Pacal Votan Clear Sign and Galactic Activation Portal Kin 106: Lunar World-Bridger Codes the First Synchromystic Alert

The 8th Galactic  Moon of Harmony and Integrity is coded by Kin 216:  Yellow Galactic Warrior.  

216 is 6x6x6, the ‘Cube Frequency‘. peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace The Guide for this 8th Moon is Pacal Votan Clear Sign 60: 8 Sun, [20.8] the Signature of Pacal Votan.  

PVCS GAP 106:  Lunar World-Bridger [6.2codes Galactic 5, whose PSI Lunar Skywalker codes today’s Analog., and this Gregorian date {13/2/2014}  Today’s Long Count Kin is Resonant Storm, the Dreamspell Kin that codes the Chualar Crop Circle

Galactic Five A-N {Alphanumerically} equals 98, and shortly after posting the  Magic Turtle Kin 98 transmission , a comment  from Yan ‘Hiyavision11‘  catalyzed a process  that led to this first “Synchromystic Alert“, a term I originated on Spectral Wind.  [An internet search showed no mention of this term]

First, let’s examine the meaning of Synchromysticism, a term which combines Synchronicity and Mysticism. The  concept and term “Synchromysticism” seems to have originated with Goro Adachi [his site: ] and/or  Jake Kotze respectively.

*  “Synchromysticism is a study of coincidences, synchronicities, connections, esoterica, symbolism…” 

*  “A shift in consciousness of perceived reality will usually determine one’s ability to see an increased number of synchronicities.

*  The vast and noble undertaking of piecing together the occult holographic language system of the universe, in order to identify and more aptly understand the relationship between the collective consciousness of all sentient beings on earth and beyond.” – Steve Willner

*  The synchromystic world-view is that every-Thing in the universe is connected.” 

These definitions have given me ‘permission‘ to connect all sorts of ‘Things’ in this first ‘Synchromystic Alert”  🙂  It utilizes the Mayan codes and two Alpha-Numeric systems:  S {for Simple Gematrical Frequency}: A=1…Z=26 and C {Complex Gematrical Frequency introduced by Valum votan/Jose Arguelles} where A-! = 1 thru 9, to Z = 800.

Yan H11‘s first comment [Welcome, and Thank You   :)] directed us to “Courtney Brown’s Facebook page in reference to some kind of an “announcement” in the month of February“, and  Yan wondered if it was related to the February 19th  date that was  indicated in several ways by  the Chualar Crop Circle.

Courtney Brown Phd. is a social scientist and a remote viewer. Among a variety of controversial topics, Brown has applied remote viewing to the study of multiple realities, the nonlinearity of time, planetary phenomena, extraterrestrial life, UFOs, Atlantis, and even Jesus Christ. [from Wikipedia]   The first 5 ‘Implication Postings‘ at his Facebook page all contain this statement:  “This is one of a series of “Implications Postings” that refer to an announcement that will be made during the month of February 2014.  Once made, news of this announcement will be available at and elsewhere.”  

Here is Dr. Brown’s latest reference to this February announcement:  “There is still a lot of activity behind the scenes, including disagreement, angry emails, wonder, amazement, international phone calls,…, you name it, it is there. The announcement will happen this month, but I still do not have an exact date.”  “Again, we are not talking about any kind of Earth changes, presidential revelation, pole shift, ET lan…ding, second coming, end of the world, or anything like that.  This is much bigger in its own way.  It is just an announcement and the release of information, but information changes worlds more profoundly than anything else. Some will disagree and laugh at it. Some will marvel. But in time, history will show that our civilization changed its direction on the date of the announcement. You will read about it here, and elsewhere….”  His next posting will be on Feb. 15th.

Today’s Seal {6} and Tone {2}  point to two possible dates: February 19th, which  is 6 days away,  and  February 15th,  2 days away.  Written on Feb. 2:  ” the assassinations this past week of three top Western bankers coincide with Snowden Documents detailing a 15 February 2014 “catastrophe” being engineered”.  This week, news of a 4th top banker death was reported:  “Following the jumping deaths of 2 London bankers and a former-Fed economist in the USThe Denver Post reports Richard Talley, founder and CEO of American Title, was found dead in his home from self-inflicted wounds – from a nail-gun.”

Although these two possible February events and/or announcements are not mutually exclusive, the ‘Synchromystic signs‘ are pointing to  the 2-19 date indicated  by the Chualar Inter-dimensional Signal

 The following information is from an article written by written by  Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

According to Dr Drew, a retired molecular biologist who worked at Caltech and Australia’s CSIRO, one of the coded messages was to be vigilant about an upcoming astronomical event. The next message referred to a date in the near future when an astronomical event is to occur by July 8, 2014. The third and most startling message was that comet ISON was a space transportation system. Taken in their entirety, the three messages appear to be encouraging people to watch the skies for an upcoming astronomical event featuring remnants of ISON that will in fact be an extraterrestrial event of some kind. If genuine and correctly interpreted, the Salinas crop circle is a vindication for those claiming that Comet ISON was no comet at all, but one or more objects under intelligent extraterrestrial control with a specific mission for the inner solar system and Earth.”

It would be odd for a farmer to hire and pay for four security trucks and personnel to protect a barley field.  The clear implication is that an unnamed U.S. agency saw the Salinas crop circle as having national security implications and funded Echelon Securities to keep the public away. So what was the message that the crop circle contained and may have sparked a national security response by an unknown U.S. agency?

“The blind will see, and those who seek will find.” If interpreted correctly, the message here was that something will shortly happen that will be so unambiguous, that even die-hard skeptics will see what they previously denied. For others, the upcoming event will be vindication for what they have been seeking.”

This article   discusses the Russian’s observation/belief that ISON is being intelligently controlled.

Russian’s Report: Comet ISON Acts Like Intelligently Controlled Alien Spacecraft

  “A new report prepared by the Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) circulating in the Kremlin today states that Comet C/2012 S1 has made a number of “unexplained orbital adjustments” around the planet Mars seemingly to better align itself with the Red planets strange moon Phobos.” See more at:

The Morse Code messages of the Chualar Crop Circle seem to State that  ISON is a Space Transport System that we should watch for  on a certain date.  In the past Moon, there have been articles observing that NASA is downplaying ISON, and hiding the fact  that it emerged from it’s trip near the Sun virtually unscathed .

ISON  A-n = 57, a number [19×3] that S’ace 22 mentioned in the first comment to the 780th blog.  Synchronistically, when  calculated via the C Alpha-N system, ISON [9+100+50+60] equals 219, the Gregorian date [2-19]  indicated  by the C.C.C. 5 times in Braille!

Although the author of one of the article above states that the date of the impending event is July 8,  the Polar Clock in the Resonant Storm Interdimensional Signal also indicated February 19th, 2014.  Here are some ‘synchromystic signals” that the February 19th  date is more likely.

Spectral Wind [2.11]  coded the first day of the 8th Moon [per  8 Mirror]. The  G-Force of 11 Wind is  G.A.PGalactic  Human, the first Magic Turtle Day of the  Galactic Moon  that codes February 19th  🙂

112 is the reverse of 211 [2.11] and 211 is the Pacal Votan Clear Sign with which Valum Votan [the decoder of the Great Pacal’s Tomb Treasure Trove]  most closely resonantes. [211: Electric Monkey coded Valum’s only son].  In the Long Count2-19-2014 is coded by 105:  Cosmic Serpent.  Alpha-numerically,  Pacal Votan = 105.  , Pacal also equals 105 [70+1+3+1+30 =105]

Several researchers noted that the Chualar formation, contained  an image of a Serpent, which did not show up prior on Google Earth.:

The C.C.C.C. was discovered on the morning of December 28, 2013;  February 19th  is 53 days later.  Kin 53:  Magnetic Skywalker is known as the Galactic Signature of Quetzalcoatl.   The ‘Interdimensional Signal‘  [Valum Votan’s term for Crop Circles] was imprinted on Resonant  Storm which coded the  13 Moon year of the end of the Great Mayan Cycle on the 2012 Solstice.  

The Resonant Storm formation is synchromystically linked to the three incarnations of Votan:  Pacal Votan [20.8], Quetzalcoatl {13.1} and Valum Votan {11.11}  Their three Signatures combine to equal the Kin that codes this current 13 Moon year:  Galactic Seed: Kin 164. [20.8+13.1+11.11 = 44.21 reduced by increments of 20.13 = 4.8. ]

Alpha-numerically, Galactic Human = 108.  The Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission Terma is code-named GM108X  🙂

For 2 Moons, I’ve been feeding a cat  at the site of its owners’ burned-down house a block away.  On the evening of Spectral Wind, [3 Storm watch], ‘Whiskers‘  not only followed me home, but made repeated attempts [several successful] to come into the house.  Later, while trying to fall asleep. my cat O.MA.’s loud wailing at Whisker’s attempted invasions prompted me to calculate Whiskers’ name.  ‘Whiskers‘ equals 112!  “Galactic Alert” also equals 112  🙂

We will soon know whether the February ‘event‘ and/or  ‘announcement‘ implied by the Resonant Storm Inter-dimensional Signal and by Courtney Brown applies to the date that is synchromystically indicated:  Kin 112 on 2/19/2104.  Just a few hours ago [it is now Noon on GAP Electric Hand in New Zealand] Dr. Brown issued this latest ‘Implications  Posting 6‘:

There are two ways extraterrestrials can arrive on Earth. A few arrive on ships, and they clearly remember where they came from and why they are here. But most choose to be born here, and they don’t remember much. Yet everyone remembers something, even if only vaguely, a…nd personalities persist. If there was a conflict somewhere far away in ancient days, and Earth became a prison planet as a result of this conflict, then both the freedom fighters and their pursuers would arrive through both means, ships and birth. Both would feel the urge to continue the old struggle, acting out old roles, some with full memory, and some without. Those with full memory would lose their advantage if they revealed themselves.

Last night, I had a very long detailed dream of Valum Votan [my first in several Moons].  This morning, I remembered our last conversation ‘in person‘, in which he spoke excitedly of the impending arrival of our Star Brothers and Sisters.  A few weeks later, he sent me someone’s article of several pages, detailing the sorts of ET vehicles to expect, and stressing the fact that they are coming in Peace, to help us co-create a new  garden Paradise Planet.  

May the Chualar 7 Storm Crop Circle and this Synchromystic Alert serve to encourage us to be  vigilant and welcoming to what is approaching in our skies, especially on  Magic Turtle GAP Galactic Human [2-19-14].  At the very least, it will signal that there are ‘Galactic Humans” who are ready to welcome and Co-Create with our Galactic Kins.

Synchromystic Alert A-N = 247:  Cosmic Hand.  247 = 19 13, the two most sacred numbers of the Mayans.  19.13 is the Postulate that Pacal Votan stated most frequently in the Telektonon:   Postulate 19.13:  “All is number. God is a number.  God is in all.”  

N. S.  1. 26. 8. 5.       [2-13-14]                          PVCS & GAP 106;  begins 10-in-a-row GAPS

‘Magic Turtle’ Kin 98: White Resonant Mirror codes this 780th Blog in Week Four of the Resonant Eagle Moon of Attunement

May the adage: “Third Time is the Charm: apply to this  Magic Turtle Transmission.  Your many comments and e-mails encouraged me to persevere after losing the first two long drafts…Thank You  🙂

The Resonant Eagle Moon is the Third Moon  in-a-row to contain a Magic Turtle Day coded by  seal 18: the Mirror:   The 5th Overtone Skywalker Moon contained Kin 18:  Overtone Mirrorand  Magic Turtle Rhythmic Mirror  began the Rhythmic Wizard Moon of Equality.

The day  after  Rhythmic Mirror , the final  “Inter-dimensional Signal of 2013appeared in a field in Chualar [just 14 miles–{shorter as the crow flies} from Carmel Valley, where TMQ lived for 2 years]

This formation has aroused lots of new interest in Crop Circles, loads of analyses, and was reported favorably in the local media.  It was also the first formation to be heavily guarded by a private security company, and it was destroyed a few days later.  Then, Nvdia, makers of a computer chip, claimed they had it made to promote their latest product, which has 192 cores.  [Although the head of the company knew nothing of it]

This ‘Inter-dimensional Signal” was declared authentic by the experts, and contained several codes, including Braille, Morse Code and a ‘Polar Clock’.  Some believe the the  number  192 [repeated 5 times in Braille] refers to the 19th of February [19-2] when the circle-makers are urging us to look for  a celestial object.  The Morse Code message  was interpreted as “

E T  B(e)” or “extra-terrestrials exist”.

Then “I-S-O-N (comet)” is an “S-T-S (space transportation system)

The final Crop Circle of 2013 [coded by DS 7 Storm and LC 12 Human] was followed 5 days later by the first Asteroid of 2014:

  Asteroid 2014 AA,  was only the second Asteroid in history to be sighted prior to impact.  “For Asteroid 2014 AA, as soon as they calculated its trajectory, the Minor Planet Center found that its probability of collision was close to 100%, with impact occurring only about 19 hours after the object was first reported...”  This car-sized chunk of Maldek [from the direction of the Orion constellation]  landed in the Pacific Ocean 1,900 miles off the coast of Venezuela, at 19 minutes into the second day of this Gregorian year. That was on Galactic Seed; which codes this 13 Moon Year  🙂

During the hour that  2013 ended and 2014 began, TMQ fell asleep to the sounds and lights of artificial [12:60] fireworks. I was awakened  6 hours later   by very loud thunder and lightning , the ‘natural 13:20 form of fireworks.  This feels like an expression of the change  that 2014 represents.  Alpha-numerically, “Twenty Fourteen” equals 211, which codes the Pacal Votan Clear Sign and Galactic Activation Portal  Blue Electric Monkey.  2014 began on Catalytic Blue Kali 18 [Limi 20 on the official 13 Moon Calendar] which was coded by Blue Spectral Night.  When combined with the Long Count Kin 3 Warrior, we get more ‘Blue Catalyzing energy‘:  Magnetic Storm

2013 can denote 20.13 [Kin 260:  Cosmic Sun, the final kin of  the 260 day Tzolkin, while year 2014 [20.14 [-20.13] equals 20.1 or 0.1, which begins the more advanced system of “The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time and the Evolution of Consciousness“. which were brought to us by Valum Votan a.k.a. Dr. Jose Arguelles.  The 260 Kin Tzolkin is comprised of Seals 1 through 20 and Tones 1 through 13, while the 260 Postulates  begin with this statement:

0-19 is my code.  In it are all demonstrations of the wisdom that is always close and near,
but which comprehends the web of galactic being and all forms of its natural orders in time.

Just as Nineteen is the power of God’s mercy, so zero is the fullness and emptiness all at once                                                                                                                                                                                              which characterize the nature of mind and all it can know.”
“Storm of Non-Ego,” Section 15; Verse 97 Telektonon of Pacal Votan

“…the 13:20 ratio is embedded in the 0-19 code…”

Valum Votan states in the forward:  “Conscious knowledge of the power of the Law of Time will effect the swiftest transformation of human civilization and values ever known.

The purpose of this text, The Dynamics of Time, is to lay out the logical mathematical basis and framework
for the current transformation of all values and for the future benefit of all humanity for at least
seven generations to come. The fruit of the new science which will replace the technosphere, restore
the biosphere, and initiate the noosphere,  will be the establishment of Galactic culture on Earth.

“…The 13:20 ratio is embedded in the 0-19 code…”  The very first postulate [which  this Gregorian year denotes] states:  “ 0.1:  The fourth-dimensional Law of Time governs the synchronic order of the world of third-dimensional appearances.  Synchronic order is a fourth-dimensional principle, conforming to the frequency 13:20 in any and all of its variable possibilities.”

On this  third Magic Turtle Mirror Day,  a news item about a “Magic Mirror” came to my notice: 

patterns engraved on the back of a type of bronze mirror associated with ancient Queen Himiko are projected on a wall when sunlight reflects off the front.”  She was known as the Shaman Queen, “who occupied herself with magic and sorcery, bewitching the people.”  The legendary unmarried Queen Himiko lived around  170-248 CE, and “was a shaman queen of Yamataikoku in ancient Wa (Japan). Early Chinese dynastic histories  record that the Yayoi period people chose her as ruler following decades of warfare among the kings of Wa. ”

The Antipode of Resonant Mirror is 7 Star, and a 7-pointed Star was visible in this diamond when it belonged to King Louis  XIV of France:

Read more:
The Hope Diamond Was Once a Symbol for Louis XIV, the Sun King”  “New research indicates that the stone was once specifically cut to produce an image of a Sun, when mounted on a gold background.

His parents  had endured  4 still-births in 23 years of marriage, prior to his birth, so “He was often referred to as “Louis-Dieudonné” (Louis the God-given)”  Synchronistically, DIEU, the French word for God, alpha-numerically equals 39:  13 x 3, whose Postulate 19.13 states  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all“.

That appellation of ‘The Sun-King Louis the XIV” has become well-known during the past few Moons because of a controversial French comedian who is named “Dieudonne.”  Dieudonne [coded by  DS 4 Seed and the same Long Count Kin as Valum Votan:  10 Serpent]  has  become notorious for his “Quennelle” gesture of People Power.  His popularity has increased with each  oppressive action by the authorities.

Since the Shift of 2012-2013, many individuals  are making a global impact for the benefit of Humanity  🙂                                                                 Washington MetroBus “Washington DC MetroBus displays an anti-State surveillance advertisement sponsored by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund

A beautiful, young woman, through her simple but ingenious invention, is saving billions of ‘woman-hours “Every day around the world, over 200 million hours are spent each day fetching water, often from water sources miles from home, and this task usually falls to women and girls“.   Here is Cynthia Koenig describing the impact of  her WaterWheel [named “Wello”] at a TED conference.

Using it will save each woman 35 hours a week!

This former basketball star shows a remarkable ability to transform.  The article linked below describes how Dennis Rodman, [12 Dog/PVCS 4 Dog]  is actually facilitating PEACE through his efforts in North Korea.  When Secretary of State John Kerry [unhappily]  took notice, it showed that Rodman was being effective  🙂  “In a world of predictable presidents and dingy old diplomats, he’s [Dennis Rodman is] simply a tour de force. Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman

Another positive step is the one taken by the most ’13:20′ world leader.  The President of Uruguay eschews the Presidential Palace in favor of a small cottage in a large garden  🙂 Uruguay became the first country in the world to legalize both the sale and production of marijuana.   José Mujica, President of Uruguay: [6 Hand::4 Sun]  “We can almost recycle everything now. If we lived within our means – by being prudent – the 7 billion people in the world could have everything they needed. Global politics should be moving in that direction,” he said. “But we think as people and countries, not as a species.”  His political activism began as a “Robin Hood Guerilla“.

His courageous action [an unpopular one among the largest countries] can have huge implications for Humanity.  This week, it was reported that humans and marijuana are similarly wired with Ethnocanniboids, which, among other attributes, are found to shrink tumours.

Good news for Truth-Seekers, Truth-Tellers:  “Recent studies by psychologists and social scientists in the US and UK suggest that contrary to mainstream media stereotypes, those labeled “conspiracy theorists” appear to be saner than those who accept the official versions of contested events.”  🙂

The Resonant Eagle Moon contained the 13 Moon Mid-Year Shift when we begin the annual  ‘Return Journey, and the 75th Solar Anniversary of Valum Votan.  This year, he is coded [in Spirit] by Galactic World-Bridger and LC:  39:  Cosmic Storm. The 7th Moon of Attunement also contained the 4th Galactic Anniversary of his Passing on Spectral Moon [9.11].  Two days later, in response to a comment received from a new reader, Lily, I wrote:  “Welcome to you, Blue Solar Storm  🙂  I am writing these words from room 919 [9 for Solar, 19 for Storm] in Queenstown.  I thought of Princess Diana when I saw my room number, so it’s wonderful to hear from a living Solar Storm today”  🙂  Being in Queenstown, in that particular room made me feel close to the Queen of Hearts, and at that restaurant on ‘9.11‘,  made  Valum Votan feel near  🙂 On that day, Cosmic Pete [who I met years before he became a reader here] and I enjoyed a lunch at the same 8-sided restaurant at the water’s edge in Queenstown, that Valum Votan, Stephanie and I lunched at 7 years earlier.   Two days later, in response to a comment received from a new reader, Lily, I wrote:  “Welcome to you, Blue Solar Storm  🙂  I am writing these words from room 919 [9 for Solar, 19 for Storm] in Queenstown.  I thought of Princess Diana when I saw my room number, so it’s wonderful to hear from a living Solar Storm today”  🙂  Being in Queenstown, in that particular room made me feel close to the Queen of Hearts, and being at the restaurant Votan had chosen on ‘9.11‘,  made  Valum Votan feel near  🙂

It has been over 9 years since the life-changing message appeared on my computer on 9-11-2004, and nearly 2 Moons have passed since the 13th Galactic Anniversary of that still-mysterious message on Kin 46: Resonant World-Bridger.

After the December 2012 Solstice and our  2013 Galactic Synchronization, we are now on the “Return Journey” towards the Original Matrix Attained.  This is the 780th transmission since this blog began nearly 59 Moons ago.   Some of the original reasons for this blog began have altered and/or ended.  After losing two long drafts of this 780th blog, I considered ending these transmissions.  YoUR comments and e-mails helped to cause me to reconsider.  I’m grateful for your patience and encouragement during this unintended break of 72 days, and it means 2013andthemysteryqueen will continue.  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace Just as the change from 2013 to 2014 denotes a change to the higher system represented by  the 260 Postulates, the 4th set of 260 transmissions will have a slightly different flavor.  They will still be set in the numerical  codes provided by the Mayans and delineated by Valum Votan::Jose Arguelles.  As always, the 20:13 13:20 values of Harmony, Truth and Community with Nature and Kins will Prevail  🙂  I welcome your feedback and cooperation on oUR Return JoURney towards Love and the Divine.

For most practitioners of the 13 Moon Calendar, the Resonant Moon ended on Kin 99, Galactic Storm. Postulate 19.8:  “By making conscious what had been previously unknown and unconscious, the discovery of the Law of Time places everyone at God.

N. S.  1. 26. 7. 27.   [Gregorian 2-7-14]               Kin 100:  Solar Sun