GAP Kin 239: Blue Overtone Storm Codes the 26th Day of the Crystal Moon and the 26th day of June 2014

Galactic Activation Portal Blue Overtone Storm alpha-numerically equals its own kin number: [40 + 114 + 85 =]  239  🙂

It’s Seal [19] and tone [5] describe it’s synchronistic position as the 5th day of the 19th Blue Eagle Wavespell of Vision

Today is also coded by a GAP  in the Long Count:  Kin 192, Planetary Human

19.5 degrees north and south are the latitudes where the apex points of a star tetrahedra within a sphere will contact that sphere’s surface, when one apex is positioned at the North or South Pole.”  Teotihuacan [Temple of the Sun]  is at 19.6 degrees north, and several of Earth’s significant pyramids and temples are oriented according to 19.5 degrees.  In fact, 19.5 is the key latitude throughout our  solar system.

Today’s Kin 239 can also signify Velatropa 23.9;  9th planet out from the Sun [Velatropa 24]  When we include the Asteroid Belt, which still maintains the orbital frequency of the 5th planet, then Neptune is the 9th planet.   In 1986 Voyager II discovered a Red Spot [like the powerful vortex located at 19.5 on Jupiter] on Neptune at 19.5 degrees north.

The G-Force of Overtone Storm is Kin 237:  Electric Earth.  On the Sun: sunspot activity and the region of peak temperatures is limited to 19.5 degreees north and south.  The Earth has been more ‘Electric‘ than usual during this Moon which is coded by Kin 220:  Crystal Sun:

Three X-class flares erupted from the left side of the sun June 10-11, 2014. These images are from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory and show light in a blend of two ultraviolet wavelengths: 171 and 131 angstroms.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
(Image Credit: NASA / SDO)

It’s interesting to note that the greatest activity was on Gregorian 6/10, a reminder of Valum Votan::Jose Arguelles [the bringer of greater  sunspot awareness]  who entered and left this Earth at precisely 6:10 a.m.  🙂

Our Earth has also been ‘Electrified‘ by the Plasmas that create Crop Circles [a.k.a. ‘Interdimensional Signals’ per Valum Votan]  19 formations have been reported during this Crystal Sun Moon.

Black Wood, Nr Popham, Hampshire, United Kingdom. Report 21st June  This formation illustrates the 19.5 position described above.  This ‘Solstice Star’ was reported on the morning of the 3rd Solstice since the long-prophesied 2012 Solstice on 12/22/2012.  Here in New Zealand, the Solstice was on 12/22, which was coded by  Kin 208:  Cosmic Star. [as stated previously, there are other reasons I believe the Great  Mayan Cycle ended on Kin 208]   Synchronistically, this Summer Solstice [and its ‘Solstice Star’ formation] was coded by Kin 234:   White Cosmic Wizard, whose name [65+62+ 81]  alpha-numerically equals 208  🙂

This complex ‘Inter-Dimensional Signal’ appeared on the 10 year anniversary of the ’28 day’, 9/11,  “Time and the Technosphere”‘ formation that appeared 20 miles from my home in Benicia.  [photo is in  prior post].

Badbury Rings, nr Wimborne Minster, Dorset, United Kingdom. Report 17th June.   This formation seems to encapsulate a parachute and ‘The World Tree’.  One researcher thinks it also describes the Mayan Notation of 1.9.1.  According to that date occurred 2 days earlier on Kin 228:  Resonant Star.

1.9.1. is an anagram of 9.11 [the computer message upon my computer on 9/11/2004 was followed next day by my discovery of the 6/17/2004 formation which emanates from two twin  electrical towers. The 28 circles represent the 28 day Moon, and they lead to the 11-circled body which is on the cover of Valum Votan’s  ‘Time and the Technosphere’ book about the 9/11 puncture in the technosphere which leads to the Noosphere]      1.9.1. also denotes the number 581.

Italy produced two crop circles around the time of the Solstice.  Pontecurone (Alessandria/Piemonte), Italy. Reported 20th June.

Marocchi (Poirino), Italy. Reported 21st June. Here is an artist’s rendering of this formation::

One researcher’s comments about this formation are especially pertinent on this L.C. GAP day of Planetary Human:

The inner part of the formation [contains] numerous small circles and triangles: 64 elements. Human DNA has 64 codons. That circle could plausibly be interpreted as referring to our terrestrial, human DNA, which is frayed and degraded, in internal disarray. Names like Chernobyl, Fukushima, Nagaski, Hiroshima, Los Alamos, Nevada Test Site, Hanford, Washington, etc. come to mind as contributing factors to our genetic decline.

Around the outside are 23 more circles and triangles. This represents half of the normal number of human chromosomes. This half of the formation may be referring to a human gamete (sperm or egg), which carries 23 chromosomes, half the genetic information needed to create a human baby.”

This analysis speculates on just one of several threats we Planetary Humans are facing at this pivotal time. At the same time, Planetary Humans are awakening at an exponentially-accelerating rate. Here are a few recent  positive developments and discoveries  🙂

Countries are eschewing planet-destroying 12:60 values and choosing  13:20 life-affirming principles.

Organic farming in ThailandAfter the May 22 coup in Southeast Asia’s Thailand, the new military-led government has revealed agricultural reforms based on sustainable, organic agriculture – an unprecedented and progressive departure from the unsustainable populist subsidies that proceeded it in Thailand, and that can be found in various degrees of failure around the world.  The Thai’s are now more  focused upon 13:20 themes of  Localization, Organic Farming & Self-Sufficiency. 

This week, President Vladimir Putin [a Resonant Human currently in his Electric Earth year] made a big stand for the health and survival of Planetary Humans    when he told President Barak  Obama  [Self-Existing Skywalker who is in his Solar-Galactic Return year] to “Stop Monsanto or I WILL!”  ““grave situation,{Obama signed an Emergency Executive Memorandum ordering his regime to develop a plan for protecting pollinators such as honey bees, butterflies, birds and bats}[Putin] became ”EU backed regime in Ukraine would forbid the introduction of GMO crops into that nation, and which at that point Putin stated, “Stop Monsanto, or we will, thousands of Russian military forcers to immediately go on full combat alert.”  Monsanto’s name in Spanish means “My Satan’.

The world’s unprecedented lack of pure Water  is becoming a growing threat  to survival of all life on Earth.   Inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen, whose Long Count is today’s 239:  5 Storm, [Dreamspell  3 Wind] has found a way to  supply pure water to millions of people.  Dean Kamen [whose company is formed from the first two letters of his name:  DEKA]  says that “We’d empty half of the world’s hospital beds if we just gave people clean water!”

This  photo from shows the beauty of pure water crystals:

Water is a component of every cell in our body, so here is more good news:

“A reservoir of water lying deep under the Earth’s surface may contain triple the volume of every one of the world’s oceans”

This inspiring news item shows the incredible resilience and strength of the human spirit and body  A 59 year old Chinese man,  Cheung Wai was rescued on May 21, 2014, after 17 years underground! He had remained trapped underground with the bodies of 78 of his dead coworkers, after a 7.8 earthquake caused their mine to collapse in 1997.  This amazing survivor even  managed to bury each of the 78 bodies. [78 is also expressed in the dateline which shows 26 3 times  :)]

According to Vedic mysticism, the Udumbara flower  blooms only once every 3,000 years, and thus came to symbolize events of rare occurrence.

Under a microscope, the legendary Udumbara flower's petals and stamens can be seen clearly. (Courtesy of Mr. Li)  Udumbara is a word from the ancient Sanskrit language, meaningan auspicious flower from heaven.”

“According to Buddhist legend, its appearance heralds the arrival of the Holy King Who Turns the Wheel, rectifying the Dharma in the world [and] offering salvation to all through compassion.  Volume 8 of the Buddhist scripture “Huilin Phonetics and Interpretation” states: “The udumbara flower is the product of propitious and supernatural phenomena; it is a celestial flower and does not exist in the mundane world. If a Tathagata or the King of the Golden Wheel appears in the human world, this flower will appear due to his great virtue and blessings.”

There have been recent confirmed sightings of the Udumbara blossom, the rarest Auspicious Flower from Heaven  🙂

In two days, the 13th Cosmic Turtle Moon, coded by Kin 221: Cosmic Dragon begins the Moon of Presence, Endurance and Transcending.  Remember that during the last Moon of the 13 Moon year, we are meant to Expand our Pleasure and JOY  🙂  Wonderful comments from Piet 55, [thanks for sharing such great videos], Vern 221 Mike 226 and Vikki 177  {“I BELEIVE THE GALACTIC FEMININE WAS ANCHORED TO THE PLANET THROUGH THE HEART CHAKRA, ACCORDING TO THE TEACHINGS OF JOSE’S [Valum Votan]  WORK THE SUPREME GOLDEN MAIDEN“} have served to increase my Joy and Pleasure.  I extend my  Gratitude to each of you, and my Love to all, especially during the Cosmic Turtle Moon.


The Turtle has carried the 13 tones and [in most cases] the 20 seals upon it’s back for millions of years, for the edification of the Planetary Human, [whose Kin is the G-Force of Electric Mirror, which codes the Supreme Golden Maiden]  Humans are the only species to stray from the natural 13:20 frequency.

The Postulate for today is 19.5“The perfection of order of God is synchronically maintained by the universally ceaseless ratio of time, 13:20, and its functioning as the equation T{E}=Art,  for which reason God is referred to as the supreme artist, the architect of the universe in all of its dimensional levels and orders of world systems.”

N. S.  1. 26. 12. 26.       GAP 239:  5 StormL.C. GAP 192:  10 Human      6/26/2014

Twin Magic Turtle Day: Kin 220: Yellow Crystal Sun codes the 7th Day of the Crystal Sun Moon; 22 Days after Kin 22: Lloydine Arguelles Ascends

Lloydine Burris Arguelles passed away on Kin 198:  White Electric Mirror [Long Count:  Galactic Monkey] which coded Spectral Limi 13 [May 16, 2014].

Valum Votan::Jose Arguelles and Lloydine Arguelles’ marriage spanned approximately 30 years,  and included the 1987 Harmonic Convergence.

Jose and Lloydine Arguelles
New Time Peace Pilgrims
José and Lloydine Argüelles
aka Valum Votan and Bolon Ik
Founders of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement

“A team of husband and wife messengers, José and Lloydine Argüelles have travelled the world in service to the Earth, sharing their 1989 discovery of the Law of Time.  The critical, often overlooked realization is that Time is actually a frequency, and the frequency of mechanized time (time is money) is in stark contrast to that of natural time (time is art) – all to the detriment of our Earth!

Since 1993, José and Lloydine’s focus has been the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement which is aimed at changing the world’s current standard calendar from an irregular, unnatural 12-month year to a regular, natural 13-moon year. The Argüelles’ have taken this message to the United Nations, the Vatican, as well as several world leaders and ambassadors of peace – continuing to work steadfastly with global allies to promote world calendar reform.

Recently, the Argüelles’ have formed The Foundation for the Law of Time, a 501(C)(3) non-profit, tax exempt organization. Led by José and Lloydine, the Campaign for the New Time is currently underway – geared toward achieving global calendar reform by the Day out of Time, July 25th, 2004.  {From: }

Lloydine was beside her husband  at  the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan on March 3, 2002, when Jose Arguelles was declared to be Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle in 2012.

Lloydine [Kin 22], and Valum Votan [Kin 22] combined to make 33:  Red Resonant Skywalker.  It’s fitting that the couple that brought us the 13 Moon Calendar, the Dreamspell and the Law of Time would be coded by the ‘mystic’ Galactic Signature [13.7] that contains the key numbers of the codes of Time.

The Complex Gematrical Frequency [per  Votan] of Lloydine  equals 888.  This Crop Circle {Interdimensional Signal} appeared 10 days after Lloydine’s death, on the ‘Cosmic Day’ of seal 8Star: 

Buckle Street, nr Pebworth, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 26th May.

The artist’s rendering of this formation stunningly displays the 8 gold  concentric circles, the 8 crescents and the 8 spheres.  This  Cosmic Star crop circle [on the 3rd Galactic Return of the End of the Cycle on 12/22/2012] is a beautiful tribute to beautiful Lloydine  {=888}.


The last few Moons have been eventful globally, personally and celestially.

The  Planetary Mirror Moon “Manifested” a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse   which began the rare series of Lunar Eclipses that  are known as a tetrad.  ‘A Lunar  Tetrad’ is four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between, each of which is separated from the other by six lunar months (six full moons) A total of four lunar eclipses will occur during 2014-2015.’  The last appearance of a Lunar Tetrad  sequence was in the 1600’s.

The Lunar Eclipse was followed 8 days later by the climax  of the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment.   That was the week that ‘astrologers have been noting as the most profound time of transformation for 2014′. ” From January 2014 to July 2014 there will be a cardinal grand cross in the sky. This is big news not only because of the duration (approximately six months), but because of the heavyweight players involved:   PLUTO at 13 degrees Capricorn, JUPITER 13 d. Cancer, MARS 13 d.  Libra, and URANUS 13 d.  Aries  Some astrologers are calling this extremely rare event a ‘Quantum Threshold’ that will influence us until 2016!

April’s rare celestial events were mirrored by  unique activity on Earth.  April was the most seismically active month ever!

The Geo-political chessboard is also experiencing dramatic change on a near-daily basis.  This observer believes we are making progress towards the peaceful world that 99% of the population desires.  After President Obama and Prime Minister Putin had a chat in France 2 days ago, it was announced that Putin and the newly installed Ukraine President would meet to diplomatically resolve their volatile situation.  Big economic changes are also happening, especially after China and Russia recently agreed to conduct a huge long term energy transaction in their own currencies.

The 25th   anniversary of the  Tiananman Square massacre [at the Gate of Heavenly Peace] coincided with the one year anniversary of Edward Snowden’s escape and  first revelations of Truth.

‘May     PEACE    and    TRUTH    Prevail

The following enigmatic  formation appeared here:  Hod Hill, nr Hanford, Dorset, United Kingdom. Reported 1st June.   on the 20th anniversary of the discovery of the Tomb of the Red Queen



Thanks to S’ace Kin 22 who informed me of Bolon Ik’s death, during the 3 week period I was without a computer. [ Hopefully, a tech expert will be able to extract all of my files and info from my old computer which stopped working on the day Lloydine died.]  Lloydine was Kin 220 when she passed on.  [18.3 + 2.9 = 20.12]. 

Today is Kin 220:  Crystal Sun, on the 7th day of the Moon that is coded by 220:  Yellow Crystal Sun.

Happy Birthday to my brother John [Lunar Dog] who begins his Crystal Sun year on this rare Twin Magic Turtle Day,  when both the Seal and Tone of the Day and Moon are synchronized  🙂

Kin 220 coded the  ” 13 Moon:: 9-11 crop circle”  that appeared 20 miles from my Benicia home 14 Galactic Spins ago, on June 17, 2004. This photo clearly shows the ‘Two Towers’, connected by the 28 circles [28 days of the Moon] to the 11-circled image which is on Valum Votan’s book “Time and the Technosphere“.   This penultimate post is getting too long and too late, so the next transmission [during the  18th Wind Wavespell of ‘Spirited Communication’] will reiterate why I begin every 28 Day Moon on Sunday, as Valum Votan stated and wrote so many times.   My intent, as always, is to preserve the truth.

Just now [the last hour of the Moon Wavespell here in New Zealand]  learned of the latest crop circle, which appeared on June 6th, the 70th anniversary of ‘D-Day’.   The first interpretation states that in Morse Code this formation spells out   “NO MORE WAR“.

M A Y   P E A C E   and   T R U T H   P R E V A I L  🙂

N.S.       1. 26. 12. 7.      Twin Magic Turtle Crystal Sun       June 7, 2014