Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard codes the FIRST Lord of Time and Valum Votan’s FIRST Ascension Anniversary, on Solar 17

IX                        Kin 194

White Crystal Wizard

White Crystal Worldbridger
Yellow Crystal Seed White Crystal Wizard Red Crystal Serpent
  Blue Lunar Hand
I dedicate in order to enchant
universalizing receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of death.
Today’s  CDK is Kin 79 [19.1] known as the Noosphere Constant.
The Long Count is  7.4, which is Mayan Notation for 144.  The Earthquake mentioned below has now been down-graded a second time, to a 7.4.
One year later, Valum Votan’s Ascension seems even more Perfectly timed.
14.12 + 11.11 = 5.10, Planetary Serpent, which is VVs Long Count.
The G-Force of the day that codes his First Ascension Anniversary is 11 Warrior, a reminder of the Warrior’s 16 Day Cube Journey, elucidated by Kin 11.  Today is Cube 11:  MAGIC:
May the Return of the Sacred Warrior bring Peace, Truth and Love to this afflicted Earth!”
14.12:   “Through the super conscious hyperorganic life style, the solar consciousness functions transform the biosphere’s appearance.  Radiosonically intertwined functions of crystal, plant, animal and super human are bound into new radiantly realized forms through new combinations of mental electrons, neutrons and photons.”
 194: 97 x 2, vigesimal 9.14, code of the Crystal Wizard,  Book of the First Lost Generation,  Book of the Throne, note 9.14 = 914 – 194 = 720″
CHC Quote for Day 17;  Moon 9:
In the cosmic evolutionary nature, whenever a planet attains noosphere—the planetary mind—it then becomes capable of receiving the processes that create galactic culture.”
Crystal Wizard alpha-numerically = 179 17.9 = today’s 13 Moon date. [CDK 19.1 + 18.8 = 17.9]
Gamma numerically equals 35;  This is Week/Heptad: 35.
Synchronistically, this week 35 corresponds to Codon 35  :): 
MIND EXPANDING:  Cosmic Order Enlightens Space.”
Also, when Gamma is calculated via the ‘V.V. Method’ [7+1+40+40+1] it equals 89!
One Solar Spin and one Hunab Ku O.O ago, Valum Votan crossed through the
‘Doors of Perception” on Kin 89:  Spectral Moon.
11.11 painted these ‘Doors of Perception” in  1996-7, and 1991. 
 TMQ would marvel at these 6 foor high creations during visits to the Law of Time Gallery in Ashland. 
Displayed side-by-side, they created a large  colorful 11  🙂
Here is a synopsis of what Valum Votan may have experienced in his process of Ascension:

1] Downloading the multidimensional light and unconditional love that is entering us through our Crown and settling in to our opened Third Eye and High Heart.

2) Loving that light and love so much that we can allow it to travel into the hidden darkness and fear of our deepest subconscious self.

3)  As we travel the fourth dimension of formerly unconscious self,  we allow the multidimensional light to reveal and heal any hidden fear/darkness to our conscious self.  With the conscious awareness of our wounding, we can learn to use the power of unconditional love to heal our wounded ego-self.

4) Through the process of revealing and healing our fear with light and love, we learn unconditional love and detached compassion for our body, reality, experiences and persistent reactionary patterns (behaviors) that we formerly identified as our “self.”

5) As we integrate the multidimensional light, unconditional love and detached compassion into our consciousness and our physical body, we begin the process of activating our multidimensional Lightbody. This activation initiates inter-dimensional travel.

6) Our inter-dimensional journeys into the higher worlds via our multidimensional consciousness serves to further activate our Lightbody. At this we began to emanate multidimensional light and unconditional love from the Core of our Self and out through our Third Eye and High Heart. It is the emanation of this higher expression of our SELF that begins the opening of our Inner Ascension Portal. This Portal acts much like a compass to guide us on our process of returning to the Multidimensional Being of light that we have always been. This open Portal allows us more intimate communication and communing with the higher frequencies of reality.

Valum Votan painted  “PORTALS of PERCEPTION” IN 1991-2 

7) At this point we must SURRENDER to whatever happens. It is this surrender that allows us to begin our Final Initiation. Within this Final Initiation we will take a deep look into our deepest subconscious to love free any and every fearful thought, emotion, memory and behavior that has impeded our complete connection with our Multidimensional SELF. It is these final, unconscious elements of our ego that have dis-allowed our full return to Lightbody and de-railed our Personal Ascension. It is during this phase of ascension that we begin to consciously experience more and more expressions of our Multidimensional SELF.

8) NOW, it is vital that we believe, know and accept that everything that happens and everything in our life is PERFECT. By this point of ascension we realize that we are ONE with Planet Earth, and we dedicate our efforts not just to our personal ascension process, but to the process of Planetary Process, as well. In fact, our main dedication is to the Planetary Ascension because we have learned that we infinite, Multidimensional Beings who cannot die.”

In his final moments before Ascension, Valum Votan told Stephanie 185 that EVERYTHING IS PERFECT“.

9) With the acceptance that ALL is perfect, we can embrace the innocence and purity of our Divine Child, the part of us that has never forgotten our SELF. Within this purity and innocence, we can actively await the re-birth of our Lightbody and ascension experience with a Clear Mind and Open Heart. Furthermore, we perceive our Multidimensional SELF to embrace not only planet Earth, but Her Solar Family, as well.  Hence, inter-dimensional communication is becoming normal.

10) By this phase of ascension, we are in contact with several, if not many expressions of our higher dimensional SELF.  Hence, we realize that our SELF encompasses the entire Milky Way Galaxy because we have entered our full Galactic Consciousness. Now, we must face the most difficult challenge of releasing whatever remnants of ego still remain. We would like to think that all ego is gone, but as long as we hold an earth vessel and live within our third dimensional life, our ego is called to duty so that it can control our Physical life.  Now our great challenge is to release ALL control of our physical life to our Multidimensional SELF. In other words, now is the time to just — LET GO! From

Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles was Released and  Liberated 366 days ago.
 On the double Magic Turtle Equinox, [the Equinox during the Solar Monkey Moon, on the day coded by Solar Monkey]: “Two major earthquake have struck the world within 6 minutes of each other. The earthquakes were a deep PVCS 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Papua, Indonesia,” and a 7.6 earthquake in Mexico.  The quake,  felt in Mexico City and Acapulco  was 11 Miles deep, and was  originally reported as a PVCS 7.9.
The 7.6 struck at 12:02 [PVCS 12.2]  in the Land of the Maya.  These TWIN Earthquakes Struck on the Equinox, when people  gather to see Quetzalcoatl descend his Pyramid at Chichen Itza.  President Obama’s 13 year old  daughter was part of a group of [PVCS} 26 friends in Oaxaca, Mexico, the epicenter of the  Earthquake.
Hours after the Equinox ended:


 “Computer records indicate a single “super bolt”  [a positively-charged cloud-to-ground stroke of lightning] struck in the heart of South Tulsa at 3:33 in the morning of 3/21/2012.  333-260 = 73;   Red Galactic Skywalker [13.8

 Tulsa = 7373 is the age of the other 11.11′ Votan’s TWIN, Ivan Arguelles.

 Image Detail

Today,  Crystal Wizard is exactly 39 days until the Moon which is  coded by Crystal Wizard.

Today exactly, 39 weeks remain  until the Crystal Hand Solstice

Kin 39:  19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

Vinal 13:  “Closing the  equivocating part and entering a trance”

The First Ascension Anniversary of Valum Votan begins Nine days that are coded by the Nine Lords of Time.

Today is also a New Moon, and the beginning of Navaratri.  During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti/Devi , Mother Goddess, are worshipped.”   It was perfect to see the latest video shared by PoetPiet 3 Eagle which shows how much the current Mayans honor and cherish “Mother Earth” who gives us life. 

TMQ is fortunate to be able to begin this sacred period at Cable Bay, at the home of the First Solar Witness, Neil 12 Wizard and Sandra, 13.4.  We will attend a New Moon Sacred Sweat-lodge Sauna on the beach of an ‘Island of Mystery and Royalty’ at Sunset, with two special people. 

The Sun sets here at 7:28, 728-520 = 208:  Cosmic Star, the day that codes the 2012 Solstice here.  The New Moon is at 3:38.  338-260 = 78:  Cosmic Mirror, which is the Antipode of Cosmic Star. 

What a Splendid and Magical way to Enter the Trance” and to honor Valum Votan  🙂 

During these Nine days, TMQ will be online rarely, but in nature and meditation frequently.  She will also be in Golden Bay to visit the Second Lord of Time; Grayham 13 Eagle, and for her Galactic Return on White Electric Mirror, who codes the Fifth and  [sole]Feminine Lord of TimeSupreme Golden Maiden.

May we all feel more connected to each other, and to Valum Votan during this spiritually-charged Nine days.

N. S.  1. 24. 9. 17.    Cube 11:  MAGIC   Kin 194


Kin 188: Yellow Rhythmic codes the 11th Day of the 9th Moon

LAMAT            Kin 188

Yellow Rhythmic Star

Yellow Rhytmic Star
White Rhytmic Mirror Yellow Rhytmic Star Blue Rhytmic Monkey
  Red Galactic Skywalker
I organise in order to beautify,  balancing art.
I seal the store of elegance  with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s G-Force and Antipode is PVCS 6 Mirror.
The CDK and Hidden Power are both coded by 13.8:  Galactic Skywalker.
Solar Kali 11 corresponds to PSI 2 MonKEY, and the Long Count is 11 Dragon.
8.6.  ” The formulation of the Law of Time and application of the corrective fourth-dimensional tools commence the re-establishment of the right relationship between the AC (Aboriginal Continuity) and the CA (Cosmic Awareness).  Individually and collectively, this process constitutes the central program of the “magnetic re-education of humanity,” and is generically defined as “yoga.”

188  47 x 4,  measure of the prophet, reverse 881, 881 –188 = 693, vigesimal 9.8″

188 can also denote 18.8; and 13.8 can refer to 138
Today, Moon 11; day 9 is a reminder of the Ultimate Magic Turtle Day that codes the Equinox:  Blue Solar MonKEY on the 14th day of the Solar MonKEY Moon  🙂
The last transmission was meant to be on 3 Serpent, but WordPress difficulties prevented it’s completion and publication.  The next blog [as stated in my comment just hours ago] was meant to appear on the ‘Magic Turtle Equinox’.
Synchronicities [and your e-mails of concern] are prompting this ‘stream-of-consciousness’ transmission, which began at 11:09 during the 188 watch of 188 on the 13 Moon date of 9.11  🙂
Today is St. Patrick’s Day. This week, TMQ researched her Irish Grandmother, checked out a library book called ‘Ireland: It’s Myths and Legends” and viewed a film about the 1920 Irish Revolts called “The Wind that Shakes the Barley.” The film portrays how workers across Ireland formed small volunteer armies to defend themselves from the notorious English para-military squads.
This article: helps to explain why my Grandmother’s family fled Ireland for Canada and India, where 10 of her 11 siblings perished from Cholera.  An hour after writing the preceding, saw this:
Several of you sent e-mails, expressing concern or surprise at the exclusion of some dedicated Kin from Stephanie 3 Serpent’s gathering in Australia [which A1d7r7‘s e-mail  revealed as connected to establishment of a Crest community].  Jannis 7 Moon, hopefully  these 739 posts  demonstrate a consistent support of the Law of Time and faithful dissemination of their knowledge. 
Yes, their lack of response and ‘Kinship’ is sad, but not to be dwelt upon.  We’ll hopefully learn via Branch 4 Sun and others about how this gathering   goes.  We all hope for their success at manifesting one of Valum Votan’s visions.  May this event Catalyze others [like us!] to follow suit  🙂  Crest13 Logo
On the 9th day of the 9th Moon, “Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano unleashes 9 low-level emissions”
Popcapetl is next to the Teotihuacan complex, which contains the Pyramid of the Sun, site of Valum Votan’s revelation and where he was honored by  9 Mayan elders..
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace I just now realized that half of the  kin 185 draft was not saved when my computer suddenly shut itself off.  Part of the lost discussed your great comments, and there is not enough time now to reconstruct that.  Here is the last part that was saved:
Thanks to Pedrin 4 Warrior, we hear and see the Vela Pulsar and Velatropa 24 [our Sun]. “ But on March 7, a powerful solar flare, one of a series of recent solar eruptions, dominated the gamma-ray sky at energies up to 1 billion times the energy of visible light photon“! These images put the recent solar flares into perspective.
Perhaps this image:
illustrates how the Sun’s powerful emissions are helping to induce the
“The massive vibrational change of consciousness [which] is palpable” 🙂
This article: asks “Vast Increase In ‘Star Bubbles’ Proof Of Energetic Change?

A team of volunteers pored over observations from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and discovered more than 5,000

 Electric Universe Synopsis

The naked electric force is 39 orders of magnitude (a thousand billion billion billion billion times) stronger than gravity. The visible universe is constituted almost entirely of electrically active plasma.”

This statement shows the massive power of the Radial Plasmas we are telepathically entraining ourselves with, via the ‘7:7::7:7’ practice. This is why we will be able to manifest the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge at the end of the Cycle.

The lost blog portion contained  a numerical analysis of Cheetah Cosmic Serpent’s fascinating belief that Valum Votan reincarnated in Africa on Hunab Ku Day O.O.  Kin 65 describes his conception on 12 Eagle, 66 days [65 +1] after he left the planet.  Interesting to note that 11.11 + 15.12 equals  6.10, Planetary WorldBridger and  6:10 is the  time of his Birth and Death as Kin 11Cheetah, please keep us informed about your coming move to Masai Mara       to be near the ‘Pauper Prince’ who chose to incarnate on the last Hunab Ku O.O. of the 13 Baktuns.

13 Serpent  concluded her comment with: It’s only a matter of time… Where do you want to be when 12:60 time is up That is a question I ponder daily; it seems to lead back to being in a 13:20 Community

Grayham 13 Eagle [who appeared in last night’s dream]  suggests that the geographic place is not as important as :   love/compassion/empathy/truth creates an expanding ‘wave’ solely constructed upon golden phi ratio’s, no other ‘wave’ will survive , over time…”

Branch 4 Sun reminds us that: As we let our 12:60 selves fade away and actively engage our 13:20 identity’s, we take on the mythic/archetypal function of our true destiny.

13 Night added:  “On the cusps of the 12:60 collapsed/by(21:42:24) allInk’lusive riddle…………. .may Prophecy purify Victory of the 13 Moons as the Triumph of the Religion of Truth Photo Cosmic Night contributed an abundance of Cosmic knowledge after the Cosmic Wind post. 

TMQ began Rhythmic Star by reading Jannis 7 Moon’s comment about the Coronal Mass Ejection displayed over Queenstown.

Next, she enjoyed the Portal to 2012 meditation provided by 13 Night.  It discussed how the Equinox [coded by Magic Turtle  9 Monkey of the 9 Monkey Moon] is the Portal to the 2012 December Solstice

Then,  an e-mail from Carolyn 3 Dragon  [who hosted the  2012 talk TMQ gave earlier this week] arrived with this link:    This Queenstown event for Solstice 2012 begins on 12/12/12 at  “12: 12 at Lake Hawea, Cosmic Egg [near Queenstown]:File:Lake Hawea panorama.jpg

12.12 is my G-Force, and this reminds me of the 11/11/11 event at Lake Taupo  which caused TMQ to spend the Kin 103 Solstice at Lake Taupo [=103].  The last number in the above  link is 183 [18.3] and the 2011 Solstice here was at 18:03.  At that moment, cloudy skies at Lake Taupo revealed a beautiful rainbow.  For TMQ, during her 18.3 year as Electric Mirror, this was the best omen for oUR manifesting  the Circum-Polar Rainbow Bridge in 2012 🙂 12/12/12 is coded by 18.3:  3 Mirror.
Discovering these synchronicities during the 6 Star watch, along with  memories of an outdoor meal with Valum Votan and Stephanie at an 8-sided restaurant on the shore of the lake at Queenstown, Catalyzed 8 Mirror to write this impromptu blog.
In New Zealand, it is now GAP Kin 189Happy Galactic Return to Jannis 7 Moon!  And Thank you ‘Mayan Jannis’  for sharing this  🙂
N. S.  1. 24. 9. 11.        Cube Five:  SEX                Kin 188

Kin 182: White Cosmic Wind codes Solar MonKEY Moon Day 5; ONE year since the Fukushima Catastrophe began

IK                 Kin 182

White Cosmic Wind

White Cosmic Worldbridger
Yellow Cosmic Human White Cosmic Wind Red Cosmic Earth
  Blue Magnetic Storm
I endure in order to communicate, transcending breath.
I seal the input of spirit with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of death.
PVCS Cosmic World-Bridger Guides us today, and the Noosphere Constant:  79:  Magnetic Storm is the Hidden Power.  The G-Force is 16.4 [Pedrin  4 Warrior :)]  11 Eagle is the PSI for Solar 4, 5 and 6, and the Long Count is 5 EagleThe CDK [7.2:  Lunar Hand] reminds us of Jannis 7 Moon’s  comment:  “don`t forget Blue Lunar Hand- the sacred Mt. Earth.”  {7 Moon and 8 Mirror equal 2 Hand }
2.13. “Within a given stellar mass the quadrants and hemispheres of the Galactic Brain each possess their own spiral of development reflecting the great spiral of development which characterizes the whole evolution of time as consciousness.  Within any given stellar mass any of the four quadrants and either one of the two hemispheres of the Galactic Brain will be emphasized indicating the stage and process of evolutionary development to which that given stellar mass has advanced.”
182  “26th order of 7, 13 x 14, 91 x 2 (law of 13:7 moved by binary power) vigesimal 9.2″
 CHC quote for Moon 9; Day 5:  “The third dimension is the place where your fourth-dimensional movie takes form
ALPHA 5:  ReleaseThroat 
Week 33 corresponds to Codon 38:  DISCRIMINATING Cosmic Order Holds Radiance of Space
The 13th Mayan Baktun ends in 41 weeks [and 2 days]
The Law of Time’s Noos Letter reminds us about this  Ninth Moon of Intention:
 “In this moon we ask our selves: How do I attain my purpose?This Moon’s totem animal is the jaguar.  Jaguar is the spirit animal, nagual, of the ancient Maya seers and shamans. The mystical jaguar is a master shapeshifter and reminds us of the possibility to reshape our perceptions and circumstances and to view our life from different dimensions”.With the Solar Monkey coding this Moon of the Mayan Jaguar, which began on a Magic Turtle Day [Solar Mirror] expect transforming MAGIC, and be careful to state your intentions carefully and precisely!
Two Earth-changing events occurred during the Solar Mirror Moon of Overtone Moon [9.5].  [Of course, the other ‘event’ was the passing of Valum Votan]
Today, Moon 9; Day 5 is the first anniversary of the disastrous 9.0 Earthquake and resulting Tsunami in  Japan.  These ‘twin events’ caused ‘ the greatest nuclear power plant disaster in our age’ at  Fukushima, which is only 148 miles from Tokyo [where TMQ was born]

Tokyo has the largest “greater metro” population in the world at about 34.3 million. Tokyo has the largest GDP of all major cities in the world – larger than both New York City and London. Tokyo is the economic/financial capital of the world’s 3rd largest national economy, as well as the primary economic engine of the East Asia.”

19,000 people  died immeditaely in Japan; a year later, 360,000 remain homeless.  Within days, the west coast of the United States and Canada experienced elevated radiation levels, which then  spread around the world.

“Current radiation levels reported on Feb. 25, 2012 in Tokyo,… , are “25 times the Fukushima mandatory evacuation zone.

Earlier this week, Los Angeles experienced the highest radiation levels yet

Visiting the graves of relatives who died 

At 5:46 p.m., Japan will come to a halt, to observe the first anniversary of this horrific event, which began with the 9.0 Earthquake.

This week, the planet is also experiencing the most powerful Coronal Mass Ejections in 5 years.


March 11, 2012SPACE – Another CME is heading for Earth: … an M6-class eruption on March 9th at 0358 UT.The CME will arrive on March 11th at 0649 UT (+/- 7 hr) adding to the geomagnetic unrest already underway. –Space Weather.  A later report saysthe explosion propelled yet another CME toward Earth: forecast track. The cloud is expected to hit our planet’s magnetosphere on March 12th around 1800 UT.

‘The Light is incoming intensely, and sometimes strongly in a Lightning quick kind of way‘  Transunit 13 Night wrote that after experiencing intense thunder and lightning earlier this week. He revealed that his name “Kau’ila” means “lightning”, in Hawaiian.  The following is from an article that night 13 linked:  “> Although NASA covered up the strange photon cloud that’s now enveloped the solar system, the word has leaked out from some scientists.  And now, as the ominous cloud approaches it’s affecting the sun and planets in measurable ways.  Amazingly, as the bizarre energy invades our space, some of the world’s most famous pyramids are generating intense energy.”

Is Cosmic Music Unlocking The Matrix? Music is amazing. The right combinations of vibrational sounds can open the spirit and unlock moods and emotions and stir thought and action. Discordant sounds close the heart and cause discomfort and annoyance.

This happens on the cosmic level as well. The shift in consciousness that’s taking place coincides with a vibrational change in the Universe.


Vladimir Putin’s massive win to regain the Presidency of Russia is great news for the world!  This Resonant Human not only Resonates with the vast majority of Humanity who desire Peace, he is in a most powerful position to ‘Check; Checkmate’  the war-mongers.

Today, on the global Global Geopolitical Chessboard, Russia (and China) play so fundamental a role that, were it not for them, planet Earth would have already succumbed to the worst Orwellian-like Monster Regime run by private corporate-banking elites wielding mass psychological warfare against us all, hammering into our brains “War is Peace” and “Big Brother is watching you!”

March 13th is the 15th anniversary of the Pheonix Lights mass sighting in 1997 [Cosmic Moon;  L.C. Magnetic Mirror].  Here, an airline pilot describes watching the mass of lights that were a mile wide!

This website: is devoted to what they refer to  as  ‘the most important UFO sighting in history’: and an  “Evolution to a new Consciousness

A1d7r7‘s comment is my only knowledge of the gathering of Kin being convened by Stephanie 3 Serpent. Secrecy and exclusion are usually associated with fear and 12:60 thinking.  My goal here is to UNIFY all, for our passage/Transcendence into the Sixth Sun of Consciousness, so this news demonstrates how far away that goal feels at the moment.

Page 19 of CHC Volume 6: Book of the Transcendence [19.6 is VV and TMQ’s combined G-Force and Challenge :)]:
Paragraph 45: “We are currently, as a species, at a stage where there is disunification without Transcendence. Without unification, there can be no Transcendence.’
Paragraph 47: “As long as there are political institutions and organizations that affirm the reality of arbitrary boundaries, there can be no real unification, just empty structures with egos at the helm
It’s disappointing to be excluded from something to which I’ve dedicated my life, ever since the Prophetic Message appeared on my computer on 9/11/2004.  That activating message appeared exactly Seven Years and 6 and 1/2 Moons ago, while I was reading about the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone; and the message said that it would take me 6 and 1/2 Moons to complete the first Volume of the Mystery of the Stone.   The 6 and 1/2 Moons [and the 9/11 {puncture in the technosphere}, and the 28 Day Moon] were reiterated the next day, when I discovered the crop circle 20 miles from my home, which contained two towers, and a total of 39 circles, 28 of which were 6 and 1/2 feet in diameter.

Today’s kin number: 182 is the number of days contained in Six and a Half Moons!
But, considering my experience with the Law of Time, the news is not surprising.  One by one,  three kins at Law of Time  were ‘removed’ shortly after each resonated with me, and the remaining Law of Time kins tried their best to prevent me from meeting Valum Votan.  When that finally happened, Votan immediately said he and 185 would also move to New Zealand, and within days he had produced a document named ‘Kin 138’
A1d7r7 wrote of this gathering:  “Will the Noospheric Earth Wizards turn the dimensional shift On?”  TMQ sincerely hopes so! 
178 also mentioned a recent Argentinian tragedy in which  “51 people lost their lives and 676 (52×13) were damaged”
Kin 51, Madame BlavatsKEY wrote:  ” “There is no  Religion Higher than TRUTH“.
These last few days, I’ve been thinking of a recent statement from Poet Piet 3 Eagle [whose first comment here, was my first clue that Valum Votan had died].  Thanks, 55,  for sharing this: .  Today, 3 Eagle  [telepathically?] repeated that statement, about paying more attention to the earlier works of Valum Votan.
The video Christine 3 Skywalker shared, about ‘Bad Girls”,  segued nicely with the Anonymous message from 55, and 13 Night’s assertion that ‘We are the Rebel Angels!”  🙂  Thanks to Melovia 12 Moon for sharing her sighting of 22 swans, and for displaying [along with 13 night the following day] the day’s Oracle.  S’ace kin 22 offered a lovely response  🙂 
It was great to hear from Marisabel 13 Hand, and Mike 5 World-Bridger at number 22.  Thanks to Raven 13 Skywalker, and Priscella 6 Wizard, for your beautiful input.  Night 13 sent this image for the ‘Rebel Angels’:
Your  comments for the PVCS 16.7 post total 53, at the moment.  53, Magnetic Skywalker codes Quetzalcoatl, and is  the Challenge for Magnetic Night, which begins Blue Night Wavespell 15:  Power of ABUNDANCE.

Kin 183  Blue Magnetic Night

Blue Magnetic Night
Red Magnetic Skywalker Blue Magnetic Night Yellow Magnetic Warrior
  White Cosmic Mirror
I unify in order to dream,  attracting intuition.
I seal the input of abundance, with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.

☆¸.•*¨*` May this Wavespell be blessed with an Abundance of Love, PeaceTruth and Joy 🙂 ¸.•*¨*`•.¸☆


 N. S.  1. 24. 9. 5.                                                Kin 182

PVCS and GAP Kin 176: Yellow Resonant Warrior codes Galactic Limi 27

CIB      Kin 176

Yellow Resonant Warrior

Yellow Resonant Star
White Resonant Worldbridger Yellow Resonant Warrior Blue Resonant Night
  Red Resonant Serpent
I channel in order to question, inspiring fearlessness.
I seal the output of intelligence with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of elegance.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Analog 7 Night codes the 2013 Galactic Freedom Day a.k.a. Day-out-of-Time.
Today’s G-Force is Solar Mirror, and the PSI for the last three days of each Galactic Moon is 4 Skywalker.
The CDK [16.7 + 10.8 +14.6] is also a Pacal Votan Clear Sign and a Magic Turtle:  KIN 60:  Galactic Sun, which coded Pacal Votan’s Birth in 603.  
16.7:  “The radiosonic weightlessness of the atomic structure of the planetary art spore (Earth) occurs in order to offset increases in post-primary thermic and luminic properties of the stellar mass of the heliocosm as it consumes more and more of its atomic mass preparatory to arriving at the moment of excitation known as supernova.”

176:  22 x 8, 11 x 16 = 22nd octave, vigesimal 8.16″

LIMI 27:  Purify;  Solar Plexus 
CHC quote for 8.27:  “We are pure consciousness within the evolving order of the universe.
Page 176 of CHC 1: Book of the Throne”:
“If we let go of our ego, then our mind is the same as the univeral cosmic mind, which is made knowable through descriptions of the different dimensional levels.  These dimensional levels constitute the entirety of the created order of the Universe, both perceptible and imperceptible.  This cosmos is located ultimately in the mind, and was originated by God-the Master Intelligence.” 
My Photo 
Mieke Neyt is the Wizard kin from the Sun bio-region, who created this beautiful image  🙂  We ‘met’ at two of the Skype chats, and she wrote today, concerned about a hint of discord here.  Here are some words from a  link she sent: 
We all have such an inner beauty. Our challenge is to see it, and to give it a chance to develop.
To achieve, we get a lot of opportunity’s in our life.
It’s up to us if we pick them up, and use them as food to grow…
 We may trust our selves and enjoy our love and light in its pure form.”
“Food to grow” reminds one of Poet Piet 3 Eagle’s comment regarding the Wizard John Lash.  Thanks for the reminder that now is the time to be ‘Cultivating our Gardens”  🙂
Raven 13 Skywalker adds LOVE to oUR Garden:  “ I AM THE WIZARD OF THE NEW
“New EarTH’s children,  TiMeSHP NauTILLUS,  We Are Free,  To LiVe LoVe in Abun’Dance  endlessllllyyyyy ………”
Pedrin 4 Warrior, thanks for shining your light:  “ Ana ~~> Ma Deva Tara ~~> That means: Divine Star (Ma is mom), so TARA is star (The Sun). and for sharing this incredible light:
Thank You Jannis 7 Moon for this incredible photo, and for your stunning alpine panorama 🙂
Transunit 13 Night  reminds us that we are in the Eighth Moon of the Eighth year which corresponds to New Jerusalem and UR.  The Eighth Lord of Time and Destiny is “Awesome Blowing Six Turquoise Winds“.
During the 7 Star Guide watch, TMQ received a wonderful e-mail from her nephew Jud, 5 Sun, the 7th Lord of Time “Single Wing Red Fire’.  That letter on this GAP and Pacal Votan Clear Sign day pointed the direction towards  Palenque.
“I am Pacal Votan, witness of time.  Telektonon is my gospel.  The talking stone of unifying prophecy is my legacy intended for that special messenger who understands the meaning of my numbers.”
The Galactic Dog Moon of Integrity ends tomorrow with a Magic Turtle Day Galactic Earth.
Happy Galactic Return to a1d7r7  🙂  We hope  the 6.1 earthquake in Argentina today didn’t ‘rattle you!
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace   We begin the Solar Moon of Intention on Wednesday, Dali 1
 This Solar Moon will be coded by Kin 191:  Blue Solar MonKEY  🙂
The G-Force for today’s Combined Dreamspell Kin is Cosmic Storm.
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.” 
 It is 1:38 a.m.
N. S.  1. 24. 8. 27.  Ext. Cube 21Telepathic Memory   GAP & PVCS 176

Kin 174: White Overtone Wizard codes Galactic Kali 25, and John Lamb Lash

IX    Kin 174      3/3/2012

White Overtone Wizard

White Overtone Wind
Yellow Overtone Seed White Overtone Wizard Red Overtone Serpent
  Blue Solar Hand
I empower in order to enchant
commanding receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of spirit.
Today’s G-Force is Kin 172:  3 Human, and the Occult Power is PVCS kin 87:  9 Hand
The Combined Dreamspell Kin is PVCS 6 Mirror, which coded the Disincarnation of Pacal Votan.
PSI:  Kin 168;  Crystal Star;  Long Count:  Kin 127:  10 Hand
14.5. “Stellar excitation is a registration of the life of higher analog functions of other stellar masses whose heliocosmic consciousness has advanced to super and subliminal consciousness. Stellar excitations peak in moments of galactic synchronization: the subliminal conscious feedback of the galactic fifth force overtone stabilizes universal life at new plateaus between peak excitation crescendos. Stellar plateaus define different evolutionary epochs of planet and star system.”
174 29 x 6, cosmic constant multiplied by cube value 6, frequency of the Book, root frequency of Cosmic History Chronicles (number of verses in Quran 6348, 6348 –6174 (14 x 441) = BMU 174)), vigesimal 8.14.”

Galactic Catalytic KALI 25: 

Vinal 12:  CEH:  “Breaks with habitual caution, and reaches the white light.”

On Galactic 13,   Melovia 12 Moon enthusiastically mentioned John Lash, a ‘comparative mythologist, and more’ in an e-mail.  I’ve spent the past 13 days  exploring his website: and  listening to [more than 20]  interviews. Image Detail   Like Valum Votan, John Lamb Lash [JLL] has accumulated a massive amount of knowledge in his 66 years, and is using it to freely serve humanity and the Divine Feminine, specifically the awakening Goddess:  Gaia Sophia.  Both visionaries discuss the need for us to learn and perform Planetary  Sorcery, and Planetary Tantra.

 The imaginal body enables us to participate in what we initially picture, if we can picture it with sufficient depth and devotion.  All that is done for us naturally and without our knowing, we can do with nature in full knowing.” [JLL}

This week, Lucy Lawless, who had never had a brush with the law, was arrested here in New Zealand, for her activist defense of Gaia.  Best known as XENA, Warrior Princess, her Irish sense of righting injustices has resulted in her becoming an “ECO=Princess” for the past 3 years. 

A woman in leather armor sits on horseback with flames behind her. At the bottom of the screen in capital letters is the word "Xena" in gold lettering. 

Nigel Marple / Greenpeace / AP

Nigel Marple / Greenpeace / AP
In this photo released by Greenpeace, actress Lucy Lawless and five Greenpeace activists are arrested by police atop a 174-foot (53-meter) drilling tower on the Noble Discoverer in Port Taranaki, New Zealand, on Monday, Feb. 27, 2012

 Lucy, who  is coded by 20:13, Cosmic Sun sets a good example of the commitmentt Gaia requires of us.  John Lash shows other ways we can aid our living planet

At his newer site : John describes something analogous to Timeship Earth 2013“The Gaiaspora are the adepts of Mysteries yet to come who go into the future in correction with the Aeon Sophia after March 2011. They are the navigational crew who sail the mother ship toward the true destination of humanity. Coming from all races, religions, languages, and cultures, they defy the past and defeat the tyrannical lies of history by entering a visionary adventure in real time. The Captain’s Log plots this journey, recording how Gaia recovers her direction and impacts the human species with the immediate, spontaneous animation of her divine intention, her designs and purposes“.

[Today’s Time Matrix coordinates are V4; H 6 {John‘s current year is coded by 4.6;  Rhythmic Seed.}  Today’s Time Matrix Frequency is 11:  Valum Votan  :)]

It’s fitting that John is an Overtone Wizard, and the Overtone 5 is a recurring theme in his numbers.  He was born on a rare quadruple Magic Turtle Day: Overtone 19, during the Overtone  Serpent year. Even the Combined Dreamspell kin of his day of Birth is toned by 5:  Overtone Moon.  His name alpha-numerically equalling PVCS Kin 87, which also turns out to be his Occult Power.  Solar Hand also synchronistically  codes a significant day [8/23/2012] that he mentions. 

Alchemical Peacock, associated with the cauda pavonis,
“the peacock’s tail,” the final stage of the Great Work.

The Peacock is the totem for the Overtone tone of RADIANCE. As noted above, there are a plethora of tone 5’s associated with JLL’s Galactic Signature and Birth. This peacock image is from one of his essays. 

On Galactic 18 [8.18]  Galactic Mirror [18.8] first read about Dakini 18 , and  the Gaian Tantra Vow []  That day was coded by Kin 166:  6.10 for Valum Votan’s Time of Birth and Disincarnation.   Gaia [7+1+9+1]= 18

Book of the Timespace” describes the archetype of seal 18; MirrorI am the Yogi[ni] coded by the White Mirror.  Eighteen is my number,  I dwell in the state of undistracted MeditationBeyond word, thought and deed, seated in my heart cave, I am the reflection of the endless dream….The wall of my cave is my view into the Universe.  Supreme in my yogic powers, I exemplify self-Transcendence into the Noosphere…”

A nine day Yoga/Meditation retreat in Golden Bay  begins on the one year anniversary of Valum Votan’s Disincarnation on Solar 17.  “This powerful 9 day period of astrological significance, is deemed most auspicious to do any spiritual practice (sadhana). It is said an hour of sadhana during this time is equal to 100 hours of sadhana any other time of the year”

Auspiciously, this nine day period is coded by the Nine Solar Witnesses!  So, I’ll be observing my Solar-Galactic Return as Kin 198:  Electric Mirror   during the middle of this Anahata [Heart] Yoga retreat. My 3 Mirror year began in Golden Bay with dear friends, including Grayham 13 Eagle, who elucidated Golden Bay’s location in the Heart of the coastal Phi Spiral  🙂

Recently, Kin have discussed caves, and there have also  been many indications that a mini-ice age may have begun.  {New Zealand is experiencing it’s coldest summer ever, and nearly 1.000 people in Europe and Russia froze to death this week]   In this video interview, [the Wrathful Green Tara’ found at] ,  John Lash decribes how  men and women, ‘coupled in Yogic suspended animation in caves [heat envelopes], buried under huge amounts of snow, survived the last Ice Age. When they awoke towards the end,  they saw the ‘greening of the Earth” which was represented by  the Green TARA.  Tara is the name of Valum Votan’s only daughter.

Three days ago, TMQ viewed a film called “Eat the Sun“. 


Green Lion Eating the Sun. Rosarium Philosophicum.  In an article at, John shares this image, and a description of how:  “Milarepa was enabled to sustain life, although not without suffering, to which he was yogically indifferent, amidst the arctic-like climate of the high Himalayas, on simple and meagre food, in virtue of indomitable control of his physical body, and, not infrequently, with no other bodily sustenance than that derived, by an osmosis-like process, from air and water and sunlight, similar to the process whereby a plant produces chlorophyll (P. xii)”.  JLL then writes: 

The reference to photosynthesis is striking. In the received literature of alchemy we find the image of the Green Lion eating the sun. The Green Lion is a naive symbol indicating how sunlight converts to chlorophyll and thus provides vital energy in the form of edible plants. This bizarre image represents both the power and product of photosynthetic conversion. It is possible that alchemists who created this image fed osmotically off the atmosphere, like Milarapa was known to do. (Those who do so today, and live without either animal or vegetable food, are called breatharians.)”

 “Breatharianism” is discussed in the first volume of Cosmic History Chronicles” by Valum Votan and Stephanie South.  The film Eat the Sun made some excellent points:  Ingesting the sun enhances our Pineal Gland, the ancient cultures embraced this practice, and every two hours, all of our blood circulates through our eyes.  Although the film took an unexpected turn, the practice of looking at the rising and setting sun, with our bare feet planted upon Gaia [CHC II discusses this, utilizing the vitris in our hands and feet], is at the very least, a way to raise our vibration and become more conneted with our living Earth and our Sun.  Sun-gazing  also alleviates the issues of food production and contamination via genetic modification, chemical poisoning, and Fukushima radiation! 

The need for men and women to ‘reconcile and come together in a new [and ancient] way is a primary theme discussed by John Lash, and Valum and Pacal Votan. Sacred sexuality is a vital key to our salvation, and of Gaia’s. 

Now that Valum Votan is guiding from another dimension, it is wonderful to know of this erudite and highest-intentioned Overtone Wizard, who is aiding our terrestrial navigation during these times. This introduction of John, on his Galactic Birthday, [actually now a day later] is meant to stimulate exploration of his work, which has barely been touched upon here.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThese past 13 days have included an increase in Kin communication.   Melovia 129 has phoned nearly every day, enabling us to share our excitement and resonance of various aspects of John Land’s knowledge.   I’ve enjoyed my very first Skype calls–all with 441 Cube Kin, most often with S’ace 9 Wind and Raven 13 Skywalker.  Thanks for your wonderful comments, and links.  Tomorrow I’ll finish viewing videos, and answering your e-mails   🙂  Hopefully  you’re all adjusting to Kali now corresponding to Saturday, as a result of  Hunab Ku O.O

Christine/Barssiah 133 began her 4 Skywalker year, and shared the news of a new holiday that was first celebrated on March 1, 2012,  called ‘Future Day’.  This beautiful ‘vision’  for oUR Future came to mind:


The Cosmic History Chronicles quote for Galactic 25“Within the 13:20 frequency our functioning is syntropic—of ever-greater harmonic arrangements and rearrangements of reality.”

N. S. 1. 24. 8. 25.   Extended Cube 19:  Self-Generation Recharge    Kin 174