In 19 days, it will be Kin 27: 7.1.
Today’s Challenge [18.8; C.D.] has been increasingly Challenged by wordpress [forced to write the most recent blogs in a very akward format that won’t allow images, colored text, etc.]
That, along with the synchronicities and anniversaries noted above, suggest that this , TMQ’s 767th transmission, may be the last post in this particular format.
On the next ‘7.1 trigger’ [3/11/2012] there will be a different sort of transmission from a new site, geared towards oUR Galactic Synchronization and the Harmonic 13 Moon Calendar

The ‘newest’ example of wordpress occurred during the writing of this Magic Turtle blog. There is currently a comment from Poet Piet 55 which is in my e-mail awaiting moderation; there is no response when the ‘Moderate’ button is pushed, and [for the first time ever] his comment has not yet appeared at the alternate place to ‘moderate’ comments; my ‘dashboard’.
The comment addresses a question to Priscella 214 regarding camping and calendar study at a Netherlands Crest, and I’m curious to hear her response 🙂

The lively discussion in comments is very appreciated, and I will continue to participate there during this transition period of 19 days.
Counting the one just described, there are currently “21” comments at the ‘Maldek’ Moon 8 Day 13 blog 🙂

The difference between today’s two Anniversaries is 21: 46 Moons – 25 Moons = 21 🙂

Just now calculated the Synchronotron numbers for Kin 8 on Moon 8; Day 18: The Master Coordinating Frequency Number for today is 566.
That reduces to a Kin Equivalent of 46: 7 World-Bridger. This reminds me of today’s 46 Moon Anniversary, and of Kin 46 which coded the day [9/11/2004] that the Synchronic Readout message magically appeared on my computer, suddenly propelling me upon this path. The CDK for that day was 18.8! [6.7 + Moon 13.2 and Year 19.12 = 18.8]

Today’s Gregorian Date is 2/20: These are some of the numbers that add up to 220:

The S.G.F. [Simple Gematrical Frequency is V.V.’s term for alpha-numerics A=1; Z = 26] of TMQ’s full Birth name.
The C.G.F [Complex G. F. {what I call V.V.’s more advanced alphanumerics; A = 1; Z = 800}] of TMQ’s full Birth name.
The Harmonic of Polar Light; [144 x 2: 18 x 8 = 144, and its G-Force of 12 [12 x 12] = 144]
The Thirteen Baktuns [which TMQ asserts ended on December 22]
December 22 [the 2012 Solstice in New Zealand; coded by Cosmic Star]
The 2013;
The Mystery Queen

Several pertinent phrases that also equal 220 will be revealed in the next transmission.
After realizing new synchronicities while writing this 767th post,
this Galactic Star Magic Turtle post does code the final transmission at this site :
Kin 27: Blue Magnetic Hand: 7.1 will code The Mystery Queen’s next transmission,
at a new site. [To be announced here]

767 – 520 [A PSI Plate of two Tzolkins] = 247.
247 = 19 x 13.


May we all experience an LOVE and HARMONY during these changing times 🙂 🙂 🙂

N. S. 1. 25. 8. 18. Magic Turtle Kin 8; L.C. 221: 13 Dragon

Triple Magic Turtle GAP Kin 241: Red Resonant Dragon codes the 74th Birthday of Valum Votan

The 74th Birthday of Valum Votan falls on a rare TRIPLE MAGIC TURTLE DAY: 7 Dragon of the 7 Wind Moon and the 7 Storm year.
Kin 241′s Occult is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Kin 20: Resonant Sun, and today’s Guide is Kin 33: 7 Skywalker; 13.7.

The G-Force for Votan’s Birthday is Kin 243: 9 Night, the HEART of VOTAN.

{This week, I realized that I came to Christchurch [=138] New Zealand [=105 = Pacal Votan] {138 + 105 = 243} during the First year of the Mystery of the Stone, when I was coded by Dreamspell Kin 243, and Long Count 194: Crystal Wizard. On my Galactic Return [before I realized what that was] Votan published a report about Kin 243: Solar Night: Heart of Nine.
That year, we awakened the First Lord of Time: Crystal Wizard Kin 194.}
Today’s Long Count Kin is Crystal Wizard, which in the Cosmlogy of 7, also applies to this First of Seven Mystic Moons.

1.7. “The purpose of the mystical experience of self-reflective being is both to AFFIRM GOD, who is otherwise unperceivable, and to cumulatively propel the biological organism to a condition of pure self-reflective consciousness. Attempts at systemizing mystical experience are actually attempts at understanding time. But without accurate knowledge of the LAW of TIME, mystical systems can only be well-intentioned approximations.”

241: “Prime key, vigesimal 12.1 analog of 121 (11²) [codes establishment of LAW of TIME] , reverse of 142, 241 – 142 = 99 = 11x 9, begins 13th cycle of 20 in Tzolkin

Today is Resonant 15 in the official 13 Moon Calendar. This means that we have all begun the Return half of the Resonant Storm [19.7] year.
Resonant Dragon is the 7th Kin of Wavespell 19.

In the Harmonic 13 Moon Calendar, today [7.19] is RESONANT 19; Cube 13: PROPHECY

This 13 Moon Date and today’s Kin both have the same Gematrical Frequency:
RESONANT NINETEEN alpha-numerically equals 192.
RED RESONANT DRAGON also equals 192

GAP Kin 192: Planetary Human is the G-Force of the Fifth Lord of Time, Supreme Golden Maiden who is coded by Kin 198: Electric Mirror.
She holds the position of the ‘Heart of the Nine’, as the 5th center of the 9 Lords.
This year we are in the Realm of the 9th Lord, known as “All-Knowing Body Lha”.
The first 7 Lords are coded by Kins 194-200. By extrapolation, this years 9th BolonTiku/Lord of Time would be coded by 202: Resonant Wind, which codes this First Mystic Moon

192 can also refer to 19.2: Lunar Storm. [today, 1.7 + 18.8 = 19.2]

The Base Matrix Unit for Kin 241 on Resonant 19 is 448, which reduces to 7.

7: Interval frequency of lost time in eternity, basis of manifest universe, RESONANT power of primal CREATION, mystic root, basis of heptad (SEVEN – DAY SEQUENCE), root of 441, supreme power of DIVINE ORDER; with 13, occulted basis of Cosmic Wheel of Law of Time 13:7 [TODAY’S GUIDE] as sum = totality 20,[Today’s Occult] key term of CREATION formula…”

Valum Votan was born 74 years ago, at 6:10 a.m. Kin 166: 6:10. is in 16 days and 6 Moons 🙂

6.10. The UNIFYing power of celestial harmonics, the system of coordinates which establishes the
synchronic order of universe for any given moment, endows the Dreamspell as the knowledge base
for a level of fourth-dimensional mental functioning hitherto unknown, and which completes the
evolutionary sequence of the biosphere-noosphere transition

UNITY is our goal. UNITY alpha-numerically equals 89, which coded the day Valum Votan died [24 Moons ago] at 6:10 p.m.
6:10 is Planetary World-Bridger.
PLANETARY [112] WORLD-BRIDGER[135] equals 247. 247 = 19 x 13.

19 Divine prime, COMMAND of GOD, vigesimal analog of 9, in vigesimal code all multiples of 19 = 19, number of Omega dimension – evolution dimension after 2012…”

13Prime key, cyclic wholeness, Basis of wavespell, cosmic time fractal, frequency of cosmic time 13 x 20 (totality) = 260 galactic matrix = 13:20 frequency of time as universal factor of synchronization, with 7, BASIS OF COSMIC WHEEL AND COSMOLOGY OF TIME – 13:7 [Today’s Guide]= 13:20 frequency, number of Oxlahuntiku, 13 lords of heavenly order,…”

VALUM VOTAN: “We stand at the threshold of something so magnificent, that it is imperative that we dare to raise our sights to the most noble and spiritually impassioned heights…”
Galactic Culture assumes that intelligence COORDINATED by the UNIVERSAL FREQUENCY OF SYNCHRONIZATION can be placed in a condition of mental or psychic RESONANCE with the entirety of the galactic whole of which it is an operating unit

For this possibility to manifest, there are two requirements: A full manifestation of the Law of Time as a uniform teaching on galactic wholeness; and a proper spiritual preparation that is based on an advanced technology of mental “hygiene” and self-experimentation that is in accord with a comprehensive vision of the evolution of TIME as consciousness, as SUPERVISED by HIGHER ORDERS of INTELLIGENCE, and in submission to a unique and all supreme Guiding Principle (GOD)”.

[[WORDPRESS is currently in a strange format, not allowing colors, importing of images, etc. It is 11:11 as I glanced at my clock just now! The numbers will have to speak instead, in order to acknowledge 11:11’s birthday on the actual day. There is so much more to say, when the format is corrected–spent 2 hours on that already. Will edit and enhance this when issues are resolved]]

7: The sacred 7 DAY Heptad/Week of Creation
13: Universal factor of SYNCHRONIZATION
19: Command of GOD

19 days remain in the First Mystic Moon, which fractally corresponds to DALI, First of the Sacred Radial Plasmas. On the First of the Seven Days/Moons, we TARGET. We are TARGETING our GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION, in 183 days. This is the First of the 6 cycles composing the 216 day period that culminates on Galactic Seed. “First 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth, PROJECT the FOUNDATION (cube bottom), Days 1-36, Rhythmic 10, Kin 208, 13 Star (22 December 2012) – Resonant 17, Kin 243, 9 Night[TODAY’S G-FORCE] (26 January 2013)

During this First Mystic Moon, I have experienced dreams of Valum Votan, and received relayed messages from Pacal Votan, which are confirmed by the numbers displayed today, on Valum Votan’s 74th Birthday, and the precise moment of his Birth and Death: 6:10. This week, several of you have sent a variety of supportive communications, including beautiful e-mails from Jannis 7 Moon during this 7 Moon.

Gratitude [and Welcome] to new-comer Chac Le [who actually landed on Earth long ago ] for resending the message “From the Distant Tulan: The Noosphere and Communication with Cosmic Civilization” “Arcturian involvement with our own star system began over three million years ago…”
Those who sent the crop circles [including the 28 day Moon/Two Tower formation 20 miles from my home, and the ‘Day-out-of-Time’ crop circle that arrived 3 days before the official Day-out-of-Time] and the Missison Activating 9/11/2004 message upon my computer] have kept me consistently aligned with the 7 Days/7Plasmas and 7 Chakras. A call from Melovia 12 Moon yesterday confirmed again that I am not the only one

The HARMONIC CONVERGENCE organized by Valum Votan in 1987 was a two-day event. Two recent dreams suggested organizing a 7 DAY HARMONIC CONVERGENCE GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION WEEK Out-of-Time beginning on Sunday::Dali July 21, 2013: Electric Storm. This week will include the final 6 day “Cubing of the Earth” and A recapitulation of the 7 DAYS OF CREATION. These 6 36 day stages of Cubing the Earth and the 7 Mystic Moons will serve as time-compressed Fractal practices for this week.

On ALPHA::Thursday, July 25 [Green Day, Freedom Day/Day-out-of-Time] coded by 7 Night we will RELEASE anything that still separates us.
PURIFIED on LIMI::Friday, we will be ready for oUR Galactic Synchronization, on Galactic Seed; July 26, to reconnect with Cosmic Cycles, our Galactic neighbors and all of creation through our Kuxan Suums SOLAR PLEXUS}[.
On SILIO::Saturday we’ll DISCHARGE ourselves to the Heart of the Earth, and CELEBRATE OUR SYNCHRONIZATION by manifesting
the biggest brightest CIRCUM-POLAR RAINBOW BRIDGE!

Two gifts that Valum Votan personally handed to me [The 7:7::7:7 and the beautiful blue 13 Moon Calendar book from Japan, the land of my BIRTH] both state that DALI is always on Sunday. {All the reasons I have observed that for over 8 years will follow when my technical issues here are fixed} On this Triple Magic Turtle GAP Birthday of Valum Votan, let’s honor him, and lay the foundation for the culminating 7 day Harmonic Convergence and Galactic Synchronization.
Thus purified and synchronized, may we begin the next 13 Moon year together.

While we are in the center of this 7th central Magic Turtle Moon of the Year of Prophecy, on the Triple Magic Turtle day of Sevens, let’s examine Telektonon Verse 39: [“3 x 13, TRIPLE order of cosmic time, sign of the thrice born, coordinating frequency of the matrix of Cosmic Synchronization (third time dimension)…”

Verse 39: “In India, at the mid-point of the seventh Baktun, the very centre of the mystic cycle, thirteen Baktuns in all, Lord Buddha did awaken at the dawn, the morning star, the tree, the Earth, his witnesses of illumination. For seven weeks he sat beneath that tree. Never moving, he travelled the seven directions and visited with his mind every realm of God’s vast creation, only to learn the turning of the Wheel of the Law

Verse 40 “…His last turning of the Wheel of the Law was the teaching of the Wheel of Time. Given at the request of King Suchandra of Shambhala who travelled far from Central Asia to receive this teaching, the teaching of the Wheel of Time closed the life of Lord Buddha.”

The life of Valum Votan, our Teacher of Time, began and ended at 6:10 a.m.
Let’s Synchronize the 7 Days, 7 Plasmas and7 Chakras by beginning our new 13 Moon Wheel of Time on Kin 166: 6.10.

Planetary World-Bridger = 247= 19 x 13
7 + 13 + 19 = 39: Cosmic Storm 19.13
Resonant 19: Cube 13 19:13


“We place great confidence in you who read these words, to all the people of Velatropa 24.3, planet Earth. Know that we are with you!

Klatu Barada Nikto!”

N. S. 1. 25. 7. 19. [Gr 1.24; Time: 1:24!] Cube 13: PROPHECY Magic Turtle GAP 241