GAP Kin 222: Magnetic Wind begins today’s 18th Wavespell of Spirit, which is a Fractal of this 13 Moon Year’s Annual Wavespell

Galactic Activation Portal Kin 222:  Magnetic Wind begins a 13 day Wavespell that is a fractal of this year’s Annual Wavespell of 13 Moons.  GAP 222:  Magnetic Wind coded the First Moon of this year.  The next Magic Turtle Day is Kin 228:  Galactic Moon, which is the same Kin that codes this  8th Galactic Moon of Integrity and Harmony.   Besides containing a fractal of this 13 Moon Year, this Moon also features the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

The Year of the Goat began 5 days ago, and the world’s largest annual human migration is now well underway as 2.8 billion trips are made across China during the period of their Lunar New Year.    “Although China has used the Gregorian calendar since 1912, Chinese New Year is based on the ancient Chinese Lunar Calendar, and it falls on the second new moon after winter solstice – somewhere between 21 January and 19 February, meaning it changes from year to year.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar is a prime example of a Calendar being aligned with the Solstice and the cycles of the Moon,  so it is heartening to know that One Sixth of the world’s population celebrates this most important Chinese holiday.   The Year of the Goat began on the 60th day since the December 2014 Solstice.

Fireworks explode at the River Hongbao Lunar New Year Celebrations along Marina Bay in Singapore Because the Chinese character “yang” can translate in colloquial Chinese as either sheep or goat, there is a bit of confusion over this year’s Zodiac [Totem].  The Goat/Sheep comes 8th in the Chinese Zodiac.

The Totem for the 8th Galactic Moon [in the Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  13 Moons of Harmony] is the Bear, which is associated with the constellation of Ursa Major, and with the country of Russia.  Baby Polar Bears in Moscow Zoo: First Steps With Mom

These adorable Bear Cubs were born at the Moscow Zoo during the ‘Galactic Bear Moon‘  🙂

 Russia is dominating headlines during this Galactic Moon of Integrity, thanks to the masterful leadership of Vladimir Putin. who conducted Peace talks in Minsk, and who, according to the following article made the most important speech of his career last week:  “what he {Putin} actually wants from the US is not conflict but cooperation.

Putin also recently met with the ‘landslide-elected‘ new Prime Minister of Greece, Alex Tsipras, {D: Planetary Monkey} shown here with their new Finance Minister [left]

Greece’s prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, right and finance minister Yianis Varoufakis said they were confident the government’s plan would be approved. Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, like Vladimir Putin, is a consummate game-player.  Varoufakis [D: PVCS Magnetic Sun]  taught Game Theory Mathematics.  He wrote here:

that“The trouble with game theory, as I used to tell my students, is that it takes for granted the players’ motives  . In poker or blackjack this assumption is unproblematic.  But in the current deliberations between our European partners and Greece’s new government, the whole point is to forge new motives. To fashion a fresh mind-set that transcends national divides, dissolves the creditor-debtor distinction in favor of a pan-European perspective, and places the common European good above petty politics, dogma that proves toxic if universalized, and an us-versus-them mind-set.

 The Dreamspell signatures of Greek’s new ‘Dream Team‘ equal 11.11, and “They may renounce not only austerity but their foreign debts and eternal interest payments. The entire financial empire – the so-called global financial system could be shaken . . . Greece could once again become the ‘cradle of democracy‘.{ }  Leaders who are restoring Harmony and Integrity seem to be ‘ascending’ during this 8th Moon  🙂

Here is ‘new ‘ information about the Earth, that is compatible with what Dr. Arguelles::Valum Votan; 11.11 has revealed:     “A research team from the University of Illinois and colleagues in China found earth’s inner core has an inner core of its own, with crystals aligned in a different direction.”

A quote from:  also supports the concept of INTEGRITY:

Aldo Leopold said, “A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”

Fractal Enlightenment [during this Fractal Wavespell] calls to mind Grayham Forscutt, who lives in Golden Bay, near where 198 whales beached themselves last week.

  Galactic Mirror [this writer] decided to remain in the part of New Zealand depicted in this image for the remainder of the Galactic Moon. This image is from one of Grayham’s excellent sites, which were updated this week.

Two days before the Whales beached themselves at Farewell Spit, New Zealand experienced “A “blinding” flash, intense explosion and sonic booms experienced over much of the country … probably caused by a meteor, experts agree”.

This meteor disintegrated off of our coast just before the Two Year Anniversary of the Chelyabinsk Asteroid, which was the largest object to hit Earth in 100 years…[since the Tugunska Event]  The fragments from the Chelyabinsk Asteroid from Maldek [The Asteroid Belt] are 4.5 billion years old, virtually unchanged ” “Before astronomy was ‘adjusted‘ to become the science of the study of planets, it was concerned with the study of comets and when they would return...”

This week also contained the 4th anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake [on 2/22, a Gregorian expression of today’s Kin 222] which caused the demolition of 1,040 buildings and made over 7,000 home permanently unlivable.

This article by Augureye Express  :‘Mission Status Field Report #108‘ gives a synopsis of where we are at,  in  the New Cycle of The Fifth Sun:

 “The uplift specialists known as the indigo children and the crystal children are already carrying out their specific parts of the mission, and have gained recognition as the leaders and way showers of the 5th Sun.  They are taking the knowledge of living spiritually and embodying it in the way they live upon the planet; setting an example of a better way for all… “We are doing everything we can conjure, and even though we may not see the path of it now we are confident that the uplift mission will succeed

This is another reminder of how many are working on different fronts to ‘Increase the LIGHT‘  [=56=GALACTIC]  In terms of the 13 Moon Calendar and 13:20 progress, I appreciated recent “Likes”  from two kins who are each working on this in their own way via these sites:

  Xochipilli is also a Galactic Mirror  🙂  Gracias  🙂

I am looking forward to delving deeper into Galactic Wizard‘s site:  This  799th blog, carries the Kin Equivalent of the Sacred 19  🙂

Besides contributing so much here with his many comments, Poet Piet 55 is currently seeking a way to contribute more than his considerable knowledge to aspects of the  13:20 community.  We need more like him! Thanks to Mieke, Reimar 143 and Vernon 221 for your recent comments  🙂

Jay 196 feels like one of the Crystal Children, with his e-mails of  information and thought-provoking questions about the Calendar systems and Galactic Wizard’s 1919 Matrix.  196  is one of the ‘pioneers‘ who consistently aligns the 7 Radial  Plasmas with the 7 day week, and he requests more information about the Cosmic Turtle Calendar.  I’ll write more about that from my new location [arrival during the Solar Moon]  But here are some ‘tidbits‘ about the Gregorian Calendar which was relatively recently imposed upon humanity:

Less than 100 years ago, “Russia makes a new proposal to the world, which is to abolish both the Julian and Gregorian calendars and adopt a new – fangled Russian one. There has lately been much discussion here regarding the necessity of reforming the Julian calendar”.

March 25 is known as  Lady Day, named for the Virgin Mary’s Annunciation. [illustrated in this painting by Leonardo da Vinci:   In England, Lady Day was New Year’s Day until 1752, when 1 January became the start of the year”.  Most of humanity only adopted the Gregorian Calendar in the last century, and billions still resonate with Lunar Calendars.

Regarding NUMBER:  “… of the great philosophers in history such as Archimedes, Copernicus, Socrates and DaVinci all were mathematicians first and foremost.   I submit that everything from biblical prophecy to DNA strands are built and based on quite simple mathematical formulas and patterns”

The 8 and 9 of this of this 8th Galactic Moon coded by Galactic Moon 9.8 is reflected in every line of this intriguing table:

(1 x 8) + 1= 9;    (12 x 8) + 2 = 98;    (123 x 8) + 3 = 987;     (1234 x 8) + 4 = 9876;   (12345 x 8) + 5 = 98765;   (123456 x 8) + 6 = 987654

(1234567 x 8) + 7 = 9876543;   (12345678 x 8) + 8 = 98765432;   (123456789 x 8) + 9 = 987654321

The Hidden Power for today, this 13 day Wavespell and this 13 Moon year is Cosmic Storm:  19.13, whose postulate states:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.

May you make the most of this Fractal Wavespell of the Annual Wavespell of Spirit, which begins with oday’s Galactic Activation Portal  🙂

1. 27. 8. 17.      D: GAP 222;  M: 6 Men [Eagle]      Feb. 24, 2015

Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey Marks 105 Galactic Spins since the Birth of Valum Votan, and exactly 34 Moons Since His Death

It seems fitting that the “Bardo of 49 days” since  the Kin 222 post would end on the Kin that codes Valum Votan a.k.a. Jose Arguelles. 

The Bardo after Votan’s death on Kin 89 [Spectral Moon:  9.11] ended 49 days later on  kin:  138:  Galactic Mirror.  Tomorrow will be the Gregorian 11/11, coded by the G-Force of 138:  12.12 Crystal Human.

Today is  Self-Existing 22.  22 is known as the number of Votan.  His seal [11] and tone [11] add up to 22, and his initial V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet.  The PSI Kin for Self-Existing 22 is 75:  Planetary Eagle, which is the Antipode of Valum Votan’s Long Count Planetary Serpent.  [Kin 75 is also my L.C. Kin]

Today’s Long Count kin is Electric Warrior.  11.11 + 16.3 = 27.14, which reduces by 20.13 to 7.1.  7.1 is the vigesimal for 141, the Kin [11 Dragon] that codes the Challenge of 11.11.  Valum Votan alpha-numerically equals 141 [as does TMQ’s name]  Pacal Votan a-n equals 105, the number of 260 day Galactic Spins since the birth of Valum Votan on 1/24/1939.  105 is the difference between the Galactic Spin and the 365 day Solar Spin. I feel Great gratitude for these two Votans, for introducing the variety of number systems that aid in identifying and mapping synchronicity  🙂

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

At this moment, it is 11:11 p.m. on Kin 11.11, and the 9th  straight night of fireworks just ended an hour ago.  For nearly 400 years, England had a law that mandated fireworks every November 5th, to symbolize the burning of an effigy of Guy Fawkes.  The people had a different view of him, and Guy Fawkes is sometimes toasted as “the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions

Historian Lewis Call has observed that Fawkes is now “a major icon in modern political culture”. He went on to write that the image of Fawkes’s face became “a potentially powerful instrument for the articulation of postmodern anarchism”[h] during the late 20th century, exemplified by the mask worn by V in the comic book series V for Vendetta, who fights against a fictional fascist English state.


Russell Brand joined the ‘Million Mask March‘ in England, and rather eloquently articulated the issues here:

The new Tzolkin that began during this 4th Self-Existing Human Moon contains several ‘anniversaries‘.  8 days ago, Electric Night [3.3] marked the first ‘Galactic Anniversary‘ [260 days] since the huge Asteroid struck in Chelyabinsk Russia.  It literally Electrified the Night, as shown in this photo:

r     The Electric Night Asteroid is  the largest object to hit the Earth in over a century, and appears to  have been a harbinger of more to come.

Russia recovered the largest piece of this meteor last week.  Apparently it also holds abundant material wealth as well as great spiritual value.  Valum Votan describes how 1 billion people pray  5 times per day to the Cube that contains a stone from Maldek [the Asteroid Belt].

A meteor [shown below] near Monterrey Mexico turned Night into Day early in the morning of the Magic Turtle Day:  Self-Existing Seed:  kin 4, which marked 6 Galactic Spins since the beginning of the Self-Existing Seed year.  2013 and The Mystery Queen began on the 18th day [1.18]  of that year, and this is the 778th transmission.  Vigesimally, 778 is written as 1.18.18.  


4 days after the Magic Turtle Day, on 8.8:  Galactic Star,  this article synchronistically appeared:

Astronomers using NASA data calculate that in our galaxy alone there are at least 8.8 billion Earth-sized planets that are not too hot or not too cold circle stars that are just like our sun, according to a study published Monday, Nov. 4, 2013

Near daily sightings of meteors/asteroids  indicate we are traversing a dense part of the Asteroid Belt.  The article linked below describes a threat, known as  Herboculus, originating from beyond our solar system, but headed our way.

” The Egyptian Goddess Isis is often portrayed as the “WINGED DISC”. The wings represent the spirals and the disc represents the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy, aka the “Great Mother” of our Solar System“.  I recommend this article:   which was 10 years in the making, and was just recently released  by Cosmic ConvergenceBecause there is a need among many to know.”  Our entire Solar System is rapidly changing, and the Earth’s largest storm ever, which killed at least 10,000 this week in the Phillipines, is the latest example of that.  “Super typhoon Haiyan destroyed about 70 to 80 percent of structures in its path as it tore through Leyte province on Friday.”

Fukushima, whose 32 Month anniversary is today, is mentioned as an example of the grave terrestrial threats facing humanity.   “a collective consciousness filled with light and wisdom and love can serve to mitigate even the most severe consequences of wrong living”   Remember the exercises described by Valum Votan in the Postulates for 10., and in Cosmic History Chronicle 6, Ch. 10:  Pulsar Cosmology, regarding using  molecular spin to reverse environmental damage.  “Pulsar cosmology [which is a telepathic technology discovered by Valum Votan in 1992] is a new methodology for modes of thinking that are capable of altering conditions in the material and immaterial worlds…

A more easily prepared for and remedied threat is possibly occurring in the U.S. on Magnetic Wizard [11/13/13]  That is when a huge ‘drill is scheduled to close down the country’s power grid.

Another anniversary occurs 11 days after 11/11/13:  The 50th Anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

.  Many people [including this writer] who can remember that fateful day in Dallas believe that tragedy was a turning point for America and humanity.  Another ex-pat American, prominent Mythologist and Author John Lash, expressed those sentiments in a recorded briefing today.  John was speaking one hour after a  strong earthquake shook his home in Spain, at 6.10 a.m., on 11.11.  Readers will know that both the Birth and Death of Valum Votan, kin 11.11 occurred precisely at 6:10 a.m., and that this 13 Moon year [per TMQ] began on 6.10:  Planetary World-Bridger [7/28/13].  Synchronistically, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a Planetary World-Bridger  🙂  

Two quotes from this brilliant and popular 35th President of America are applicable today:  “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”.  “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.”

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace I’m so grateful for the many communications from dear Kin during this ‘Bardo‘ between posts.  Your wonderful comments, e-mails and occasional Skypes and telepathic messages helped maintain our connection, and motivated the posting of this overdue transmission.  Welcome to some new and patient subscribers.   Whether you are reading this on Dreamspell kin 11.11, or on Gregorian 11/11, this 11-petaled 

Ancient Symbol of Protection, Grace and Blessings is meant for every one of  you  🙂

N. S. 1.  26.  4.  22.       Kin 11:  Spectral Monkey        posted on 11/11/13

An Asteroid from Maldek Lands in Russia on the 13th Day of the 8th Galactic Moon

A 49 foot wide Asteroid from Maldek; 24.5: Fifth Planet out from the Sun, now maintaining it’s orbit as The Asteroid Belt] entered Earth’s atmosphere traveling at 18 kilometers per second). It impacted near Chelyabinsk, Russia at 8:20:26 a.m. on Feb. 15, and the energy released by the impact was in the hundreds of kilotons. One report said it had the power of 30 Hiroshimas.

“The size of the object before hitting the atmosphere was about 49 feet (15 meters) and had a mass of about 7,000 tons”. This asteroid was brighter than the sun, and it’s tail was visible for 30 seconds. Over 1,000 people were injured as a result of the shock wave it created. The meteorite exploded nine times, starting at an altitude of 55 kilometers.

The Russia meteor is the largest reported since [June 17] 1908, when a meteor hit Tunguska, Siberia” “…that so-called Tunguska event leveled 2000 square kilometers of forest.”

During the 48 hour period that contained the Chelyabink Asteroid, there were mass sightings of powerful asteroids/’fireballs’ in several places, including South America, Cuba, Japan and the west coast of the U.S. The Asteroid captured the attention of astonomers, who are now working on equipment to detect the increasing number of meteors and asteroids approach Earth. Inevitably, there are others who are seeking to capitalize from this escalating phenomenon:

The value of being able to capture an asteroid cannot be overestimated, VKS scientists say in this report, as one single asteroid in our solar system, 241 Germania, alone has an estimated mineral wealth value of $95.8 trillion, which is nearly the same as the annual GDP of the entire world.” {!}

The Chelyabinsk Asteroid has spiritual value. In the Mystery of the Stone, Valum Votan describes how the cherished ‘Stone’from Maldek occupies the Cube in Mecca, to which 1 billion Muslims direct their prayers 5 times each day.

That precious Stone, the recipient of so much devotion, now has at least one sibling from Maldek on the Planet.
Before it was shattered, Maldek was a most harmonious and happy Paradise. Maldek’s fragments still maintain its orbit between Mars and Jupiter, as predicted by Bode’s Law:
The orbital ratios of the planets in relation to their distance from the Sun may be expressed as a harmonic set of numbers.”
The Telektonon tells us that Maldek [Bode # 28] is the “Lost planet, lost chord, cosmic 4 x mystic 7.”
This asteroid from Maldek serves to remind us [page 50 of The Telektonon Instruction Manual] that “The sum of the nine intervals between the 10 orbits equals 384.
384 + 64 x 6–the number of lines of the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching and units of the DNA code. These number ratios confirm the biotelepathy of the Telektonon codes.”

This significant Asteroid from Maldek arrived 8 days before the 26 Year Anniversary of Quetzalcoatl [Super-Nova 1987 A], which appropriately is coded by Kin 11: Valum Votan. The Pleaidians call that 26 year period of time the “Nano-second’ during which intelligent life from other galactic systems are focused on 24.3: Earth.
Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles wrote that the Time of Prophecy: The 26 Years of Harmonic Convergence began with the arrival of Supernova 1987A “Quetzalcoatl”, and the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17 1987.

The second-largest Asteroid from Maldek landed on Kin 3: Electric Night, the 13th day of the Galactic Night Moon. Galactic Limi Thirteen alpha-numerically equals 198, reminding one of the year [1908] that the largest piece of Maldek arrived. 198 = Electric Mirror [same Kin and alpha-numerics].

The PSI of Galactic 13 is kin 145: Lunar Serpent, the G-Force of 9 Storm, which codes Princess Diana. TMQ’s birthday falls 145 days after galactic 13 –galactic 13 is also the address of my oldest operating e-mail account :).

Other ‘Eights” of Harmony” appear during this 8th Galactic Moon of Harmony. CHC II: Book of the Avatar was referenced in a recent comment from “Galactic Federation” [at the penultimate blog; Welcome and Thank You ] Galactic Federation pointed out page 59. Kin 59 codes this 13 Moon year.
Seven pages before page 59 is “Pacal Votan’s Book of Harmony” followed by a pull-out map of the ‘Eight Wisdom Cycles’

The ‘Book of Harmony’ states “Three perfect numbers unlock the solar Mystery: “…
EIGHT is the number of rays, evenly placed…
THIRTEEN are the tones of GALACTIC order…
TWENTY are the seals of becoming and return…”

The Asteroid from Maldek arrived in the Greg. year that contains 20 and 13, and on the 13 Moon date [per TMQ] that contains the 8 and 13.
The Eight Wisdom Cycles of Becoming and Return began on Crystal 10 of the Solar Seed year.
On Galactic 11 [20.13, Kin 260] we began the final 260 day cycle of the Eight Wisdom Cycles, we are now in the 37th Galactic Spin since 1987, year of Quetzalcoatl’s SuperNova return, and the Harmonic Convergence which was initiated by Valum Votan.

Page 53 of CHC II begins with: “Wisdom is Harmony. Harmony is Wisdom…The Eight 520-unit Wisdom Cycles uncover deeper aspects of knowledge and wisdom that are functions of the Synchronic Order and the Galactic Mayan mind Transmission…Each octave contains a plethora of information…What was the enlightened point of view that brought aoo this about?…In this sense, “Wisdom” is Theophany, the presence of God shining through the details of the design of His [Her] creation</em>.”

TMQ met with the First Solar Witness on Lunar Wind [Valentine’s Day]. 12 Wizard wanted to convey the importance of “Eight“. I told him that this was the Eighth Moon, and that I knew Katherine Neville while she wrote her masterpiece “The Eight”. He asked the name of its sequel which she wrote, and we pondered the 8 x 8 = 64 units of DNA , the 64 squares of a chessboard and the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching.

Afterward, when he and his wife 4 Skywalker returned to Cable Bay, they had to wait two hours on Cable Bay Road while 50 firemen and two helicopters extinguished a large FIRE [which melted everyone’s water pipes, but caused no injury] On 4 Seed, I e-mailed 12 Wizard the name of Katherine’s sequel to ‘The Eight’: “THE FIRE”!
That, and many other synchronicities stemming from our 2.2 discussion finally caused TMQ to realize/remember the significance of the EIGHT PSI PLATES.

The middle of the Second Mystic Moon: Galactic Night Moon of Harmony and Abundance produced the second largest asteroid from Maldek, and the largest Abundance of Dolphins:

Dolphins usually travel in pods of around 200. On 5 Serpent [February 17th] a Super Mega-Pod of dolphins was spotted off of the coast of San Diego.
There were 100,000 dolphins who covered an area of 5 miles by 7 miles!!!
‘Dutra estimated there were about 100,000 dolphins swimming in the area. “They were coming from all directions, you could see them from as far as the eye can see,”

May these two rarest of events signal a Return of HARMONY and LOVE.

N. S. 1. 25. 16. Cube Ten: LOVE 6 World-Bridger; {L.C. 11 Storm}