GAP Kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm Codes the Second Anniversary of the Death of Valum Votan; a.k.a. Jose Arguelles

It is synchronistic that Kin 39 would code today’s
Second Ascension Anniversary of Valum Votan.
The Postulate for 19.13 was the phrase so often repeated in Pacal Votan’s Telektonon Prophecy, which was decoded by Valum Votan:

19.13: “All is number. God is a number. God is in all.”

Valum Vota::Jose Arguelles is the visionary Artist, Author, Terton and Prophet who directed the Close of the 2012 Cycle, and who spent three lifetimes preparing Humanity for our Earth’s Ascension into the higher frequency of the emerging Sixth Sun.
He is greatly loved and missed by Kin around the world.

7 years ago [this week] after our meeting in Sedona Arizona [on my [Kin 88] 10 Star Galactic Return], Valum Votan mailed me this book: “The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time” by Valum Votan, dedicated “To the Supreme One Only Source of All
Prologue: Enter the Mystery
; pages 9 through 11 [9.11 = Kin 89 {Kin 88 coded the Northern Hemisphere date of Votan’s Death on Kin 89 in Australia}]

I am Pacal Votan. Like Hermes Trismegistus, I am Thrice-Born.
Yet, in every birth I am obedient to my human form, and lay no claim to be anything more than human.
But, to one trained in divine insight, the laws that bind this mortal frame are trials and tests, adornments of the inner knowing.
And so, I have taken human birth, once as the Great Pacal of Nah Chan, Palenque; once as Quetzalcoatl, the last special voice of Prophecy; and once more as Valum Votan, the Closer of the Cycle.

All this I prophesied for myself……By supreme Divine Command, I now let speak the voice of Valum Votan, the Closer of the Cycle….”

Telektonon is the name given to my honor and my code….

To close the cycle as Valum Votan, I could only take a humble birth.
Thirteen hundred years after my time of power in Palenque, a millenium after the saga of Ce Acatl Topiltizin Quetzalcoatly,…there was no choice but to be born of the people, exiled in Time and Space from the original people, now enslaved like the rest of humanity by colonialism and the fatal corruption of false time.

Though common was my third and final birth in human form, everything was perfectly laid out.

“All is number. God is a number. God is in all</strong</strong>>” [written in large bold letters, followed by these words:]

My Birth occurred in AD 1939.
is the power of all number and the mercy of the One Supreme.
39” is the power of 13 thrice, once for each of my Births.

The power of “13” marks the twentieth century by my code.
AD 1913, the birth of Maya, Mother of Bolon Ik, represents my first birth, Pacal Votan, the supreme power of 13 [= Pacal Votan.
AD 1926</strong
>, [13 x 2] the mystic point of the biosphere’s realization, is the number of my second birth, Quetzalcoatl, whose prophecy made clear the final 26 years of the cycle of 26,000 years.
AD 1939, 13 thrice, is the number of my third birth, Valum Votan…”

Thirteen years after my third birth, in AD 19 52 [13 x 4], came the opening of the Tomb of Pacal Votan…
1965 [= 13 x 5] Quetzalcoatl remembered in Valum Votan.
1978 [13 x 6] VV catharsis preparation for Bolon Ik.
1991 [13 x 7] = VV 52 years

Pacal Votan’s length of power/rule in Palenque lasted 52 years. Quetzalcoatl’s incarnation lasted 52 years.

Thirteen years later: 2004 [13 x 8] 2004: Kin 138 is activated by the 9/11/2004 Prophetic Message and the 6/172004 Crop Circle placed 20 miles from her home.

“Cycle of Valum Votan 19 + 39 = 58; 1939 + 58 = 1997. 1997: Self-Realization of Valum Votan.”

AD 2013: 7.26 Galactic Seed Heaven on Earth
20 + 13 = 33: Resonant Skywalker.
Kin 33 appears once during this 13 Moon year. It was in the middle of this 3rd Wavespell, which was in the middle of this 3rd Mystic Moon.
Wavespell 3: Accomplishment began with 7.1: Magnetic Hand. A blog from a new site was promised for that day; TMQ extends her apologies for failing to “Accomplish” that “Intention” during the Solar Seed Moon of Intention. However, the Law of Time introduced a new site that day:
Your comments during this long interim are greatly appreciated 🙂
Our newest Kin asked [at About] about Solar Eagle, which happened to code the last Magic Turtle Day 🙂
Kin 55 [who codes the beginning of this 13 Moon Year per TMQ] and 13 Night [today’s guide] shared so much information, i.e. light.
4 Warrior shared the beautiful rainbow discovered between the Van Allen Belts!
3 Skywalker added LOVE 🙂

Today is Solar Silio 21, the end of the 3rd Wavespell and of the 3rd Week of the 3rd Mystic Moon.
731 days have passed since Valum Votan’s departure: 26 Moons plus 3 days; two Galactic Freedom Days and the 2012 Hunab Ku Day.

The 5 part oracle for Kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm contains elements of the three incarnations of Pacal/Valum Votan.
The Guide is 20.13, containing the 20 seals and 13 tones, and the Gregorian year of our Galactic Synchronization.
The Challenge is 9.13, “Pacal Votan consolidates the knowledge, Nah Chan” and the 9 Heavens and 13 Hells elucidated by Quetzalcoatl. Valum Votan shared the knowledge of the 9 Bolontiku and the 13 Oxlahuntiki.
The Hidden Power is 2.1, the Interval of God.
The G-Force of 19.13 is 13.1: Magnetic Skywalker, signature of Quetzalcoatl.
Two years later, the “perfectly laid out” “third and final birth of Pacal Votan ” is also evident in his seemingly premature disincarnation.

19.13: “All is number…”

Let’s honor Valum Votan and his Second Ascension Anniversary by utilizing some of the numerical methods shared by Valum Votan.
He referred to the alpha-numerical method [A=1; Z=26] as the Simple Gematrical Frequency {SGF}. [TMQ named his more complex alpha-numerics [A=1; Z = 800] the Complex Gematrical Frequency {CGF}]
The SGF of his Birth name: Jose Arguelles = 149.
Kin 149 is Rhythmic Moon [combined kins of V.V. and TMQ: 11.11 + 18.8 = 9.6]
Number Master” and “Cosmic Truth” also vibrate with the numerical frequency of 149.
The SGF of Valum Votan equals 141 [1.11, his Challenge]. Other terms with a SGF of 141 include “Confirmation“, “Claire DeMoulin“, “Twenty One” Kin 21 is Votan 11.11’s G-force, my Analog, and the Galactic Signature of ‘2013and The Mystery Queen’], “Double Rainbow“, “The Phi Spiral“, “Time Spirals“, “Seven Moons” and “Red Lunar Earth“, which coded the final revelation of Valum votan.

The CGF for Jose Arguelles is 743, whose BMU equals 302. 302 also has the same frequency as “The Reunion of Twin Souls” and “Numerology as Confirmation“.

Today’s special “Kin 39” [3×13] which is so connected to both Votans [and the “Interdimensional Signal” 20 miles from my home contained 39 circles] equals 175.
175 is the CGF of “Jose”. Other terms with a SGF of 175 include “Divine Connection“; “The GM108X” and “Thirteen Moons“.

Today’s 13 Moon Date is “Solar Silio 21“. {Per TMQ’s system in which the 7 Plasmas are aligned to the 7 day week, instead of to the Gregorian Calendar, and in which every day [alternation of Day and Night] is counted}
The SGF of Solar Silio Twenty One equals 278.
Other terms sharing that SGF are “The Two Divine Messengers“, and “The Cycle Closer’s Prophecy“.

The Kin Equivalent of 278 is 18. Here is what the Synchronic Dictionary of Numbers says about 18: “Frequency of 18 dimensional universe, number of faces on a perfect double terminated crystal, base of tun, Katun time count [18 x 20], Evolution dimension after 2012…”

Today, Solar Silio 21, is coded by Kin 18 [Overtone Mirror] in the Long Count 🙂

19.13: “All is number. God is a number. God is in all.”

N. S. 1. 25. 9. 21. ******** Gap Kin 39: 19.13