Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human Codes the Last Magic Turtle Day of the Rhythmic Wizard Year

EB                      Kin 52

Yellow Cosmic Human

Yellow Cosmic Warrior
White Cosmic Wind Yellow Cosmic Human Blue Cosmic Hand
Red Magnetic Moon
I endure in order to influence
transcending wisdom.
I seal the process of free will
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of intelligence.
Today’s G-Force is Magnetic Wind.
The CDK is Rhythmic Dragon, which codes the Moon-out-of-Time, while the Occult:  Magnetic Moon codes the first day after the December [22 in New Zealand] Cosmic Star SolsticeCosmic Star is 14 Wavespells from today.
The Dreamspell [12.13]+ Long Count [5.5]  is a PVCS:  17.5,  Overtone Earth.
Kin 52 falls during the 52nd week of the 13 Moon Calendar.  Cosmic Human codes the last Magic Turtle Day of the Rhythmic Wizard year.
Today [per TMQ’s belief] is Day Twenty Six [13×2], adding more ‘Cosmic’ energy to this day.  Synchronistically, Magic Turtle Day alpha-numerically equals [the Simple Gematrical Frequency] of 159.  Twenty Six also equals 159  🙂
12.13. “Launching and navigating of the time transport vehicle is a function of mapping via the Dreamspell Journey Board and Telektonon playing board, where time vector potentialities organized in the body of time (the agent or agents initiating the travel) are coordinated with the geometries of celestial harmonics.   Dreamspell Oracle Board is used to establish consolidated fifth force time vector potential “bundles,” or “soul boats” for organizing contact with subliminal conscious “entities”.
Happy Solar Galactic Return to my sister Elizabeth, who turns 52 on Kin 52  🙂  The first 4 letters of her name = 52, for today’s Kin [her Galactic Signature]
The latest “Inter-Dimensional Signal”  [crop circle] is a 12-Petaled flower.  Counting it’s 6-sided Hexagon contained yields a total of 13 components  🙂
The following analysis also mentions today’s 12 [seal] and 13th tone:
“The center of the 13 geometric shapes which comprise the backs of almost all turtles is a hexagon. Here we have the 12 houses shown as a blooming flower, within the hexagon.
Turtles have long been associated with time and the 13 moons. July 13 – 22, approx. is Turtle decan.” 
[Noted on this Cosmic Magic Turtle Day  🙂
Christine 133 tragically lost her younger Sister, Laura9 Dragon, at the beginning of the Sun Wavespell that ends today.  Then their beloved Uncle Ernie  died 8 days later.  So, two members of Christine’s family are now on  their 49 Day Bardos, which will both be concluded by GAP 96.   Laura‘s name carries the Gematrical Frequency of 53“Prime Key Quetzalcoatl, Frequency of Sirian Rebirth“.
Tomorrow we enter the White Northern Castle of Crossing, and the Skywalker Wavespell of Space and Prophecy.  Laura’s Galactic Signature follows 8 days later.  61:  “Prime Key, Fourth Order of Unity,..”
Christine 3 Skywalker gives so freely here, and to Kins in need.  These two souls serve to indicate the perfect time to  UNIFY and to send Christine  LOVE, while spending TIME in the SPIRIT  world,  accompanying her Sister and Uncle on their Bardo.
Interesting to note on Cosmic Human, is the fact that we each bear two sets of 4 Phi Spirals upon our heads:  1 Attached file| 69KB
 as shown in this file from Grayham 195ear phi spirals .jpg
Especially beautiful are the paintings by Mirjana  he linked.  They are representations of crop circles that are based on the Divine Phi Ratio [Golden Section (1,61803398..)]   
                    “HOPE”                        “TARA”                       “DOLPHINS”
 This one is called “TIME for LOVE”

Pedrin 4 Warrior’s recent comment reminded us that “TIME IS ART”  This video shows that TIME is becoming more valued again:

Here are some favorites from Pedrin’s samples of  “NATURE IS ART“:

Colourful bugs                             Colourful bugs

Day Out of Time - Globaly Peace through Culture Celebration - July 25, 2012
The Globally-Celebrated Day-out-of-Time::Galactic Freedom Day is in six days, on the Gregorian date that describes the Sacred 7 to 5 Ratio of Galactic to Solar Spins:  [7/25]  The Russian Day-out-of-Time organizers have put out a call for a Synchronized Meditation at Noon on White Rhythmic Mirror.
Pacal Votan Clear Sign 6 Mirror will fall on Wednesday, which is CATALYTIC BLUE KALI 4 of the Blue Resonant Storm Year [for the few adherents of TMQ’s Harmonic 13 Moon Calendar]
In the Long Count, The Galactic Freedom Day::Day-out-of-Time is coded by 12.12 [my G-Force]
Check out the beautiful flyers for this special day:
The most important aspect of the Planetary Day-out-of-Time observance is the group rehearsal  of The Rainbow Bridge.
In her most recent blog: , Stephanie 185 shares Valum Votan’s message about it:
The purpose of the meditation is to create the rainbow bridge as an image of the mass consciousness, and through the succession of collective synchronized meditations every seven days, to build up a planetary wave of consciousness, co-precipitating the rainbow bridge at the climax of the most massive auroral outbursts during 2012-2013…”
make it easy to see how we will manifest a Circum-Polar  Rainbow Bridge  this year! 
This last Magic Turtle Day of the year even demonstrates Magic in the Synchronotron:
The MTFI for Cosmic Human on Cosmic 26 is 1495;
The Kin Equivalent is 195:  Blue Cosmic Eagle  🙂
The BMU is 172:  “4 x 43, full measure of the Night Seer
This is the 10th day of my Spin as 43:  4 Night  🙂
Enjoy the remaining days of the Cosmic Eagle Moon and the Rhythmic Wizard year  🙂
N. S.  1. 24. 13. 26.       Enlightenment Recharge   Kin 52:  Cosmic ‘Magic Turtle’

Kin 46: Resonant World-Bridger on Moon 13; Limi 20 codes the 11th Galactic Spin since 9/11/2004

CIMI                               Kin 46

White Resonant World-Bridger           July 13, 2012

White Resonant Mirror
Yellow Resonant Warrior White Resonant Worldbridger Red Resonant Skywalker
Blue Resonant Eagle
I channel in order to equalize, inspiring opportunity.
I seal the store of death with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of endlessness.
7 World-Bridger‘s Analog, 7 Skywalker  reflects  the Synchronic code numbers: 13 and 7 = 20, and the Gregorian date, 7/13, which happens to be  Friday the 13th   The Hidden Power of Kin 46 is 7 Wizard which reflects the Southern Hemisphere date:  14th day of the 7th month.

14.7 also codes Prince Wiliam, who was the subject of several vivid dreams during the first watch of TMQ’s first day of her year coded by Kin 43:  Blue Self-Existing Night.  July 10th also marked the Third Solar-Galactic Return of  Genius:  Nicola TeslaSelf-Existing Night.

As illustrated in this article, Nicola Tesla:  had a huge impact upon humanity.  It includes a video that  explains “why to this day,  he is not a household name.”  The G-Force of 4 Night is 10 Mirror, which coded the  Opening of the Tomb of Pacal Votan,  whose existence was also erased from the pages of History.

The Solar birthday of another creative genius followed two days later:  6 Sun Buckminster Fuller would have celebrated his 117th birthday [he died 11 days before his 88th birthday]  on 9 Star Solar Star is the G-Force of Resonant World-Bridger.

6.7:  “The Dreamspell, Journey of Timeship Earth 2013, is the sum repository of the knowledge of the Law of Time as a complete set of codes demonstrating the radial mathematics of the fourth-dimension.   Both the Thirteen Moon Calendar and the Telektonon are derivatives of and embedded within the Dreamspell codes.”

11 Galactic Spins ago, [9/11/2004] the Prophetic Message appeared on TMQ’s computer.  The CDK of that day was 18.8 [19.12 + 13.2 + 6.7].  Today’s CDK is 15.13, which Mirrors the Cosmic Eagle [15.13] Moon.

During the Third Week of the Cosmic Moon, these new “Inter-dimensional Signals” appeared in England:

Picked Hill, Nr Wilcot, Wiltshire. Reported 9th July  One commentary notes that this is the 4th variation of this theme in 2012 Crop Circles, and that it denotes Venus on the 10th of July,  oriented towards the Sun [represented by Picked Hill.  The Simple Gematrical Frequency of Picked Hill = 89, the Kin coding Valum Votan’s departure.

Burrow Hill Fort, Rock Lane, nr Corley. Warwickshire. Reported 11th July. This article mentions thatWoden [Votan?] is the English Quetzalcoatl, he is a man who can distort the space/time with his mind and his heart. Prophecies have described him and also CC, also ley lines, white horses map and the Revelation.  Must have a pure heart and a very open mind to see and recognize him.’

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThank You A1d7r7 and Jannis 7 Moon, for your beautiful birthday wishes  :).  It was so nice to hear from both of you, and further response to 189 will ensue.   

Poet Piet 3 Eagle’s video’s were enjoyed  🙂  So glad to hear that Cody 93 has arrived on the West Coast and is already settled near the Law of Time epicenter!

Mike 5 World-Bridger called with wonderful news:  For nearly 39 Moons, Mike has been using the 13 Moons as his principle defense in a court case.  While enduring the threat of incarceration, he never wavered in his daily Cube practice.  This week, Mike learned that the court case has finally ended  : ) !!  On kin 81, there will be a hearing regarding his two sons, who were removed from Mike’s care and home over a Moon ago. Let’s all visualize, Joe 5 Seed and Jack 10 Monkey  returning to  home  and to  their Father.  TMQ has great admiration and gratitude for what Mike has endured in the 12:60 regime, and accomplished via the 13 Moon  Calendar.  Next, 5 World-Bridger is planning to win the lottery in order to create a 13:20 haven for all  🙂 the Cosmic Hunab Ku 21, here are some words from   Valum Votan,  written for Planet Earth, Rhythmic Solstice, Blue Resonant Storm year, 2012 Omega Point

“What did the Maya foresee for 2012? What is Pacal Votan’s vision? Pacal Votan’s vision is the fulfillment of a prayer – a prayer that I have heard through the silence:

O Hunab Ku, One Giver of Movement and Measure, be kind to the children of this Earth. We see how every year you give and how every year you take away. This is so the children of Earth can learn to be free and dwell only in your presence. Yet we know that the children of the Earth must undergo their lessons as well. And we know that they must enter the dark time of testing.

O Hunab Ku, in their time of darkness, in their time of forgetting, do not forget them, spare those who are good, if you can. Prepare for them the Second Creation you have promised to the righteous among them.  Break for them the spell of false time before they destroy this Earth!  And show to them the splendors of the Second Creation, of the New Heaven andthe New Earth.  Show them these wonders before the Great Cycle is finished, so that they may yet wake up from the sleep of time.

And O Hunab Ku, may the Nine great Lords of Time return to Earth!  May they teach the children of the Earth how to become a race of Wizards, tilling the Noosphere as they have tilled the Earth. O bring to these children of the Earth a good Time, a Time of Peace as long, at least, as was their time of history and war, and then let that Time of Peace be multiplied sevenfold!”

The 2012 Solstice  Omega Point, coded by Cosmic Star in New Zealand, and by Crystal Hand in the rest of Planet Earth happens in  just 161 days.

On that long-prophesied day, we will manifest the RAINBOW BRIDGE of PEACE “to generate a world-wide telepathic wave of love that encompasses the whole Earth and all sentient beings”  The Law of Time has scheduled weekly ‘rehearsals‘ beginning with the Rhythmic Mirror Day-out-of-Time.  Profile Picture

May Universal Peace Prevail

 This photo is meant  to increase our Joy, Love and Cooperation  during the last week of the last Cosmic Moon of the 13th Baktun 🙂

1. 24. 13. 20.         Cube 14:  Timelessness          Kin46

Galactic Activation Portal Kin 39: 13 Storm codes Limi 13 of the 13th Cosmic Moon

CAUAC       Kin 39

Blue Cosmic Storm

Blue Cosmic Night
Red Cosmic Moon Blue Cosmic Storm Yellow Cosmic Sun
  White Magnetic Wind
I endure in order to catalyze, transcending energy.
I seal the matrix of self generation with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of abundance.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
This is a very  Cosmic and Synchronistic day!  That feels appropriate for Kin 39, which the Synchronotron Number Dictionary describes as“the  coordinating frequency of the matrix of Cosmic Synchronization’
Happy Birthday to Neil Crystal Wizard  🙂   Neil’s 53rd year is coded by Kin 39, whose G-Force is Kin5313.1,  Quetzalcoatl.
As the First Solar Witness [12 Wizard],  Neil is the G-Force of Kin  PVCS 60:   Pacal Votan.
Tomorrow we will celebrate our birthdays on PVCS 40.  Neil’s name [14+5+9+12] = [SGF simple gematrical frequency]  40  🙂
 Even the Greg. Month [7] and day [6] equal 13.
 The Analog is 20.13, and the Antipode is 9.13:  Cosmic Moon, [ 9.13 is the G-Force for TMQ’s year as 43:  4 Night ], and it reiterates  this Cosmic day of the Cosmic Moon.
Here are the Synchrontron numbers for triple Cosmic  this day:
Moon 13;  Day 13:  H: 15;  V:  2:  T = 74;  Sp = 192;  Sy = 57.  Time TFI = 323 
Space Matrix:  H:  8;  V:  5:  Sp = 39;  T = 154; Sy = 8.  Space TFI = 201 201 frequency of kin 201, 6 Dragon, Rhythmic Moon-out-of -Time, 2012-2013 (Moon in which old cycle closes)
Synchronic Matrix:  H: 4;  V: 21:  Sy = 39,  T = 17;  Sp = 316.  Syn TFI = 372 “372:“Infinite mind wave evolves infinitely, vigesimal code 18.12″ 18.12:   Crystal Mirrorcodes the crop circle shown below, and most of the Earth as these words are written  🙂
323 + 201 + 372 =MTFI:   896BMU [896 – 882] = 54, the SGF for LOVE.  “54.   9 x 6, [This Moon:  15.13 + year:  14.6 = 9.6 = 11.11 + 18.8] 18 x 3, 27 x 2, root frequency lunar wizard, base of higher order of star codes. x 2 = 108, x 4 = 216, x 8 = 432, x 16 = 864 (master time lens), x 32 = 1728 (12³) , x 52 = 2808, factor of velocity of God particle. discoveredthis week–abc-news-tech.html  'God Particle' 'Discovered': European Researchers Claim Discovery of Higgs Boson-Like Particle (ABC News)
The respective  Base Matrix numbers:  130 +  300 + 18 = 348.  348   29 x 12, 6 x 58, 87 x 4, 116 x 3, 174 x 2,
Temple of the cosmic constant, vigesimal code, 17.8′ 
Today  19.13 +  TMQ 18.8 = 17.8  🙂  17.8 codes A1d7r7, the Galactic Navigator  🙂
Today’s Guide is Cosmic Eagle, which codes the ] and this Cosmic  Eagle Moon.
Blue Cosmic Storm
Red Cosmic Serpent Blue Cosmic Eagle Yellow Cosmic Seed
  White Magnetic Worldbridger
I endure in order to create,  transcending mind.
I seal the output of vision with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of self generation.
The Analog for this Cosmic Eagle Moon is Kin 104:  Cosmic Seed
   104 years ago, on June 30, 1908, the huge ‘ Tunguska Blast’ happened in Siberia on Kin 33,  7 Skywalker.   Trees were flattened in an area of 850 square miles, and the skies of Europe  were lit up for several days after a large comet exploded just above the impact site.
Exactly 104 years later, it was 13.7 on Moon 13;  day 7  🙂
The G-Force of  the Cosmic Eagle Moon is  Kin 209:  Magnetic Moon.
1 Moon is the first day after the 2012 Solstice in New Zealand, which is coded by Cosmic Star.
Tomorrow, PVCS 40 begins the Magnetic Sun Wavespell of Universal Fire and Enlightenment.  It is the last complete Wavespell of the Rhythmic Wizard year.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThank You S’ace 22  and Poet Piet 55 for your comments  🙂
Thanks to Christine 133 for your two comments that came in [at the “Nine days…” blog]  as the last [“7.0 Earthquake…”] was being posted.
Great Gratitude to the Star People for this “Inter-Dimensional Signal”  which appeared hours after the “7.0 Earthquake” transmission was published.
Note the two HEARTS for ears, and the 13 Cosmic circles [Moons]
 of this expanding‘ JOYOUS being  🙂 
The SGF of ‘Boreham Woods’ is 138:  White Galactic Mirror  🙂  🙂  🙂
This  Second of the Last 7 Moons of the 13 Baktuns correlates to The Second Mystic Moon  which is coded by Galactic Night 15.13 + 3.8 = 18.8;  Galactic Mirror  🙂
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all!”
1. 24. 13. 13.              Cube 7:  Accomplishment           GAP Kin 39

A 7.0 Earthquake in New Zealand ‘codes’ 10 Warrior on Cosmic 10; Cube Four: Maya Flowering

The Cosmic Eagle Moon and the Magnetic Hand Wavespell have alreadyaccomplished  several events and synchronicities.

The Cosmic Moon  began with a sad and specific connection to the Thirteen Moon Calendar.  The Totem for the 13th Moon is the Turtle who carries the 13 tones upon his back, within a perimeter formed by 28 smaller shells.   The most unique representative of the 13 Moon Calendar died on Kin 27:  Magnetic Hand {7.1} on the first day of the Cosmic Turtle Moon. [per TMQ]  ‘Lonesome George’, the last of the Giant Tortoises died at the age of 100“Staff at the Galapagos National Park in Ecuador say Lonesome George, a giant tortoise believed to be the last of its subspecies, has died…With no offspring and no known individuals from his subspecies left, Lonesome George became known as the rarest creature in the world“.

  “Lonesome George’ alpha-numerically equals  166:  10 World-Bridger.  It’s Seal [6] and Tone [10] remind us of the precise moment of Valum Votan’s Birth and Death:  6.10 a.m.  Additionally, 166 can also signify 16.6  [6 Warrior] which codes Valum Votan this year [in spirit or ?]

TMQ resonates with Lonesome George’s status as  ‘a unique representative of the 13 Moon Calendar’  🙂  The ‘Official 13 Moon Calendar’ [as they refer to it on the Law of Time site] is linked to the Gregorian calendar.  This means that the 7 Radial Plasmas shift each year, and twice in leap years.  This increases confusion and irregularity, and weakens the intended  telepathic link between the 7 Plasmas, our 7 Chakras, and the 7 days of the week.   The 7 days of the week predate the Gregorian calendar, are more globally recognized, and synchronize more harmoniously [than the Gregorian]  with the 28 day Moon.

Pacal Votan felt that returning humanity to the 13 Moons Path was  important enough to merit his 104,000-year Samadhi 1352 and his 80 year incarnation, in order to leave the vital 13 Moon information upon his tomb.  [details in previous post]

Valum Votan decoded that tomb  and spent his life spreading the 13 Moon Calendar.  He wrote many times that the first Radial Plasma DALI was always on Sunday, which begins every Week, Moon and Year.  He and his wife Lloydine [Bolon Ik, kin 22] burned the Gregorian Calendar, to demonstrate it was time to replace it with the natural harmonic 13 Moon Calendar

Why would Valum Votan shift from that stance, and begin linking the 13 Moon Calendar to the irregular Gregorian calendar?  Why did he never write that the correlation between Dali = Sunday was now going to shift annually?  Why did he never correct this writer in the approximately 20 times we met face-to-face?  Why would he hand out the 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation to 300 Kin from around the world,  [Ashland,  Easter 2005] without  saying to ignore the DALI::SundaySILIO::Saturday on the ‘game’s playing board and 28 cards?  Each time this writer would point out another article in which Valum Votan states “Dali is always on Sunday;  Sunday begins each Week, Moon and Year”,it would be removed…Why?   Why [as recently described here] was the Long Count Date for December 21/22 recently changed from what is stated in the 7:7::7:7? [This ‘Cosmic Question Mark’ is a photo taken by Hubble]

In the “20 Tablets of the Law of Time” which V.V. sent me after our meeting in Sedona [when in the first 10 minutes he took all my contact details, and informed Stephanie that they were moving to New Zealand too] he describes Pacal Votan’s third incarnation [as Valum Votan] on page 10:

Thirteen hundred years after my time of power in Palenque,…there was no choice but to be born of the people, exiled in time and space from the original people, now enslaved like the rest of humanity by colonialism andthe fatal corruption of false time.”  On page 14, Votan explains how he was guided by Bolon Ikduring the perilous Earth journey of his third and final incarnation“.  

For nearly 8 years, I have practiced the more consistent and harmonious DALI::Sunday alignment.  The Day-out-of-Time [Cosmic Star] 2006 crop circle appeared 3 days early, in accordance with that system, just hours after TMQ performed the meditation which instructed us to ask for ‘extra-terrestrial confirmation’.  Other events, crop circles and synchronicities keep me aligned with  the more harmonic  13 Moon Calendar.  It is sad that my now public adherence to that system has caused an unexpected rift.  All who follow the 13 Moons in any form have so much in common; Let’s focus on our alignment with the 28 days of the Moon, the 13:20 Frequency and the larger Cosmic cycles  🙂 

On page 22, Valum Votan referred to crop circles as Inter-dimensional signal“s.  Many  formations appeared during the first 10 days of the Cosmic Eagle Moon and the Hand Wavespell ofAccomplishment.

These first two demonstrate the Mayans‘ and the Star Artists’ fascination with Lamat::Venus:    Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia). Reported 25th June.  {Dreamspell Kin 32:  6 Human //   L.C. Kin  31:  5 Monkey}{Cosmic  LIMI 6 //Cosmic 3} 

The spiral design which is evident in the plan is the motif of Quetzalcoatl.”

Thank You so much Poet Piet 3 Eagle, for the video about this, and for all of your recent comments  🙂

The following one appeared at Stanton St Bernard (2), nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 29th June.

{Dreamspell Kin 32:  6 Human //   L.C. Kin  31:  5 Monkey}{Cosmic  LIMI 6 //Cosmic 3]

The central one appeared below the White Horse, and is also interpreted as showing the elevation of Venus above the surrounding stars.

Plat-d’Étain, nr Chécy, Boigny. Reported 11th June.

Waden Hill, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 1st July.

This formation with 10 items appeared on Princess Diana’s 51st Birthday:  Cosmic Dali 8, coded by  8 Wizard [LC:  13.7] 

Last night, on 10 Warrior, a powerful 7.0 earthquake at 21:33 shook  our house, causing TMQ to run outdoors where the Full Moon shined above.  This  very deep quake [143 miles] was widely felt throughout New Zealand for nearly a minute.  Thankfully, no serious damage has been reported.  The 13 Moon Date Cosmic EagleGamma Ten = 166, brings us back to Lonesome George and Valum Votan  🙂

7.0:   “Interval frequency of lost time in eternity, basis of manifest universe, resonant power of primal creation, mystic root, basis of heptad (seven –day sequence), root of 441, supreme power of Divine order; with 13, occulted basis of Cosmic Wheel of Law of Time 13:7…” 

This transmission was originally titledKin 33:  Resonant Skywalker {13.7} codes 13.7:  Cosmic  Silio 7

The first draft noted:  “With 13.7 falling on 13 Moon date 13.7, we also incorporate the 7.1:  Moon Day: 7; Cube :1  Birth.”  The 7.1 earthquake in the land of my Birth [Tokyo Japan] triggered the Birth of this blog.  This week, I realized that The Mystery Queen is alpha-numerically equal to my full name at Birth 220;  20.12 :  Crystal Sun.

The “Inter-dimensional Signal”  [crop circle] on 20.12, [6/17/2004] 20  miles from my home, and the Prophetic Message on my computer [9/11/2004] triggered the Birth of this Mission, and a sudden move to New Zealand.

The 7.0 on 10 Warrior also marked 7 days until TMQ’s 61st birthday on Self-Existing NightCosmic Gamma 17,when my 62nd year begins.   62:  “…Double gate of supreme unity, initiatic completion

 7.1 [Magnetic Hand] which began the Second of the Seven Last Moons of the 13 Baktuns also triggered the realization that it’s time to reposition myself for the End of the Cycle.  I plan to be in a more 13:20 compatible locale by the 62nd day of my 62nd year, which marks exactly  8 years since the message [in a Synchronic Readout] which began: “You are awakening to the Prophecy of the Red Queen…”  That 62nd day [Lunar 23] will be coded by 105, Magnetic Serpent, which carries the ‘simple gematrical frequency’  [SGF] of Pacal Votan

On Cosmic 8 we began Vinal 18:  CUMHU: Located in the correct place where the food of divination is obtained

The 7.0 on Cosmic Eagle 10 corresponded to the PSI of 13 Hand [7.13];  247247   13 x 19, Supreme expression of 19 code , Cosmic Cycle of the Command of God,…, vigesimal code, 12.7 [= 19]”

The MTFI for 16.10 on Cosmic Gamma 10 is 1072, which reduces to a BMU of 190. “190   19 x 10, triangular of19, vigesimal9.10 = 19

This Cosmic  Moon and the  Second Solar Witness are coded by Kin 195:  Cosmic EagleGrayhams name equals his kin:  195 Cosmic Eagle’s Guide is Kin 39:  Cosmic Storm.[19.13]  The ‘First Solar Witness, Neil, during his Solar-Galactic Return year ‘doubly‘coded the First of the Seven Last Moons of the 13 Baktuns.  The G-Force of Neil’s wife Sandra 4 Skywalker is 19.13Neil begins his 19.13 year on Cosmic 13.  TMQ’s birthday 4 days later will be coded by Dreamspell 3.4 and Long Count 16.9 which add up to 19.13, Kin 39.  The ‘Inter-dimensional Signal’ on 20.12  had 39 circles [28 + 11].

39   “3 x 13, triple order of cosmic time, sign of the thrice born, coordinating frequency of the matrix of Cosmic Synchronization (third time dimension), vigesimal 1.19

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

   May your Love and Joy increase during the remaining days of the Cosmic Eagle Moon and the Rhythmic Wizard year  🙂

N. S.  1. 24. 13. 10.  Cube 4:  Maya Flowering      Kin 36:  Yellow Planetary Warrior