Kin 183: Magnetic Night codes the Night Wavespell and my Penultimate Post from the Night Zone of Oceania

The G-Force of Magnetic Night;  Self-Existing Skywalker, coded a 6.4 earthquake here in the South Island, 10 days ago.  That day, Rhythmic 24, indicated 19.13 in three different ways:  The Mayan Tzolkin kin: 9 World-Bridger, and the Dreamspell Kin equaled 19.13 [6.9 plus 13.4 = 19.13].  The G-Force of 4 Skywalker is Kin 39:  Cosmic Storm, and, it was the 19th day of the 13th Haab. The Postulate for Kin 39 [3 x 13] is:  19.13:  All is number God is a number.  God is in all.” When this Earthquake was later downgraded to a 6.0, it served as a reminder that the 6th  Rhythmic Hand Moon was the only Moon [since 2013 and The Mystery Queen began 70 Moons ago] to have 0 blogs. In the Cosmic Turtle Calendar, the totem for the 6th Moon is the Horse, whose Rhythmic transport has served humanity for millenium.  The significance of the Horse has long been heralded by it’s depiction upon English hillsides. The Uffington White Horse is 3,000 years old, and like the sabbatical-based Cosmic Turtle Calendar, it was renewed every 7 years:  “Until the late 19th century the Uffington White  Horse was scoured every seven years as part of a more general local fair held on the hill.”     And, “Of the thirteen white horses known to have existed in Wiltshire, eight are still visible“.  Most of these locations have attracted crop circles [‘inter-dimensional signals‘ per Valum Votan], further underscoring the significance of the Horse on many levels.   I was studying crop circles long before several appeared 20 miles from my home, in 2003 and 2004, yet I was amazed today to realize that the vast majority of crop circles appear at the sites of horses engraved into the English countryside!  I  look forward to riding horses in Vilcabamba, where they are the primary mode of transportation [along with walking]  🙂 The 6th Rhythmic Moon of Equality always contains the beginning of a new Gregorian year.  New Zealand::Aotearoa, is  the first land to see the light of each new day and each New Year.

The Gregorian New Year’s Day might be the most widely observed holiday in the world.  The Gregorian Calendar dictating the 12:60 program began relatively recently [after the Tomb of Pacal Votan warned Humanity of the artificial frequency of the 12 irregular months] and it has become  deeply entrenched in our psyches and societies. On the 207th day of 2015, the Cosmic Turtle Calendar and the ‘official 13 Moon Calendar’ will both begin a New 13 Moon Year on D: GAP 114: Planetary Wizard,  M: 2 Hand.  July 26, 2015 is on a Sunday, and each Year, Week and Moon of the Cosmic Turtle Calendar begin on Sunday, in perpetuity. For 218 days, the two 13 Moon Calendars will be synchronized with each other, until Leap Day [1/29/2016].  Unlike the Cosmic Turtle Calendar and the Mayan Tzolkin, the official 13 Moon Calendar and the Dreamspell Tzolkin do not count Leap Day.

The Mayan defined a Kin/Day as a 24 hour alternation of Day and Night and the current official 13 Moon system ignores five Day/Kin every four years, in order to remain aligned with the Gregorian Calendar.  The Cosmic Turtle Calendar is aligned with the perpetual 7 day week::28 Day Moon, which reflects the cycles of the Moon and Women, by which Humans tracked time, long before the 13 Moons were chopped into 12 irregular months. Today’s Mayan Kin: 7 Earth signifies the Mayan Lord 7 Earth at the ‘Heart of the Earth‘.

Oceania, in the Human zone of  Earth’s Holon Planet Holon is the first land to see the light, and Ecuador, in the Human zone is the land of equal Night and Day.  Ecuador is consistently  “Attuned” with the 4 quarters of the day:  the Sun always dawns at 6:00, when the Guide watch of each day begins, and the Hidden Power watch always begins as the Sun sets at 18:00.

This 7th  Resonant Moon of Attunement is coded by Kin 228:  Resonant Star.  The 7th Moon includes the “Heart” of the 13 Moon year [Resonant 14:15] which is also the birthday of Valum Votan.  Today is Resonant Six, which alpha-numerically equals 158.  Cosmic Turtle and “Heart of the Earth” also equal 158  🙂  [An e-mail last night from Jay  196 entitled “Cosmic Turtle!” prompted me to finally finish this 798th blog].    798 – 780 = 18:  Mirror::Yogini.  798-441 = 357.  The Vigesimal of 357 is” is the name of my new site.  Adding co [=18] to 158 results in 166.   Kin 166:  Planetary World-Bridger  coded the first day of the Cosmic Turtle Calendar  on 7/28/2013.  The” site  will become active after I arrive in Ecuador, the country which  embodies the ‘Heart of the Earth‘ in several ways.  Ecuador has erected a lovely monument and small cultural community at the Middle of the World‘ [mitaddelmundo]  which marks the Equator, the geographical Heart [center] of our planet. Moving on from the Heart of our Earth to the Heart of our Galaxy:  

13 days ago, it was reported that “On Sept. 14, 2013, Haggard and her team detected an X-ray flare from Sgr A* 400 times brighter than its usual, quiet stateThe super-massive black hole at the center of our galaxy, called Sagittarius A*, or Sgr A*, is estimated to contain about 4.5 million times the mass of our sun.  It’s interesting that the largest ever x-ray flare from the heart of our galaxy occurred on the Long Count date of  🙂 largest X-ray flare Earth is now encountering a celestial event closer to home, as we move through a particularly dense part of the remnants of Maldek a.k.a. The Asteroid Belt, during the 6th. 7th and 8th Moons.  This article [also written 13 days ago] reports an “army of asteroids” heading our way.   It also claims that, like the beautiful and beautifully-named Comet:  LOVEJOY, [named after Australian Terry Lovejoy], they seem to be intelligently directed! Comet Lovejoy Photograph by HowesComet LOVEJOY  on Jan. 8 ” “The whole thing stretches more than 7 million km from end to end.”  On Jan. 7th, Comet Lovejoy was at its closest to Earth: 0.47 astronomical units (70 million km) away. Although the comet will be moving away from us for the rest of the month, it will continue to grow in brightness because it is still moving closer to the sun. The number 7 occurs several times  in these articles, during this 7th Moon  🙂 of people have flocked to a Mexican city where crop circles spanning seven-hectares appeared on Christmas EveMexicans have joked on social media that the 'aliens' responsible could be drunk, as the circles are not well shaped; a local website reported that the crop circles could be an 'alien sign' This unexplained formation appeared overnight in the land of the Mayans, less than 19 kilometers from Teotihuacan and its Temple of the Sun, where Jose Arguelles was anointed as Valum Votan, the “Closer of the Cycle” .Teotihuacan Pyramids As predicted, so much is unfolding on so many levels, in our solar system and planet, since the Mayan cycle ended on December 22, 2012.    This 7th Resonant Moon of Attunement, the 13 Moon equivalent of the 7th mystic channel of the Tzolkin,  is a most appropriate time to step away from technology and become more attuned with Spirit and Nature. The Cosmic Turtle Calendar‘s  totem for the 7th Resonant Moon is the Dolphin,  who strongly resonates with Humans.   Dolphins were represented on ancient coins and in these 3 crop circles. Magically and appropriately, Ecuador, the ‘Heart of the Earth‘, has Pink Dolphins! Several Kin are resonating with the idea of visiting or even moving to Ecuador, where  13:20  Natural Time is more prevalent, and living close to Nature is easier and so tempting.  Perhaps the Resonant Dolphins in the heart of Ecuador’s Rainforest will beckon you also!

N.S.  1. 27. 7. 6.     D 183:  Magnetic Night:: Mayan:  7 Cab’an [Earth]  1/16/2015

The Seventh Mystic Moon and the Wavespell of Magic begin on the Day of the 2013 Super Moon

Tonight’s Super Moon will appear 13% larger and 30% brighter than a normal Full Moon.  In New Zealand, the Moon is  Full at 11.23 p.m. on Sunday.  The Perigee [when the Moon is closest to the Earth] is just 20 minutes before the Moon is at its fullest, making this the largest-appearing Moon of 2013.

This is happening  during the 23rd hour of the first day of the 11th Blue Magnetic Monkey Wavespell of Magic and the Yellow Cosmic  [13] Star [8] Moon.  The 23 [the 13 Moon number of Lover’s Reunion] is reflected in the Gregorian date [6/23], reminding us of March 23, when Valum Votan ascended during the week of the 2011 Super Moon.   His departure was exactly 2 years  and 3 months ago.


During a Perigee  [Super] Moon, the distance from Earth to the Moon is roughly 221,000 miles.

The Simple Gematrical Frequency [SGF] of  “Cosmic Super Moon” = 198.  198 = Synchronotron  The Synchronotron number dictionary informs us:  “:221: 13 x 17, code of the cosmic navigator, Chac Le…Vigesimal 11.1.”

Valum Votan  [11.11] wrote of Chac Le, whose expedition from space ended in a crash on Earth.  An entire Maya city full of pyramids and palatial complexes has been discovered in a remote jungle in southeastern Mexico, archaeologists report

It appears that this was the area in which Chac Le landed, and that the Mayan complex called  Chactun may have been named for him.  “Sprajc and his team found three monumental complexes with the remains of pyramids – one 75 feet (23 meters) high – as well as ball courts, plazas, homes, altars, bits of painted stucco and stone slabs known as stele.”

The vigesimal of 221 [11.1] is today’s Kin:  131:  Blue Magnetic Monkey;  11.1.  221 occupies the center of the 441  Cube Matrix  [H:  11;  V 11] and Kin 131 anchors the center of the Tzolkin.

 Today we begin the Return Journey of the Tzolkin that contains 5 of the Mystic Moons, our Galactic Synchronization [in 33 days] and the beginning of the Galactic Seed year.  

Today’s Long Count Kin is Rhythmic Earth, and the Combined Dreamspell Kin is 138:  Galactic Mirror  [11.1 + 8.13 + 19.7 = 18.8]  

The G-Force of  1 Monkey is 4 Dragon,  Signature of the Law of Time.  The SGF of Self-Existing Dragon is 208, the number of the Kin that codes the Seventh Mystic Moon:  Cosmic Star Moon.

The last week of the Mirror Wavespell and the Crystal Hand Moon contained the Magic Turtle Solstice coded by  Crystal Moon.  That week also hosted a lively ‘Crystal Round Table‘ with lots of input from Jannis 9.7 and Adrian 17.8, wonderful news from KiwiMike 6.5 and a beautiful video of a Solstice celebration at a sacred site in the Andes…merci beaucoup, Christine 13.3 .  Thanks to Poet Piet 55, for the videos of Valum Votan 🙂     Kin discussed whether the 13 Moon Calendar is aligned with the Gregorian Calendar or with the much more ancient and globally recognized 7 day week.


As pointed out, [see comments at prior post]  the Heliacal Rising of Sirius does not  necessarily happen on July 26th, and an internet search will show that there are many opinions, ranging from July 10 [my birthday] to  August 11:  8.11, [G-Force of 8.11 = today’s cdk 18.8]   🙂  Whether one begins the next 13 Moon year on Sunday, 7/28 or Friday 7/26, we are all within the average period of the Rising of the beautiful Star of Isisknown as Sirius.

What is most relevant is the fact that we have all chosen to return to the natural cycles of time, via The Sacred 13 Moons.  We have so much in common, and are now focused on oUR Galactic Synchronization,  in 33 days.  To paraphrase 177, let’s agree [or disagree] with HARMONY 🙂

This ‘Inter-Dimensional Signal appeared on the Solstice, in  England:

Per my calculations, the Base Matrix Unit of this number is 316:  “79 x 4, form and measure of Noosphere Constant = 4 plate psi bank code, corresponds to Ur Harmonic 79, Tree of Cosmic Force Generates Planet Mind”  One ‘Mayan interpretation‘ of that number:  There are 223 Sunspot Cycles in the Mayan Great Cycle, and 13 Oxlahuntiki,  and 9 Bolon Tiku.

This Crop Circle was ‘completed’ a  day later:

The Kin Equivalent of 223,139 is 79:  Blue Magnetic Storm.  Again, The Noosphere Constant is indicated by the ‘Star People‘  🙂

TMQ recently viewed a film about crop circles, in which it was relayed that mathematicians had calculated that several crop circles [appearing during the decade of the Discovery of the Tomb of the Red Queen] were indicating this ancient phrase:

*****    G O D D E S S    of   ALL   C R E A T I O N    *****

To paraphrase the Postulate for 79:  Magnetic Storm:

 19.1:  “There is but one Goddess::God, and but one God::Goddess alone to be reverenced.”  

JOY  and TRANSFORM with the Magic of the 11th Monkey Wavespell, during the Seventh Mystic Moon  🙂

N. S.  1. 25. 13. 1.;            Kin 131;        c.d.k.:   138      2013  Super Moon    Cosmic 8 Moon