Magic Turtle Kin 41: Lunar Dragon codes the 4th day of the Lunar Night Moon

The Lunar Moon of Challenge  began on Sunday [G: 8/23/2014]  which was coded by D: 38:  Crystal Mirror and M:  4 Monkey.  The Hidden Power of Crystal Mirror is Blue Lunar Night [Kin 223] which also codes this Moon.  223:  “I polarize in order to Dream, Stabilizing Intuition.  I  seal the input of Abundance with the Lunar tone of Challenge.  I am guided by the power of Vision.

This 790th blog is coded by Magic Turtle : 41:  Lunar Dragon, and M: 7 Ix [Resonant Wizard]   790 – 441 = a Base Matrix Unit of 249:  Lunar Moon  🙂 

 The Postulate for today:  1.2:  “The Source of the frequency of time is God, which is visualized at the center of the Galactic Brain.  From this supreme coordinating intelligence of God radiates simultaneously to all points of the Galactic Brain,throughout all the Galactic Brains which constitute the universal order of God’s design.  The movement of time as the evolution of consciousness is released from the center as energy, and returns to the center as mind.”

Kin 41 was described by Valum Votan as ‘The interval of God.”

The following from illustrates how the celestial positions reflect  Kin 41  and this Lunar Moon of Challenge during the New Moon that began on PVCS 40:  Magnetic Sun:

This planetary alignment is named the Finger of God for a reason.  It forces difficult situations upon us so that we are faced with the challenge to rise above them and to evolve the soul. It is asking us now to truly take hold of some transmutation by slowing down (quincunx), accepting aspects of yourself you would like to improve (Virgo) and when embracing your limitations (Scorpio), you ultimately allow yourself to be inwardly transformed. This is essential thinking to this pattern.”

Butterflies drink turtles tears

The Totem for the Second Moon of  The COSMIC TURTLE  Calendar is the BUTTERFLY  🙂

This ‘Butterfly’ crop circle appeared in the fields of England on 7-20-2007  which was coded by D: Solar Star: M:  12 Storm.

This  crop circle illustrates how the 2 sides of a Butterfly describe the polar quality of the 2nd Lunar Moon, and this Totem  image contains 2 Moons  🙂

 The Butterfly symbolizes Transformation,  Rebirth and the world of the Soul.  The Butterfly represents our Challenge to Evolve.

  butterfly on flower

This huge man-made  Butterfly appeared on 8-8-2009  D: Self-Existing Earth::M: 8 Moon.

 Fantastic, but man-made. 

Here are 3 uplifting accomplishments by Humans who are rising to the Challenges of this intense time on Earth.

The first one is aided by Butterflies  🙂  “Though butterflies may not be as efficient as bees in pollinating plants and crops, butterflies certainly do their fair share in bringing about seed and fruit production”

Besides being  stunningly beautiful, this tree also produces 40 kinds of fruit!

Another  inventor ,17-year-old Cynthia Sin Nga Lam from Australia.   created a way   to purify water without the use of electricity.  In fact, her invention actually creates electricity of its own!   The “Google Science Fair”  featured a number of brilliant inventions, many of which were created by teenagers and young children.

The last example of human ingenuity utilized one of our modern  challenges [plastic in our oceans]  to create an off-the-grid paradise:

Man Builds Floating Tropical Island Paradise on 150,000 Recycled  Plastic Bottles

The next Magic Turtle Day  will be on September 9:  Lunar WizardOne analysis of this most recent crop circle extracts elements from it’s surroundings to state that this formation is related to the Super Moon on that day.  Ironwell Lane, nr Stroud Green, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 24th August.

During the Sun Wavespell of Enlightenment, may we begin to “UNIFY in order to ENLIGHTEN”  🙂

N. S :   27. 2. 4.      [8-27-14]         D: 41:: M:  254

The 5th Anniversary of ‘2013andTMQ’ is coded by P.V.C.S. and G.A.P. Kin 26: White Cosmic World-Bridger

Pacal Votan Clear Sign and Galactic Activation Portal Kin 26:  Cosmic World-Bridger codes the 5 year [65 Moons] Anniversary of the first published transmission of “2013 and The Mystery Queen’ on August 12, 2009 [coded by Kin 21:  Galactic Dragon]  Interesting to observe that we advanced 5 years on the Gregorian calendar, and 5 days on the Dreamspell Tzolkin  🙂  Today’s Mayan kin is 5 Storm;  The two Kins coding this 5th anniversary combine into 5.5  🙂   The G-Force of 13 World-Bridger is also a P.V.C.S. and G.A.P.:  Kin 40:  Magnetic Sun.

8/12/2009 was the 178th anniversary of the birth of Madame Blavatsky, who was coded by Dreamspell [D]: Crystal Monkey, and Mayan Tzolkin [M]: Spectral Storm.  [Her two kins combine to make 10.10, Planetary Dog.]  Today, her 183rd birthday, contains the numbers of her year of birth:  1831, and today’s Mayan Kin is her G-Force:   Spectral Skywalker Here is a pertinent quote from  H. P. Blavatsky, the woman Valum Votan called ‘The Key to 2012″: 

Following the 13Moons is a step away from materialism [which is embodied in the Gregorian Calendar] and towards Nature and the Divine.   Today is the 17th Day of the Magnetic Wind Moon and the Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  13 Moons of Harmony, which both began on 7/27/14: D 10: Planetary Dog; MLunar Night [which codes the next Moon].

During the Magnetic Hummingbird Moon,  our goal is to Unify our Purpose” and ourselves.  This photo illustrates that beautifully:

In the last 4 Earth post,  Peace was named as a ‘tag’ for the first time. Oxford Dictionary describes Peace as ‘Tranquility‘, and peace of Mind’.  Wiki’s definition: “Peace is an occurrence of Harmony characterized by lack of violence, conflict behaviors and the freedom from fear of violence“.

According to my WordPress stats, the PEACE tag attracted 33 new readers on the first day.  That would be a miniscule sample of those ‘searching for Peace’, and that prompted a comparative search.  On Yahoo, PEACE showed 72,500,000 entries, while War displayed 206,000,000 results.  On Google, the number of PEACE entries was 224,000,000 while war had 612,000,000.

War had roughly 3 times as many ‘results’ as PEACE.  Clearly, that is a reflection of the names of all the various wars that plague mankind, and not an indication of the huge overwhelming amount of people who desire PEACE, including those who are forced to wage war.

Over 10,000 rallied at the White House [last weekend] demanding an end to the Israeli-lead bombing and destruction of the Gaza territory. The historic demonstration was the biggest anti-war march in over a generation and bore resemblance to anti-war rallies of the Vietnam War era.”

But when the pawns refuse to play there will be no game.  The power lies not with the plans of the rulers but with the decision of each and every one of us, especially those in the military. Refuse to fight and reclaim your birthright of living in peace.”

Last week, more than 400 Ukrainian soldiers refused to kill their fellow countrymen in eastern Ukraine. They “defected” across the border to Russia and laid down their arms.  One of them, Yaroslav, said: “I want to do something peaceful.”

Some Israeli soldiers are also recognising that what they are doing is wrong. Dozens refused the summons to service:  “ We are more than 50 Israelis who were once soldiers and now declare our refusal to be part of the reserves. We oppose the Israeli Army and the conscription law.”

The tragic conflicts in Gaza and Iraq  shouldn’t distract us from the  volatile events unfolding in the Ukraine.  Astute observers believe World War 111 will begin, and some believe it has already begun: .  This short video ends with the words:  “Your future lies in what happens in Eastern Europe“.

However, Russian President ‘Vladimir Putin the Peacemaker’ may strategically  [to continue with the Chess metaphor]  ‘Check‘ that action.  First, he is acting to relieve the humanitarian crisis in Lugansk, where “250,000 people have been left without water, electricity and communications for over a week in the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk. “We’re being bombed so severely, there’s hardly anything left to bomb”

And Naomi Klein’s soon-to-be-released book ” This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.  addresses the core issue [which Valum Votan spent his life rectifying]

Last week, [on Kin 19] I was able to meet Kim Dotcom Self -Existing Night [self-described “Entrepreneur – Innovator – Gamer – Artist – Fighter – Father of 5 “] after his townhall meeting in Nelson with his ‘Internet Mana Party’. Kim was seated in front of  a large poster which might provide the first step in changing the economic model:  “Let’s hack politics and delete the government

Last week, a tipping point was reached in the balance between Humans and Artificial Intelligence:

The Second Half of the Magnetic Moon began with the Super Moon which may have been the ‘largest’ and nearest Full Moon since 1935! “During its full phase Sunday, the moon was about 31,000 miles (50,000 kilometers) closer to Earth than it is during its farthest point in orbit“.  The Moon was at it’s ‘fullest’ in the same hour as the maximum Perigee.  The 3rd and final one in this series of ‘Perigee Full Moons’ will occur on 9/9/2014.  It will also be accompanied by the Perseid Meteor Shower  🙂  One crop circle analyst describes how the latest ‘Inter-dimensional Signal’ may have been signalling the Super Moons of 8/10 and 9/9/2014Several times he mentions 9 or 10‘, which are also the choice of the two Kins that began this 13 Moon year

When this blog began 5 years ago, it was the one in 6 or 7 years that the ‘official 13 Moon Calendar’ happened to begin each Moon and Week on Sunday, as decreed by Valum Votan. When the next year began, I continued to follow the 13 Moons as I have since learning of them exactly 10 years ago.

The Cosmic Turtle Calendar:  13 Moons of Harmony remains synchronized with the 7 day Week and the Dreamspell stays linked to the Mayan Tzolkin which also counts every day [instead of skipping the Gregorian-contrived Leap Day as the ‘official 13 Moon Calendar’ does.     This choice  has regrettably alienated or confused some.   I strive to stress our common ground, while providing a 13 Moon Path that is grounded in Truth,  Harmony and Common Sense, and that was confirmed by the “Day-out-of-Time 3 Days Early” crop circle in 2006.

I greatly appreciate all of your support and input over these first 5 years  🙂  Next year, the ‘Official 13 Moon Calendar‘ will be in synch with The Cosmic Turtle Calendar —at least until Leap Day 2016!

The 6th year of ‘2013 and The Mystery Queen’ begins with a new Wavespell,  Wavespell 3: Power of Accomplishment,  and a Magic Turtle Day:  Blue Magnetic Hand.   The 3rd Wavespell begins in this 3rd week of the Magnetic Moon and leads us into the Lunar Night Moon. The next transmission [the 790th] will introduce the new Totem for the Lunar Moon  🙂

May   PEACE,   TRUTH,   UNITY  and  JOY  Prevail !!!

1. 27. 1. 17.         PVCS and GAP D Kin 26 :: M GAP 239

The Second Week of the Cosmic Turtle Calendar begins on Kin 17: Self-Existing Earth

Today, Sunday, is Day of the Cosmic Turtle Calendar.   This  ‘8‘ was  discovered in a Dutch field on the 8th day of July 8 [portrayed as a lemniscate in this angle of the crop circle} is the number of HARMONY and Infinity.  This is the 788th published blog of ‘2013 and The Mystery Queen’, producing another ‘8‘:  the Kin Equivalent of 788 is 8.8:  Galactic Star  🙂

Magnetic Dali 8 is coded by Long Count Kin 9 Dog.   Together, the Dreamspell Kin 17:  4 Earth and L.C. Kin 230 = Kin 247:  Cosmic Hand.  19 x 13 = 247.  Postulate 19.13 states:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

“Week 2: (White) Humility Refines Meditation”  This Week, we have the highest synchronization of refining ‘White‘ energy:  This 13 Moon year in the Cosmic Turtle Calendar began on [and is coded by] White Planetary Dog.  This year [in both 13 Moon Calendars] is coded by the White Wind Wavespell of Spirit, with this Moon being coded year by Magnetic Wind.  Today, the Long Count Kin is White Solar Dog; tomorrow, the Dreamspell Kin is White Overtone Mirror.  This feels like a great week for meditating more than usual  🙂  This week also coincides with the second quarter of the Moon’s cycle.

The Cosmic History Chronicles by  Valum Votan and Stephanie South discusses ‘Synaesthesia.’

Wikipedia’s definition  displays this image  to illustrate how synesthetes see letters and numbers in color.

This fascinating article:  discusses how idea of the ‘blossoming ‘union of one’s senses’ has gone mainstream with its introduction on a recent English television program.  Holly Williams, author of the article, has been a synesthete her entire life, and can smell rainbows  🙂   She sees each day of the week  [and month] as a particular color


People around the world are protesting en masse at Israel’s appalling ongoing massacre in Gaza.  Turkey is being more proactive by organizing a ‘Freedom Flotilla’ with urgently needed supplies for the beleaguered people there.  Let’s envision a more positive outcome than the fate of 2010’s ‘Mavi Marmara’, in which 9 of the humanitarians on board were killed by Israeli commandos.

3510168399.jpg  Anonymous has taken down the Mossad website.   We can each make a difference in ensuring that the murdered Palestinian children and all victims of war have not have suffered in vain.    Our beautiful EARTH and all of Her inhabitants require a return to Natural Time and PEACE  🙂



N. S. 1. 27. 1. 8.   D 17 :: LC  230;  Day 8 of The Cosmic Turtle Calendar: 13 Moons of Harmony