Kin 206: White Spectral World-Bridger codes Silio 14; Cube 8

On this ‘Trick or Treat day’ we receive another Trick  from WordPress or TMQ’s computer:
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coded by the  Warrior.   The PSI for Electric 14 is Cosmic Serpent
Cheetah Cosmic Serpent sent a lovely comment today-check out her ‘Sister Gypsy’ video  🙂

Postulate 6.11“The application of the three tools: Thirteen Moon Calendar (telepathic biospheric stabilization); Telektonon (telepathic psi bank technology) and Dreamspell (social-telepathic organizational form power), is a complete species-wide reform. This comprehensive reform magnetically realigns the species according to the Law of Time with the primal dialectic of crystal form and secondary reflex life, inducing a spontaneous liberation of psychic energy as creative conscious realization.”
 Chakra04.gifSILIO 14:  HEART;  DISCHARGE Cubes to Heart of Earth;
Spectralize the Rainbow Bridge around the World  🙂
Spectral World-Bridger appropriately codes All Hallows Eve, when some believe the veil between this World and that of Spirit is most Dissolved.  All Saints It is also known as All Saint’s Day . 
October 30 to Nov. 1 is also known as Sahmain (Summer’s End) “,  one of the (two) doorways that Celts set for the starting of a Celtic year”.  This Harvest Festival Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image Image Preview Go to fullsize image was also a time of Divination.  “Children born on Samhain are said to possess psychic abilities.” 
Most cultures seem to observe this day as  a very spiritual time marked by a change of season.
For us, it’s a day to dwell in oUR HEARTS and a doorway to  the Blue Transformative week and the beginning of the final 3 Galactic Spins until oUR Transformative Evolutionary Shift  on Blue Crystal Hand, Solstice 2012.
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 14.          Cube Eight:  ART         Kin 206;  L.C.  Kin 157

White Spectral Worldbridger

White Spectral Worldbridger
Yellow Spectral Warrior White Spectral Worldbridger Red Spectral Skywalker
  Blue Electric Eagle
I dissolve in order to equalize
releasing opportunity.
I seal the store of death
with the spectral tone of liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
G-force Galactic Warrior (16.8) reflects this 8th day of the Warrior’s 16 day Cube, during Wavespell 16,

6 thoughts on “Kin 206: White Spectral World-Bridger codes Silio 14; Cube 8

  1. “…..ÇË ƒÅndango, like ALL flamenco dances, originates from the Spanish Gypsies. The Spaniards as such, do NOT dance flamenco – they dance what are known as the Regional dances..
    Why I point all this out is because to the Spanish Gypsies dancing is a SACRED EXPRESSION of their inner search for the Divine Rhythm of the One Life, and they spend their LIFETIMES perfecting their zapadeado, palmas and brazos as an INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION of the inner Self, and therefore to simply refer to this as so much stamping and clapping is the height of IGNORANCE demonstrating a CONTEMPT for that which is not grasped!

    Likewise is the Fandango an expression of the eternal STRUGGLE at achieving the ULTIMATE intelligent co-operation between MALE and FEMALE as a REFLECTION of the prime DUALITY of the One Life termed the nagal-tonal. Therefore it is far from accurate to say that the Fandango is merely a courting dance! 🙂 ”

    ….theun mares on…

    more on…

    in lak’ech and lots of LOVE to all those struggling hard with their old

    –÷………… ∞/*\ id]-®-€˙ntiti{LÔ◊Ë}ees -––——..


  2. struggle is no longer in the television of our minds connected to our family planets and there orbits. Brainwashed by the Gregorian calendar and, they truely don’t know the day of the week and are of no need for forgiveness as a child needs no forgiving, BE the blessing BE the media. i am another yourself Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand, COME and help make this country the first country to adopt 13 moon calendar that the league of nations wanted global exceptance in 1933 but was defeated through skullduggery. Alpha Omega land of the rising sun. Always thinking of you Claire, go forward is calendar reform dream the dream, especially while awake, know the knowing.

  3. Swells of pulse-in-G kuxan suum G-U-eye-ce
    pen-a-trait-ED mi solar plexus sole atom!
    LOVE RECIEVED from U all!!!
    with the sunsets of the fall
    falling down mi back as eye lay into the night…
    G-force Nightly–
    Tone-in-G over and over…
    tune-in-G over and over…
    Quanti? know mio…
    UR citi of de bar-eye-co…barco…
    sailing upon the waves’ spell
    smell of interdimensional portal’s opening…
    pull-in and poll-in bee-in-G
    13 cranial nerves…
    13 cranial channels…currents…
    He-a-p-tad of pep-to-the-tides and
    the E-mOcean calms its sea-Elf back into
    the rythmatical release of disolving membranes…
    -cranial nerve zero

    currents and cran-berries whale in the
    red spectrum of blood pumping veins thru mi skull
    13 skulls
    1 tones tuning fork
    Neptune calls for his mirror!
    Andromeda answers with the fire of a dragon!

    read the ‘rule of names’
    ursala le guin, kin 11, spectral monkey
    black dragon of the true-self
    infinate cosmosis swiming in mi eye

    boris petrovic, 205 ” time=vibration. space= electromagnetic spectrum”

    Sew, is then… can then… space be seperated from con(with) science?
    Neurotransmitters say nay.
    It is the “Ul-Timat-E Lover’s Re-union”…
    with pep-in oUR Tides we ‘Mind the GAP’
    Synaptical cleft cliff-hanG-in-G

    ursala le guin=11
    boris petrovic=205
    ramon y cajal= 85 (complete life circuit birth+ disincarnate date)
    otto loewi= 27 (complete circuit/life orbit)


    Vagus cranial nerve tone 11 (they call it the tenth…but there is a ‘zero’ nerve–so there is 13, not 12 in all.)

    The medieval Latin word vagus means literally “Wandering” (the words vagrant, vagabond, and vague come from the same root). Sometimes the branches are spoken of in the plural and are thus called vagi (pronounced /ˈveɪdʒaɪ/, us dict: vā′·jī). The vagus is also called the pneumogastric nerve since it innervates both the lungs and the stomach.

    The vagus nerve has three nuclei in the CNS associated with cardiovascular control, the dorsal motor nucleus, the nucleus ambiguus and the solitary nucleus. The parasympathetic output to the heart comes mainly from neurons in the nucleus ambiguus and to a lesser extent from the dorsal motor nucleus.[2] The solitary nucleus receives sensory input about the state of the cardiovascular system, being an integrational hub for the baroreflex.

    Parasympathetic innervation of the heart is mediated by the vagus nerve.

    The pair-a-sym-path-E.T. IK is the ‘rest and digest’.
    The ‘rest and digest’ of the heart is mediated by the 11th current…vagus…the wanderer…

    Liberating the heart…
    heart-sole-atom of this Silio Daya…
    Mi Vaga eye bee-
    calm in the sea…
    heart palpatations
    heart and mind one
    sings and one becomes
    a jelly-fish in the electrified stary night

    …with you all in the watch of the sky–walking…

    hunab ku gives in-sites
    umbilical chords of color surfing

  4. PEDRiN56 Eye loves U two!!!
    UR mi ‘hidden power’…mi occult….
    which speaks to mi more and more as eye learn to question with intelligence and navigate the Warrior’s Cube Journey.

    today eye was blessed with a poem by a fellow lover of particles, atoms and all the spaces in between. He is Cosmic Star, and bee-low are his words;

    Space of Love
    November is here
    Our money crunches
    People have no clue
    Barter requires trade
    Leadership is internal
    Walk your own path
    Expanding Consciousness

    Knowledge requires
    Perspective – a frame
    Roles develop via
    Morality and ethics
    Balanced throughout
    By a need to breathe

    Reorienting world to the mean
    My hot box soothes the pain
    Allows mind to ramble forth
    Talk reorients the basis set
    Evokes wisdom while seeking truth
    As wet paper bleeds ink,
    Souls breed love, a warm smooth glow

    Thyme is an illusion
    Dissipate into circumstance
    To be wherever necessary
    Howdt of touch. howdt of mind
    Enrapt in a space of love
    enrapt in a Space of love
    wrapped in our space of Love

    2010 lemme howdt

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