Kin 206: White Spectral World-Bridger codes Silio 14; Cube 8

On this ‘Trick or Treat day’ we receive another Trick  from WordPress or TMQ’s computer:
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coded by the  Warrior.   The PSI for Electric 14 is Cosmic Serpent
Cheetah Cosmic Serpent sent a lovely comment today-check out her ‘Sister Gypsy’ video  🙂

Postulate 6.11“The application of the three tools: Thirteen Moon Calendar (telepathic biospheric stabilization); Telektonon (telepathic psi bank technology) and Dreamspell (social-telepathic organizational form power), is a complete species-wide reform. This comprehensive reform magnetically realigns the species according to the Law of Time with the primal dialectic of crystal form and secondary reflex life, inducing a spontaneous liberation of psychic energy as creative conscious realization.”
 Chakra04.gifSILIO 14:  HEART;  DISCHARGE Cubes to Heart of Earth;
Spectralize the Rainbow Bridge around the World  🙂
Spectral World-Bridger appropriately codes All Hallows Eve, when some believe the veil between this World and that of Spirit is most Dissolved.  All Saints It is also known as All Saint’s Day . 
October 30 to Nov. 1 is also known as Sahmain (Summer’s End) “,  one of the (two) doorways that Celts set for the starting of a Celtic year”.  This Harvest Festival Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image Image Preview Go to fullsize image was also a time of Divination.  “Children born on Samhain are said to possess psychic abilities.” 
Most cultures seem to observe this day as  a very spiritual time marked by a change of season.
For us, it’s a day to dwell in oUR HEARTS and a doorway to  the Blue Transformative week and the beginning of the final 3 Galactic Spins until oUR Transformative Evolutionary Shift  on Blue Crystal Hand, Solstice 2012.
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 14.          Cube Eight:  ART         Kin 206;  L.C.  Kin 157

White Spectral Worldbridger

White Spectral Worldbridger
Yellow Spectral Warrior White Spectral Worldbridger Red Spectral Skywalker
  Blue Electric Eagle
I dissolve in order to equalize
releasing opportunity.
I seal the store of death
with the spectral tone of liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
G-force Galactic Warrior (16.8) reflects this 8th day of the Warrior’s 16 day Cube, during Wavespell 16,

Kin 205: Red Planetary Serpent codes Self-Existing Limi 13: Cube 7: Accomplishment

Red Planetary Serpent

Red Planetary Skywalker
Blue Planetary Eagle Red Planetary Serpent White Planetary Wizard
  Yellow Self-existing Warrior
I Perfect in order to Survive,  Producing Instinct.
I seal the store of Life Force
with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.
I am guided by the power of Space.
Happy Galactic Return to  Moi Planetary Serpent  🙂   Planetary Serpent is Valum Votan’s Long Count Signature.  Kin 205’s G-Force is Kin 83 Overtone Night.  Self-Existing 13  corresponds to PSI Spectral Night.  This is the 13th day of Moon 4which is coded by 13.4.   
Postulate 5.10The entry into the biosphere-noosphere transition is a precisely timed and profoundly evolutionary moment in which the spiral toward full spiritual evolution is universalized. The immediate consequence of conscious realignment with the Law of Time and the autoregulatory mechanism of the biosphere, the psi bank, is the magnetic stabilization of the species and the biopsychic triggering of the circumpolar rings defining Earth’s electromagnetic field.”  Thank You Ygraine  🙂
 So many wonderful comments were received from Christine Electric Skywalker since yesterday’s post, and  bothReimar Cosmic Night and James Galactic Seed sent  beautiful ones this morning.   Heartfelt Gratitude for yoUR synchronistically-timed  contributions which arrived as this milestone post was manifesting. 
 2013 and the Mystery Queen began one Solar Spin (365 /kins) and one Noosphere Constant (79 kins) (444 days) ago,  on August 12, 2009 (PSI 13.13).   This is the 441 st post  🙂
8/12/09 was  Madame BlavatsKEY‘s 178 th Solar Birthday.  178 also can be interpreted as  17.8 Galactic Earth, whose G-Force is Crystal MonKEY, which is H.P. BlavatsKEY’s Galactic Signature. 
8/12, her Solar Birthdate   contains 2 of the 3 numbers associated with the Cube.  On page 128,  ‘Book of the Timespace”  states:  “The Cube has 6 sides,  8 corners and 12 edges“.  “Quaranic cosmology says that on the day of Resurrection, 8 angels will support the throne, and on that day, the 12th” successor to Muhammed will be revealed.
The final supermental projection of the Cube is the 441 Matrix–Hunab Ku 21“…This 441 Cube Matrix contains a basic grammar of Telepathy condensed into a set of 441 numbers.  These 441 frequencies constitute the resonant building blocks of the Second Creation”.  [page 136 of CHC vol 6]

The birthdate of this blog was coded by Hunab Ku Kin 21Galactic Dragon.    1.8 plus 20.13 = 21.21  🙂
 The Long Count today is Cosmic Warrior (16.13) which, when added to Planetary Serpent (5.10) equals 21.23:  
                              HUNAB KU  toned’ by  ‘The Lover’s Reunion’.
Galaxies - The Milky Way

Image Preview
  OUR pURpose is to reunite with Hunab Ku, “One Giver of Moment and Measure

On 21/21/2012, we will be perfectly aligned with The HEART of Hunab Ku.
The Heart of oUR Galaxy is ‘mistakenly thought of as a black hole.’  According to page 119 of “Book of Transcendence”, it is actually an interdimensional portal’  🙂
“Here is received the transmission of the sole atom, downloading higher higher-dimensional programs and broadcasting them out…into tens of billions of stars, each holding a note, a resonant frequency, in a Galactic Symphony that only God could possibly hear.”  🙂  Hunab Ku is also a reflex of a Divine cosmological command of unity.”, the Ultimate Lover’s Reunion.
{After writing the preceding words, TMQ went out into the sunshine, to further contemplate them.  She noticed a  ‘SOLE’ daisy, growing in a planter of fuschias.  Amazingly, it has 13 white petals  emanting from its golden core!  :)}
The human represents the intentional thinking element of the Cosmos”. {p. 107}   The Sole Atom is called a Quantinomio Citibarico, and we have one in each of oUR Chakras!
 Today is LIMI 13 SOLAR PLEXUS     
After this 441st post, we’ll have a ‘Noospheric Pause’ (i.e. very brief post) for Silio 14, which happens to end Heptad/Week 14 of Cube Year 14:  Timelessness

 This will give Kin time to peruse and/or respond to the recent comments, which include some great links, and for TMQ to prepare her talk for Blue Crystal Hand.     Let’s all take time on SILIO  to be fully in oUR  HEART Chakras,   James spoke for many of us in his comment today,   and  now is a great time to be sending Love and Energy to each other.  The more we empower and Love  oUR selves and each other, the more effective oUR 441 Cube of Truth becomes.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
During  the Blue Transformative week, we’ll begin exploring the Synchro-Galactic Yoga practices corresponding to oUR 7 Chakras,  which will ultimately reunite us with the HEART of oUR Galaxy  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 4. 13.    Cube Seven:  ACCOMPLISHMENT     post  441  🙂    

These are from Valum Votan’s “260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time and the  Evolution of Time as Consciousness

Kin 204: Yellow Solar Seed codes Self-Existing Alpha 12; Cube 6

Yellow Solar Seed

Yellow Solar Sun
White Solar Wizard Yellow Solar Seed Blue Solar Eagle
  Red Overtone Earth
I Pulse in order to Target,  Realising Awareness.
I seal the input of Flowering with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Universal Fire.
Today’s Hidden Power is PVCS Overtone Earth, oUR cURrent Crown of Crown Chakra.  The G-force of Solar Seed  is  GAP Kin 210:  Lunar Dog, and the PSI for Self-Existing 12 is Planetary Wind.
Postulate 4.9 “The formal power of crystal incorporates the sixth or cubic lattice order of the binary progression.  The preceding five orders, 1 unity, 2 polarity, 4 form-bearing, 8 space extensive, 16 harmonic, combined with the crystal 32 cubic lattice, are then incorporated and subsumed in life, 64, self-generative form.  In the radial mathematical progression of the fourth dimension, all lower orders are subsumed and incorporated in the higher orders.”
 Chakra05.gifALPHA 12:  Release;  Throat:  “My country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  5th lost generation led by Kin 198:  Electric Mirror;  “Victory Releases A Cosmic Race once Again.”   Today is Crystal Eagle in the Long Count, and that combines with Solar Seed to make Galactic Storm:  19.8.  19.8 can also refer to Kin 198.
TELEKTONON Day 12:  Baktun 12:  AD 1224:  Hidden Seed.   The “Woman Clothed in the Sunis used to hide the 13 Moons.  13 Moons exiled by the Gregorian Calendar in 1582.
Cube Six:  Death “By my Warrior World-Bridger death power, may what has been hidden now be revealed!  “MAY THE PEACE  of the 13 MOON Way PREVAIL!” This painting by Solar Seed Nicholas Roerich bears the PEACE symbol of the 13 Moons Way.
Avatar New Zealand united this week, to keep theLord of the Rings film production here in New Zealand.  More good news is that two sequels to the 13:20 affirming  “Avatar” film will also be shot here   🙂
Thank yoU R eimar Cosmic Night for these images from yoUR recent wonderful comment.
 This beautiful symbol-laden image evokes today’s SOLAR SEED, and the HIDDEN SEEDThe ‘104’ reveals the COSMIC SEED, reiterated by 43 + 61= 104, for a total of 208,  COSMIC STAR.  What do you see in the 6 symbols?
 The  image below, called Quantum Awakening applies to the long-prophesied 12/21/2012 Solstice, which happens in 3 Spins plus 3 days from now.  (783 days minus 780 Kin = 3.3) 
Book of the Transcendence
“Earth, Target Year Zero [4 Ahua, 12 Hand 12/21/2012]
MOMENT OF DIMENSIONAL SHIFT;  Telepathic Intervention– “Time Quake”;  Superconscious Fifth Force Mental Sphere ready to download.”
This quote  (from page 12) applies to today’s G-Force;  LUNAR Dog “We transcend duality by recognizing the place of all paths within the whole”.
Here is a quote to help Humans, Seal 12, exercise their Free Will for the sake of the whole: 
TRANSCENDENCEThe Human is meant to evolve into a Holonomic Energy Capacitator and Activator,   working as a vital component in the whole system of the planet.”
Thanks to Kin 93, Code=E, who is also  “absorbed in studying this Volume at the present time”.
He offers this quote from page 107: 
“The human species is in the ultimate stage of a process where the experiment in the laws of karma and intentional thinking(as they have evolved on a number of different star systems in the Velatropa zone) have now all come to be focused on this particular planet. For this reason, at this time, specific beings have incarnated in order to serve as principle information probes for this cosmic intelligence plan. This is the part of a larger planetary engineering project.”
TMQ  agreement with Lunar Skywalker’s statement will soon be reflected here in our daily practice :
“The descriptions of the 7 Plasma’s are very Helpful in monitoring Thoughts/Senses……
The SynchroGalactic Yoga practices are becoming very Important to the collective Galactic Whole Community..
441 Cube of Truth:  We are the Ones    Communicating through the Matrix:…”  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 4. 12.     Cube Six:  Death           Kin 204;    LC Kin 155

GAP Kin 203: Blue Galactic Night codes Catalytic Blue Kali 11

Blue Galactic Night

Blue Galactic Hand
Red Galactic Skywalker Blue Galactic Night Yellow Galactic Warrior
  White Rhytmic Mirror
I Harmonize in order to Dream,  Modeling Intuition.
I seal the input of Abundance
with the Galactic tone of Integrity.
I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s G-force is GAP Kin 77:  Crystal Earth, and the PSI for Self-Existing 11 is Solar Dragon.
Postulate 3.8: “Geometry is a mental order, and can only be a reflection of the divine mind of God.  The pure geometry of the fourth dimension is called pulsar geometry. Pulsars are the structures by which fourth-dimensional time binds the qualities and aspects which inform the third-dimensional order. Third dimensional geometry of form are secondary crystallizations of the primary pulsar geometry of fourth-dimensional time”.
  Chakra02.gifCatalytic Blue KALI 11:  Establish;  Secret Center:  “My name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the light-heat within.”  Victory Establishes Righteous Way of Heaven on Earth. 4th Solar Witness: Kin 197:  Red Lunar Earth Reawakened.
TELEKTONON Day 11:  Baktun 11:  Holy Wars:  Pacal Votan returns to Earth Core to supervise “Book of Clear Records”  Quetzalcoatl’s Prophecy of 13 Heavens;  9 Hells (which ended at the 1987 Hramonic Convergence)  Christ exiled, Muhammed as Witness of Truth.  The Sacred is overcome by War.
Cube Five:  Sex  “By my Warrior Serpent Sex power, guided by the power of Prophecy, may the aggressive force of war be transcended and overcome by sexual Life-Force.”  “MAY PEACE & LOVE PREVAIL FOR ALL!”
On this Self-Existing 11th day, we heard from a new Kin (a Dutch woman, responding at the Kin  56 post) who was ‘awakened’ at 11:11She notes that she, Self-Existing Warrior and her Mother, Self-Existing Star  together make Galactic Seed, which codes oUR Galactic Synchronization on 7/26/2013.  We welcome Leela  and her Mother  🙂  Leela, even native speakers of English have trouble understanding this site, so please ask questions! 
Today’s Occult is Kin 58White Rhythmic Mirror, which is the Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin that coded the  day of Pacal Votan’s Disincarnation.   At the ago of 58,  George Harrison, Galactic Night disincarnated on Overtone Dog, on November 29,  79 days after the Twin Towers fell in 2001.  TMQ had a profound dream of  George Harrison,  3 years after his death, shortly after moving to New Zealand.
George Harrison’s  All Things Must Passwas “the highest selling of any Beatle solo album” and contained “My Sweet Lord”.
 File:The Beatles at Rishikesh.jpg “In 1968, Harrison travelled to Rishikesh in northern India with the other Beatles to study meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.   This article tells how “The Maharishi taught the Beatles how toGive Peace a Chance.” 
 Three days remain in “Vegetarian Awareness Month“, and George Harrison became a lifelong vegetarian in 1968.  Martin Scorsese is making a film about George Harrison’s life, which will help to share George Harrison’s spiritual values.
The Kins coding the Birth (3.8) and Death (10.5)  of Galactic Night George Harrison equal 13.13, Cosmic Skywalker. 
The 13th letter of the alphabet is in the news today:  The remote Mentawi Islands in Indonesia are reeling fromthe 7.7. earthquake and the ensuing Tsunami.   800 miles away, Mount Merapi,  erupted on Tuesday, killing at least 30 people,including an 83-year-old man called Maridjan who watched over the volcano’s spirits.
May George Harrison’s words apply to these unsettling catastrophe’s plaguing our Earth:  “This too shall pass”.  
This Galactic Knight’s  Love of  Peace, Divinity and all that contain’s the Life-Force shall Prevail!
N. s.  1. 23. 4. 11.   Cube Five:  Sex and Life-Force    GAP Kin  203

Kin 202 White Resonant Wind codes Moon 4; Gamma 10: Cube 4; Maya Flowering

White Resonant Wind

White Resonant Wizard
Yellow Resonant Human White Resonant Wind Red Resonant Earth
  Blue Resonant Storm
I channel in order to communicate
inspiring breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of timelessness.
The blog for Kin 202 vanished as it was close to being posted yesterday afternoon.  TMQ felt more drawn to read Book of the Transcendence, than to spend hours recreating it. 
There are many synchronicities between the 13 Moon Date, the Cube and Pacal Votan, whose signature PVCS Galactic Sun codes the PSI every Moon 4;  day 10.  This is Moon 4 of our annual wavespell coded by Seal 10.
The G-Force of Solar Seed reinforces the Telektonon Cube 4 Solar enlightening power off Maya Flowering.
The Analog today is 17.7 which codes the Lord Seven Earth, who mediates the Radial Plasmas streaming from the Galactic Core.
Resonant Wind codes the first of the Seven Mystic Moons, and today’s Occult Resonant Storm codes the year that contains the last 5 Moons of the 13th Baktun, the 12/21/2012 /Solstice, and the Seven Mystic Moons which culminate in our Galactic Synchronization on July 26, 2013, coded by:  Galactic Seed.
GAMMA 10Pacify;  Third Eye“I attain the Power of Peace”
Telektonon Day 10:  Baktun 10:  MAYA:  Great Era of Maya Time Science on Earth.
Cube Four:  Flowering  “May the enlightening SOLAR power of MAYA flower as the Fulfillment of Prophecy for all!”
The following line is all that remains of the original post:

Their example empowers Peace and the Return of the Sacred Warrior”.  It linked to an article about The Elders, a group of former World leaders, including Jimmy Carter who are in Jerusalem this week, workding for Peace.

There are many interesting comments from 441 Cube of Truth Kin to view, including some whose links TMQ couldn’t open.  Mike Kin 166 mentioned sunspot activity aimed at the Southern Hemisphere, and Christine Kin 133’s  link:  corroborates a possibility of a significant Earthquake.  The next day, a 7.7 Earthquake devastated  Indonesia.   Here is an interesting site which  gives you an idea of how Christchurch has been constantly shaken (by almost 3,000 aftershocks) since the Earthquake on  Kin 149:  Rhythmic Moon, 53 days ago.  Let’s consciously aid Lord Seven Earth in mediating the effects of  Sunspot 1117  (Spectral Earth) which Mike’s quote shows is hitting Earth next.

 It would be great to hear from Kin who  are reading Book of the Transcendence

Zecharia  Sitchin departed Earth on Lunar Seed (10/9/10) 78 days after the year he ‘coded‘:  Self-Existing Seed ended.

  He appeared to be  a pioneer in bringing up the topic of extra-terrestrial life, and perhaps ultimately helped to open people’s minds to the idea of Galactic Mayans, and their Time Science  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 4. 10.     Cube Four:  MAYA FLOWERING        Kin 202

Kin 201: Red Rhythmic Dragon codes Self-Existing Seli 9: Cube Three: Abundance

Red Rhythmic Dragon

Red Rhytmic Dragon
Blue Rhytmic Monkey Red Rhytmic Dragon White Rhytmic Mirror
  Yellow Galactic Sun
I Organize in order to Nurture,  Balancing Being.
I seal the input of Birth
with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The Antipode and G-force for today’s Kin is Blue Rhythmic MonKEY.   Pacal Votan’s Galactic Signature and Clear Sign Kin 60,  Galactic Sun is the Hidden Power of  Kin 201 which  codes the Moon-out-of-Time between the Last 7 Moons of the 13th Baktun and the Seven Mystic Moons that lead to our Galactic Synchronization on Galactic Seed, July 26, 2013. 
The PSI for Self-Existing 9 is blue Resonant Storm, the Kin that codes the year which contains the last 5 moons of the Cycle, the end of the cycle on 12/21/2012, and the 7 Mystic Moons.

Postulate 1.6:  ” Biological evolution tends towards states of being capable of sustaining conscious moments in time. Evolved biological entities capable of sustaining conscious moments in time trigger self-reflective consciousness or naive experiences of time. These naive experiences of time are categorically referred to as mystical experiences. Mystical experience is predisposed to the naive experience of time because of the intent to approximate God, the center and director of all intelligence.”

 Chakra01.gifSELI 9:  Flow;  Root:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I see the light.”  BOTTOM of Radion cube;  2nd Solar Witness:  Kin 195.  Victory Flows;  Cosmic Eagle Flies Again.

TELEKTONON Day 9:  Baktun 9;  AD 41  Lords of the Red and Black  Pacal Votan Witnesses triumph of 13:20 civilization in  New World,  Teotihuacan & Tiwnanku.

Cube Three:  Abundance  “By my superconscious Warrior Night Abundance power, I regain my telepathic 13:20 Visionary power in Abundance.”  MAY TRUTH and PEACE PREVAIL!”

Here is an interesting article describing how the Star People directed the discovery of ancient plates–which bore the same design as the Crop Circle  they superimposed upon the buried plates!   The Grasdorf  crop circle was discovered on July 23, 1991 Blue Solar MonKEY in Germany. “The Mystery being that all three plates, including the gold plate, as far as photos show, bear engravings…representing miniatures of the actual crop circle

” The roughly 110yds (100m) long and 55 yds (50m) wide formation at Grasdorf near Hildesheim, Lower Saxony  covered an area of 6,000 sq yds! – and consisted of seven symbols and thirteen circles – with a cross within the circle in the middle, suggesting the ancient sun symbol.”

In other news from Germany: Paul the Octopus The Octopus, Paul,  who demonstrated 13:20 Telepathy /Visionary power to the world, has now departed this world.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Moi Kin 205,  Ygraine, Mike 226, S’ace 22, Reimar 143, added their Truth and Light to the blog for Kin 200: the Seventh Solar Witness/Lord of Time  🙂 

Shortly after posting that blog,  TMQ was delighted to recieve an e-mail from Overtone Sun (who she will watch tonight on the 2nd episode of Survivor 21), and  her copy of Cosmic History Chronicles Volume VI Book of the TRANSCENDENCE, by Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles and Red Queen/Stephanie South!   peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

N. S.  1. 23. 4. 9.         Cube 3:  ABUNDANCE            Kin 201

Kin 200: Yellow Overtone Sun codes Moon Day 8, Cube Two: SPIRIT

Yellow Overtone Sun

Yellow Overtone Star
White Overtone Dog Yellow Overtone Sun Blue Overtone Storm
  Red Solar Dragon
I Empower in order to Enlighten,  Commanding Life.
I seal the matrix of Universal Fire
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of elegance.
Today, Kin 200 codes the Heart Oracle of the 7th Lord of Time we are awakening this yearSingle Wing Red Fire.
 Overtone Sun  is the only Solar Witness to have its G-Force  be  another Solar Witness:  Electric Mirror.  The PSI for Self-Existing 8 is Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 157: Red Overtone Earth
Postulate 0.5:  “Synchronic order is a “vertical,” now-centered, all-inclusive fourth-dimensional order in relation to the “horizontal” order of the third-dimensional space. Synchronic order can only be comprehended mentally or consciously as a whole system construct.”
This is the 14th Week of the 14th Year in the 16 Year Cube:  Wizard:  Timelessness and Enchantment, and during this Week/Heptad, we  build the Cube for Codon 30:  VISION/Sun Crystal:  Radiance of Space builds Defines Cosmic Awarenss.
Today:  Time____    on   Bottom/Base of Cube
Chakra07.gifDALI 8:  Target;  Crown:  “My father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I feel the heat.”  Top of Radion Cube.  UR EARTH 3Lunar Earth Heaven in the Cube.  Each day this week corresponds to a Solar Witness, beginning with White Crystal Wizard today. 
TELEKTONON Day 8:   Baktun 8;  BC 353:  The Annointed One.   The rise of 13:20 civilization in New World.  Bolon Ik inspires Founding of Palenque;  Spread of Buddha’s teachings;  Coming of Christ.
Cube Two:  SPIRIT  Reclaim and Redeem Baktun 8  “By my Wind Spirit Warrior power, I redeem the Annointed One as myself.”  “May the Wizards of Peace Prevail!”
Besides coding the 7th Solar Witness, Kin 200,  Overtone Sun, codes the very last Moon of the 13 Baktuns of History, which ends on 12/12/12 (December 12, 2012)  The following Moon, which is the  Moon-out-of-Time (Rhythmic Dragon Moon) contains the 12/21/12 Solstice.  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
Synchronistically (and ironically  :)), oUR  representative for the Seventh Solar Witness brings focus to the 12 (12×12=144) and 21 (21×21=441) through the 12:60 medium of television.
21 year old Judson Birza (Overtone Sun) is still surviving the 21st episode of Survivor (=144), held in Nicaragua. (=75, his Aunt’s  (TMQ) Long Count signature)  Survivor Nicaragua (144 +  75) = 219 = Spectral Storm 19.11
Overtone Sun (20.5) plus 19.11 equals 19.3, Blue Electric Storm, which coded the year we awakened the 5th Bolontiku, Supreme Golden Maiden.  Her Heart Oracle is coded by 18.3, White Electric Mirror, which is the G-Force for the 7th Solar Witness, Overtone Sun.  🙂
Home - SurvivorStill of Jud Birza in Survivor  Still of Shannon Elkins and Jud Birza in Survivor
 Happy Galactic Birthday to Jud,  Yellow Overtone Sun,
from the 144 Community of the 441 Cube of Truthpeace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
(Jud’s fellow Survivors have nicknamed him Fabio, which equals 33;  Resonant Skywalker:  13.7  🙂
(When Fabio is calculated by the formula presented in one of the Cosmic History Chronicles, (6+1+2+9+60) it equals 78, White Cosmic Mirror.  The Signatures of Jud (20.5) and his Aunt (18.8) equal  18.13:    Cosmic Mirror.)
May these synchronicities  EMPOWER oUR AWAKENING of the Seventh LORD of the RING.
On this  first day of the 14th Week of the 14th Wizard  year of the 16 year Spirit Warrior’s Cube ending in 2013, we declare the Vision of Single Wing Red Fire“:
“By my Wizard power of Timelessness and the mystic Letter “B” may I enchant Excalibur with the Starborn Remembrance of the Nine Lords of Time!”
“May the Triumph of the Mystery of the Stone be fulfilled in the Enlightenment of the world soul!”
The 21st Survivor show lasts 39 daysSurvivor Nicaragua Logo.jpgKin 39   Cosmic Storm
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 8.     Cube Two:  SPIRIT      UR EARTH 3        Kin 200 

Magic Turtle Day; Kin 199: Blue Self-Existing Storm codes beginning of Self-Existing Cube Journey


Blue Self-Existing Storm

Blue Self-existing Eagle
Red Self-existing Moon Blue Self-existing Storm Yellow Self-existing Sun
  White Planetary Wind
I Define in order to Catalyze,  Measuring Energy.
I seal the matrix of Self -Generation with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of Vision.
Kin 199;  Self-Existing Storm is the 6th Solar Witness, and it codes the Heart Oracle of  the 6th Lord of Time/Bolontiku:  Awesome Vast Blue Sky, whom we awakened last year.  The G-Force for Kin 199 is Cosmic Serpent.  Synchronistically, the Self-Existing  16 day Warrior’s Cube Journey begins on the Self-Existing Kin of Wavespell 16, coded by Seal 16;  WarriorAdditionally, the PSI for this day is Self-Existing Warrior  🙂  Today is a Magic Turtle day in several ways!
Postulate 19.4:   Knowledge of God is inherent in every last detail of design of the least component parts of the atomic cellular world to the hyperorganic radiosonic super conscious phase of existence.
  Chakra04.gifSILIO 7:  Discharge;  Heart/Anahata:  “My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”   Infuse the heart of the Red Analog Telepathic Time Atom, and the Cube for Codon 22:  Temple of Vision  with your Spirit.  From the central point where the Time Atom, the Silio Seal and the weekly Rune meet, DISCHARGE and RADIATE Love, Wisdom and Healing.

From the Heart of the Earth, visualize the
Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditation.

TELEKTONON Day 7Baktun 7,  BC 747:  Mind Teachings.  Pacal Votan diverts the Lost Tribes of the 144,000 into the Cube of Intelligence.  Conducts the 13 Clans and 7 Tribes into Manifestation at Monte Alban.

Demolition work on Christchurch’s historic Manchester Courts building – the first country’s first high rise building - has started.  Demolition work on Christchurch’s historic Manchester Courts building – the  country’s first high rise building –  started this week.  So many historic cathedrals and landmarks have been demolished, since the 7.1 Earthquake on Greg. 9/4, mirrored in today’s Challenge:  9.4;  Self-Existing Moon on Day 7; Cube 1 of  this Self-Existing Skywalker Moon.  Yesterday, on Kin 198, Christchurch was struck by another powerful aftershock, which caused yet more damage.  “Christchurch residents have dealt with hundreds of strong aftershocks (and thousands of smaller aftershocks) since the September 4 magnitude 7.1 quake.”

For two weeks Landmarks across Berlin will be illuminated in the Festival of Lights. For the next two weeks (most of this Cube Journey) Berlin will be adorned for the Festival of Lights. learn to walk  This article shows how Dolphins are learning to walk on water.  Today’s Analog is Self-Existing Sun, the Galactic Signature of another sacred being known to “Walk on Water”  🙂

N. S.   1. 23. 4. 7.     Cube One:  MEMORY     Magic Turtle Kin 199

Kin 198: White Electric Mirror codes Self-Existing Limi 6 and the Supreme Golden Maiden

White Electric Wind
Yellow Electric Star White Electric Mirror Red Electric Dragon
  Blue Spectral Night


I Activate in order to Reflect,  Bonding Order.
I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Electric tone of Service.
I am guided by the power of Spirit.
White Electric Mirror codes the 5th Solar Witness, and the Heart oracle of the only Feminine Bolontiku:  Supreme Golden Maiden. She holds  the center, as the 5th  of the 9 Lords of Time.  The G-Force of Kin 198 is Planetary Human.  This is the last of 3 days coded by Kin 51;  Blue Crystal MonKEY, which codes Madame BlavatsKEY,  a KEY to our 2012-2013 Shift.  Today, the Kins of the Year (9.5) Moon (13.4) and today (18.3) equal 20.12 (Crystal Sun), another reference to the 2012 Solstice.
Postulate 18.3By power of subliminal conscious navigational intelligence prior to peak excitation ejection, the pilot angel programs may choose targets in parallel universes which can be chosen to coordinate subliminal intelligence with pre-organic primary stages of evolution of parallel stellar mass. This establishes quantum dimensional space in counter point to hyperdimensional time.”
 Chakra03.gifLIMI 6:  Purify;  Solar Plexus/Manipura:  “I consume dualistic thoughts as food.  I Purify the Mental Electron Neutron at the North Pole.”  Both the Kin (18.3 belongs to the Signal Family)  and today’s Plasma; LIMI correspond to the  Solar Plexus chakra, a reminder that it is oUR connection to the Kuxan Suum;  the umbilical cord extending/connecting us to the Heart of oUR Galaxy.  LEFT side of the Radion Cube;  TOP of the Codon Cube. 
UR EARTH 2Solar Earth,  Foundation:  PROPHECY Tower.
TELEKTONON Day 6FREE WILL Tower;  coded by Seal 6:  HUMAN Wisdom;  another correlation between the Dreamspell (Today’s G-Force is coded by Seal 12:  Human;  and this is the Wavespell of Intelligence/Wisdom) and the 13 Moon day.
Baktun 6:  BC 1141;  Imperial Seal.  King Wen completes I Ching 8 x 8 (64).  Pacal Votan uses Free Will to claim the 7 seals of Prophecy.  He prepares the Warrior’s Labyrinth according to the Law of the Cube:  4 x 4 (16).
 The sound track in this resort is playing a Joni Mitchell song (“Case of You”) at this very moment!
The talented and prolific Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Joni Mitchell is coded by White Electric Mirror:  Kin 198.  In 1998, she said that she considers herself as an artist first, and  as a musician second.  This self-portrait on the cover of her Dreamland album can also serve to evoke the image of the Supreme Golden Maiden.
 File:Joni-Mitchell Dreamland.png
 Dreamland relates to her Hidden Power, Spectral Night, and the most popular song from this album;  “Free Man in Paris corresponds to her G-Force;  Human=Free Will  🙂
Many synchronicities have been discovered during the past 24 hours.   10 days ago, Alan, Rhythmic Sun found a nice deal for a stay at a resort over this “Labor Day’ weekend, which included a concert by a trio of musicians that contained  a gifted violinist we know.  We were joined here by  Sandra, whose Kin Self-Existing Skywalker codes this Moon, and Neil, who is Crystal Wizard, the First Solar Witness.
Being here at Kimi Ora,  on the day coded by Kin 198, TMQ realized that in one Galactic Spin, it would again be Electric Mirror, on her solar birthday on day 14 of the Cosmic Wind Moon.  The first time TMQ stayed at Kimi Ora was on her birthday, on Magnetic Star (July 10, 2009). 
15 days later, TMQ (and Solar Skywalker and other Kin) returned to Kimi Ora for  the Electric Night Day-out-of-Time.  On  that day, we invoked the Supreme Golden Maiden,  who “Sets into Motion The Wheel of Enlightened Communication“.
That ritual was  in the  very same room in which we enjoyed the classical music of  “The Grampians Trio” (=207 which codes 12/21/2012)   on this Electric Mirror night 🙂 
18 days later, this blog began on Madame BlavatsKEY’s solar birthday, on Kin 21;   Galactic Dragon.  
KIMI ORA Kimi Ora overlooking Kaiteriteri (Good Health in Maori) has been the site of 3 visits, which are all linked by today’s Kin, which codes Supreme Golden Maiden.  The 3 kins that code the nights spent here (8.1;  3.3;  and 18.3) equal 19.7, Blue Resonant Storm which codes the year containing the 2012 Solstice.    This is noted on the post for  the day when the combined Kins equal 20.12  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 6.       UR EARTH 2;       Free Will Tower         Kin 198

10/ 23/ 2010

GAP Kin 197: Red Lunar Earth codes Full Moon on Self-Existing Alpha 5

Red Lunar Earth

Red Lunar Moon
Blue Lunar Hand Red Lunar Earth White Lunar Wind
  Yellow Crystal Seed
I Polarize in order to Evolve,  Stabilising Synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of Navigation
with the Lunar tone of Challenge.
I am guided by the power of Universal Water.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
The G-Force of Lunar Earth is Blue Resonant Storm, which codes the year containing the 2012 Solstice and the end of the 13 Baktuns.  Lunar Earth codes the 4th Solar Witness.
Postulate 17.2:   “The post-organic entities of the subliminal conscious of the pure future are fractal free wave forms of hyperdimensional time. Hyperdimensional time, inclusive of the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions, is omnidirectional intelligence, feedback from God experienced as pure mind. The omnidirectional feedback of God’s intelligence is generated according to the intensity of light or mental photons returned to God via the subliminal conscious concurrent with the excitation phases of stellar mass into supernova.”
  Chakra05.gifALPHA 5:   Release;  Throat/Visuddha:  “My country is the unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-extended Electron at the South Pole.”   RIGHT side of Radion Cube  Know the Magic.
TELEKTONON Day 5:  Baktun 5  BC 1536  House Shang.   Pacal Votan places in order “Book of Clear Records” (Rolled Script) and sends comfort to King Wen with visions of superconscious power of 7 as 64 Hexagrams.  Today’s Occult is Kin 64:  Crystal Seed.
Amritsar’s Golden Temple in India.  President Obama has cancelled his appearance to this exquisitely beautiful site, for lack of  Fearlessness over how his own appearance (covered head) would be perceived.
Full Moon in AriesImage Preview  This article discusses ‘Venus Retrograde 2010:  The Empowering Change of Heart” and this Aries Full Moon.
Code=E Lunar Skywalker was the first Kin  to share from Cosmic History Chronicles Volume 6.  (TMQ spoke with Jacob at Law of Time  today, who said her copy was mailed 11 days ago)  Book of the Transcendence;  Page 14
 “We are evolving from our present human nature, mutating as a unified humanity and transforming into a new state of being. At this stage, personal transcendence is insufficient… By evolutionary necessity-the survival of consciousness-we are now in a time of accelerated transcendence.”
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 5.         KNOW THE MAGIC       GAP Kin 197