Kin 228: Yellow Resonant Star codes the 240th day before the End of the Cycle

LAMAT          Kin 228

Yellow Resonant Star

Yellow Resonant Sun
White Resonant Mirror Yellow Resonant Star Blue Resonant Monkey
  Red Resonant Skywalker
I channel in order to beautify, inspiring art.
I seal the store of elegance  with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of universal fire.
Our Guide is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 20 7 Sun.
7 Star’s Occult Power  is Kin 33:  13.7, so today’s Oracle contains the KEY 13:20 numbers.
Analog 7 Night codes the 2013 Day-out-of-Time.  Has anyone seen any notices for the 6 Mirror Day-out-of-Time, which is in 89 days?
Today’s G-Force is 9 Dog.  The Long Count is 12 Dragon.  The PSI for Planetary 23 [and 24 and 25] is 7.4;  Self-Existing Hand. 
 A personal synchronicity for today:  8.7 + 18.8 = PVCS 6.2, Kin 106.  The Alpha-numeric value of Resonant Star = 106  🙂
228 19 x 12 “Temple of God’s command”, vigesimal 11.8 (=19)
Thank You Code=E 93, for this  :):
Planetary (10) Seli (23)  Kin(228)

*Time Matrix*=V.6,H.4=(5)
(Space)=(59)Next 13 Moon Year.
=BMU=(243)*Velatropa 24.3*
=TFI=Time Matrix=(88)*G.A.P.*

*Space Matrix*=V.20,H.19=(228)
=TFI=Space Matrix=(431)

*Synchronic Matrix*=V.16,H.8=(228)
=TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(513)


(Resonant House of the Compassionate One)
(15×10, 25×6, 50×3, 30×5, Fifth Force Command Frequency, Vigesimal 7.10)

===Kin Equivalent===(252)*Overtone House of the Sage*
(252)=(21×12, 36×7, 36th order of 7, 9th order of 28, 252 to the 3rd power=Interval of Cosmic Creation, V4 H11, Fourth Gate Right Hand Unity, coordinating unit fifth time dimension, Fifth Mental Sphere, SuperConscious, Vigesimal Code 12.12).

Blessed 144.414.441.
Cube of Unity.
Cube of Truth.
2013TimeShipHunabKrew  🙂  🙂

 During week 39, we welcomed Suzy Peace 8 [from the MonKEY bio-region]  who also demonstrates proficiency at calculating Master Telepathic Frequency Indexes.
Today’s Antipode/Challenge, 18.7 reflects today, the 7th day of Wavespell 18: Spirit
Here is a beautiful image of 7 Mirror, created by Jannis 7 Moon:
Thank You Jannis 189  🙂
Speaking of the  complex 13:20 practices that various Kin are following, A1D7R7 wrote:
 i understand that even if it is done by a few, what ever happens from here to 21.12 and whatever comes after, the seed will be planted, and fed, and the plant will grow,”   🙂 
Here:  are aids for meditation and visualization, provided by Transunit13 143
In his beautiful long comment, RavenWalker 13.13 relates that the
Ancestor STAR Crystal :
has the ability to remediate the effects of radiation.
Considering that the Fukushima catastrophe remains the worst disaster [and barely mentioned in the Mainstream media] to afflict Earth and all of her creatures, this statement from Raven is great news! 
 13 Skywalker also sent this  ‘Shamanic’ image: 
This ‘Shaman’  reminds TMQ of shamanic rituals viewed during the 7 Skywalker watch.  11 of us watched a film:  “DMT:  The Spirit Molecule.” 
Occurring naturally in our Pineal Glands and in many plants, DMT seems to be an excellent bridge to what one described as the ‘Divine Realm’  Others feel it is meant to help Humanity navigate our  Evolutionary Shift into the Sixth Sun of Consciousness  🙂
This graphic from Grayham 13 Eagle’s site: highlights the Phi Spiral at the top of the South Island.  The First Solar Witness, Neil Crystal Wizard  ‘anchors’ the end closest to the Phoenix {Cable Bay}, and the Second Solar Witness, Grayham 15.13 holds the space at the other end:  “Golden Bay = 85 = The Heart“.  TMQ lives between,  nearer to 14.12, and Mike 5 World-Bridger and his sons maintain the 13:20 frequency in the North Island of Aotearoa. 
Mike celebrated his Galactic Return on Planetary ‘Hunab Ku’ 21  🙂
WordPress is unavailable at the moment [and for most of the week] so I can’t access the rest of your wonderful comments.   Hopefully it will ‘post’ this blog, which is already so late.  A few minutes ago, Solar Dog began in the Southern Hemisphere.
Enjoy the remaining days of the Planetary MonKEY Moon
N. S.  1. 24. 10. 23.     Lover’s Reunion  Kin 228

GAP Kin 222: White Magnetic Wind codes Planetary Gamma 17 and Wavespell 18: Spirit

IK            Kin 222

White Magnetic Wind

White Magnetic Wind
Yellow Magnetic Human White Magnetic Wind Red Magnetic Earth
  Blue Cosmic Storm
I unify in order to communicate
attracting breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
1 Wind’s   G-Force  is 12.4, 4 Human, which codes A1d7r7  this Spin-Thanks 177, for your sympathetic comment  :).
The PSI for 10.17 is 4 Storm, and the Long Count is 6 Eagle.
CDK equals GAP 8.4:  GM 108 X, which codes the Galactic Mayan Transmissions.
On this 3rd day of Week 39, GAP Kin 39Cosmic Storm codes the Hidden Power.
This week corresponds to Codon 39:  “HEART’S DESIRE:  “Cosmic Order Returns to Heart of Heart
Just as Kin 39 is the culminating Postulate, Codon 39 could be the culminating Codon  🙂
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
The opposite view of this postulate would be classed as Atheism.  Last week, a local poker player, with whom TMQ has lively debates, actually attended an Atheist’s convention in Melbourne, Australia [where the CHC co-authors lived]. 
At last Monday’s Poker Tournament [which 18.8 won, second time in a row  :)] the Atheist’s lovely partner showed me videos of a large Muslim protest outside the convention.  Allah vs. Atheists sums up these times, during which an early Cosmic History Chronicles  states that the endgame of the War of the Heavens is playing out here on Earth.
2.1: “The same dynamics of time which governs the planetary biosphere also governs the local stellar mass in its relation to other stellar masses within the system of the Galactic Brain of which this star system is a member.”
222 111 x 2, 37 x 6, perfect self cyclical recombinant frequency, second order”
Two ‘Cosmic comments’, a lovely long one from 13 Skywalker, and an intriguing comment from 13 Night will be ‘approved’ as soon as wordpress allows entry to the admin. page.  Today, Melthree 8 Serpent asked:  “how do I interpret 93‘s posts?
Kin 125.
The Synchronotron, whose  441 Cube matrices are displayed and explained here: and  in Cosmic History Chronicles 7:  Book of the Cube.  Page 51 states:  “The Synchronotron refers to practice of the 441 Cube matrix system, which can be thought of as the Mothership of all code frequencies.”   “The point of the Synchronotron is to imprint the basic cosmological foundations of the 441 Cube matrix into the mind and brain to create a new mental organ:  the Holomind Perceiver.”
There are kin here, such as 93, 177, 189 and 160, who have more experience with  this system, and we’d love to hear from any of you who have followed the practice with more consistency than this writer. 
Interpretations may be personal, depending upon each numbers significance.  The Tzolkin, the Synchronotron Dictionary and various Cosmic History Chronicles  and other sources  provide more meaning for ‘interpretation’. 
Today marks 14 Moons since the Ascension of Valum Votan, who began ‘downloading‘ the 441 Cube terma while living here in New Zealand’s South Island.
Today, 2.1 can also be interpreted as 21, root of the 441.
Today‘s 13 Moon date:  Moon 10; Day 17 = 10.17
We find that date on page 210:  coordinate V:  19;  H4.  That yields our first synchronicity:  19.4 is the PSI for that date.
Next, we locate 19; 4 on the Time, Space and Synchronic Matrices on pages 52, 53, and those 3 numbers will yield the Time Matrix Telepathic Frequency index [Time TFI]
Time:  19;      19.6 6 Storm, Antipode and G-Force of 149: VV+TMQ]
Sp:      67;       2 Hand 
Sy:      123      3 Night [my occult] Today, Magnetic Wind  alpha-numerically equals 123  🙂 
123:   41 x 3 divine interval triplet, vigesimal 6.3, reverse of 321, 321 – 123 = 198, 11 x 18, key recombinant frequency, reverse of 891(99 x 9) 891 – 198 = 693, 9 x 77, 21 x 33]
The three ‘Blue numbers’ 19 + 67 + 123 = Time TFI of  209
Kin 209:  Magnetic Moon codes the day after the 2012 New Zealand Solstice.
On Magnetic Moon we enter the Green Castle of Enchantment
Today’s Kin:  222 is located at  coordinate  V:  19;  H:  19 in the Space Matrix
[19.19 reduces by 20.13 to make 19.6, discussed above] 
Time:  136   6 Warrior 
Sy:        108   4 Star  [Today’s CDK:  GM108X]
222 + 136 + 108 = Space TFI of 566 
566-441= 125, Thanks Melthree 8 Serpent for yoUR comment, which led to this exploration  🙂
566 – 520 = Kin Eq. of 46:  7 World-Bridger, which coded the day TMQ received the  9/11/2004 message]
Synchronic Matrix 222 is located at V:  16;  H:  2.
Time:  41   2 Dragon  [Divine Interval]
Sp:       119  2 Storm   
222 + 41 + 119 = Synchronic TFI of  382  [Kin eq. 122:  5 Wind]
The three TFI’s equal today’s Master Coordinating Frequency Number
209 + 566 + 382 = {{1157 }}
1157 – 882 [two 441s] = 275
Spirit displayed via a ‘Cosmic Storm’ with Positive Lightning Strikes
“…Positive lightning bolts are typically six to ten times more powerful than negative bolts, last around ten times longer, and can strike several miles distant from the clouds. During a positive lighting strike, huge quantities of ELF and VLF radio waves are generated.”

2012 is not the end of the world, not the end of time, not the end of the age …However, it’s now abundantly clear to most everyone that we have entered a tumultuous period of Global Climate Change,  Global Earth Changes and Major Solar System Flux.

Here’s another “39“:  Todays is the 39th day before the end of the  last complete Dreamspell Tzolkin of the 13 Baktuns.

Wavespell 18:  Power of SPIRIT


May we all magnetically attract and bond with SPIRIT  🙂

N. S.  1. 24. 10. 17.   Cube 11:  MAGIC   GAP Kin  222


Kin 220: Yellow Crystal Sun [20.12] codes Planetary 15 and oUR Round Table

AHAU  Kin 220

Yellow Crystal Sun

Yellow Crystal Human
White Crystal Dog Yellow Crystal Sun Blue Crystal Storm
  Red Lunar Dragon
I dedicate in order to enlighten
universalizing life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of free will.

After spending days on this Crystal Sun blog, [partially due to wordpress issues] the first half disappeared just now, just minutes before it was finally ready to post.  It would take many hours to reconstruct the lost portion, even with a cooperative computer and blog host.
This is week 39, corresponding to Codon 39, a number which appeared in 93‘s beautiful calculations for today.
This crop circle home, Crystal Sun

The 13 Moon date was Crystal 19 11 Galactic Spins and  8 Solar SpinsPVCS 60 days] ago.

formationTime and the Technosphere

This formation had 28 circles [days in a Moon  :)] connecting the 11-circled ‘body’ [like the one on Kin 11-V.V.’s book about 9/11 leading to the Noosphere]  to the Two Towers.

[TMQ learned of it the morning after the Prophetic Message appeared on her computer on 9/11/2004]

This  Crystal Sun formation appeared 52 years and 2 days after Planetary Mirror, which coded the Discovery of Pacal Votan’s Tomb.  That was also the 342 nd day of my Galactic Mirror Solar-Galactic Return year, and 23 days before  my year as Kin 243; Heart of Nine began.  My Brother John  [born less than 12 Moons after me] celebrated his Solar-Galactic Return as Lunar Dog [10.2] 10 days before the Crystal Sun crop circle appeared.  This morning, realized that John and I together are Kin  8.10, Kin 88 [11 x 8 ].  John accompanied me to Sedona, where I had my pivotal meeting with Valum Votan and Stephanie on kin 88, which was on the Galactic Return of my year as Planetary  Star.

For most of the Planet, Planetary Star, Kin 88 coded the day that Votan Votan Ascended.

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

[apologies:  wordpress is saving every minute now, and not  allowing me to change some text back [this isn’t meant to be in  ‘bold’]

“Magnetic fields on the Sun’s northeastern limb erupted around 17:45 UT on April 16th, [GAP 10 Mirror] producing one of the most visually-spectacular explosions in years”

[There are] many obvious correlations between cataclysmic earth events and solar events. Incidentally, many of these may be time delayed; nevertheless, their root causes will be found in a solar shift or happening
than any other influence. This relationship must be recognized, understood and respected if this generation is to successfully navigate through this window of awesome planetary transition.


 A leading earthquake scientist has warned that the planet could be cracking up after a series of massive quakes in just 48 hours. Expert Gheorghe Marmureanu – from Romania’s National Institute of Earth Physics – says 39 quakes had hit the globe within two days. The series started with two massive quakes in Indonesia measuring 8.6 and 8.2 on the Richter scale rapidly followed by three more only slightly smaller in Mexico within hours. “There is no doubt that something is seriously wrong…”


The Ring of Fire is also the focus of something wonderful!

The Great Pleiadian EclipseAlignment” . Ring of Fire , Full Solar Eclipse On May
20, 2012, [Overtone Human] 

Sun and Moon  will be precisely  conjunct with the stunning Central Star [Alcyone] of the  Pleiades,
in the constellation Taurus.

The incredible ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse is coming in less than 4-weeks.  It’s
the first annular eclipse visible in America in almost 18 years, and there will
not be another for over a decade. It has incredible significance. It is a portal
 of tremendous energy, and will spawn magnificent energy feeds. It is precisely
why the final phase of the heralded ‘ Cosmic Trigger’ is occurring on this Eclipse
of 2012

I’ve been experiencing wordpress issues while writing this blog:  It ‘saves’ every few minutes, each time causing a new look, and not allowing me to restore text to the original colors, etc.  After spending too much time rewriting parts [multiple times], it’s time to play ‘Arcturian Chess’, and let wordpress ‘have it’s way’!

 I’m hoping that massive editing is allowed after publishing this.

Your comments are wonderful! You make every day a CRYSTAL ROUND TABLE  🙂

On Rhythmic Wizard, this year’s Galactic Return, I had the honor of meeting a Rhythmic Wizard, who is making a positive difference in our world, One Smile at a time  🙂  Catrin, a Nelson resident, began publishing her beautiful magazine  just over a year ago.  Enjoy her current issue, #7, which is just ‘off the press’  🙂



N. S.  1. 24. 10. 15.   Cube 9:  PURIFICATION     Kin 220


Kin 213: Red Overtone Skywalker codes Planetary Dali 8 [and an 8.6 Earthquake]

 BEN                       Kin 213

Red Overtone Skywalker

Red Overtone Dragon
Blue Overtone Night Red Overtone Skywalker White Overtone Worldbridger
  Yellow Solar Star
I empower in order to explore,  commanding wakefulness.
I seal the output of space with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of birth.
“All my Love to the Mothers, that they may be happy to have brought [Birthed] us all into this coming New Time…” 
Yesterday, on Kin 212 [of 2012 -re 177  🙂] three Birth Days were celebrated:  A1d7r7 began his 35th year, his first one as a parent, and the Mothers of Vasumi 6 Monkey [whose quote precedes] and of Pedrin 4 Warrior’s Daughter also began their 4 Human Solar Spins  🙂
The Support/Analog of 5 Skywalker is 5 World-Bridger, which codes KiwiMike.  He checked in here yesterday, and TMQ plans to call him this week, to hear more about his ongoing court case using the 13 Moon Calendar as his defense/Support  🙂
The G-Force of 5 Skywalker { TMQ’s Dr [18.8] + LC [15.10] = 5 Skywalker} is PVCS Electric Monkey:  11.3.
Today is coded by Kin 166: 10 World-Bridger in the Long Count.  6.10 + 13.5 = 19.3, Electric Storm, and the CDK is 19.8, Galactic Storm.
5 Skywalker coded the 2011 Galactic Freedom Day-out-of-Time.
13.5.  “Once the third-dimensional entity has practiced successful whole body time transport on an individual basis through crystal radiative projective-geometry form vehicles,  it can join with others to practice the collective whole body time transport exploration of the interplanetary flux tube systems or time tunnels.”

213  ‘ 71 x 3, Rainbow Prophecy activation frequency, vigesimal 10.13″

The CHC quote for Moon 10;  Day 8The art of projection is actually the creation of certain magnetic beams loaded with specific sets of information.
Week/Heptad 38 corresponds to Codon 53:
 ‘Telepathy evolves the Temple’
This is the 20th day of the 13th Vinal. 
Tomorrow is the  Galactic Return of the kin coding this year:  Rhythmic  Wizard
Vinal 14  KANKIN:  “Receives the Light of One who Knows
Today’s Hidden Power is Solar Star, and here is a statement regarding the Power of our Solar Star, the Sun:
 “More than any other major co-factor, the unprecedented, meteoric and relentless changes taking place throughout Planet Earth are the direct result of exceedingly powerful influences emanating from the presiding star of our solar system.  The sun, and especially its recent and extraordinary activity, is at the very heart of every major geophysical and meteorological event taking place around the globe today.”  That quote is from an excellent site: cosmic convergence 2012.
The latest ‘geophysical‘ event occurred a few hours after the preceding words were written.  During the 8.9 watch here [1:38 West coast US time], a news flash reported an 8.9 earthquake near Aceh, Indonesia.  It was later downgraded to an 8.7, and now is categorized as an 8.6.  Thankfully, there were no reports of casualties, and only a minor Tsunami 🙂
The massive earthquake was followed by a 6.0 in the north Indian Ocean and then a 8.2 earthquake near the main epicenter.” 
The 8.2 quake reiterates today:  Day 8:  Cube 2:  “
“By my Wind Spirit warrior power, I redeem the Annointed One as myself-” 
May the Wizards of Peace Prevail!”
[[Just before this post is to be published, this ‘breaking news’ arrived: “A 7.0-magnitude earthquake has hit Michoacan, Mexico, according to reports’]]
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace TMQ is extremely grateful for the Master Telepathic Frequency Indexes calculated by Branch 4 Sun and Code=E 93.
Here are ‘today’s numbers’, beautifully elucidated by Galactic Agent 93. 2013TimeShipHunabKrew.
Planetary (10) Dal i(8)=Kin 213=P.S.I.=(187)

*Time Matrix*=V.7,H.18=(30)=P.V.C.S.
(Space)=(156) (Synchronic)=(57)=P.V.C.S.=BMU=(262)
=TFI=Time Matrix=(243)*Velatropa 24.3*

*Space Matrix*=V.18,H.17=(213) (Time)=(48)=Estella*My Niece*[8.9]
=BMU=(218)*GAP*(Galactic Signature of the Opening of Pacal Votan’s Tomb)
=TFI=Space Matrix=(413)

*Synchronic Matrix*=V.15,H.14=(213)
(Time)=(205)*V.V’s Long Count.
=TFI=Synchronic Matrix=(618)


(392)=(56th order of 7, 7×56, 8×49, 49th Octave, 98×4, Vigesimal Code 19.12, Final Unit in 7th 441 Circuit.)=

Kin Equivalent==(234) [14.13]=Cosmic House of The Wizard=(13×18, corresponds to 234 degrees, or 13/20 0f 13:7 wheel of the Law of Time cosmological Basis of Frequency 13:20, frequency of Cosmic Wizard, 234 inverse of 432, Second Master Time Lens, 54th Octave, 432-234=198=11×18, also 234 is recombinant with 324, 18 squared and with 342, 19×18.)  Thank You  93!

Jannis 7 Moon responded with this  :):”Time Matrix V 24.3 = 243, Blue Solar Night 3.9 , Heart of Nine , 3×9=27, in The ancient meaning Valum = 9, while Votan is the earliest variant name of akbal night glyph 3, VV made the drawings for the Dreamspell in an energetically loaded house in Basel Switzerland made by Alchemist Rudolf Steiner. Votan/Odin is also an ancient Germanic god. 243 x 17 navigation VV crystal nav. Frequenciii p. 117 qubed Buk
4131 :: 1314 anagramm of 14.13 Cosmic Wizard MTFI 234 :: 243 2+3+4=9
Overtone Skywalker : Cosmic Wizard : Heart of Votan : Valum Votan

It’s wonderful, how Kin  contribute different pieces to the Mystery we are Solving together  🙂

The Resonant Storm year begins in PVCS 106 days.  The letters of 3 Eagle ‘s name:  Poet Piet, equal 106.  He recently contributed information about the nearly 29 million year long ‘Atlantean Calendar’ which TMQ found to be fascinating–and so much more complex than the new 13 Moon Calendar she has formulated.

Valum Votan introduced ‘alpha-numerics’ to this writer, and they are providing additional confirmation, in a variety of ways. 

For example, Kin 208 Cosmic Star  codes the 2012 Solstice here, and 12/22/2012 falls on Saturday.  As Valum Votan wrote in so many places [before they were removed] ‘Silio is always on Saturday; Silio ends each Week, Moon  and Year“.  This week, TMQ discovered that her idea/belief that the End of the Cycle also concludes on Silio/Saturday [and is coded by Kin 208] is alpha-numerically supported:  These terms [and others to be shared later] both equal 208:

‘Silio ends Mayan Cycle’ and ‘Lamat Closes Baktuns’  

TMQ has many other reasons for believing that 13 Lamat closes the  13 Baktuns, and that Silio is always on Saturday.

 Silio, calculated via  the VV method [ 100+9+30+9+60] also equals 208
[Votan’s alpha-numeric method was replaced [without explanation] by another in the CHC 7 published after his death, but TMQ will continue to utilize the one he presented in an earlier Cosmic History Chronicles]
The number 208 appeared in an interesting comment from Branch 4 Sun:
On March 1 2208 (note the 208 in there), the long count will catch up to the DS, on kin 212“.  SiriusB160 also mentioned: Two Cosmic events on the Horizon
Total Solar of the Sun (t-minus 43 kin) and the
Venus Transit.”   The 2012 Venus Transit happens two Moons from today, on Crystal 8, coded by Kin 9:  Solar Moon.  The next Venus Transit will be in 243 years.  [For more synchronicities regarding 243 and the Venus Transit, see the Kin 113 transmission for 1/1/2012] 
As Transunit13 shared in the video, this is  “The Final Countdown” !  
13 Night suggests that we  “get on with oUR job a little more lighthearted….
which is to be happy!
This is wonderful advice, because anything that makes us happy, such as Dancing;  Yoga;  Playing with numbers,  children, pets and each other;   Meditating;  Making music, and Love;  enjoying Nature and Beauty; etc.  is great for raising  oUR Vibration, which is wonderful for oUR Earth during the Final Countdown!
N. S.  1. 24. 10. 8.    Cube 2:  SPIRIT          Kin 213

Kin 208: Yellow Cosmic Star codes the Full Moon on Planetary Gamma 3; One Galactic Spin until the First Dawn of the 2012 Solstice

LAMAT      Kin 208

Yellow Cosmic Star

Yellow Cosmic Human
White Cosmic Mirror Yellow Cosmic Star Blue Cosmic Monkey
  Red Magnetic Skywalker
I endure in order to beautify, transcending art.
I seal the store of elegance with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of free will.
Today is Guided by Cosmic Human, the beings  we are Becoming.
The Challenge, Kin 78:  Cosmic Mirror embodies the combined  tones of the 13 Pacal Votan Clear Signs.
Support, Kin 91:  13 Monkey recalls the  91  steps on each side of Quetzalcoatls Pyramid, representing the days in each quarter of the Solar Ring. 
Quetzalcoatl, 1 Skywalker is oUR Hidden Power.
Kin 222: Magnetic Spirit is the G-Force that draws us towards the Original Matrix Attained, after the Great Mayan Cycle ends in 260 days.
The Long Count is 5 Dragon, and the PSI for Planetary 3 is 3 Hand.
 208 can also be perceived as 20.8, Signature of Pacal Votan
208:  52 x 4, 104 x 2, 13 x 16, 8 x 26, 26th octave, fourth castle complete, 208th step to Merlin’s Tower, 20 Tablets Law of Time: 208th moon;  Cosmic Moon 2013,  final stage prior to Galactic Synchronization, vigesimal 10.8″
8.13:   “Celestial harmonics are fourth-dimensional 13:20 ratios mentally perceivable and capable of inducing and being induced by neuro-sensory oscillations in conformity with primary projective geometries. The neuro-sensory oscillations and primary projective geometries are dependent on the coordinated interaction of AC-CA currents yogically integrated in a synchronized sense-body in whose mind no thought can cling.”
CHC quote for Moon 10;  Day 3:  “The Human revolves around its own nucleus and has its own magnetic field,  just as a planet does.
This Tenth Moon of Manifestation is coded by  Planetary Human.  During this Moon, we ask ourselves  “How do I perfect what I do?”
The Tenth Moon corresponds to Baktun 10, the Great era of Maya time Science on Earth.
At Midnight during this Full Moon, we enter the Green Central Castle ofEnchantment.
Court of the Matrix:  Synchronize Human 
Magnetic Moon begins the 17th Wavespell of Purification.
During this 37th week, we ‘construct’ Codon 52 MEDITATION:
Telepath Establishes the Temple 
New Zealand, the Eastern-most part of the Night planetary zone is the  “First Country to See the Light“.  The 2012 Solstice begins here at [PVCS 12.2  :)]  12:02 a.m. on  Yellow Cosmic Star
This crop circle has an  inner circle of 12 ‘Suns’ [Kin 20] to represent  20.12; 12/21/2012]Mayan Sun Symbol
The 12 arms/hands can  denote  12 Hand [Kin 207] which codes 12/21 2012.  
The central 13th component, which looks like a MAYAN styled Sun [STAR] could signify the COSMIC STAR that culminates the end of the GREAT MAYAN Cycle  🙂
While looking for images of a 13-pointed star:
these synchronistic numbers showed up:  180/13 = 13.8
They also remind us that 8.13 is composed of the 7th and 8th numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence.
Here are some  links that illustrate how quickly and dramatically  Humans can improve life upon  oUR Planet  during this final  Mayan Gestation Period’ of 260 days:

People Power:

Freedom Fighters   “a secret group of well-placed, high-ranking freedom fighters are working tirelessly to free humanity from the clutches of the evil cabal that goes by many names

Happiness and Harmony with Nature  “The tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has called … for a global summit to reform the international financial system and the way countries measure progress.”  “We need to rethink our entire growth-based economy so that we can thrive more effectively on our own resources in harmony with nature.”  Bhutan… is not hooked to the materialist bandwagon and because it measures progress by the level of happiness among its citizens and not by gross domestic production.”

When even ‘primarily 12:60 entities’ are calling for Freedom, economic reform, and Harmony, the addition of our 13:20  visions and spiritual work makes it easier to envision “Heaven on Earth” during the Resonant Storm [19.7] year 🙂 

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace(19×7, 19th order of 7, Mystic Mid Point in 19=260 code, Vigesimal 6.13=19 .  Kin 133=3 SkyWalker,  Seal 13 Tone 3, Genesis Code, Supreme Sign of the Resurrection.”

Strength In Galactic Maya.   2013TimeShipHunabKrew.
Galactic Agent 93(13.2)                            Minding The GAPThanks You Code=E 93, for minding the GAP, and showing the special numbers related to Valum Votan’s Anniversary Ascension.

[TMQ is looking forward to Skyping with 93 during this ‘Ascension/Resurrection’ weekend  🙂  93 points out the association with [Barssiah]Christine 3 Skywalker above:  133 remains the Kin who has contributed the most comments here  🙂

Jannis 7 Moon’s link to the video about the Milky Way above Lake Tekapo inspired these STAR” images:


 They synchronize with this beautiful image from Reimar 13 Night’s fascinating thread:


Thanks to letters from A1d7r7 and others, 2013andthemysteryqueen has been added to the list at Law of Time.  Thank you Jacob 6 Dragon.  Regarding 201‘s other e-mail   “for those who wish to support the FLT we are asking if you can embed these buttons [enabling donations to Law of Time’s paypal account]  onto your websites so that it is made clear the source of the vision, the Law of Time and 13 Moon calendar information“.  These 742 blogs  are  a homage to  the source of the  cosmic codes and visions.  [This writer would gratefully receive her first-ever donation! :)].

TMQ is still enjoying your abundant comments at the Crystal Wizard Round Table. We began gathering at this blog,   and in oUR 441 Cube Matrix over three Galactic Spins ago.  We are now in the final 260 day countdown to the most momentuous, and long-prophesied 2012 Solstice

Let’s dedicate ourselves to properly concluding this phase of  the project begun by Pacal Votan and the Galactic Mayans, so long ago.  Let’s be grateful for all who are guiding us from this dimension and beyond.  By ‘Minding the Gap’, we will more easily tune into Valum Votan and other Divine Agents who are aiding the Closing of the  Cycle, in order to usher in the Sixth Sun of Solar Consciousness.

N.  S.  1. 24. 10. 3.        Kin 208:  Yellow COSMIC STAR

Kin 205: Red Planetary Serpent codes Solar Silio 28, and Valum Votan’s Long Count Kin


Red Planetary Serpent

Red Planetary Skywalker
Blue Planetary Eagle Red Planetary Serpent White Planetary Wizard
  Yellow Self-existing Warrior
I perfect in order to survive, producing instinct.
I seal the store of life force with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of space.
Today is coded by Valum Votan’s Long Count Kin, and Moi’s Dreamspell Kin.  Adding 18.8 to 5.10 yields the G-Force of 5.10: 3.5; Overtone Night. The PSI for Solar 28 is 12 Eagle, and the CDK is 12 Dog.

5.10The entry into the biosphere-noosphere transition is a precisely timed and profoundly evolutionary moment in which the spiral toward full spiritual evolution is universalized.  The immediate consequence of conscious realignment with the Law of Time and the autoregulatory mechanism of the biosphere, the psi bank, is the magnetic stabilization of the species and biopsychic triggering of the circumpolar rings defining Earth’s electromagnetic field.”

205: ” 41 x 5, fifth force order of divine interval (41), vigesimal 10.5″..

The Fifth Force of the Kin [198] coding the  Fifth Lord of Time is 10 Human.
Kin 192:  Planetary Human codes the Tenth Moon of Manifestation, which begins at Midnight.



The numbers coding this Ninth Solar Moon [ 11.9] are reflected on it’s 28th day.

11 days have passed since Kin 11.11: Valum Votan’s First Ascension Anniversary. Today, 9 Moons and 9 Days remain until the End of the Cycle, for which he worked ceaselessly to prepare us.

Yesterday, Solar 27 [3 x 9] was coded by the Third Magic Turtle of Moon 9 [3×3] on  Solar Seed, whose Combined Dreamspell Kin was 9.11 [4.9 + 11.9 + 14.6= 9.11] During the Occult watch of Solar Seed, coded by PVCS 17.5, an amazing meteor shot across the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

“A Nelson resident described it as an “unbelievable” green, orange and white ball flying past at “super speed”, leaving behind a massive trail that lasted for nearly 10 minutes before dissipating.”  “A Hanmer Springs resident said they heard “a loud boom” about two minutes after it streaked past”.

The many descriptions reminded TMQ of the spectacular meteor over New Zealand, 6 days after Valum Votan’s Ascension, described here: Strangely, something prevented it from being placed in the body of the text: ” [when TMQ tried several times to insert this into the blog, everything above would disappear- insisting on ‘Top Billing’ :) ]”

That meteor [one year, 4 days ago] during the 6.10 watch on Solar 23 {Lover’s Reunion} felt like a “Hello” from 11:11. That meteor ‘captured’ the Time [6:10] of Votan’s Death, while the Solar 27 Meteor reminded us of the Kin [9.11] of Valum Votan’s Ascension.

6.10 is again reflected in the appearance of the first meteor 6 days after his death, and the ‘Magic Turtle Meteor,  which was 10 days after his First Ascension Anniversary  🙂

My retreat began in Cable Bay [=51], where Neil 12 Wizard was celebrating the Galactic Return of his 52nd Solar-Galactic Return year, when he is ‘doubly’ the First Solar Witness: Crystal Wizard.  He certainly exemplified Wizardry and an acumen for navigating Timeless Realms, during TMQ’s 3 day visit.  Sandra 4 Skywalker prepared fabulous ocean-view meals, and performed countless calculations for our amazing Alpha-numeric synchronicities 🙂

I enjoyed my Galactic Return as the Fifth Lord of Time [18.3] with Grayham 13 Eagle, who is always elucidating. 195 also  shared stunning musical creations of a dozen tracks “Self-Generated” by Cosmic Eagle, and other ‘birds‘ he recorded from nature. Interstingly, our ‘Second Solar Witness’ at the other end of the Phi Spiral [Golden Bay] was celebrating his Solar Birthday on 5 Sun, which codes the 7th Solar Witness [and my nephew Jud, who corresponded during this period]

TMQ  spent 4 days at a little cottage just meters from the ocean’s edge;  She knew it would be perfect, when she ‘met‘ the large resident Turtles: Arthur and Martha! These 33 [20+13; 13.7] year-old turtles are actually the first live turtles I’ve seen, since that 9/11/2004 message which concluded by referring to me as the Cosmic Moon Turtle Goddess! According to Bill the campground owner,  Arthur once escaped for 7 weeks, the term of Valum Votan’s 49 day Bardo, which ended on kin 138.  Arthur was brought home to Martha after he was spotted crossing highway PVCS 60  🙂

This place was so quiet, the only sound was the fish jumping and an occasional wave.  It was serenely perfect for meditation, Yoga in the sunshine, and enjoying the beauty from the center of a lagoon, and in  the bay, via 6 Sun’s palindrome: Kayak = 51:   Madame Blavatsky. On 6 Dragon [whose Moon‘ contains the 2012 Solstice] another ‘palindrome‘ arrived outide my temporary abode: a little yellow seaplane landed, bearing large letters: YAY. That palindrome also equals 51!  [VV’s method yields another palindrome:  1001]  The pilot said it took him 20 months to build his plane.

Supreme Golden Maiden alpha-numerically equals 200: Overtone Sun: 20.5. Kin 138 is located at H 20; V 5 in the 441 Cube Matrix. On  5 Sun, [which coded Solar 23]  18.3+ 20.5 = 18.8 [Kin 138], and 18.8 + 20.5 equals 18.13, Cosmic Mirror. The Antipode/Challenge of those two personal Kins are coded by Galactic Star [8.8]: Guide for oUR 2013 Galactic Synchronization, and Cosmic Star [8.13] which codes the 2012 Solstice here in New Zealand.

The sacred period of Navaratri, when we honor the Divine Feminine { =138} coincided with the period coded by the Nine Lords of Time.  So, during the 8.8 and 8.13 Watch of the 7th Lord of Time [Kin 200] , TMQ chose to perform the Gaian Tantra Vow, honoring and bonding with the Gaian Earth Goddess at a wild and beautiful spot near Farewell Spit at the far end of Golden Bay.

According to 5 Wizard, John Lash, one will receive a response from our vibrantly alive Earth, after formalizing our intent to align with Her.  I passed the site of my Vow 24 hours later, and saw  some black swans  on the ocean.  While  walking through some bush to get a better view, Kin 138 calculated “The Black Swans“;  it equals 138!  Upon reaching the beach, several hundred black swans had gathered upon the water!Black Swan Pair Cygnus atratus



48 hours later,  during my first hour back  home, New Zealand’s largest volcano, White Island, experienced 3 earthquakes  in the 13.8 watch of Galactic Night. The 4.8 at 4:08 seemed to reiterate our Galactic Seed [4.8] Galactic 20.13 Synchronization 🙂

 The 4.1 [Kin 144 Magnetic Seed] earthquake on Greg. 4/1 [a.k.a. April Fool’s Day] is a reminder of the 144,000 Sun Dancers who were awakened during the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, which was orchestrated by Valum Votan

This also reminds us of his Final Revelation on  Kin 197 regarding  the seven  144 day cycles that mark the Return of Sacred Power. 46 days remain in the  Fourth Cycle; when we  “Give form to the Power”  At the conclusion of the Seventh Cycle:  “144,000 cubed within.  Earth Cubed, New Heaven, New Earth ready for release into noosphere the following day,  Kin 164 Yellow Galactic Seed. Evolutionary shift underway

Some of the first items read upon   ‘re-entry into the Technosphere’ were written by two Galactic Earths:    A1d7r7   letter to Stephanie 185’s blog, and   Vikki 177’s comment here, which   mirrored 8 Mirror’s experience during this special time:  “the synchronicity today has been perfecto today white resonant wind,IK.. kin 202..i was able to pull together supreme golden maiden, electric mirror, Venus Transit UNDERSTANDING OF TONY SHEARER KUKULKAN,QUETZALCOATL.. MORNINGSTAR ENERGY OF REMEMBERANCE CONNECTING TO TELEKTONON..WITH JOSE ,VALUM BEING THE NAVIGATOR.” 

One numerical  synchronicity connecting some of the above:  Electric Mirror and Fifth Lord of Time both alpha-numerically equal 166Kin 166 is 10 World-Bridger, linking to the 6:10 moment of Votan’s Birth and Disincarnation.   The Nine Lords of Time and the two ends of this local Phi Spiral are woven together by too many synchronicities and realizations to relate here.  Your abundance  of wonderful  comments [which I’ll now have a chance to enJOY] held oUR space and connection so beautifully  🙂

The 7.4  Magic Turtle Equinox Earthquake on Solar Monkey  [11.9] began the 13 day ‘wavespell’  that included Valum Votan’s First Ascension Anniversary, and the Kins that code the Nine Lords of Time.  The Last Seven Moons of the Mayan Great Cycle  begin two Moons from tomorrow.  They will be coded by Kins 194 through 200.  Today, [still Kin 204 in the Land of the Maya] there was a strong aftershock from the 7.4 [Mayan for 144] Earthquake in Oaxaca. This 6.3 earthquake is described as an aftershock of the 7.4 Equinox Earthquake 13 days earlier, also at Oaxaca, called the Heart of Mexico, site of Monte Alban:   Telektonon card 7 tells us that during Baktun 7, Pacal VotanConducts the 13 Clans and the 7 Tribes of Galactic Maya into manifestation at Monte Alban.”

Oaxaca, calculated via the VV alpha-numeric method [60+1+600+1+3+1] equals 666.  666-520 = 146, which is Electric World-Bridger:  6.3.  The magnitude of today’s Earthquake [on Magic Turtle Solar Seed] is 6.3  🙂  146 can also denote 14.6, which codes this year, when the last 7 Moons of the 13th Baktun begin.

These two Magic Turtle Earthquakes near Mayan Monte Alban,  ‘bookend‘ this special 13 day period, during Vinal 13, when we ‘Closed the Equivocating part and entered the Trance”  The two numbers that code these ‘Mayan Earthquakes’ [7.4 and 6.3] equal 13.7.

May the 13 clans and the 7 tribes of the Galactic Maya inspire us as we close the last 7 Moons of the 13 Baktuns!

N. S.  1. 24. 9. 28.                        Kin 205