Pacal Votan Clear Sign; Blue Resonant Hand codes Cosmic Moon 13, Dali 8

Kin 87:  Blue Solar Hand

Blue Solar Night
Red Solar Earth Blue Solar Hand Yellow Solar Human
  White Overtone Wizard
I Pulse in order to Know,  Realising Healing.
I seal the store of Accomplishment, with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Abundance.
Today’s Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin falls on Cosmic 8, whose PSI Kin is another P.V.C.S.:    Kin 245:  Red Spectral Serpent.  The G-Force for Solar Hand is Kin 93:  Red Lunar Skywalker.
The combined Kins for the Day, Moon and Year total Kin 260:  Yellow Cosmic Sun (20.13). 
Postulate 7.9 “The inverse binary symmetry pattern of the 13:20 matrix extended over four plates or time fuctions establishes the PSI Bank as the holonomic registration of the Galactic Brain fully encoded on a planetary scale.  As a result, the PSI Bank contains the complete complex of Time Vector potential creating Celestial Harmonics, accessible through the Dreamspell codes.”
 Seal, Code 7:  HAND or Avatar;  Accomplishment.  GK-EARTH;  CORE;  Equatorial Regions;  HEART.
The 50 Heptad Path  begins today:  “Enlightenment** Evolves Free Will“.  This Week always corresponds to Pluto and Earth.    Today we begin building the Cube for CODON 35:
MIND EXPANDING  Cosmic Order Enlightens** Space



████▌▐████  U▫C▫C SERINE


████▌▐████ Place this Line (SPACE) on BOTTOM of the Cube.

DALI 8:  Target;  GK-Uranus;  Crown:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Begin to build the White Antipode Telepathic Time Atom.  RADION Cube:  TOP.
UR EARTH 3:  Lunar Earth Heaven in the Cube.
The Second White Week of Refinement:  Telepathically invoking the Second Creation of Heaven.  Each day corresponds to 13 Moons,  years 1993-1994 (Today;  coded by White Crystal Wizard) through 1999-2000, coded by the Seven Solar Witnesses, Kins 194 through 200
Today;  Reawaken White Crystal Wizard)   “Victory TARGETS  Song of the 144,000″.
TELEKTONON Day 8:  Baktun 8:  BC 353;  ‘The Annointed One’.   “Pacal Votan witnesses the rise of 13:20 civilization in the New World.  Bolon Ik inspires the Founding of Palenque.
Cube Two:  Spirit  “By my Wind Spirit Warrior Power, I redeem  the Annointed One as myself.  “MAY THE WIZARDS OF PEACE PREVAIL!”
TMQ began contemplating today’s numerous personal synchronicities  at 4 a.m.,  and rose an hour later, fully expecting there to be a Crop Circle.  This beautiful ‘Planetary Star’ just came online in the past hour:
This 10-sided formation contains 41 circles:  41 = The Frequency of God  🙂
The first crop circle of July appeared  next to the Chisbury Chapel in Wiltshire, on Galactic World-Bridger.  The initials C.C. translate to 33, or 13.7, whose repetition was noted on the blog for Moon 13; Day 7, the day of this Crop Circle’s discovery  🙂  This 13th Century chapel is referred to as  the mysterious St Martin’s Chapel P.S.:  Just after posting this blog, TMQ  read Michael, Cosmic Wind‘s comment stating the AMAZING synchronicity of this Star appearing hours after we noted that the Star was the unmatched Chakra for Week 49!   Michael also notes this STAR Crop  Circle’s  significance for the GM108X Day-out-of-Time!  🙂

**** The  Gulf  of Mexico  Apocalypse  as the Unfolding of PROPHECY ****

 “…I consider the geyser in the Gulf to be analagous to the rupturing of the amniotic sac that occurs at the end of  pregnancy. This event presages the birth of the new being, who must be forced by a terrifying and life-threatening crisis to use the organs he or she has developed over the previous months – developed without knowing what purpose they serve or how they function. Like the fetus at the end of the pregnancy, the human race has devoured the stored resources within our mother’s secure womb, the fossil fuels buried deep underground, and now we must learn to survive on new forms of energy, taking the initiative on our own…”

I pray this is the universe’s wager for us: that we will go beyond our current ruts and limitations, that we will manifest a future of imaginative joy by stepping into our potential, becoming the Wizards, Warriors, and Initiates that the world needs so desperately now”.  Daniel Pinchbeck’s words are an eloquent reflection of what TMQ has been expressing here.

There continue to be synchronistic connections to the HEART of our EARTH, to be here shared soon-awaiting more feedback.  Now, we begin our first full week following the Recipe for awakening the 6th Lord of the Ring, who cared enough about our Earth to sacrifice his electrical codes within her orbital rings. 

Dali 8:  Blue Solar Hand:  One match with the 9 Chakras of  “Awesome Vast Blue Sky“: 

 Antipode Kin:   Red  EARTH (Kin 257),  SP-Uranus; Root of Root EARTH CORE.  

To it’s interesting  to note today that this year’s EARTH CORE Chakra, 17.10,  added to  Kin 17.7 which codes  the  “Mystic Lord of the Center of the Earth” equal White Self-Existing Wizard: 14.4That is another way of expressing 144, and so is today’s Gregorian date:  7.4 (In Mayan notation:  7 x 20 + 4)
The combined tones for the two Kin ‘guarding and/or  mediating’ at  the  Core our Earth add up to 17:  The number of Synchronicity.  Since both of these Kins are coded by Seal 17, here is what Volume V:  “Book of the Timespace”  by Valum Votan and Stephanie South says about Seal 17:  EARTH; Navigator;  Synchrotron:
I am the Navigator, coded by the Red Earth.  Seventeen is my number.
My insignia are the harmonic seals of Planet Mind and Star Mind returning to Source.
I am the indivisibility of all time and consciousness.
I hold the maps of celestial origin, and follow the signs of Synchronicity
on behalf of Cosmic Evolution.
My crown is the interdimensional portal of the Galactic Life Whole.
The 13 and 7 code is above and below.   In the center is the 441,
and on either side, the 11 and 27, keys to the synchronic power of Seven.
Synchronic lenses allow me to see all things radially.
I am Evolution in motion, I am the skilled Star traveler, guided by Telepathic frequencies 
that hold Stars and Planetary systems in order…
To know me is to know the language of the Stars.” 
Red Planetary Earth has evoked many Synchronicities since we identified Kin 257 as this year’s Root of Root EARTH CORE Chakra.  Here is another one:
The G-Force for Kin 134, Self-Existing Wizard is 20.13! 
As noted above, 20.13;  Cosmic Sun is the combined Kin for this doubly-coded P.V.C.S. day  🙂
 N. S.  1. 22. 13. 8.         Cube Two:  S P I R I T        P.V.C.S. Kin  87



2 thoughts on “Pacal Votan Clear Sign; Blue Resonant Hand codes Cosmic Moon 13, Dali 8

  1. So my three closest young minions are quite handy 😉

    Nephew Dominic, Kin 127 Planetary Hand Age 8
    “Little Brother” Tyler, Kin 167 Spectral Hand Age 9
    “Niece” Sierra, Kin 7 Resonant Hand Age 11

    = 301 – 260 = 41 Interval of DoggoD 😉

    They relentlessly torment and tease Tiger 132 because HE STARTED IT. Always. 😉

    Add to that my newest Nephew Drake, Kin 168 Crystal Star 14 months who follows him around in roomfuls of people like a bloodhound. He has enormous hands – when he was born every fingerprint document they have had to be ironed because he grabbed at it so ferociously. 😉 We have work to do. I “think” to him a lot as he is just learning to speak – he already knows some sign language and is very emotive and cheerful. Not at all a crier, he just attracts loving attention with singing and dancing. The Star Circle points out its Frequency. 😉 My brother and sister-in-law spent the night with the kids last night, and he does something a little bizarre. I have a black rectangular placemat that is solid black except for a cartesian cross seam down the middle and across. He grabs it and puts it on the floor and dances on it. Portal? Potential? It does seem rather Time Bandits. 😉

    It is “Independence Day” here in the US and I wish the Nooworld my prayer of achieving true independence from the false calendar.


    Björk Guðmundsdóttir Kin 182 Cosmic Wind


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