Kin 97: Red Rhythmic Earth codes Solar Mirror 25; ‘Cube 19’: Self-Generation Recharge

CABAN   Kin 97

Red Rhythmic Earth

Red Rhytmic Earth
Blue Rhytmic Hand Red Rhytmic Earth White Rhytmic Wind
  Yellow Galactic Seed
I organise in order to evolve
balancing synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Occult=164=Galactic Synchronization 2013/James”  🙂
 Today’s G-Force and Antipode is Rhythmic Hand
The CDK is 4.7:  Resonant Seed, the current combined annual Kin of TMQ and Valum Votan [6.5+13.2]
The Long Count is Kin 49 [Planetary Moon] and this is the 8th day of Valum Votan’s  49 day Bardo JoURney, which began at 6:10 a.m.  on 9.11.
17.6The Galactic Federation of hyperdimensional mind is the future order and organization of all conscious intelligently ramified in degrees and ranks,  stored according to a comprehensive knowledge of all phases of the evolutionary spectrum constituting the galactic brain.  The only purpose of the Galactic Federation is to increase awareness of God and the divine order, which can only be effected through subliminal feedback to input from the lower orders of time.”
On this 8th day since the ascension of oUR Beloved Valum Votan on the 58th day of his 72nd year, Code=E 93 synchronistically shares this telling passage from page 58 of Valum Votan’s The Mayan Factor” discussing tone 8’s quality of Harmonizing:
“… if the name of the galactic game is superior, intelligent harmonization, it must be played so that the local intelligence is taught or shown how it works in such manner that it comes to its own conclusions…..the code’s chief command would be to do nothing to further any notion of duality or separateness
93, yoUR discernment is cherished, especially  choosing the preceding  from a book TMQ gave away [to the two 21 year-old embodiers of 13:20 time]  🙂  And, Thank You for the following:
Pacal Votan…Telektonon  97

0-19 is my code. In it are all demonstrations of the wisdom that is always close and near,  but which comprehends the web of galactic being and all forms of its natural orders in time. Just as Nineteen is the power of God’s mercy, so zero is the fullness and emptiness all at once which characterise the nature of mind and all it can know.”

Kin 19 [Rhythmic Storm] is the G-Force and Antipode of Rhythmic Moon, which codes  Day 19;  Cube 13:  Prophecy of each Moon. The world honored Valum Votan on the 19th day of this Solar Mirror MoonKin 19 codes  the combined Kins of TMQ and Valum Votan during the last full Solar Ring of his life [6.4 + 13.2 = 19.6]

19.6:  “The Synchronic Order of the Uni-Verse, maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time defines the ‘DIVINE PLAN“.  Prior to the discovery of the Law of Time, the Divine Plan unfolds in the cosmic conscious, becoming self-reflectively known to the intelligence of evolving bodies in time only as Revelation.”

Valum Votan’s last known Revelation began 160 days ago, on GAP Kin 197:  Red Lunar Earth.

On Rhythmic Earth [yesterday, here]  TMQ learned from Kin 160 [Lore 4 Sun] that Stephanie South  [initials = 19.19= 19.6  :)] 3 Serpent  is completing Cosmic History Chronicle Volume 7:  Book of the Cube  🙂   peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Our 441-144 Cube of Truth sends oUR Love and EncoURagement to Stephanie, who is completing her mission during these challenging times. 

Cosmic History Chronicle  7;  Book of the Cube is for this 

Solar Ring of the Red Overtone Moon, 2010-2011”  

From the Law of Time, Code=E 93 share this about this 7th year of The Mystery of the Stone:

“…For those following the codes of the Law of Time, this year we enter the final stage of the greater telepathic quantum – the Mental Electron Neutron that codes the crystal core at the center of the Earth. This means we are at the conclusion of putting together the purified planetary telepathic God particle.   This will be a truly momentous year. There is no longer any return, and nothing to go back to anyway. The game is over for the old world.   To purify and attend to the flow of the 13:20 time and its telepathic codes is the only course to follow if we are to fulfill and live by the true power of spiritual transformation!”

N. S.  1. 23. 9. 25.       Cube 19:  SELF-GENERATION RECHARGE     Kin 97

GAP Kin 96: Yellow Overtone Warrior codes Solar Gamma 24; 18: Telepathic Meditation

CIB     Kin 96

Yellow Overtone Warrior

Yellow Overtone Seed
White Overtone Worldbridger Yellow Overtone Warrior Blue Overtone Night
  Red Solar Serpent
I empower in order to question
commanding fearlessness.
I seal the output of intelligence
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of flowering.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
G-Force:  Electric Wizard;  CDK:  6 Night;  Magic Turtle L.C.: 9 Star
Mike’s Kin codes the Antipode 5 World-Bridger, while Prem’s codes the Analog, 5 Night  🙂
16.5:  “The unconscious preorganic order of T(E)=Art (domain of potentiality) resulting in the primary projective structure of the crystal is completed in the curve of ascent where the subliminal post-organic order of T(E)=Art results in the ultimate self- reflective projective structure of the “soul boat.” The “soul boat” is a radiosonic crystalline projection of the order of time super consciously self-realized.”
GAMMA 24:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE  Chakra06.gif
Pacal Votan***Telektonon***Via 73./93.:
96:  “Pacal Votan am I, enigma to your men of reason.   My existence is proof of the workings of higher law.  Telepathy is participation in God’s knowing, but is no cause to claim full knowledge of his powers.  Prophecy, too, is natural law, the compliment to God’s mercy.”
Dr Emoto’s appeal for a Global prayer of Love on Thursday
“To All People Around the World
Please send your prayers of love and gratitude to water at the nuclear plants in Fukushima, Japan!

… water at the reactors of Fukushima Nuclear Plants is contaminating the ocean, air and water molecule of surrounding areas.
Human wisdom has not been able to do much to solve the problem, but we are only trying to cool down the anger of radioactive materials in the reactors by discharging water to them.
Is there really nothing else to do?
I think there is.
During over twenty year research of hado measuring and water crystal photographic technology, I have been witnessing that water can turn positive when it receives pure vibration of human prayer no matter how far away it is.
Energy formula of Albert Einstein, E=MC2 really means that Energy = number of people and the square of people’s consciousness.
Now is the time to understand the true meaning. Let us all join the prayer ceremony as fellow citizens of the planet earth.   I would like to ask all people, not just in Japan, but all around the world to please help us to find a way out the crisis of this planet!!
The prayer procedure is as follows.
Name of ceremony:
“Let’s send our thoughts of love and gratitude to all water in the nuclear plants in Fukushima”
Day and Time:   March 31st, 2011 (Thursday)
[Rhythmic Earth; Rhythmic Earth Watch]
12:00 noon in each time zone
This will mean that love will be sent to the water for a full 24 hours as the different time zones kick in.
Please say the following phrase:
“The water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer.  Please forgive us.  We thank you, and we love you.”  Please say it aloud or in your mind. Repeat it three times as you put your hands together in a prayer position. Please offer your sincere prayer
Thank you very much from my heart.
With love and gratitude,  Masaru Emoto

“March 30, 2011 [4 Eagle] – NORTHERN LIGHTS, UNPROVOKED: Sometimes auroras just happen. Last night in Norway, a spectacular band of Northern Lights arced across the sky unprovoked by any obvious gusts of solar wind.” [James, Galactic Seed, who is “holding down the Monkey region  🙂 also found this]
These spectacular celestial display   occurred  dURing the Planetary World-Bridger [6.10]  watch,  serving as the Northern Hemisphere’s reminder  of  Valum Votan’s Birth and Ascension at precisely 6:10.  🙂
Postulate 6.10:
The unifying power of celestial harmonics, the system of coordinates which establishes the synchronic order of
Universe for any given moment, endows the Dreamspell as the knowledge base for a level of fourth-dimensional mental functioning hitherto unknown, and which completes the evolutionary sequence of the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition.”
N. S.  1. 23. 9. 24.      TELEPATHIC MEDITATION         GAP Kin 96

Kin 95: Blue Self-Existing Eagle codes the Solar Jaguar’s Lover’s Reunion on Seli 23

“… a very bright blue light … lit up the sky….like it was daylight…towards the end of its flight…it left a fiery tail”
 Sky This huge meteor lit up the skies of New Zealand around 11 p.m. [ 23:00] of the Planetary World-Bridger Watch6:10  codes the exact minute of Valum Votan’s Birth and Death.
[when TMQ tried several times to insert this into the blog, everything above would disappear- insisting on  ‘Top Billing’  :)]

MEN      Kin 95

Blue Self-Existing Eagle


Blue Self-existing Monkey
Red Self-existing Serpent Blue Self-existing Eagle Yellow Self-existing Seed
  White Planetary Worldbridger

I define in order to create
measuring mind.
I seal the output of vision
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of magic.
Analog 4 Seed coded the preceding year.  Today’s Guide, Self-Existing MonKEY, coded the ‘first’ 9/11.  The G-Force is Cosmic Dragon.  The PSI for Solar 23, 24 and 25  is Electric World-Bridger.  The Long Count, Galactic Hand combines with 15.4 to make Cosmic Wind.
15.4:  “Through the new subliminal conscious programs, experiments in mutual exchange and displacement commence, first at a terrestrial level, thence to the interplanetary, solar/stellar and galactic levels, initiating the expanded phase of galactic universal life time travel.  Mutual exchange and displacement represents a new level of spiritual evolution in which soul-identity merges holons into a collective radiosonic mass.”
15:  EagleCROWN;  SP-Jupiter .
SELI 23:  FLOW; ROOT  Chakra01.gif
UR EARTH  6:  Inner Earth Navigation Tower
Seli 23:  Second Solar Witness:  Cosmic Eagle
Second Mystic Moon:  Galactic Night
Pacal Votan*** Telektonon*** –/:95:/–95.  
“I am Pacal Votan, Time’s Special Witness, revealer of the Cube of the Law, devoted patron of the Mystery that is woman, the consummation of the telepathic power of 28,  known to me by name of Bolon Ik”.

Gratitude to  Code=E 93 and the2013 Time Space Earth Hunab Krew’.

              peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Go to fullsize image
The spectacular, auspiciously-timed meteor during the  Planetary World-Bridger; 6.10. marked the hour and minute of  Valum Votan’s Birth and Death, and this Jaguar’s Lover’s Reunion.
Tomorrow, Solar  24 marks the 7th day since Valum Votan crossed the Bridge from the material World to the World of Spirit.  
         peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace        
This 580th post [-520 =   PVCS 60; Galactic Sun] will be the last before a ‘Noospheric Pause’ until  Solar Mirror Moon Silio 28. 
Tomorrow,  [today in the Southern Hemisphere] Gamma 24 represents extended Cube 18: of Moon 18.9 Telepathic Meditation, and is coded by GAP Overtone Warrior
The Mystery Queen  invites Kin to join her in meditating upon Valum Votan’s Bardo Journey, precisely during the hour before 6:10 a.m. yoUR time,  each moURning.
Each day’s 13 Moon date and 5-part Oracle will continue to be posted here during the next 4 days, so that Kin can contribute  each day’s information, news and inspirations  🙂
We’ll be fully engaged again on Solar UR EARTH  7
Earth in Heaven Spirit Tower, which is coded by  a Magic Turtle Day  🙂
Until then, let’s join Valum Votan in TELEPATHIC MEDITATION.
Spectral Storm is the Challenge of the day, 9.11,  that Valum Votan chose to Disincarnate.
19.11:   “The spiritual evolution of the Dominion of Time augured by the discovery of the Law of Time is the Divine Return of mind to soURce.  By making unconscious what was unconscious, the order of the Dominion of Time evolves all bodies of time into the condition of Universal Transcension.  God is the magnet of Universal Transcension.”
N. S.  1. 23. 9. 23.               LOVER’S REUNION                  Kin 95

Kin 94: White Electric Wizard codes end of the Solar Mirror Cube Journey on Dali 22

IX              3/28/2011

Kin 94

White Electric Wizard

White Electric Mirror
Yellow Electric Seed White Electric Wizard Red Electric Serpent
  Blue Spectral Hand
I activate in order to enchant
bonding receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of endlessness.
The Analog, 3 Serpent, codes  Stephanie South, co-author of the Cosmic History Chronicles.  Will there be a Volume 7; The Book of the Cube?  The Guide is 3 Mirror, which codes the 5th Solar Winess and 5th Bolontiku: Supreme Golden Maiden; and TMQ’s next Birthday/Year. 
 The G-Force is Kin  88: Planetary Star, which the  coded the [Northern Hemisphere] day of Valum Votan’s ascension.
The CDK is 21.4=1.4 = Kin 121= 11×11Self-Existing Dragon is the Galactic Signature of the Law of Time, founded by Valum Votan and his wife, Lloydine Arguelles, Kin 22;  Solar Wind.
14.3:  “During the cycle, AD 2000-2013, three levels of incidence unfold and become synchronized simultaneously: activation of flux tube system and harmonic rearrangements of the synchronic order of the heliocosm; concurrent development of forms of radiosonic architecture “anchoring” the telepathic time travel; and synchronized coordination of the psi bank with solar frequency pulsations (completion of AC circuit).”
Here’s an unusual view of the  Star’ of oUR Heliocosm:
“March 28, 2011 – The Sun seems to be entering a new phase of dynamism.” Radio emissions like these are caused by plasma instabilities in the sun’s atmosphere above sunspots…”
Seal 14:  Wizard corresponds to the ROOT Chakra.
        DALI 22:  TARGET;  CROWNChakra07.gif
The Solar Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey concludes today. 
“New Jerusalem Cube Complete;  1,872,000 Kin;  2012.”
What is meant by the cubing of the Earth is the supermental telepathic creation of a cube of perfection around the Earth, representing the six days of the second creation generating a new heaven and a new earth. This is the perfect moment also for the Galactic Mayan return – the intervention to oversee the peaceful transition from the old order to the new.”
… Following that [December 21, 2012]  are the six 36-day cycles of the cubing of the Earth which comprise the second half of the sixth 144-day cycle and the entirety of the seventh, concluding on the Day out of Time 2013, when final preparations for the launching of Timeship Earth 2013 and full galactic synchronization will be made for the following day.”
Code=E 93 shares from an earlier report regarding Galactic Synchronization Crews:
While the Harmonic Convergence of 2012 will culminate the cycle of history with the celebration of the Rainbow Bridge, the Galactic Synchronization of July 26, 2013, will usher our planet into a new era of expanded cosmic consciousness through a formal linking with galactic intelligence. This moment will inaugurate the new era of the noosphere (mind of the Earth), when Earth is operating as a fully conscious vehicle of unification – Timeship Earth 2013.
During the 4th week of each Moon,  we prepare for The Seven Mystic Moons between the 2012 Harmonic Convergence, and the 2013 Galactic Synchronization.  The 7 Solar Witnesses are invoked with each of  the 7  Moons.
Today, Week 4; Day 1 corresponds  to Kin 194 WHITE CRYSTAL WIZARD , and to the First  Mystic Moon, which is coded by Kin 202:  White Resonant Wind, and begins on January 10, 2013.
The 36th week of the  Overtone Moon Year  corresponds to  Codon 60:
MEASURING:  Galactic Octave Limits Space.
22 is the ‘special number of Valum Votan’, in part because 11+11= 22, and V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet.
The 4th week of the Solar Mirror Moon also marks the first Heptad without oUR Beloved Valum Votan in the material realm, but his Spirit Warrior’s Journey continues, and he is  overseeing  the peaceful transition from the old order to the new”.
Valum Votan’s Postulate 11.11 contains a hint of the support and guidance he is contributing from the 4th dimension and from  far  beyond:
“Repressed psychic energy is the lubricant of the fourth-dimensional personality endowing it with vibrancy and vitality.  Quality and nature of alternative personality is determined by nature of repressed psychic energy in relation to uniqueness of psychogenetic patterning.”
N. S.  1. 23. 9. 23. 22.   Spirit Warrior’s Cube JoURney Complete  Kin 94

Kin 93: Red Lunar Skywalker codes Solar Hunab Ku 21; Cube 15: Vision

BEN     Kin 93

Red Lunar Skywalker

Red Lunar Serpent
Blue Lunar Night Red Lunar Skywalker White Lunar Worldbridger
  Yellow Crystal Star
I polarise in order to explore
stabilizing wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of life force.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
His Analog is Pacal Votan Clear Sign Lunar World-Bridger,  and his Hidden Power is Crystal Star.
Code=E 93 serves as a ‘World-Bridger’ between the Votans and oUR 441 Cube.  🙂
 93’s G-force is Resonant Eagle, resonating with today’s Cube 15:  Vision.
The PSI for Solar 21 is  Kin 183:  Magnetic Night 
Today’s Long Count Kin is Rhythmic  Seed.  5.6 plus 13.2 is 18.8, which is a special synchronicity for TMQ, Galactic Mirror; 18.8, whose Solar/Galactic Return is today  🙂 
 Her own Galactic Return falls one Bardo (49 days) after Valum Votan’s Disincarnation on Kin 89The first day after 11.11’s  Bardo will be the 11th day of the 11th Moon  🙂  [the time is now 11:11!]
13.2Whole body time transport is the capacity to extend through the now into continuing and super conscious. This is achieved through total holographic projection whose quality is proportionate to the vividness and completeness of the alternative fourth-dimensional personality to incorporate the third-dimensional internal body sensation usually referred to as “self”.”
      SILIO 21:  DISCHARGE;  HEART  Chakra04.gif


This image, sent in by  several Kin,  fits today’s Challenge, 2 (rainbow) Night  🙂

Here is the Eagle’s Vision of the Rainbow

Christine Electric Skywalker  shared this:

“it is the pURpose of the Enlightened elements of the Planetary consciousness to ride, and even be in advance of this accelerating excitation wave , spontaneously generating the call for a GALACTIC INTERVENTION to HELP CONCLUDE the BIOSPHERE-NOOSPHERE TRANSITION, now that the Human civilization is out of control.”

93  presents this: Arcturus Remembered: A Crystal Earth Network Projection

Most significantly, it was foreseen that there would be karmic consequence of the Martian Experiment manifesting at some future, undetermined point in the evolution of the blue planet—a kind of “repeat performance.” All of Arcturian understanding was to become concentrated on this future point, so that when the conditions ripened for the repeat performance, the Arcturian agents this time would not be asleep, but standing ready, as it were, at their Violet Command Crystal Way-Stations.”

************* The Mystery Queen  believes that this  “future point manifested on our  planet when the Fukushima catastrophe began with an explosion at the No. 1 plant at about 3:36 p.m.  on Kin 78:  Cosmic Mirror.

 Kin 11, Valum Votan passed into Spirit 11 days later, on the Kin that denotes ’emergency’:  9.11  ****************

This comment from today’s ‘Galactic Return’ Kin;  Code = E  shows this idea is in the Noosphere: 

Humans: time travelers lost on experimental third-dimensional colony.
Earth: third-dimensional anchor of lost Timeship.
Original mission: land Timeship 2013 on Earth and take action to keep Earth from being third planet in succession to blow out within local star system.
Target of original mission: Galactic Synchronization, AD 2013.

The first planet to blow was Maldek, which is now the Asteroid Belt.  Next was Mars, and now extraordinary effort,  cooperation and Planetary Magic  [here, and on the ‘other side’]  is needed to prevent that fate for Earth. 

Please see the  many  beautiful comments from 441 Cube of Truth Kin, which are so appreciated, on this  Hunab Ku 21    🙂     peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

Thank You S’ace Solar Wind for this quote, so apropos for this Lunar 13 day: 

just a snapshot from the ARKTURUS PROBE    DREAMSPELL
Power of creation unifying two or more minds [and mindsets?]  power of magic bringing together affects from one dimension or parallel universe to another;  science for [generative?] binding together the patterns and effects of the thirteen dimensions;
basic for science of pulsar riding, time travel, and time magicavailable to thrid-dimensionals of Terra-gaia as boxed kit of tools for leaving third-dimensional time warp and engaging fourth-demensional holons”  Then S’ace 22 adds more ART to the equation:     getting into 4th dimension beholds the 5th … [Beethoven]”  🙂  

Kin 22 [2.9]  also notes: 11:11 perfectly fits twice in 22:22 which is sliced into 2:9 by this formula:  (22-20)::(22-13)”

Those are the numbers of two key Gregorian dates:  3/22/2011, which was 9 years and 19 days after Jose Arguelles was named Valum Votan (Heart of Nine) on the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan on 3/3/2002    [Galactic Seed, which codes 0UR Galactic Synchronization in 852 days.] (In the Southern Hemisphere, where Valum Votan ascended, the dates are each advanced a day]

11.11 and 8.10 [which coded the  Northern Hemisphere day of Valum Votan’s passing] = 19.8, which is Kin 99;  Galactic Storm

The G-force of  Spectral Moon is Galactic Storm, and 9 x 11 also equals 99.

19.8  links the two Hemispheres and the two Kins coding Valum Votan’s retURn to Spirit.  

19.8:  “By making conscious what had been previously unknown and unconscious, the discovery of the Law of Time places everyone at God.”

N. S.  1. 23. 9. Hunab Ku 21  Cube 15:  VISION      GAP Kin 93

Kin 92: Yellow Magnetic Human codes Solar 20 and Wavespell 8: Free Will

EB   Kin 92

Yellow Magnetic Human

Yellow Magnetic Human
White Magnetic Wind Yellow Magnetic Human Blue Magnetic Hand
  Red Cosmic Moon
I unify in order to influence
attracting wisdom.
I seal the process of free will
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The Hidden Power is Cosmic Moon, and the PSI is Cosmic Wind; while  the G-Force is Self-Existing Wind.
The Analog Watch is coded by 7.1; Magnetic Hand  [the same as the current Moon and Year:  18.9 + 9.5= 7.1].
12.1:  “The purpose of time travel is to expand and accelerate the kind and quality of spiritual experience accompanying evolution into the hyperorganic super conscious. The quality of the experience of time travel is in direct proportion to its beneficial usefulness.”
LIMI 20;  PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS  Chakra03.gif
Code=E 93 found this paragraph which synchronizes with the Human Wavespell:
Valum Votan:  The Mayan Factor:   Page 194:
“Then,as if a switch were being thrown, a great voltage will race through this finally synchronized and integrated circuit called humanity.   The Earth itself will be illumined.   A current charging both poles will race across the skies, connecting the polar auroras in a single brilliant flash.  Like an iridescent rainbow, this circumpolar energy uniting the planetary antipodes will be instantaneously understood as the external projection of the collective mind of humanity.”

Yellow Human Wavespell:  Power of Free Will

Yellow Magnetic Human

Red Lunar Skywalker
Yellow Cosmic Seed

Blue Crystal Night

White Electric Wizard
White Spectral Wind

Blue Self-existing Eagle
Red Planetary Dragon

Yellow Overtone Warrior

Red Rhytmic Earth

White Resonant Mirror

Blue Galactic Storm

Yellow Solar Sun


60 days ago, on Rhythmic Human, the Tomb of Pacal Votan in Palenque was sealed. 

That day, Resonant Seli 16 reflected the PVCS that coded that Moon:  Resonant Warrior.  12.6 + 16.7 + 9.5 equals a CDK of 17.5, which is Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 57,  Red Overtone Earth Valum Votan disincarnated 57 days later.

Here is a lovely and polished eulogy/tribute for Valum Votan by Eden Sky 173  It appears to state that Valum Votan died in Australia on Kin 89;   while it was Kin 88:  Planetary Star, 3/22/2011  in the Northern Hemisphere.

That means he passed into Spirit at 8:10 [Kin 88= 8.10] here in New Zealand, during the hour TMQ was writing that exactly   21 Moons had passed since this blog began on Kin 21:  Votan’s G-Forceand that Kin 88 marked 7 Galactic Spins since oUR Sedona meeting.

Is anyone else surprised/disappointed that the passing of Valum Votan doesn’t appear to have been noted in any mainstream media outlets?  [Please prove me wrong  :)]  But, Thank You Eden Sky for expressing our feelings so beautifully: 

 We honor you,  [Valum Votan] Jose * Standing we honor you * with candles bright with Buddha’s clear mind we honor you * with stargazer flowers opening wide we honor you * with ancient crystals humming we honor you * with white stones from Palenque meditating we honor you * with spiraling shells from Lake Atitlan we honor you * with turtles, owls, globes, and Roerich Peace symbols we honor you * with fragrance of copal ascending we honor you * with pools of moonlit water resting we honor you * with obsidian staffs vigilant we honor you * with feathers of winged messengers bright we honor you * with the power of the 7 Galactic Directions we honor you * with the one sun blazing in our blood we honor you * with the Earth shaking we honor you * with the sky covered in Rainbow Bridges we honor you * with silence we honor you * with tears wet with loyalty and gratitude and grief like a crying cloud who lost a kin, we honor you * with the presence of your fierce brilliance like an Arcturian sword in our hands we honor you * with a banner of galactic culture raised around the one biosphere, we honor you * with codes of time engraved in our mind, we honor you * with the hug of our presence united in this family of awakening hearts – one time one earth one people – we honor you,  forever…”

N. S.  1. 23. 9. 20.    Cube 14TIMELESSNESS   Kin 92

Kin 91: Blue Cosmic MonKEY codes the Global Tribute to VALUM VOTAN on Solar Jaguar Moon 19; Cube 13: PROPHECY

At 11:11 a.m. Monkey Zone, we honor our 11.11

       Valum Votan.jpg 

CHUEN  Kin 91   Blue Cosmic Monkey

Blue Cosmic Eagle
Red Cosmic Dragon Blue Cosmic Monkey Yellow Cosmic Star
  White Magnetic Dog
I endure in order to play, transcending illusion.
I seal the process of magic, with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of vision.
Today’s Guide is the 2nd Solar Witness Cosmic Eagle.  Kin 91 reminds us there are 91 days in each quarter of the Solar Ring, and 91 steps on each side of a Mayan Pyramid. 
The G-Force is Magnetic Serpent, and 5.1 can also represent Kin 51, signature of Helena P. BlavatsKEYThe letters in  Chuen also equal 51.  Kins 51 and 91 anchor oUR 441 Cube Matrix
Kin 181Crystal Dragon is the PSI for Solar 19.   The CDK is 18.1.
The Long Count Kin of Self-Existing Night combines with Cosmic MonKEY to make 14.4, a reminder of 144.  14.4 + 7.1  (This Year and Moon) equal 21.5, for an ‘Overtone Hunab Ku’  🙂
11.13The alternative fourth-dimensional personality complements the third-dimensional entity’s life configuration and takes on increasing importance in the development of galactic culture.  Ultimately, the secondary personality of the holon is the “soul-boat” which transmigrates between the hyperorganic super conscious and the post-organic subliminal conscious quadrant of the Galactic Brain.”
Code=E 93 shared the Law of Time’s message, which includes this passage: 
“Before he departed he said to his apprentice, Stephanie South/“Red Queen”,
I have done all that I could on this planet.  I am being called to assist in the Closing of the Cycle from the Other Side.” 

Thanks to Stephanie South  185 who shares this about the timing of Valum Votan’s passing,  which most certainly is  as precisely intended and timed as that of Pacal Votan:

Solar Moon 17 began vinal 13: Closing the equivocating part and entering a trance.
Note that he departed 58 days after his 72nd birthday. Kin 58-White Rhythmic Mirror-is the excarnation date on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan. Between his (Jose/Votan’s) birth kin (11) and his death kin (89) there are 78 days. 78 (6 x 13) is the sum of the tones of the clear signs on the tomb of Pacal Votan. Note: the tomb lid of Pacal Votan was closed and sealed a few moons ago in Palenque, a clear sign.”
[emphasis TMQ’s]


The Law of Time requests the following for the Noon VIGIL for VALUM VOTAN:

“For the vigil we ask that you visualize the Rainbow Bridge, read the Noogenesis Vow and also a poem provided as a final farewell from his twin brother, Ivan Arguelles.
We send all our love for Valum Votan’s/Jose Arguelles journey back to the stars and Beyond …

Noogenesis Meditation Vow   by   Valum Votan

 A powerful vow to remind us of our unity and reactivate our shared Star Mission.
We who take this vow are the nameless ones
Sent here from afar – on other world systems
The time has come for us to fulfill
The ancient pledge we took to be as one
In the enactment of our sacred duty
One breath are we to become
One life, one sacred bond
In order to lift up this Earth
Into its memory among the stars

Is the name of our assignment
Only by the nameless ones
Can this assignment be completed
One breath, one life, one sacred bond

The vow to be fulfilled-
We take this vow in meditation
That all beings may be freed
A new world be born
And the Rainbow be the light of consciousness
Guiding us all into the Infinite One

  Ivan [11.11] wishes that the poem be read for his Brother’s send-off. Thank you–Stephanie/RQ

For Jose, by Ivan Arguelles

“here is where we part , yours is the section to the left numbered Zero,

mine has been carefully removed , together we had searched , together we ,

came apart , magnify not the dank spot , tomorrow is a definite improbability,

hush , ponder , whiten this page over ,

who is the deity of the step-ladder ? pray we must to his numen , washed in grief

the thumbnail , the human portion in its inch , look then to the Stars!”
For those who feel drawn to ‘gather‘ at 11:11, prior to the Vigil:
We can invite the Star People to join us with
The Prayer to the Seven Galactic Directions“,
 imagining Valum Votan’s beautiful flute music between each direction.
Go to fullsize image Then, we can attune with Valum Votan and each other by viewing the video from Priscella, 6 Wizard whose 31st Solar Birthday was on Spectral Moon. 
This video ends with Valum Votan’s  words “When my life fades as the fading sunset, my Spirit will come to you”, followed by “Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho! and Valum Votan’s heavenly flute.
The remaining @ 39 minutes can be spent in meditation and telepathic connection, until the Vigil begins at Noon.

ALPHA 19:  RELEASE;  THROAT Chakra05.gif 

“Christchurch was rattled by a magnitude 4.1 [ = Kin 144aftershock… at 12.03 a.m., 10km. south-east of Christchurch at a depth of 11 km.  GNS Science said it was widely felt in the city  4.1 can also denote Kin 41, Interval of God“, which coded the PSI of Valum Votan’s passing This ‘widely-felt’ aftershock happened while TMQ was writing her eulogy for Valum Votan during the Cosmic Star Watch.

 Some aspects of the timing of 11.11’s  Disincarnation are dictating to TMQ some plans, to be shared here soon.  Your wonderful comments  and contributions made this a most special Crystal Round Table of Compassion and Divine Loyalty  🙂

“Perfect was my time of coming. Perfect was my mission. Perfect was the time
of my going. Perfect is the discovery of my prophecy .” Telektonon 11.67 [=11.13…6+7=13]

“Everything is now the responsibility of the people who have heard the message. There is much work to be done…. Love everyone. Hate no one. God bless everyone….. ‘EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!!’”  🙂

…Zuvuyas of time-space.

Blue Spectral Monkey + Red Spectral Moon = YELLOW  SOLAR  SUN

Double solar, double enlightenment for our double eleven.

In Lake’ch VV                                      White Solar Mirror  🙂

Valum VOTAN is my hero.   In full Honor of kin 11:
Valum Votan   Telektonon   90
“O children of the day of truth, people of the dawn, people of the book, seven is my sacred power.  Foursquare seven is 28, the number that, perfectly followed, opens Heaven’s gateWalking together the sacred thirteen moon-28-day way, you will be joined to GOD’s command, a holy victory march of the righteous to restore sacred order to this troubled Earth and to recover your lost powers.”    Ser(V.V.)ant.  93      2013TimeshipHunabKrew  🙂

United by oUR ancient pledge, which we renew through the   ‘powerful Noogenesis Vow’,  we reactivate our shared Star Mission to restore Sacred order on Earth, knowing that our beloved Valum Votan is a most powerfull ally, aiding  us from the ‘other side’  🙂

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

 N. S.  1. 23. 9. 19.         Cube 13:  PROPHECY        Kin 91

VALUM VOTAN a.k.a. Jose Arguelles Ph.D. retURned to the Plane of Spirit

Valum Votan died on Spectral Moon; 3/23/2011




Kin 90:      White Crystal Dog

White Crystal Wind
Yellow Crystal Sun White Crystal Dog Red Crystal Moon
  Blue Lunar Monkey
I dedicate in order to love
universalizing loyalty.
I seal the process of heart
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of spirit
VALUM VOTAN, the pre-eminent Author, Artist, Visionary and 2012 Prophet  passed into Spirit  on the 17th day of the Solar Mirror Moon Red Overtone Moon year.
His current incarnation of 72 years and 59 days ended 639 days before the end of the 13th Baktun on December 21, 2012.
At the age of 14, Jose Arguelles received the vision of his Mission atop  the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, the Place Where Men Become Gods.  His life was devoted to preparing the world for these times, long predicted by the Mayans and a plethora of Prophets and traditions. 
 View from Pyramide de la luna.jpg
Jose Arguelles  organized the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, when millions around the world observed the return of Quetzalcoatl, in the Supernova 1987A, and the final 26-year countdown to 2013.
During that same year, his book “The Mayan Factor” introduced millions to the Mayan’s concept of time, and the fact that their precise count of time ends on December 21, 2012, when the Earth is aligned with the Heart of our Galaxy. 
In 1989, accompanied by his wife Lloydine, he discovered the Law of Time, and subsequently began decoding the Tomb of Pacal Votan.
This led to the establishment of the Harmonic 13 Moon Calendar and the 260-day Dreamspell as tools for regaining Telepathy and realigning with the 13:20 frequency, as opposed to the artificial 12:60 frequency. 
The Tomb of Pacal Votan was dedicated 1260 years before it discovery in 1952, and 1320 years before 2012. to fullsize image    Go to fullsize image     Go to fullsize image 
After producing a huge amount of erudite, prophetic and scientific  books and art,  Jose Arguelles, with Lloydine by his side, was honored to be recognized as the Closer of the Cycle atop the Pyramid of the Sun, 49 years after his first vision there. 
He then assumed the name Valum Votan, and shortly afterwards,  began the series of  7 volumes known as the Cosmic History  Chronicles,   with  Stephanie South, his apprentice and co-author.
The enormous body  of information revealed by Valum Votan will enable us to navigate the evolutionary  shift in consciousness, which is neccesitated by the end of materialism.  We are eternally grateful for his genius, his ceaseless efforts on oUR behalf, and his brilliant Spirit. 
The Mystery Queen is grief-stricken with the news of Valum Votan’s death.
Our  Hearts go out to his family, including his twin brother Ivan and his daughter Tara.  
Valum Votan, 11 Monkey  is now reunited with his son, Josh, PVCS 3 Monkey.
May Valum Votan telepathically guide us on our Universal Return.
P. S.:  [The Law of Time is] “asking for those who loved him to hold a synchronized vigil and/or ceremony on Valum Votan’s behalf at noon (Pacific standard time) on Solar Moon 19, Kin 91.
Send him your prayers, light and blessings to continue his spirit journey – and also visualize the Rainbow Bridge and the Return of Light.”
N. S.  1. 23. 9. 18.      Cube 12:  FREE WILL       Kin 90

Kin 89: Red Spectral Moon codes Solar Gamma 17; Cube 11: Magic

MULUC       3/23/2011

Kin 89

Red Spectral Moon

Red Spectral Moon
Blue Spectral Storm Red Spectral Moon White Spectral Dog
  Yellow Electric Human
I dissolve in order to purify
releasing flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the spectral tone of liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s G-Force is 19.8;  Galactic Storm, the PSI is 19.10; Planetary Storm, and the Antipode/Challenge is 19.11; Spectral Storm.
9.11:  “The lineup of all the planets, except Earth, on the other side of the Sun, Spectral Moon 4, Red Self-Existing Earth (May 5, 2000), provides a collective telepathic test for the activation of the electromagnetic polar flux tube regulators. The object is the creation of a telepathic field of magnetic resistance to stabilize the planetary poles”.
    GAMMA 17:   PACIFY;  THIRD EYE              Chakra06.gif
VINAL 13:  MAC:  “Closing the Equivocating Part, and Entering a Trance.”    Couldn’t resist sharing these images from an article written yesterday, and found on the Dreamspell day that is coded by 9.11.
The numbers denoting ‘Emergency‘ certainly seem apt for the state of our physical world during the final days of the 13th Baktun.    Couldn’t resist sharing these images from an article written yesterday, and found on the Dreamspell day that is coded by 9.11.
The numbers denoting ‘Emergency‘ certainly seem apt for the state of our physical world during the final days of the 13th Baktun.  
From Valum Votan via Code=E 93
“The skies are turning crimson,the seas are riding high;
The prophecies are comin’ round,it’s now-it’s do or die“…
“The prophecies have come around,the future couldn’t wait
It’s up to you to make it true,to break the seal on Heaven’s gate”
An  interesting synchronicity was waking up [on Crystal Dog here] to the news that Elizabeth Taylor had died, then discovering that she is coded by Crystal Dog! 
Elizabeth Taylor’s Disincarnation:
Solar 17:  9.11, plus the Long Count:  1.2 [Kin 41: Lunar Dragon is known as the Frequency of God] equal Cosmic Dog  🙂
“In this seal foursquare,all prophecies converge. The Beast of the G-7 stands revealed. The Babylonian Vatican is exposed. In the rainbow dream vision 144,000 of the elect are called again to meet in gathering together circles, to listen, to sing, and to dance to the song Teletonon.”  Thank You Code=E 93  🙂
Three key Galactic Signatures today are coded by seal 19GOD:
19.8;  19.10 and 19.11.  Here is the ‘missing one’ from that sequence:
19.9, Solar Storm codes Princess Diana, oUR Queen of Hearts;
 and its G-Force, 17.7 codes the Lord Seven Earth, at the Heart of oUR Earth, mediating the Plasmas from Hunab Ku.
19.9:  “To be at God is Judgement Day.  Judgement Day is defined by the discovery of the Law of Time, which is both the final revelation and the knowledge to proceed correctly where, before, for lack of the science of time, there had only been manifest error.  The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition is the external ripening of the Cosmic unconsciouss and is synonymous with the Judgement Day sequence of the discovery of the Law of Time.”
N. S.  1. 23. 9. 17.        Cube 11:  MAGIC       Kin 89 

GAP Kin 88: Yellow Planetary Star codes Solar Seli 16; Cube 10: LOVE

PACAL VOTAN  Telektonon:   88:
“But this was not enough,the seventh trumpet had yet to sound,and so it did in the fortieth year following the discovery of my Uranian ark of stone.And now my prophecies are revealed.The Mayan Appocalypse of kin 144,Yellow Magnetic Seed,turns the seventh year of karmic destiny into the opening of the first of my seven seals of prophecy.”

On this day coded by the Star, during her Electric Star year, Christine 133 shares that she now has a Star named after her  🙂
 Christine’s friend, Galactic Mirror, Kin 138 


“named a Star after me just three astronomical minutes away from Gamma Pisceum – it’s called Barssiah, is 138 light years away from V 23.3 (here ) with a magnitude of 9.3″

N. S.  1. 23. 9.  16.       Cube 10:  LOVE            GAP Kin 88 

LAMAT     3/22/2011

Kin 88

Yellow Planetary Star

Yellow Planetary Warrior
White Planetary Mirror Yellow Planetary Star Blue Planetary Monkey
  Red Self-existing Skywalker

I perfect in order to beautify
producing art.
I seal the store of elegance
with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of intelligence.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
 Antipode Planetary Mirror coded the day that Pacal Votan’s Tomb was discovered.  The G-Force is Overtone World-Bridger, which codes Kiwi Mike.  The PSI is Solar Mirror, the same Kin that codes this Moon [and Jara Ra]
Today’s Long Count Kin is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Magnetic Sun.
8.10:  “Meditation, clear seeing without thoughts or desire-body attachments, is practiced with Yoga for the rehabilitation of the sensory order disrupted by the sequence of artificial time. Synchronization of the sensory order is the condition of meditative mind which is the prerequisite for time travel.”
SELI 16:  FLOW;  ROOT  Chakra01.gif
 Here is news about oUR PLANETARY STAR:
  ” NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a surge of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the sunspot’s magnetic canopy on March 21st”
The  [system-wide] inability to access WordPressAdmin. for several hours today  led to some realizations:
Today, Solar 17, in the Southern Hemisphere, marks the end of exactly 21 Moons,  since this blog began on Magnetic 18.
Planetary Star is exactly 7 Galactic Spins since TMQ met with Valum Votan and Stephanie South in Sedona Arizona [during which they decided to come to New Zealand] on Solar 23, TMQ’s solar-Galactic Return of her Planetary Star year.

For this Cube  10:   Love and Divine Loyalty,  here are some quotes from the 13th Century Sufi Mystic known as Rumi

“This divine love,  beckons us
to a world beyond  only lovers can see
with their eyes of fiery passion.”
“The soil is faithful to its trust: whatever you have sown in it, you reap the same.
But until springtime brings the touch of God,  the soil does not reveal its secrets.
“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”  🙂
 Thank You Code=E 93

for the following 

PACAL VOTAN  Telektonon:   88:
“But this was not enough,the seventh trumpet had yet to sound,and so it did in the fortieth year following the discovery of my Uranian ark of stone.And now my prophecies are revealed.The Mayan Appocalypse of kin 144,Yellow Magnetic Seed,turns the seventh year of karmic destiny into the opening of the first of my seven seals of prophecy.”