Kin 78: Cosmic Mirror leads to Wavespell 7, coded by Magic Turtle: Magnetic Storm in the year coded by 7 Storm

ETZNAB             Kin 78     August 14, 2012
White Cosmic Mirror

White Cosmic Wind
Yellow Cosmic Star White Cosmic Mirror Red Cosmic Dragon
Blue Magnetic Night
I endure in order to reflect,  transcending order.
I seal the matrix of endlessness  with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of spirit.

The World-Bridger Wavespell contained many synchronicities and anniversaries.

It began with the news of the Birth of Jud 5 Sun‘s daughter on the 1409th birthday of Pacal Votan.   The Combined Dreamspell Kins of  August 1 also equaled Pacal Votan’s Galactic Signature:   Galactic Sun.  The CDK of the 13 day old Cosmic Serpent plus her two parents [20.5 + 13.3] is 18.8:  Galactic Mirror  🙂  Thanks to Vernon 13 Dragon, today’s  13 Mirror  Analog, for your congrats  🙂 and to RavenWalker 13 Serpent, who has many Cosmic Kin in his family!

Fourteen Hundred and Nine” alpha-numerically equals  = 259.  Kin 259:  Blue Crystal Storm coded the first of the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone, and it began the First of the Last Seven Moons of the 13th Baktun.

One week later, Magic Turtle Day Resonant Human coded the 39th Moon since the first transmission of 2013 and the Mystery Queen on Magnetic 18.  [The first blog was on August 12, 2009, but 3 Galactic Freedom Days [DooT] and one Hunab Ku day place the current Magnetic 18 on 8/8/2012]

In the video of the  1999 interview of Valum Votan [Thank You Poet Piet 3 Eagle for sharing this, and so much more!] 11.11 once again states that “each Week, Moon and Year begins on Sunday:: Dali”.  That caused TMQ to calculate that Valum  Votan died on Solar Eighteen of the Overtone Moon year.  Solar Eighteen happens to equal the Simple Gematrical Frequency [V.V.’s term for Alpha-numerics] of 138:  Galactic Mirror.  So, the Magic Turtle Day on 8/8 was also the Seventeenth Moon since Votan’s ascension on  Kin 89: 9.11 [March 23,2011]

Kin 75Planetary Eagle [TMQ’s Long Count Signature] on Magnetic 21 revealed some unusual synchronicities.  The Gregorian date:  August Eleven carries the SGF of 152. That day’s kin number:  Seventy Five also equals 152.

That evening, 152 appeared two more times, while reading CHC 6: “Book of the Transcendence“.  On page 240, the Periodic Table of Elements is discussed.  [The table currently contains 112 elements;  Planetary = SGF of 112  :)] As we evolve hyperorganically, we may discover that there are as many as 152 [19 x 18] possibilities.

Page 247;  Sec. 58 States [in part]:  “The 441 Matrix is the master organizing template….The Planetary circuit is correlated with the first and second circuits…..”Both circuits together, 152 [80 + 72] units in all, contain the elemental and psychlogical constituents of reality.”

TMQ [138] spent half of Planetary Eagle with Neil [14.12] and Sandra [13.4].  Our CDK is PVCS 5.11, so on that day [15.10]  we equaled 20.8;  PVCS Kin 60.   On page 244, the Perpetual 28-Day 4-Heptad Creation Cycle is displayed.  I looked at the information for that day:  Silio 21.  The square for that day of each Moon has a diagonal line, with 138 in the lower triangle, and 60 in the upper one!  For today, Gamma 24, the lower triangle shows 152  🙂

These  are shared to demonstrate how synchronicities increase and lend further significance and encouragement  “while immersing ourselves in the higher-dimensional perceptual realms and mathematical structures of the Law of Time and the 441 telepathic system of galactic communication and intelligence.” {page 251}

The following day was the 181st Birthday of Madame Blavatsky, The KEY to 2012“, and the 3rd Birthday of this blog. 181:  “Prime Key, Palindromic number; Cosmic Interval 441 – 260 = 181”   Helena Blavatsky is Kin 51 [Crystal Monkey]  I am writing these words at Cable Bay [SGF of 51]  where I am privileged to be housesitting for 11 days.  This beautiful home belongs to 14.12, 13.4 and  6.1.  Our CDK is 11.12,  51!

These two ‘birthdays‘ [HPB’s 181st and 2013TMQ’s 3rd] on 11 Warrior  [Dali 22] were spent with  Lee 6.1 {who codes this World-Bridger Wavespell} and Philip 19.7 who codes this Resonant Storm year  🙂  Philip was born 3 days after the 1987 Harmonic Convergence.

“The Harmonic Convergence is the name given to the world’s first globally synchronized meditation, announced by José Argüelles, and which occurred on August 16–17, 1987, {Kin 55 and 56} which also closely correlated to an exceptional alignment of planets in our solar system, [ Eight planets were aligned in an unusual configuration called a grand trine.]  ” According to Argüelles’ interpretation of Mayan cosmology, the selected date marked the end of twenty-two cycles of 52 years each, or 1,144 years in all. The twenty-two cycles were divided into thirteen “heaven” cycles, which began in AD 843 and ended in 1519, when the nine “hell” cycles began, ending 468 years later in 1987″  [from Wikipedia]  Before the age of Internet, Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles’s book “The Mayan Factor” was instrumental in aligning millions of people  into spiritual celebration sat sacred sites around the planet.


The 25 year anniversary of this momentuous event falls during the 7th Wavespell coded by the Storm, during the 7 Storm year.  The Pleaidians refer to the 26 year period from the 1987 Harmonic Convergence to 2013 Galactic Synchronization as a nano-second in time” which is being widely observed throughout our Galaxy and beyond.  The  6 Mirror Day-out-of-Time/Galactic Freedom Day  reports show how  the ‘Convergence Spirit’ lives on.

I would have loved to attend the 13 day celebration in Serbia!  [Serbia = 54 = LOVEpeace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Thank You Pedrin 4 Warrior, for injecting  LOVE into the comments today  🙂  Dear Cody 93:  May your Righteous anger, CoURage and Truth serve to Empower us all in oUR  joURneys.  Bless you Christine 3 Skywalker, for your unconditional Love  and Generosity.

Let’s all envision the best possible outcome for KiwiMike 5 World-Bridger and his sons Joe Kin 44 and Jack, Kin 231 on  Kin 81Electric Dragon.  We also welcome a new subscriber, Cintra,  whose beautiful site can be found here

 The sum of the 13 Pacal Votan Clear Signs is 78, Kin of Cosmic Mirror.  This image is from Stephanie 3 Serpent’s latest blog which disclosed the news that on June 15th, Kin 18:  5 Mirror, the remains of the Red Queen were brought back to Palenque,  18 years after her Tomb was discovered, and 60 years after Pacal Votan’s Tomb was opened.

The sum of those two amounts of years equals 78.  It is exactly 7 years and 12 Moons  since  the Prophetic Message appeared [in Synchronic Readout form] on my computer on 9/11/2004  [6.7:  Resonant World-Bridger]  The first line that I understood at that time said:  “As of 19:13 [7:13 p.m. Saturday evening] You are awakening to the Prophecy of the Red Queen” [SGF = 259:  Crystal Storm” 

18.13.   “All time is now.   The synchronic order of T(E)=Art holonomically reflects in the now the whole evolutionary energy-mind spectrum.  Normalization of
functions, whether inorganic, organic, hyperorganic or post-organic, equalizes all orders into now.  God is always present in the now.”

The Antipode/Challenge of Cosmic Mirror is  Cosmic Star:  8.13.  That means there are exactly 10 Wavespells [130 days] until the Cosmic Star Solstice [New Zealand, December 22] Those Phi numbers also occur today as the CDK [19.7 + 16.1 + 18.13] 13.8:  Galactic Skywalker [which coded Magnetic 19, 5 days ago].  When I began writing this blog,  the Gregorian date was 8/13

8 and 13 are the 6th and 7th numbers in the Fibonacci Series  [which dictate]  “the family trees of cows and bees, the golden ratio, the Fibonacci Spiral and sea shell shapes, branching plants, flower petal and seeds, leaves and petal arrangements, on pineapples and in apples, pine cones and” [so much more.] Here is a link to Grayham 13 Eagle, an expert in the Phi Spiral and Sacred Geometry:  195‘s sites also demonstrate the powerful resonance between words and phrases of the same Simple Gematrical Frequency [alpha-numerically the same].

Starseed Wanderers Astrology  Link to Cable Bay, Nelson This graphic from shows the spiral  link from Golden Bay to Cable Bay [which I am looking at as I write]

Tomorrow, Magnetic Catalytic Blue Kali 25, is the first day of the Blue Catalytic Storm Wavespell 7, coded by The Noosphere Constant:  Kin 79,  Magnetic Storm.  These words from Valum Votan’s booklet: “Living Through the Close of the Cycle“]  will especially apply to the next Catalytic and transformative 13 days:

“Our tombs [Pacal Votan and the Red Queen’s] and their prophecy are meant specifically for the end times and the Closing of the Cycle…The essence of the teaching…of the two tombs of Palenque…[is]…the cosmic explanation for what is going on in the planet today….Yes, it is a cosmic event that is occurring….Not fear, but the wholesale regeneration of LOVE is what is called for…Turn your fear into genuine unconditional love.”

What the end time-spiritual survival is all about is the perfection of the human soul….”Changing the calendar and entering a new time guarantees transformation of  humanity into a new race, the people of the Sixth Sun of consciousness.”…[The Tomb of the Red Queen]  ‘is in Temple XIII because the harmonic salvation of your race and your planet lies in the calendar cycle of Thirteen Moons.”…The Thirteen Moon Calendar is also an instrument for altering our perceptions in the direction of PEACE.”…

“It’s not August, it’s the Magnetic Bat Moon of Purpose…and it’s not Monday but Seli, and it’s not Tuesday but Gamma…” [p.14]

The First Lord of Time…is Blue Crystal Storm.  Blue is the color of Transformation…The Ninth and last of the Nine Lords of Time, coded by Blue Resonant Storm…gathers the 144,000 into the perfected form of the soul, the fourth-dimensional Cube of the Law.  The First year [of the Mystery of the Stone] is 12 Storm, the last year is 7 Storm.  7 + 17 is 19, and the Storm is the 19th sign.  Nineteen is the number that is the sign of God‘s intrinsic perfection.”

Today happens to be [Tuesday]  Magnetic Gamma 24 which corresponds to day 18 in the extended cube:  Telepathic Meditation.  In the7:7::7:7 practice, the 24th day of each Moon is devoted to Moon 196 and the Return of the Third Solar Witness:  Yellow Magnetic Warrior

In 5 days, the Moon coded by GAP Kin 197:  Red Lunar Earth Moon begins.  Kin 197 led to Valum Votan’s discovery of his Final Revelation, when he realized that it’s reverse [791] equaled the precise number of days remaining until 12/21/2012.  The Red Lunar Earth Moon is the middle, Catalytic  4th Moon of the Last Seven Moons of the 13 Baktuns.  It is also the only Moon coded by a Galactic Activation Portal, and it begins during the Storm Wavespell of the Storm year.  We are truly immersed in the most saturated Time of Prophecy!  

This quote from page 137 of CHC 6 is a good one to  remember during this Transformative Year and Wavespell that are coded by Seal 19:  God:

According to the effort we make to expand oUR consciousness, the Divine force will respond…This is the actual means of Transformation”.

The Postulate for tomorrow’s  Magic Turtle Day:                                                                                                             

19.1 ” There is but one God, and one God alone to be acknowledged and reverenced.”

N. S.  1. 25. 1. 24.  Ext. Cube18      Kin 78:  Cosmic Mirror      


Kin 59: Blue Resonant Storm codes the final year of E-X-C-A-L-I-B-U-R and of the Thirteen Baktuns of History

CAUAC          Kin 59

Blue Resonant Storm

Blue Resonant Monkey
Red Resonant Moon Blue Resonant Storm Yellow Resonant Sun
White Resonant Wind
I channel in order to catalyzeinspiring energy.
I seal the matrix of self generation with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of magic.
These are wonderful and appropriate attributes for the year that contains the Last Five Moons of the 13th Baktun, and the Seven Mystic Moons of the New Time.
The Resonant Storm year concludes with the 2013 Galactic Synchronization.
For most observers of the 13 Moon Calendar, Resonant Storm is the first day of the 13 Moon year.
Resonant Storm coded Catalytic Blue Kali 4 in the Harmonic Calendar
As explained previously, TMQ is maintaining  the 13 Moon Synchronometer according to the way Valum Votan introduced it:  Each Year, Moon and Week begins on Sunday;  Dali.
The Galactic Freedom Day [Day-out-of-Time] and the Hunab Ku Day [Leap Day] are both counted as a day within this Harmonic 13 Moon Calendar, and  are still globally-observed as special 13 Moon  ‘holidays‘ that are tied to specific Gregorian dates.
19.7:  “The discovery of the Law of Time distinguishes between the cosmic unconscious domain of potentiality and the cosmic conscious Dominion of Time.  With the discovery of the Law of Time, the divine plan becomes cosmically conscious. the synchronic order, articulated by celestial harmonics, is now evident.”
59:  “Prime key, closing of the cycle kin 59 Resonant (7) Storm (19), code of 2012-2013 year reverse of 59 = 95 (19 x 5), 95 – 59 = 36 (4 x 9), Sirian constant
 “Eight Years of Harmonic Conversion” by Valum Votan, says E-X-C-A-L-I-B-U-R corresponds to each year and it’s Lord of Time.
During the first 7 years, we awakened the Seven Solar Witnesses/Lords of Time.  The 6 Wizard year and this 7 Storm year, code the  2 Rings of Inner Time, the Realm of UR-OMA .
We have now entered the 9th year,  Resonant Storm,  which corresponds to OMA::Shambhala.
The Ninth Bolon Tiku/Lord of Time is  “Primordial Knowing Body Lha” who concludes this final 16 year Cube of the Law and the 13th Baktun:
I declare, by my Warrior Power of Intelligenceand the Mystic letter “R”, may the Rainbow Bridge of Prophecy be realized as Excalibur, the Fearlessness of theNine Lords of Time“.
May the 144,000 take command that UR may prevail as Heaven on Earth!”
The first Analog quarter of this year is coded by Pacal Votan Clear Sign 7 Sun [Kin 20]
The G-Force for this  year  is 9 Dragon::Solar Hunab Ku.
1.9:  ” Genuine continuing consciousness based on self-reflective knowledge of the Law of Time and its operating radial matrices of form and number results in the
creation of mental structures of prolonged duration, analogous to the creation of crystals in the inorganic realm. The cultivation of these mental structures
of prolonged duration constitutes the essence of galactic culture, which is understood as the cultivation of the Galactic Brain
Several new “Inter-Dimensional Signals” appeared during the first week of the Resonant Storm year.

Stanton St Bernard (2), nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.

This Goddess image appeared  the day after the 13 Human post which displayed this: 

This was reported on Galactic Freedom Day:

Windmill Hill, nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 25th July.

One analysis states:  “this seems to be the fourth crop picture of 2012 to tell us a date of “August 4”.

8/4 calls to mind GM108X, the Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission, which is coded by Kin 108Self-Existing Star.

This year, August 4 is coded by Electric Star,  and falls on Magnetic Silio 14, marking exactly 5 Moons until the Cosmic Star Solstice, [in New Zealand] marking the end of the 13 Baktuns.

The date indicated by the Circles corresponds to this channeled message that appeared 4 days ago:

“I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and many of you will know already that this coming  week is one that is a last chance for your leaders to respond to our demands . If  we are ignored yet again, we shall go forward ourselves, and make ourselves  known in such a way that our presence can no longer be ignored or hidden.  Yes,  we have the deadline Saturday the 4th. of August in mind and no longer, before  we take matters into our own hands“.

At the very least, Electric Star is a strong focal point for our positive visions and intentions.

This large, stunning “Inter-Dimensional Signal” appeared on PVCS 60:  Galactic Sun, at Etchilhampton:

The outer arc contains 33 circles while the inner arc is composed of 22.  These total 55, whose Kin:  Electric Eagle coded Sunday, the first day of the current 13 Moon year.

“Both Windmill Hill and Echilhampton (2) are presentations of the wholeness, supremacy and beauty of the union of Heaven and Earth, Masculine and Feminine,
spiritual and material, when they are honoured equally. This is when and how the is created and,  for us humans, the Newness depends on our own
 surrender and acceptance–our willingness to become the mediators between Heaven and Earth by developing and dedicating our consciousness to this process.

 Magnetic Kali 11 is the first “Cosmic” day of the Resonant Storm year.

Kin 65:  Cosmic Serpent is [according to TMQ’s calculations] the 1409th Birthday of Pacal Votan.  Synchronistically, the Combined Dreamspell Kins equal his Galactic Signature:  19.7 + 16.1 + 5.13 = PVCS 20.8.

The G-Force of 13 Serpent is Kin 79:  Magnetic Storm, known as the Noosphere Constant.

[65 is also the number of countries containing readers of TMQ’s site in the last 7 days  :)]

Great Gratitude for all who Resonated  recently, via comments, Skype, e-mails, phone calls and Telepathy  🙂

August 1, a Full Moon,  also marks 5 years since the 27th Solar-Galactic Return of Pacal Votan, which was commemorated with this “Inter-dimensional Signal


In this article:  Valum Votan describes this formation’s relevance to the 144,000 and the Rainbow Bridge of Prophecy.

8/1 also brings to mind 8.1:  Magnetic Star.  1 Star codes the person who held the record for the most Olympic medals for many decades:–oly.html

Larissa Latynina dominated female gymnastics, collecting a record18 Olympic medals between 1956 and 1964


Synchronistically, today [8/1] is coded by Kin 18 in the Long Count  🙂

58 years later,

Michael Phelps [Kin58:  Rhythmic Mirror!] broke her record on 8/1 [here] when he won his 19th Olympic medal.

Kin 19= 19.6, which can also be construed as 196.  This Moon, the Third of the Seven Last Moons of the 13 Baktuns is coded by Kin 196:  Yellow Magnetic Warrior. 

Kin 196 also codes the Third Solar Witness.

The first Magic Turtle Day, and the first complete Wavespell of the Resonant Storm year begins tomorrow:

White World-Bridger Wavespell Six

Happy Galactic Return to Lee,  1 World-Bridger  🙂

Magnetic World-Bridger:

I Unify in order to Equalize, with the Magnetic tone of Purpose

That is also the beginning of Harmonic 17:

Remember Elegance of Service

Here are some elegant  reminders of the Rainbow Bridge of Prophecy that constitutes a Key  part of our service in conjunction with oUR EARTH:


May we manifest the R A I N B O W Bridge of Prophecy this Resonant Storm year.

 N. S.  1. 25. 1. 11. [7]       Cube 5 [1]                Kin 65;     L.C. Kin  18