Kin 252: Yellow Overtone Human codes Catalytic Blue Kali 25

 The Code spell for Kin 252:  Yellow Overtone Human  is:  “I Empower in order to InfluenceCommanding Wisdom, I seal the process of Free Will with the Overtone tone of Radiance.  I am guided by the power of Universal Fire.”
Yellow Overtone Sun
White Overtone Wind Yellow Overtone Human Blue Overtone Hand
  Red Solar Moon
The Seventh Solar Witness,  Kin 200:  Yellow Overtone Sun guides us today.  The Analog 7.5 represents the sacred ratio of 7 Galactic Spins to every 5 Solar Spins.  Kin 187 also codes one of our Community of the Cube Kin.  Incidentally, today, Kali, is the only Radial Plasma not yet represented in our  “441 Cube of Truth“, as Lunar Skywalker so beautifully called it.  The Occult of 9.9:  Red Solar Moon reiterates our Solar Moon.  The G-Force,  Kin 250:  White Electric Dog, matches the tone and color of our PSI Kin:  White Electric World-Bridger.
The Postulate for 12.5 states: Crystal radiative geometry vehicles are projected constructs of a double terminated type, generally for use in individual travel and exploration.  The Holon double’s assemblage point structure is used as the armature or skeleton upon which to construct the vehicle.”
Today’s Kin number of 252 is a Palindrome, and so are the Gregorian numbers for the Solstice:  12 21.  Those two numbers 12, and 21 are mirrors of each other and so are their ‘squares’ of  144, 441 which also makes another Palindrome (same backwards or forwards).  12 x 21 = 252.  From Stephanie South’s “13 Moon Almanac” we learn more:  “Reverse symmetry maintains itself in (Mayan)vigesimal as well:  252 is written as 12.12.  Venus spends 252 days as the Morning Star.”
Yellow Human Seal 12, Human or Sage “exemplifies Wisdom as the source of Prophecy, and Prophecy as the enactment of Wisdom.”   SP Earth;   Core family;  Equatorial TropicsHeart
CATALYTIC BLUE KALI;  Catalyze;  SP Pluto (B# 388);  Secret Center Chakra:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  Kali establishes the bond between the Sensory Quantum we completed yesterday, and the Telepathic Quantum we build the last 3 days of each week.  Quetzcoatl;  Kinich Ahua (Sun).
On Kali, we build the same side of the Radion Cube and Codon Cube:  Back.  “Establish the Fourth Line” of Codon Cube 55:  Wisdom Arousing; ______ (Yang;  Time
KALI 25:   SELF-GENERATION RECHARGE.  (If the 16 day Cube is extended, today would be 19: Storm, Regeneration)  Today corresponds to the 4th of the Last 7 Moons of the 13 Baktuns:  Moon Kin 197, coded by the 4th Solar Witness, Red Lunar Earth whose Return we envision today.  Kali 25 also correlates to the 4th Mystic moon of 2013:  Moon Kin 205:  Red Planetary Serpent.  (Kin 205 is also the Galactic Signature of another of our Community of the Cube Kin.  :))
Telektonon Day 25:   Bolon Ik receives the power of the Fifth Force and learns to bow in submission to God, the Universal Principle of Divine Creation.  She sends the telecosmic  number power 5,   Fifth Force–the principle of the center which animates, all things to Pacal Votan.  Only twice every 13 Moons are we able to focus on  the Fifth Force number 5 on a Kin day which is toned by the Radiant Overtone 5.
Kin 252:  Yellow Overtone Human is the Galactic Signature of Martin Luther King Jr., the American Peace Activist and Civil Rights leader.  “In 1964, King became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end racial segregation and discrimination through civil disobedience   By the time of his assassination in 1968, he had refocused his efforts on ending poverty and opposing the Vietnam War.  The first photo shows the Lincoln Memeorial where Dr. King gave his famous ‘I have a dream” speech in 1963.  Following are some inspiring quotes from this man, whose life is celebrated with a holiday:  Martlin Luther King Jr. Day.  “Love is the only force capable of  transforming an enemy into a friend.”  “The Time is always right to do what is right.”  “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”  “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
John Denver, the popular  musician and prolific songwriter  (200 songs) is another Yellow Overtone Human.  Here is a beautiful video of his song ‘Calypso“, named for the boat his friend Jacque Costeau used for his famous marine explorations.  John Denver has been referred to  as “The Poet for the Planet” and  “Mother Nature’s Son“.   John Denver ” shared many beliefs with Zen Buddhists, as well as certain Yoga spiritual masters.  He also felt he had a connection with the indigenous people of North America.”  A political activist and humanitarian, John Denver co-founded the “Windstar Foundation” to promote a wholistic approach to the environment, and he also co-founded “The Hunger Project“.  His songs and life work are a tribute to the values of the 13:20 Frequency, such as  Peace, Community and Natural Living in Harmony with our Earth.
The legacies of these two Overtone Humans continue to inspire us.  This week, with an attack on a South Korean military vessel, two near simultaneous bombings of civilians in Russia, the ongoing brutalities in war zones, and the 1,000th day of Siege in Gaza, we need Peace more than ever.  The last line of a film TMQ finally saw last night  “Men Who Stare at Goats“, echoed that sentiment when the main protaganist said,  regarding the current state of the world,  ” we need Jedi Warriors now more than ever“.  He was referring to Warriors of Light who have cultivated  paranormal powers such as “siddhas” in order to bring Peace to our Earth.
As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said:  “The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood“.  🙂
N.  S.  1. 22. 9. 25.          Kin 252

Kin 251; Blue Self-Existing Monkey: Exactly 12 Spins since 9/11/2001

The Code Spell for Kin 251:  Blue Self-Existing Monkey is:  “I Define in order to Play.  Measuring Illusion, I seal the process of Magic with the Self-Existing tone of Form.  I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.”

Blue Self-existing Hand
Red Self-existing Dragon Blue Self-existing Monkey Yellow Self-existing Star
  White Planetary Dog

The Analog for today is Kin 108:   Self-Existing Star which codes our GM108X Day-out-of-Time.  The Challenge, Kin 121 (11×11) codes the inception of the Law of Time.  Self-Existing Hand (7.4=Mayan for 144)) Guides us today.  The G-Force is Kin 117, Red Cosmic Earth (117 = 9×13, during Moon+Year 9.13).

Postulate 11.4 states:  “Ego is the Third-dimensional personal identity developed in conformity with external conditions of the Historical Cycle.  In the 12:60 mental field, ego usurps repressed Holon-Soul functions, and hence becomes ever more removed from Fourth-dimensional operators.  Ego is false soul.  Ego is false soul.  Ego is to soul what 12:60 is to 13:20.”

Blue Monkey  Seal 11, Monkey (Chuen) or Magician  “exemplifies Magic as the beginning of Prophecy“.  SP Venus Cardinal Family;  Northern Regions;  ThroatSP refers to Solar Prophetic:  “Solar energy plus the future streams which must be energized into being”.

GAMMA:  Pacify;  SP Neptune (B# 300)  kra:  “My Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  Pacal Votan;  Hunab Ku.  The last part of the last  Sensory Quantum of  Solar Serpent Moon is now complete.  Today we  ‘Create the Triplet’  by laying the Third Line ______ (Yang;  Time) on the  Left Face of Codon Cube 55.

GAMMA 24:  Telepathic Meditation;  Year of Blue Resonant Storm (2012-2013)  Moon 196.  Return of the Third Solar Witness:  Yellow Magnetic Warrior. 3rd Mystic Moon 204:  Yellow Solar Seed.

Telektonon Day 24:  Bolon Ik receives the telecosmic number power of Cosmic Form which is 24 (6×4). today we focus on the power of Form:  4, on a day coded by tone 4.

12 Galactic Spins ago, our world shifted on September 11, 2001.  That tragic attack is still being used to justify diminished Freedom and relentless aggression which is killing and maiming millions of people.  The devastating consequences upon our Earth and families and even newborns will be felt for decades to come.

Just two days ago, while addressing the American military in Afghanistan, President Obama again told the troops  that the 9/11/2001 tragedy was the reason they were  away  from their families, and killing civilians on the other side of the world.

Also two days ago,  a Peace March was convened in Los Angeles. Here is a video  from 9/11 Truth which shows their massive banners and contains excellent statements  from people at the Peace demonstration. 6-17-04-solano-ctycawheat-blog  It appears that 9/11/2004 was being referred to in this crop circle in “Solano County, CALIFORNIA –  June 17, 2004  (”bearded” wheat)  A 300′ 11-circle “pictogram” style formation with an 185′ long “tail” made up of 28 evenly-spaced 6′6″ diam. circles which ended next to two high-tension electric transmission towers (extreme left, photo).  This crop circle appeared  20 miles from TMQ’s home  on Crystal Sun (20.12) 9 days after the Venus Transit.

Valum Votan’s book, “Time and the Technosphere” has an illustration on its cover which is very similar to the “11 circle pictogram”.  This book discusses how the 9/11 tragedy ‘punctured’ the Technosphere, leading to the advent of the Noosphere.  The 28 circles represent the 28 day Moon, and the total number of cicrles is  39.  19.13. “ All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

Kin 251:  Blue Self-Existing Monkey also codes John Keats.  Although he died before he turned 26,his Romantic poetry remains among the most popular poems in English literature.  The letters of Keats are among the most celebrated by any English poet.  This sculpture depicts “A shepherd beloved by the Moon Goddess Selene from Greek myth, subjects of Keats’s ‘Endymion’ epic.”  This poem begins: “A thing of Beauty is a joy forever.  It’s loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness…”  Keats also wrote:  “‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 9. 24.                    Kin 251



Kin 250: ‘Divine Loyalty’ codes Solar Serpent Seli 23: ‘Lover’s Reunion’

The Kins coding this Day and Moon  add so much Love, Passion and Loyalty to Day 23, when we celebrate the reunion of the exemplifiers of the Divine Masculine (Pacal Votan) and the Divine Feminine (Bolon Ik)   This particular Seli 23 Lover’s Reunion falls during the Moon (5.9) and Year (4.4)  that equal 9.13, the numbers  representing the 9 Bolontiku (male aspect) and the 13 Oxlahuntiki (feminine).  Another Divine component is the fact  that today’s Kin (10.3) added to 9.13 equals 19.3, Blue Electric Storm which coded the 5th year of the Mystery of the Stone, when we awakened the only feminine Bolontiku:  Supreme Golden Maiden.

The Code Spell for Kin 250;  White Electric Dog is:  “I Activate in order to LoveBonding Loyalty, I seal the process of Heart with the Electric tone of Service.  I am guided by the Power of Timelessness.  I am a Polar Kin.  I establish the White Galactic Spectrum.”

Postulate 10.3 states:  “All disorder and corruption are dysfunctions of the unitary biogeochemical process.  Harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order is a special application of T(E)=Art in which sensory teleportation is applied as a biogeochemical transduction and results in the whole system restoration of biohomeostasis.”

The ‘mirror’ of DOG is GOD,  which is the one word title for the chapter of Seal 19 Postulates.  The Postulate for 19.3 is:  God is the sure Truth of the omni-directional perfection of radial order throughout all phases of the Galactic Brain, in all of it’s parallel universe possibilities and permutations.”  These two postulates present plenty to ponder!

The PSI Chrono Kin coding these 3 days beginning with this ‘Tower day’ at the end of the Solar Cube Journey is Kin  146:  White Electric World-Bridger.  Kin 146 begins the run of 10 Galactic Activation Portals that flank the return side of the 7th Mystic Column of the Tzolkin.  Today’s Occult is 11.11, representing the ‘Closer of the Cycle’, Valum Votan, and the precise moment our Earth aligns with the Heart of our Galaxy on 12/21/2012.  Today’s G-Force is Kin 244:  Yellow Planetary Seed.

White Dog Seal 10, Compassiona]te One or Divine Loyalty exemplifies the power of Love as the unconditional regard for all creatures.”  SP Mercury;  Polar family;  North PoleCrown chakra.

SELI:  Flows;  SP Uranus (196);  Root:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  Muhammad;  Crystal Earth.  Mentally construct the Base of the Radion Cube.   On the 2nd Day of each week, we “Build the Binary“.  Place the 2nd line of Codon Cube 55 upon it’s Right Face:  ___    ___ (Yin;  Space).

SELI 23:  UR 6:  Inner Earth Navigation Tower of HeavenMoon Kin 196  is fractally compressed into today, along with the 2nd Mystic Moon coded by Kin 203:  Blue Galactic Night.  Today we also focus on the Return of the 2nd Solar Witness:  Blue Cosmic Eagle.

Telektonon Day 23:    2013;  Earth Uranus Time Tunnels Complete.  Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik celebrate their Reunion in her Navigation Tower.   Fulfill the Sounding of the Galactic Chord of the Fifth force!  Enjoy Heaven on Earth!

The Patron for Seli is Muhammad,  who is coded by Kin 189:  Resonant Moon.  The 7:7:7:7 Telektonon Revelation notes that his Antipode is Kin 59:  Resonant Storm (which codes the last year of the 13th Baktun)  “Kin 59=Ur=Muhammad, the “Seal of the Prophets.”   Muhammad’s great mission was to bring forth the 23-year revelation of the Holy Qur’an”. …meant to return humanity to UR”;   Christ was the pure messenger of UR:  Universal Religion on Earth.  

Kin 250:  White Electric Dog codes three members of  ’12:60 Royalty“:  The Husband and Daughter of Queen Elizabeth II:  Prince Phillip and Princess Anne (who synchronistically was discussed in the news this morning, after her recent visit to New Zealand), and Laura Bush, wife of the last American President, George W. Bush.  10.3 also codes Kofi Annan the Ghanian statesman who headed the UN), and Joseph Pulitzer Jr. the American philanthropis and founder of the Pulitzer Prize.

Yellow Magnetic Star began the 1,000 day countdown to the December 21 Solstice in 2012, which Valum Votan declared would be the most momentous 1,000 day period of the 5,125 period of  Babylonian History.  In the same week, another One Thousand Day Milestone was observed:    1,000 Days of Seige for the Palestinians in occupied Gaza. Image Preview  Image Preview  Image Preview  Go to fullsize image1.6 million civilians are crammed into the world’s largest open-air prison, which  is one of the most densely populated places on our planet.  (These images were taken in the past few days, after the latest tank incursions) 

At a rally to memorialize this milestone (100 days longer than the imfamous military seige of Leningrad)  “It was described as a tyrannical siege that violates international law“.   “It is not clear how to resist such a hermetic, technologically-based Siege, beyond simple survival.”  Mothers describe their “living Hell” and say that “each night is like 1,000 days.”  None of us are free until all are free.  May the Compassionate Ones  become more powerful!

Another Electric “Compassionate One” is Don Henley,  a founding member of the Eagles.  “End of the Innocence is a song he wrote after he became a solo performer.  “They are beating plowshares into swords.  For this tired old man that we elected king.  Armchair Warriors often fail…”  🙂

N.  S.   1. 22. 9.  23.      Lover’s Reunion     Kin 250


Kin 249: Red Lunar Moon codes Solar Dali 22; Cube 16: Intelligence

The Code Spell for Kin 249:  Red Lunar Moon is  “I Polarize in order to Purify.  Stabilizing Flow, I seal the process of Universal Water with the Lunar tone of Challenge.  I am guided by the power of Birth.”
Red Lunar Dragon
Blue Lunar Storm Red Lunar Moon White Lunar Dog
  Yellow Crystal Human
Kin 41 (representing the Interval of God: the difference between 20×20 and 21×21) is our Guide today. The Occult is 12.12 (inverse of 21×21) which when multiplied equals 144 (and is TMQ’s G-Force).   Our Challenge is Lunar Storm (Kin 119) and  the G-Force for today is Blue Resonant Monkey, representing  the  Resonant  Monkey Moon of Attunement.  The PSI coding Moon 9, day 22 is Kin 185, Stephanie South’s Galactic Signature. 
The Postulate for 9.2 states:  “Sensory teleportation and activation of celestial harmonics represents a hyper-extension of the mind through imaginative constructs with purposive goals or targets.”
Red Moon Seal 9, Moon or Healer “exemplifies healing as the source of love and is the guardian of the universal water that nurtures and sustains all beings.”   GK  Mercury (B# 4); Gateway Family;  South Pole;  Root chakra.  Seal 9 is the last of the G-=k (Galactic Karmic) Planets.  Tomorrow, Seal 10  begins the Solar-Prophetic flow.
Today is the first day of  the 36th Heptad Path:  “Self-Generation (today’s Challenge) Evolved as Luminic Magic”.  (Pluto-Venus)  The Codon Cube for this 36th week is coded by Codon 55:  Wisdom Arousing:  Telepathy becomes Time Travel.  We lay the First line on the Bottom of the Cube:  _____ (Yang;  TIME)
DALI:  Target;  SP Saturn (100);  Crown:  “My Father is intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Christ;  Omni-Galactic Source.  Today we begin’ building’ the Week Four Unified Field Time Atom by making the 1st of the 3-part Sensory Quantum.
Week Four:  Inner Heptagonon of Mind.  The 144,000 Cubed Within.
Each day this week corresponds to one of the Last 7 Moons of the 13th BaktunMoon (each coded by a Solar Witness) , and we also telepathically connect to one of the Seven Mystic Moons of 2013.  The Moon between these two sets of 7 is the Rhythmic  Dragon  Moon that contains the 12/21/2012 Solstice on Blue Crystal Hand.
DALI 22:  Moon 194:  White Crystal Wizard and First Mystic Moon, 2013:  coded by Kin 202; White Reseonant Wind.  Revelations 22:16;  “I,  Jesus,  have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”
Telektonon Day 22:  The Warrior’s Cube of Intelligence Complete.  “2012:  Pacal Votan’s promise of 13 baktuns fulfilled by the power of the 9 Lords of Time.  Bolon ik’s pledge of love realized.  Telepathic redemption of the lost planets becomes source of never-ending victory”.
Cube Sixteen:  Intelligence   Bolon Ik’s 9th Weaving:  New Jerusalem as the Crown of Divine Intelligence worn by every Human. By my instinctual conscious Warrior power of Intelligence, may I help bring all of Humanity to the New Jerusalem of Universal life.”  “By the power of the Cube, may Peace Prevail”Go to fullsize imageThe Community of the Cube now has a Yellow Galactic Seed to further our connection with our  Galactic Synchronization on 7/26/2013 .  This  Earth Wizard coded by Kin 164 (ALPHAGateway; Root; (Monkey Bio-Region ?) joined us on Magnetic Star, and notes his Guide is Lamat; the Guiding Galactic Star for all  :).  Today we also welcome a second anchor in the Sun bio-region:  Kin 52; Yellow Cosmic Human who joined us one  day after her Analog of Blue Cosmic Hand.
James (Galactic Seed) asked how he could contribute to The Community of the Cube.  (Thank You  🙂 There will be an image of the Community of the Cube from page 179 of CHC III,  “Book of the Mystery” here soon.  There is so much information in Chapter 11, that it will be helpful for others to also be able to study it’s content, and help determine their input and/or ‘role’.
“The new community will model the perfect squaring of the circle“. The circle is the circle of the Solar Ring our Earth makes in its 365 day journey around the Sun.  “The new community is a telepathic, mentally sustaining squared circle maintained through interaction of the five Earth families in their daily five-day (chromatic) sequences.”   “Everyone will be involved in one of four processes:  Creation,  Ascention, Synchronization and the Cube itself.”  “There is also a Fifth Force organizing factor and everyone is a part of the universal plan of unification, coordinated by a central organizing channel.”  Imagine this as a larger fractal of the 5-part Daily Oracle.
Organized via Earth families, here  is what we have/are so far  🙂
____ POLAR:       (Crown;  Northern Regions of Earth)       
Kin 205   (5.10-Red Planetary Serpent)       SELI       (Monkey Region)       Moi
.           CARDINAL   (Throat;  Northern Regions)      
Kin 11        (11.11-Blue Spectral Monkey)        LIMI        (Monkey )            E-Star
..      CORE   (Heart;  Equatorial Tropics)   Codes the Solstices and Equinoxes   
Kin 22     (2.9;   White Solar Wind)            ALPHA     (Sun Region)                S’ace
Kin 187   (7.5;   Blue Overtone Hand)                            (Monkey)
Kin 182    (2.13;  White Cosmic Wind)     LIMI              (Monkey)              Michael
Kin 247   (7.13;  Blue Cosmic Hand)        SELI      (Eagle)              Burbuja  33
Kin 52      (12.13;  Yellow Cosmic Human)                    (Sun)                      YaniQ    
…     SIGNAL     (Solar Plexus;  Southern Regions)  Codes the Days-out-of-Time
Kin 138   (18.8;  White Galactic Mirror)       SILIO      (Night Bio-Region)          TMQ
Kin 123    (3.6;  Blue Rhythmic Night)                             (Monkey)             Rachel
Kin 93      (13.2;  Red Lunar Skywalker)                             (Monkey)        Codiak Sky
Kin 133    (13.3;  Red Electric Skywalker)   GAMMA  (Monkey)                Christine
Kin 248    (8.1;  Yellow Magnetic Star)                    (Eagle)  Burbuja 33’s Daughter
….     GATEWAY        (Root;  South Pole)             Codes  each 13 Moon Year
Kin 129   (9.12;  Red Crystal Moon)                  DALI       (Monkey)          Melovia
Kin 109   (9.5;  Red  Overtone Moon)           GAMMA        (Monkey)          Sarah
Kin 184    (4.2;  Yellow Lunar Seed)                                      (Monkey)           Daniel
Kin 164    (4.8;  Yellow Galactic Seed)            ALPHA         (Monkey)               James
Please  offer any additional information, (names, plasmas, etc.) corrections,  ideas and opinions, at any time  🙂 
Your participation in this ‘evolving  project’ (pun intended) is greatly appreciated!
Red Lunar Moon is the Galactic Birthday of Cat Stevens a.k.a. Yusuf Islam,  the “English musician, singer-songwriter, educator, philanthropist and prominent convert to Islam.”  Here is a song from Cat Stevens to inspire us to 
Be Free” and “find a new way“.  🙂 
N.S.    1. 22. 9. 22      Cube 16:   Intelligence       Kin 249


Magnetic Star begins 20th Wavespell, ends 3rd Week, on Solar Silio 21

Today begins  the final wavespell of  Galactic Spin 32:  Yellow Star Wavespell Twenty:  Power of Elegance.

Yellow Magnetic Star

Red Lunar Moon
Yellow Cosmic Sun

Blue Crystal Storm

White Electric Dog
White Spectral Mirror

Blue Self-existing Monkey
Red Planetary Earth

Yellow Overtone Human

Red Rhytmic Skywalker

White Resonant Wizard

Blue Galactic Eagle

Yellow Solar Warrior

The Code Spell for Kin 248:  Yellow Magnetic Star is:  “I Unify in order to Beautify.  Attracting Art, I seal the store of Elegance with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”

The Title for the Postulates section for Seal 8, which codes the next 13 days of Elegance is:  Yoga, Meditation and Sensory Teleportation.”  Lunar Seed’s wonderful new website is up just in time for this Wavespell of ‘Yoga‘:  🙂

The Postulate for 8.1 states:  “Cultivation of systematic telepathic exploration of Celestial Harmonics is a function of evolutionary necessity, involving the adjustment of the relationship between the AC and CA functions disrupted by the artificial timing sequence of the erring species, Homo Sapiens.”

We remain in synch with the PSI Chrono Kin, Kin 183:  Magnetic Night  matching the tone and Earth family of Magnetic Star.  Magnetic Mirror is today’s Challenge, and Self-Existing Mirror is Kin 248’s G-Force.  The Occult power for today is 13.13:  Kin 169:  Red Cosmic Skywalker.

Solar Silio 21 is always The Mystery Queen’s ‘Solar-Galactic Return’.  That means her Solar Birthday was 260 days ago on Yellow Magnetic Star.  4 years ago today, on Kin 88:  Yellow Planetary Star, TMQ had her first meeting alone with Valum Votan and Stephanie South, during which Votan announced his intention for them to also move to New Zealand.  Exactly one year later, when Valum Votan  called from Queenstown, New Zealand,  to note her Spectral Skywalker  ‘Solar-Galactic Return’,  TMQ finally understood what a Solar-Galactic Return was.  (At that time she was living in the heart of the South Island, at her house she had named Lamat Home (=88), with the Lamat Star  painted on her front door.) The Solar-Galactic Return for each 13 Moon Year is always  on  Planetary 9 (April 12).  In 16 days, it will be Kin  4, which codes this Yellow  Self-Existing Seed  year.

Yellow Star Seal 8:  Star a.k.a. Artist is the master builder and “exemplifies the resonant power of art as the beginning of Love.”  GK Venus (B# 7)Signal family;  Southern RegionsSolar Plexus.

 SILIO:  Discharge;  GK Mars (B# 16);   Heart:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”   Buddha;  Pleaides.

Infuse the Heart of the Radion Cube  and Codon Cube 51 with your Spirit.   Visualize the Radion (Heptagonon of mind) Cube around your Codon Cube.  Next, place your visualization of the Blue Occult Telepathic Time atom vertically with in the Radion Cube over the Radion Cube, with your self in the Heart center. 

Discharge all to the Heart center of the Earth.  From the central point, where the Time Atom, the Silio Seal and Rune 51 meet, DISCHARGE and RADIATE Love, Wisdom and Healing.  Meditate the Circumpolar rainbow Bridge: 21:  Victory Discharges Mystery of the Stone, Year 7AD 2010-2011 Overtone Wizard.   Occult Aphasic  Discharged.  Seal Bolontiku stage 7:  Single Wing Red Fire.  “Cube(s) Discharged into the Center (Heart) of the Earth”.

Telektonon Day 21:  New Heaven-New Earth 2000-2011:  Establishment of the Noosphere as the kingdom of Heaven on Earth—Humanity attains full 4th-dimensional understanding, return to nature and the original garden, planetary Cosmic consciousness and Galactic memory. 

Cube Fifteen:  Vision  Bolon Ik’s 8th Weaving:  Victory of the 144,000 becomes the measure of New Heaven, New Earth.  “By my telepathic conscious Eagle Power of Vision, may the 13 Moons of Peace way restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as the promised Second Creation Peace!”

This Silio 21 ends the Solar Eagle Occult quarter of the Solar Serpent Moon,  Codon 51:  Telepathy Arouses Energy of Space and   Heptad 35.  Kin 35 is Solar Eagle!  The synchronistic connections between the Eagle of Vision (whose Wavespell ended at Midnight) and Codon 51’s Telepathy strengthens this 8th Weaving.

Telepathy is also growing through our manifestation of the Community of the Cube.  Today we complete the spectrum of Earth families with the addition of Planetary Serpent Moi’s son who is 11.11, Spectral Monkey (like Valum Votan) who is a LIMI member of the Cardinal family, also in the Monkey region of our Planet’s Holon.  Welcome!  Now that the Throat Chakra is present, more Kin seem to be finding their voice.  Check out the wonderful comments.

We wish a happy Galactic Birthday to Blue Cosmic Hand (yesterday) and his daughter,  a Yellow Magnetic Star who joined our Community of the Cube on her Galactic Birthday today!  They anchor the Eagle Bio-Region. 
Now that we have at least one Kin from each Earth Family, let’s determine if each Radial Plasma is represented.

Another Magnetic Star is Swami Muktananda, the Indian Hindu guru/founder of Siddha Yoga.  This website about him can inspire us, and also remind us that it is necessary to cultivate the magical-seeming powers of Siddha Yoga  on behalf of our Earth.

Kin 248 codes a man credited with ending the cold war, bringing a greater state of Peace and stability of our planet:  Mikhail Gorbachev, former Russian Premier, and the architect of Glasnost and the end of the Cold War.

*Today marks the final 1,000 days before the long-prophesied Solstice on 12/21/2012.  Valum Votan writes that today begins  the most momentous 1,000 days of the 5,125 years of History that end on that Solstice. “For the Foundation for the Law of Time, 2012 marks the completion of the preliminary stage of its mission.”  “by July 26, 2013 (our Galactic Synchronization), there will be no more Gregorian calendar and the 13:20 timing frequency of universal synchronization will have supplanted altogether the 12:60 timing frequency which had dominated the global civilization much of the past 5000 years.

“The date 7.26 2013 will be commemorated as representing frequencies of the Law of Time, signifying: a) the creative power of 7 and the 26, one half of a 52 year cycle and the fractal of 260, and also the first day of the 26th year of the first Sirius 52-year cycle (see below); while b) 2013 will be observed as the moment of conscious triumph of 20 and 13, the two numbers that control the universe combining to establish the 13;20 timing frequency – hence Timeship Earth 2013.”

Valum Votan presents a quote from a book with  “a most significant piece of information. It indicates that 8 days after the end of the 20th baktun ( that Pacal Votan will return. (!)

Today is also the Galactic Birthday of the Hunab Ku Galactic Butterfly crop circle that was begun on Magnetic Eagle (June 27, 2009)hu and completed 13 days later on July 10th (The Mystery Queen’s birthday).h2 This special crop circle  contains 18 sets of 8 parts.  Enjoy your Solar 21 Hunab Ku Day!  🙂

N.S.   1. 22. 9. 21.   Cube Fifteen:  Eagle      Kin 248

Kin 247(19×13); Cosmic Hand: One Thousand and One Nights until Blue Crystal Hand, 12/21/2012

260 days ago,  on the   Blue Cosmic Hand  which fell on the 13th day  of the 13th  Moon (7/9/09), Valum Votan wrote that Kin 247   signaled the final 1260 days (plus one Hunab Ku Day a.k.a. Leap Day) of 12:60 civilization.  Later in this post, we will present some highlights from an exciting update by Valum Votan which he released on the  Pacal Votan Clear Sign day of  Spectral Serpent;  Solar Serpent Moon Day 18.  His prior report stated,  “Blue Cosmic Hand is Kin 247, this number is 13 x 19, the culminating Kin of the 0-19 code.  19 is the power of the command of God.”

Blue Cosmic Monkey
Red Cosmic Earth Blue Cosmic Hand Yellow Cosmic Human
  White Magnetic Wizard

The Code Spell for Kin 247:  Blue Cosmic Hand is:  “I Endure in order to KnowTranscending Healing, I seal the store of Accomplishment with the Cosmic tone of Presence.”

Postulate 7.13 states:  “Galactic universal life celestial harmonics are the telepathic explorations in time, based upon a specific interplanetary event-point, which then defines the identification of specific space-points and their Time Vector potentialities.  Through celestial harmonics the creative flux of the galactic event continuum can be entered, expanding the creative comprehension and scope of the Synchronic order.”  Which interplanetary event-points come to mind?

Today is also the 13th day of the 19th Wavespell.  PSI Chrono Kin which always codes Day 20 of Moon 9 is Kin 182:  White Cosmic Wind.  That  Cosmic Kin of  Communication and Spirit codes 1/3 of the Galactic Synchronization Crew 154 who contributed so much during our Galactic Cube Journey.  🙂   Today’s Guide is Kin 91 (inverse of 19), Cosmic Monkey, the seal that codes the Bio-region containing the most respondants for the Community of the Cube.  The G-Force for today is Red Magnetic Dragon, Kin 1 which begins the Tzolkin.  This is a numerical confirmation of 13 and 19 as the culminating Tone and  Seal.

Blue Hand  Seal 7, Hand a.k.a. Avatar ‘exemplifies Cosmic Knowledge’.  GK Earth (B# 10);  Core family;  Equatorial Regions;  Heart Chakra

LIMI:  Purify;  SP MaldekSolar Plexus“I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  Padmasambhava;  AA Midway Station. 

Mentally construct the Left Side of the Radion Cube.  Complete the 6th line of  Codon Cube 51, by envisioning this: ___    ___ (Yin;  Space) on the Top.

LIMI 20:  Corresponds to this year (6th) of the Mystery of the Stone, which “Victory Releases“.    Release Purifies and seals the 6th Bolontiku‘Awesome Vast Blue Sky’.  Yesterday we began the final 4 days of the Solar Moon’s Cube Journey, which is coded by the 4 sacred syllables of  ‘Tel-Ek-Ton-On’.  Today, Cube Day 14 = “Ek“.

Telektonon Day 20:  Seventh Prophecy and Seal 7 Silio, coded by White Resonant Wizard.  “The millenium:  7th Lost Generation:  Yellow Overtone Sun (7th Solar Witness) brings on the “The Glory“:  The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition.

Cube Fourteen:  Timelessness   Bolon Ik’s 7th Weaving:  “By my continuing conscious Wizard power of Timelessness, may victory discharge Prophecy of the 13 Moons way as the kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”  “May universal Peace prevail!”  Arabic Manuscript of “The Thousand and One Nights” dating back to the 1300s.  Valum Votan’s latest article was triggered by the fact that tomorrow, Yellow Magnetic Star, begins the final 1,000 days until our Harmonic Convergence in 2012.  “In the ancient Mongolian calendar, 1000 days is one cycle of the universe, which can hold the force of the Eternal Blue Heaven. This number can completely decide the world protection from the disaster of mankind’s civilization“.  That quote is from: Erdenechimeg Ish, The Secret of Mayan Calendar is Revealed (2010) Go to fullsize image Valum Votan continues:  “March 27, 2010, Kin 248 Yellow Magnetic Star, Solar Moon 21, 4 Seed year, commences the 1000 day countdown to 2012. These one thousand days will be momentous like no other 1000 days in the entirety of the present historical cycle of civilization.”  His words affirm our intent here:” …to assure that by 2013, a small but critical minority of humans would already have accepted and be operating by the 13 Moon harmonic standard, while being fortified by an ample knowledge of the workings of the synchronic order and the Law of Time.”  Go to fullsize imageValum Votan reveals new information about what happens after 2013, which we which will  discuss here tomorrow on Solar  Silio 21.

Several accomplished and influential people are coded by Kin 247:  Blue Cosmic Hand including  Nicolaus Copernicus who was the Polish astronomer who advocated the theory of  a Heliocentric universe, and Margaret Mead, an American Anthropologist who studied pre-12:60 cultures

Three authors, the French novelist Honore Balzac,  Frank Baum, the American Theosophist who wrote the “Wizard of Oz”, and the American author Henry Miller were all Blue Cosmic Hands.   

Leonard Peltier is Lakota activist and leader of American Indian Movement, although he is spending most of his life incarcerated–some say as a political prisoner.  
Meanwhile,  Alan Greenspan the former head of the Federal Reserve Bank, shares Peltier’s  Kin 247 Signature, but  is his opposite in most respects. Go to fullsize imageDuring this Solar Moon of Intent,  8 days remain to have each Seal on this wheel represented  in the ‘Community of the Cube’.  It is currently the Challenge watch:  Red Cosmic Earth Challenge, here in New Zealand.  It would take much less than 1% of the readers of this blog to achieve that modest goal for the sake of our Cosmic Evolution and our Earth‘s Biosphere. 

Another Cosmic Hand, Brian May of Queen, may inspire you  to “Become Champions of the World”!  for these “most momentous 1,000 days” that begin tomorrow.  🙂

N.  S.  1. 22. 9. 20.   Cube Fourteen:  Timelessness    Kin 247 (19 x 13)

Kin 246: White Crystal World-Bridger codes Solar 19; Cube 13: PROPHECY

The Code Spell for Kin 246:  White Crystal World-Bridger is:  “I Dedicate in order to Equalize.  Universalizing Opportunity, I seal the store of Death with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am guided by the power of Endlessness.”

The Postulate for 6.12 states:  “The sum of the liberation of psychic energy formally integrated into the Fourth-dimensional patterns of time, manifests as PAN, Planet Art Network.  As the integration of celestial harmonics of mind and social order, PAN replaces the civilizational order and social form governed solely by the 12:60 mechanized laws of space.”  This Postulate describes a process and  function of the Community of the Cube, which PAN has  been and is facilitating.

The PSI Chrono Kin for Day 19 of Moon 9 is Kin 181: Red Crystal Dragon.    The G-Force for today is Kin 128:  Yellow Spectral Star.  The Mirror of 181 is 818, or 18.8, which is the G-Force of  (8.11) Spectral Star.  The Tomb of Pacal Votan was discovered 40 days before the end of  The Mystery Queen’s 18.8 year.  The Tomb of the Red Queen was discovered while TMQ was in her Spectral Star year  :).

The Star is  guiding us to our GM108X  Day-out-of-Time, and on to our 2013 Galactic Synchronization on Galactic Seed with it’s Galactic Star Guide.  Here are some fascinating ‘Stars‘  (from a link at this PAN website: )  that are composed of  the special numbers that code this year (Cube 13),  Wavespell (19)  Moon day (19) Cube day (13)  and the Master Codon 37 which codes  this Occult Quarter.  The site with this information is called:  “The Number 13:  Love and Unity.”pic Codon 37:  “Power of the Home” ultimately refers to Original Matrix Attained73 codes Galactic Skywalker (13.8)  13+8=Hunab Ku 21, the Root of the 441 Cube, our matrix for the Community of the Cube.  This site refers to 441 as “TRUTH“, creating another bridge for Unity of various Religions (UR).  The first star of 13 and 7 is ‘occurring’ tomorrow on  Cosmic Hand (7.13), whose Kin number of  247 is 19 x 1319.13:  All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

White Worldbridger Seal 6:  World-Bridger or “Hierophant”   “holds the key to the treasury of Revelations.   GK Mars** (16); Cardinal Family; Northern Regions; Throat**.  (Seal 6 and Alpha both correspond to Mars and the Throat Chakra.)

ALPHA:  Release;  SP Mars**;  Throat**:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  St. John of Patmos;  Sirius

Right side of Radion Cube.   On Alpha, Day/Plasma 5, we “Sound the Fifth” and lay the 5th line on the Front of the Cube for Codon 51‘Thunder/Arousing Being’___     ___ (Yin;  Space).

ALPHA 19:  Victory Releases 5th Year of the Mystery of the Stone:   2008-2008; Blue Electric StormRelease Purifies Second Creation of Earth; and seals Bolontiku Stage 5:  Supreme Golden Maiden.

Telektonon Day 19:  Sixth Prophecy;  Seal 6:  LIMI coded by Kin 149:  Red Rhythmic Moon.  Victory of the White Horse.  6th Lost Generation led by Kin 199:  Self-Existing Storm. “13 Moons Peace way of Universal Telepathy becomes the path of  Biospheric Restoration.”

Cube Thirteen:  Prophecy   Bolon Ik’s 6th Weaving;  “By my continuing conscious Skywalker Power of Prophecy, may Prophecy purify victory of the 13 Moons way as the Triumph of the Religion of Truth.”  “May Peace regenerate the Biosphere!” This beautiful image evokes the Rainbow, the White Horse  (as a magical Unicorn) and the Divine Feminine, all of which are elements of PROPHECY.  The Unicorn is discussed in Volume V,  “Book of the Timespace“, and  “In even the earliest references he is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, but always mysteriously beautiful.”DomenichinounicornPalFarnese.jpg “The gentle and pensive Maiden has the power to tame the unicorn, fresco, probably by Domenico Zampieri, c. 1602 (Palazzo Farnese, Rome).

“The famous Uffington White Horse and a Neolithic burial chamber called Wayland’s Smithy, which dates back to 3700 B.C.”  has been the site for numerous crop circles.  Here is a Crop Circle at another much newer (AD 1812–  today’s Guide is 18.12) ‘White Horse” in Milk Hill  which  points directly at the White Horse.

  Today’s Patron,  St. John of Patmos wrote of the White Horse in Revelations 19Revelation  19:11  “And I saw the heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and one sitting on it, Faithful and True, and he judges and makes war in righteousness.” 

This is the 12th day of  Wavespell 19.  Revelations 19.12 said of the White Horse:  “19:12  And his eyes are a flame of fire, and upon his head many diadems (crowns or  spiders?), having a name written which no one knows but himself”

Revelation  19:11  “And I saw the heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and one sitting on it, Faithful and True, and he judges and makes war in righteousness.” 
 7/7/07 was coded by Kin 35:  Blue Resonant EagleLunar Eagle is today’s Occult.Solar Eagle codes this 3rd  week of the Solar Serpent Moon.  Today (6.12) plus Moon/Year (9.13) equals 15.12, Crystal Eagle.This is the Crystal day of the  Blue  Eagle Wavespell of Vision.  🙂

The convergence of crop circles at the two ‘White Horses’ in England seem to confirm Prophecy.

Kin 133, Red Electric Skywalker (Signal; Solar Plexus; Southern Regions) from the Monkey Bio-Region (and Monkey Wavespell  🙂  joined the Community of the Cube on Solar Gamma 18, and GAMMA is her Plasma.  We  wish a happy Galactic Birthday  (a day early) to Kin 247,  Blue Cosmic HandSELI Plasma;  Core Family.  On this day, so saturated with Eagle energy, we are glad to welcome this Cosmic Kin from the Eagle Biosphere.The Cardinal Family is not yet represented, and we have many more Bio-Regions to ‘cover’.  Electric Skywalker (Seal 13:  Love and Unity) wrote the words to “All you need is Love” in her response.  While searching for a video of that song,   to encourage all to join in, this synchronistically  turned up:  It seems that people in 156 countries synchronized at 1:30 on December 7, 2009 to sing the words to that song.    This  sets an example for our goal of   synchronizing and harmonizing with Kin around the world, and bringing Peace and Love to our Earth.   The Kin coding that day was:  Kin 138, White Galactic Mirror!  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 9. 19.     Cube Thirteen:  PROPHECY      Kin 246