Triple Magic Turtle GAP Kin 241: Red Resonant Dragon codes the 74th Birthday of Valum Votan

The 74th Birthday of Valum Votan falls on a rare TRIPLE MAGIC TURTLE DAY: 7 Dragon of the 7 Wind Moon and the 7 Storm year.
Kin 241′s Occult is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Kin 20: Resonant Sun, and today’s Guide is Kin 33: 7 Skywalker; 13.7.

The G-Force for Votan’s Birthday is Kin 243: 9 Night, the HEART of VOTAN.

{This week, I realized that I came to Christchurch [=138] New Zealand [=105 = Pacal Votan] {138 + 105 = 243} during the First year of the Mystery of the Stone, when I was coded by Dreamspell Kin 243, and Long Count 194: Crystal Wizard. On my Galactic Return [before I realized what that was] Votan published a report about Kin 243: Solar Night: Heart of Nine.
That year, we awakened the First Lord of Time: Crystal Wizard Kin 194.}
Today’s Long Count Kin is Crystal Wizard, which in the Cosmlogy of 7, also applies to this First of Seven Mystic Moons.

1.7. “The purpose of the mystical experience of self-reflective being is both to AFFIRM GOD, who is otherwise unperceivable, and to cumulatively propel the biological organism to a condition of pure self-reflective consciousness. Attempts at systemizing mystical experience are actually attempts at understanding time. But without accurate knowledge of the LAW of TIME, mystical systems can only be well-intentioned approximations.”

241: “Prime key, vigesimal 12.1 analog of 121 (11²) [codes establishment of LAW of TIME] , reverse of 142, 241 – 142 = 99 = 11x 9, begins 13th cycle of 20 in Tzolkin

Today is Resonant 15 in the official 13 Moon Calendar. This means that we have all begun the Return half of the Resonant Storm [19.7] year.
Resonant Dragon is the 7th Kin of Wavespell 19.

In the Harmonic 13 Moon Calendar, today [7.19] is RESONANT 19; Cube 13: PROPHECY

This 13 Moon Date and today’s Kin both have the same Gematrical Frequency:
RESONANT NINETEEN alpha-numerically equals 192.
RED RESONANT DRAGON also equals 192

GAP Kin 192: Planetary Human is the G-Force of the Fifth Lord of Time, Supreme Golden Maiden who is coded by Kin 198: Electric Mirror.
She holds the position of the ‘Heart of the Nine’, as the 5th center of the 9 Lords.
This year we are in the Realm of the 9th Lord, known as “All-Knowing Body Lha”.
The first 7 Lords are coded by Kins 194-200. By extrapolation, this years 9th BolonTiku/Lord of Time would be coded by 202: Resonant Wind, which codes this First Mystic Moon

192 can also refer to 19.2: Lunar Storm. [today, 1.7 + 18.8 = 19.2]

The Base Matrix Unit for Kin 241 on Resonant 19 is 448, which reduces to 7.

7: Interval frequency of lost time in eternity, basis of manifest universe, RESONANT power of primal CREATION, mystic root, basis of heptad (SEVEN – DAY SEQUENCE), root of 441, supreme power of DIVINE ORDER; with 13, occulted basis of Cosmic Wheel of Law of Time 13:7 [TODAY’S GUIDE] as sum = totality 20,[Today’s Occult] key term of CREATION formula…”

Valum Votan was born 74 years ago, at 6:10 a.m. Kin 166: 6:10. is in 16 days and 6 Moons 🙂

6.10. The UNIFYing power of celestial harmonics, the system of coordinates which establishes the
synchronic order of universe for any given moment, endows the Dreamspell as the knowledge base
for a level of fourth-dimensional mental functioning hitherto unknown, and which completes the
evolutionary sequence of the biosphere-noosphere transition

UNITY is our goal. UNITY alpha-numerically equals 89, which coded the day Valum Votan died [24 Moons ago] at 6:10 p.m.
6:10 is Planetary World-Bridger.
PLANETARY [112] WORLD-BRIDGER[135] equals 247. 247 = 19 x 13.

19 Divine prime, COMMAND of GOD, vigesimal analog of 9, in vigesimal code all multiples of 19 = 19, number of Omega dimension – evolution dimension after 2012…”

13Prime key, cyclic wholeness, Basis of wavespell, cosmic time fractal, frequency of cosmic time 13 x 20 (totality) = 260 galactic matrix = 13:20 frequency of time as universal factor of synchronization, with 7, BASIS OF COSMIC WHEEL AND COSMOLOGY OF TIME – 13:7 [Today’s Guide]= 13:20 frequency, number of Oxlahuntiku, 13 lords of heavenly order,…”

VALUM VOTAN: “We stand at the threshold of something so magnificent, that it is imperative that we dare to raise our sights to the most noble and spiritually impassioned heights…”
Galactic Culture assumes that intelligence COORDINATED by the UNIVERSAL FREQUENCY OF SYNCHRONIZATION can be placed in a condition of mental or psychic RESONANCE with the entirety of the galactic whole of which it is an operating unit

For this possibility to manifest, there are two requirements: A full manifestation of the Law of Time as a uniform teaching on galactic wholeness; and a proper spiritual preparation that is based on an advanced technology of mental “hygiene” and self-experimentation that is in accord with a comprehensive vision of the evolution of TIME as consciousness, as SUPERVISED by HIGHER ORDERS of INTELLIGENCE, and in submission to a unique and all supreme Guiding Principle (GOD)”.

[[WORDPRESS is currently in a strange format, not allowing colors, importing of images, etc. It is 11:11 as I glanced at my clock just now! The numbers will have to speak instead, in order to acknowledge 11:11’s birthday on the actual day. There is so much more to say, when the format is corrected–spent 2 hours on that already. Will edit and enhance this when issues are resolved]]

7: The sacred 7 DAY Heptad/Week of Creation
13: Universal factor of SYNCHRONIZATION
19: Command of GOD

19 days remain in the First Mystic Moon, which fractally corresponds to DALI, First of the Sacred Radial Plasmas. On the First of the Seven Days/Moons, we TARGET. We are TARGETING our GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION, in 183 days. This is the First of the 6 cycles composing the 216 day period that culminates on Galactic Seed. “First 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth, PROJECT the FOUNDATION (cube bottom), Days 1-36, Rhythmic 10, Kin 208, 13 Star (22 December 2012) – Resonant 17, Kin 243, 9 Night[TODAY’S G-FORCE] (26 January 2013)

During this First Mystic Moon, I have experienced dreams of Valum Votan, and received relayed messages from Pacal Votan, which are confirmed by the numbers displayed today, on Valum Votan’s 74th Birthday, and the precise moment of his Birth and Death: 6:10. This week, several of you have sent a variety of supportive communications, including beautiful e-mails from Jannis 7 Moon during this 7 Moon.

Gratitude [and Welcome] to new-comer Chac Le [who actually landed on Earth long ago ] for resending the message “From the Distant Tulan: The Noosphere and Communication with Cosmic Civilization” “Arcturian involvement with our own star system began over three million years ago…”
Those who sent the crop circles [including the 28 day Moon/Two Tower formation 20 miles from my home, and the ‘Day-out-of-Time’ crop circle that arrived 3 days before the official Day-out-of-Time] and the Missison Activating 9/11/2004 message upon my computer] have kept me consistently aligned with the 7 Days/7Plasmas and 7 Chakras. A call from Melovia 12 Moon yesterday confirmed again that I am not the only one

The HARMONIC CONVERGENCE organized by Valum Votan in 1987 was a two-day event. Two recent dreams suggested organizing a 7 DAY HARMONIC CONVERGENCE GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION WEEK Out-of-Time beginning on Sunday::Dali July 21, 2013: Electric Storm. This week will include the final 6 day “Cubing of the Earth” and A recapitulation of the 7 DAYS OF CREATION. These 6 36 day stages of Cubing the Earth and the 7 Mystic Moons will serve as time-compressed Fractal practices for this week.

On ALPHA::Thursday, July 25 [Green Day, Freedom Day/Day-out-of-Time] coded by 7 Night we will RELEASE anything that still separates us.
PURIFIED on LIMI::Friday, we will be ready for oUR Galactic Synchronization, on Galactic Seed; July 26, to reconnect with Cosmic Cycles, our Galactic neighbors and all of creation through our Kuxan Suums SOLAR PLEXUS}[.
On SILIO::Saturday we’ll DISCHARGE ourselves to the Heart of the Earth, and CELEBRATE OUR SYNCHRONIZATION by manifesting
the biggest brightest CIRCUM-POLAR RAINBOW BRIDGE!

Two gifts that Valum Votan personally handed to me [The 7:7::7:7 and the beautiful blue 13 Moon Calendar book from Japan, the land of my BIRTH] both state that DALI is always on Sunday. {All the reasons I have observed that for over 8 years will follow when my technical issues here are fixed} On this Triple Magic Turtle GAP Birthday of Valum Votan, let’s honor him, and lay the foundation for the culminating 7 day Harmonic Convergence and Galactic Synchronization.
Thus purified and synchronized, may we begin the next 13 Moon year together.

While we are in the center of this 7th central Magic Turtle Moon of the Year of Prophecy, on the Triple Magic Turtle day of Sevens, let’s examine Telektonon Verse 39: [“3 x 13, TRIPLE order of cosmic time, sign of the thrice born, coordinating frequency of the matrix of Cosmic Synchronization (third time dimension)…”

Verse 39: “In India, at the mid-point of the seventh Baktun, the very centre of the mystic cycle, thirteen Baktuns in all, Lord Buddha did awaken at the dawn, the morning star, the tree, the Earth, his witnesses of illumination. For seven weeks he sat beneath that tree. Never moving, he travelled the seven directions and visited with his mind every realm of God’s vast creation, only to learn the turning of the Wheel of the Law

Verse 40 “…His last turning of the Wheel of the Law was the teaching of the Wheel of Time. Given at the request of King Suchandra of Shambhala who travelled far from Central Asia to receive this teaching, the teaching of the Wheel of Time closed the life of Lord Buddha.”

The life of Valum Votan, our Teacher of Time, began and ended at 6:10 a.m.
Let’s Synchronize the 7 Days, 7 Plasmas and7 Chakras by beginning our new 13 Moon Wheel of Time on Kin 166: 6.10.

Planetary World-Bridger = 247= 19 x 13
7 + 13 + 19 = 39: Cosmic Storm 19.13
Resonant 19: Cube 13 19:13


“We place great confidence in you who read these words, to all the people of Velatropa 24.3, planet Earth. Know that we are with you!

Klatu Barada Nikto!”

N. S. 1. 25. 7. 19. [Gr 1.24; Time: 1:24!] Cube 13: PROPHECY Magic Turtle GAP 241

The First of the Seven Mystic Moons began on Kin 223: Blue Lunar Night; Today is 225: Self-Existing Serpent

Velatropa 24.3 [Earth] expressed herself powerfully and synchronistically as the Seven Mystic Moons began in New Zealand.   The Lunar Eagle Guide Watch brought news of a 7.7 earthquake in Alaska, mirroring the beginning of the 7 Mystic Moons and the 7 Days of Galactic Synchronization.   During the Hidden Power Watch of Crystal Mirror, a spectacular thunder and lightning Storm loudly raged, while simultaneously displaying a double rainbow!

Lightning strike sparks fire near Nelson  (Source: Jessica Hirsch)   [Rainbow Bridge Visualization]

The First Mystic Moon is coded by Kin 202:  Resonant Wind, and it began during the 18th Wind Wavespell of  Spirit.  The following day, [the Gregorian 7/1]  we experienced the most powerful gale force WINDs.  In Mexico, land of the Maya, there was a volcanic explosion at Colima on that day [January 7th], which is known as the day of Epiphany  🙂 The Hidden Power of Resonant Wind is the year-bearer:  Resonant Storm.

The PSI for Resonant Moon One is 5.7:  Resonant Serpent, and, synchronistically, the G-Force for Lunar Night is also Resonant Serpent.  The Long Count Kin is Pacal Votan Clear Sign Resonant Warrior, adding to the Resonant energy and Magic [Turtle] of this special Moon.

Space-010213-001b-617x416  This week, anstonomers reported that the heart of our Galaxy emitted a magnetic stream that is a million times stronger than a Super-Nova!  This week also brought news of a truly amazing “Irradia Couple“: from Russia who   don’t process oxygen or food,  instead, they they receive their sustenance from radiation!  They use their sense organs and intuition at a very advanced level and can even distinquish between different types of Uranium.

These two unusual [unique?] phenomenon serve  to demonstrate that a paradigm shift is underway, and also  make the Launch of Timeship Earth 2013 feel more viable.  It is mentioned in the last sentence of Cosmic History Chronicles Volume 6: “73.    A  few operatives on the planet are already experiencing third and fourth-dimensional systems operating with double mental levels simultaneously.  In this way, the phase shift of the planet will be easier to facilitate, the docking point of Timeship Earth 2013.”

Chapter 13;  paragraph 28“If we want to advance to this level…we [must] live and cultivate a life of Spirit…  This entails opening ourselves to divine grace in the expansion of our Will, Spirit, and divine analytic intelligence.”

Seven Mystic Moons to Launch Timeship Earth 2013-The Fulfillment of 7:7::7:7.”   

The Moon-Out-of-Time  preceded the Seven Mystic  Moons,  and I propose that these 7 Moons  be followed by a Week-Out-of-Time Seven Days of Galactic Synchronization This First of 7 Moons  [Dali] can be a Fractally- Time-Compressed practice for the first day of Galactic Synchronization Week [Lunar Mirror] when we will TARGET the Launch of Timeship Earth 2013.

  TMQ’s more Harmonic version of the Calendar of 13 Moons of 28 days allows for a consistent synchronization of the 7 Radial Plasmas, our 7 Chakras and the 7 days of the Week [which predate and are more universally followed than the Gregorian Calendar to which the current ‘official’ calendar is linked].   A variety of synchronicities, crop circles, numbers [some translating to resonant phrases via the two forms of alpha-numerics introduced by Valum Votan] have reinforced this calendar that is true to Valum Votan’s writing and the two ‘games’/learning tools he produced:  The Telektonon and 7:7::7:7.    

Valum Votan never wrote anything to contradict his many assertions that each week, Moon and Year begins on Sunday:: Dali, and he never corrected me on this critical issue on the approximately  20 occasions when we spoke in person.  Of course, entering the correct 13 Moon date into Synchronotron makes a difference, and that has been another source of confirmation.  The Closer of the Cycle may have left clues or terma  to indicate the beginning of the 2013 13 Moon year;  New Sirius Cycle 26.

As Valum Votan states,  the Synchronotron does serve as a vehicle of telepathic transmission., and this shift is about the Feminine energy [or Agent] receiving information and decoding Terma in order to open the New Cycle. Just as Pacal Votan left coded information on his Tomb [including the precise timing that indicated 12:60 and 13:20],  it’s possible that the timing of Valum Votan’s Death and Birth are a clue:  The moment of both his Birth and Ascension is 6:10.  6.10 is Planetary World-Bridger, kin 166.

According to my calculations under a star-filled sky over a year ago,  The new Harmonic  Calendar of 28 days  [and the new year] will begin on Sunday::Dali, coded by 6.10, Planetary World-Bridger.  Synchronistically, the Gregorian date:  7/28/2013 displays the [4]  7 day Weeks that composes  the 28 day Moon  🙂

The Long Count will be Lunar Storm [19.2], and the Combined Dreamspell Kin will be kin 19:  Rhythmic Storm [19.19=19.6 [the Year-Bearers will remain the same, to cause minimum disruption] Those two numbers added together equal 18.8, Galactic Mirror.  When we add in the PSI:  1.1, it becomes 139:  Solar Storm [19.9].   “Nineteen is over all“.

The Synchronotron for Kin 166 on Moon 1;  Day 1 equals 2013 in two different ways.   Just as this blog was triggered  44 Moons and 1 Wavespell ago, by the 7.1 earthquake in Tokyo, my birthplace, another blog was set up on Resonant Moon 7;  Day 1 These proposals for the remaining 7 Moons and 7 days of the Cycle  will be expounded upon there.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceHours later the comment from a new reader arrived. [Welcome Daniel  :)] His mention of 1320 and 2013 mirrored part of the new site’s name.  Thanks also for this:  which displays the components for the 13 Moon year  🙂  The only difference is in how the 365th day is positioned.


Disdyakis dodecahedronHere:  the encoding of the Cosmic Tree of Life in the Disdyakis structure of 20 and 13 elements is discussed.  Thank You Grayham, Cosmic Eagle, for this ‘Cosmic View’ of the 13:20 codes and this special year of 2013  🙂

Thanks to each of you for your inputChristine 3 SkywalkerHappy Birthday to Cole 2 Human, who entered his 1 Wind [222] during the Moon-Out-of-Time  🙂  S’ace 9 Wind: your video demonstrates that you also Resonate a sense of mission regarding your calendar;   Poet Piet 3 Eagle:  I liked your take on the massive amount of energy emitted by our galaxy:  “Just gentlest softest energy (invisible dust!) flying at us and to our rescue.”Curious about some other things you aluded to…

Adrian 8 Earth and Reimar 13 Night:  Your intelligent, sometimes judgmental comments evoke admiration, equaninimity, compassion and more agreement/resonance than not [Yes,  Harmony not arguing] 🙂  Your two kins equal 20.8:  Pacal Votan, so we’ll end this with your two closing lines: 

Ill be in TOUCH with US… ever alert for the whispers of our Soul”  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

N.S.  25.  7.  3.           Spirit Tower          Kin 225



2013 begins on Kin 218: White Planetary Mirror which codes Day 24 of The Rhythmic Moon-Out-of-Time

Scans1.jpg  Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles [Kin11.11] instructed us on  how to Close the Cycle.   We closed it when  HUMANS around the planet SYNCHRONIZED at 11:11 GMT [Galactic Mayan Time!] focusing oUR powerful and unified intent upon strengthening the Circum-Polar Rainbow Bridge.  In New Zealand, that moment was 11 minutes after Midnight on 12/22/12, coded by 208:  Cosmic Star.  The 7:7::7:7: Telektonon states that Cosmic Star is Long Count Date:   That date was changed to at a few days after I posted that information, but we will remain true to Valum Votan’s words [and Truth] here.

This also creates full synchronization, with 2013 beginning on  Long Count, and on Day 10 of  Moon Wavespell 17:  Purification, and on oUR 10th day in the Green Central Castle of Enchantment:  “Court of the Matrix:  Synchronize Human 🙂

This reminds us that our primary focus now is upon synchronizing with each other InTime, via the 13 Moons, for our Galactic Synchronization and the Launching of  Timeship Earth 2013 at the end of the Seven Mystic Moons


In the words of  Valum VotanThe Cycle Closes, only to bring the great preparation for the initiation of the next cycle, some Seven Moons hence.  The true Solar Age now dawns…  The local star Kinich Ahau [our Sun] prepares for its next stage of excitation: Galactic Synchronization,  the thirteen-dimensional ripple of divine bliss to be experienced as the UNITY unfettered.”

That current stage began on Kin 209:  Magnetic Moon, which synchronized with the Mid-point [Dali 15]  of the Moon-Out-of-Time, and marked the beginning of our shift into Peace, 13:20 Alignment and the Divine Feminine.  Magnetic Moon also codes the first Moon after our Galactic Synchronization, just as Kin 208:  Cosmic Star  coded the last day of the 13 Baktuns and codes the last of the Seven Mystic Moons.

Christmas Day was coded by GAP: Kin 211; Electric Monkey, which coded Valum Votan’s only son.  Votan referred to that special day in the Moon-Out-of-Time as  the First Universal Resurrection of Christ“…= Pacal Votan Clear Sign, last line Dissolving Codon [“Galactic Octave Sounds Mind“].

The next day was Rhythmic 18, [12/26/2012]  which marked 23 Moons since Valum Votan’s Ascension, and 44 Moons since the first transmission of 2013 and The Mystery Queen.

The Mid-point between the end of the 13 Baktuns and the beginning of 2013 was  coded by  Kin 213:  Overtone Skywalker, whose G-Force is Kin 211.   Kin 213 signifies “[71 x 3] the Rainbow Prophecy Activation Frequency“.   The Long Count was Kin 166: Planetary World-Bridger.  6.10 reminds us of the precise minute of the Birth and Death of the ‘Closer of the Cycle’.

6.10 is also the Guide for the first day of 2013;   218: Planetary Mirror.  10 Mirror’s Challenge is 10 Star, which coded most of the Earth when Valum Votan died.   Here is what V.V. states about today, in the 7:7::7:7 Revelation [page 68]:

Stage 10. Codon 57, Mind of Breath,  “Galactic Octave Penetrates”  Rhythmic 20 [24]–First day of Arcturus Dominion year 2013 = 10 Mirror = Galactic Anniversary of the Opening of the Tomb of Pacal Votan [June 15, 1952]…The Mystery that was unleashed by the opening of the tomb of the Great Pacal is now dissolved in the sound of the Galactic Octave.  There is no need for the mind to penetrate.  Now it is time for Time to Penetrate the Mind, the meaning of Stage 11, Codon 44, Time Penetrating, the final week of the Rhythmic Dragon Moon-Out-of-Time, the great pause for cosmic breath between the seven waning Moons and the Seven waxing Moons of the Closing of the Cycle.” 

Tomorrow, 11 Storm on Catalytic Blue Kali 25 is the mid-point of the final week of this ‘Cosmic Pause’.  That day,  is in Vinal 9 :  “To enter into the well of inner Wisdom.”   The 7th 113 day Cycle of  “The Lord of the Dawn: ended on Kin 206:  Spectral World-Bridger.   We are currently in the 6th of the seven 144-day cycles of  “The Return of Sacred Power“:  “Equalize the Power” which ends on kin 19.

At Noon on 12/12/12, coded by 3 Mirror, a meditation  by 8 Mirror and 12 Wizard set into motion a sacred process to be concluded 9 days later.  Shortly before completing it at 12 on 12/21/2012, TMQ realized that exactly 216 hours [9 x 24 = 216] had elapsed,which is a precise fractal of the 216 days of Cubing the Earth  🙂

Twelve hours later, as we were meditating the Rainbow Bridge] [10 days ago],  we began the  Six 36-day cycles (last 216 days 7 Storm year) of Cubing the Earth
  “1.  First 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth, project the foundation (cube bottom), Days 1-36, Rhythmic 10 [14], Kin 208, 13 Star (22 December 2012) – Resonant 17 [21], Kin 243, 9 Night (26 January 2013)”        {Synchronistic side note: TMQ realized just this week that V.V. gave her [and 300 others] a copy of the ‘7:7::7:7 Revelation’ [ Easter 2005] on Kin  243, which was my Galactic Return!   I entered my 9 Night year two weeks before the first year of The Mystery of the Stone began, [July 26, 2004] when we awakened the First Solar Witness:  Crystal Wizard.  The Long Count for that day [when I also addressed Votan for the first time] was coded by Crystal Wizard  🙂  Exactly one year later, on my Galactic Return as 10 Star, Votan, Stephanie and I had the conversation in Sedona, in which he told his apprentice and co-author Stephanie South they were also moving to New Zealand]}

It was the intent of Stephanie 3 Serpent to lay the ashes of The Closer of the Cycle  to rest in Palenque, his home during his first incarnation as Pacal Votan.  We await reports of that sacred expedition.

Here is another ‘10‘ for this Planetary day:  “Mahavidyas  are a group of ten aspects of the Divine Mother or Kali herself or Devi in Hinduism. The 10 Mahavidyas are Wisdom Goddesses, who represent a spectrum of feminine divinity.”

File:Mahavidyas.jpg  Their names are Kali, Tara, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshvari, Bhairavi, Chhinnamasta, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi, and Kamala.  Tara “The Goddess as Guide and Protector, or Who Saves [and] offers the ultimate knowledge which gives salvation” is also the name of Valum Votan’s daughter.

In the report of his last prophecy, received on Kin 197, Valum Votan describes how Sacred Power is restored at the end of this Resonant Storm year:

Ground Zero: New Sirius Cycle 26. 1.1, Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed, Galactic Synchronization, 26-year Cycle of Harmonic Convergence complete, Launching of Timeship Earth 2013.   New 104,000-tun galactic spiral density wave pulsation commences. Noosphere Era dawns on Earth; threshold to cosmic consciousness successfully crossed. Rainbow vision of circumpolar rings is fully realized.”

Unifying and preparing “In Time” for Galactic Synchronization has always been a stated goal of this blog.   Valum Votan/Lloydine Arguelles spent a large portion of their lives promoting the 13 Moons [the main message delivered by Pacal Votan’s elaborate Tomb] as the vehicle for our peaceful synchronization by 1.1 in 2013.

Gregorian 1.1 of 2013, is coded by the 60th  anniversary of the day the Prophecy enclosed in Kin 60‘s Tomb bagan to be released.  The Hidden Power of that day is coded by Kin 43:  4 Night191 days remain in TMQ’s year as Self-Existing Night.

On [Greg] 1/1/2013,  3.4 + 18.10 equals 1.1:  Magnetic Dragon.  In the first hours of 1/1 2013, when her CDK was 1.1  The Mystery Queen realized new confirmation for her date of 1.1, the New Sirius Cycle.  This date will  be revealed soon, and here is part of the confirmation [via Synchronotron]  for the beginning of the New Sirius Cycle:  1.1 in 2013.

The Kin Equivalent of the  Master Coordinating Frequency Number is 260:  20.13.

The Base Matrix Unit of the Telepathic Frequency index is also 260:  20.13 !

May we all become increasingly unified and synchronized in the year 2013 via the codes of 20 and 13  🙂

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N.S.  25. 6. 24.   Telepathic Meditation      GAP Kin 218 [1/1/2013]