Kin 139: Blue Solar Storm codes Lunar Gamma 3; and Princess Diana: Our QUEEN of HEARTS

Blue Solar Storm

Blue Solar Eagle
Red Solar Moon Blue Solar Storm Yellow Solar Sun
  White Overtone Wind
I Pulse in order to Catalyze,  Realising Energy.
I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Vision.
Today’s G-Force is Kin 145:  Red Lunar Serpent.  This is the last PSI day coded by Kin 22:  White Solar Wind.
Postulate 19.9:  “To be at God is Judgement Day.  Judgement Day is defined by the discovery of the Law of Time, which is both the final revelation and the knowledge to proceed correctly, where, before, for lack of  the science of time, there had only been manifest error.  The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition is the external ripening of the cosmic unconscious, and is synonymous with the  Judgement Day sequence of the discovery of the Law of Time.”
  Seal 19:  STORM;  Self-Generation
 GAMMA 3:  Pacify;  Third Eye:  “My lineage is the union of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere.  I attain the POWER of PEACE.”  FRONT of Radion Cube.  Katun 3 (  AD 732) coded by third Solar Witness Yellow Magnetic Warrior. 
Here is an interesting article about personal magnetism:
TELEKTONON Day 3:  Baktun 3:  BC 2324;  The Wheel.  Pacal Votan enters the meditation that moves the Wheel.
This article shows how our Earth is Purifying the oil plume from the Gulf of Mexico:
This one gives a comprehensive update about this ‘Greatest ever Environmental Crime”:
Princess Diana exemplified the Compassionate One, and as a Solar Storm,  embodied the enlightening and catalytic energy of Divine Loyalty and Unconditional Love.   It’s interesting that her G-Force, Red Lunar Serpent codes the 13th anniversary of her death on August 31. 
Feeling ill during Princess Diana’s Galactic Return (here) while it was  Galactic Mirror where most of you reside, gave TMQ  a chance to reflect further upon the strong bond she feels with our Queen of Hearts.  ( And a  speaking invitation  from a psychic here named Diana was received during the Solar Eagle Watch  :)) 
I was in Paris when Princess Diana died, and after a phone call from the U.S. relayed the tragic news, was one of the first mourners at  the Ponte D’Alma Tunnel.  That morning I began collecting every newspaper and magazine available, for the next two years -even the ones in French. The front page articles in the French newspapers that day said she had sustained a broken arm, but no life-threatening injuries.  The two hour ride in an ambulance to the Pitie-Saltpetriere Hospital  only 10 minutes away is where Diana became mortally wounded.
TMQ gathered enough information to write a book about Princess Diana, and that was prior to realizing that we are next to each other in the Tzolkin.  Diana was born 9 years minus 9 days after TMQ, placing us both in the Cosmic Turtle Moon.  (We even share the Stuart bloodline, with my maternal Grandfather named Charles Stuart —-)
The (still) unprecedented global outpouring of grief upon learning that the most famous woman in the world had died, shows that she truly is also the most beloved woman: our Queen of HeartsPrincess Diana symbolizes the Divine Feminine, and her son, Prince William, Resonant Wizard Go to fullsize image has so many signs (including his auspicious birth on  a  Solar Eclipse during the Summer Solstice)   that he is destined to play a  magical role in the Return of Camelot.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceOur first synchronized Crystal Round Table falls between Princess Diana’s Galactic Birthday  and the 13th anniversary of her death at the 13th pylon,  on 8/31/1997 (also the birthday of TMQ’s sister Ann)
The inspiration for this Round Table began when TMQ awoke at 2:12, after a dream about several 441 Cube of Truth Kin gathered on the lawns of a castle.  Realizing our next Round Table would be on 2.12, Crystal Wind led to the
idea for this  Round Table beginning at 12:12 p.m. during the 12.12  watch of White Crystal Wind.
All suggestions and  ideas for our first synchronized Crystal Wind Round Table are happily welcomed.  Details, including your input,  and/or who will ‘be there’ will be discussed in the post on Kin 141:  Spectral Dragon. 
At this point, the vision begins with us sitting in a circle on the green lawns of Cadbury Castle, then taking the Zuvuya through the bottomless pond thought to contain EXCALIBUR, to the Crystal Core of our Earth for our Rainbow Bridge Meditation.  Recent crop circles drew our attention to these places. 
Our sacred ritual has begun!peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace 
Thank you for all of your kind thoughts, written and/or telepathically sent  🙂
N. S. 1. 23. 2. 3.         PURIFICATION RECHARGE        Kin 139

5 thoughts on “Kin 139: Blue Solar Storm codes Lunar Gamma 3; and Princess Diana: Our QUEEN of HEARTS


    One of the defining features of the connections between neurons is that they become stronger when neurons fire together; hence the phrase “neurons that fire together, wire together”, a phenomenon otherwise known as Hebbian learning.

    Mayan-ds that fire to-G-ether, WiRE two-G-either.

    Crystal Round Table – Zuyuva Matrix

    Let’s make the C-ONnE-C-T-IONS.

  2. Dear Christine,

    As your erudite link states: “two memristors are better than one”.

    Imagine the power of our 441 Cube Kin working together simultaneously!

    So glad your Electric Skywalker self will be participating-see you there at 12:12 ‘your’ (PDT) Time 🙂 Kin 138


    The Betabrand logo looks jUSt like my hologram.

    Maiden name Beaube. More Hologram. Kind of trippi-in-G.
    State of conscioUSness
    (With? [prepositional shift] Gratin? Hopefully longhorn cheddar cheese… 😉 )
    Gold, that is, alchemical “Texas Tea” as it were –
    Atomic symbol 79 Noospheric constant
    State of conscioUSness
    All fluttery…

    And this is jUSt plain silly enough to report. 😉 😉 😉

    King Smut Pants auction – Starting price $7!!!

    Operators are standing by!!!

    Ha ha, i saw this aired on 11/10/99 Self-existing 24 Planetary Dragon

    My Galactic Mirror’s FAVORITE mischievous pet name for all her friends is “Little MonKEY.” 😉 It has been for decades. 😉 I know we watched it together.

    The fact that it’s about communication through a mirror teaching medium in music/language and the absolute hypocritical failure on the part of the decaying “educational” (read: CONTROL) sphere to truly teach – when one feels detachment from soURce – no guru/seeker power can exist there. You cannot put children any longer in a box with a talking teacher/box and achieve growth; mimicry, to be sure, as oUR parrot friends have demonstrated – but they too sicken of this game of asleep/awake that most humans play – they mUSt realize themselves. No matter how young. No matter how seemingly vapid. They are ready. They chose to be BORN NOW. That and it’s hilarioUS.

    Here comes the SUN!!!

  4. it iz great to have DIANA on the 139 number!

    139 is a real Kweak Number & also havin’13+9=22 : Bolon IK Resonant

    1 is oneness
    3 is 3 kweaks a moon
    9 iz the number of daya in a kweak

    Consider The People on the Planet unifying on both 13Moon Calendar and Kweak?

    That would be an allmighty impulse to our spiritual reset / ignition

    What would Jose/Stephanie combo saya on this phenomenon ?

    What can be said about the cube of 7777 formation rolling over in the Noo Form’ahTion 9991 ?

    Note that it iz a free launched idea from “a distant shore” 😉

    (and Diana lived on the other side of that shore ~ pulling and pulsing – i guess)

    hmmm she must be alive and kickin’right now, AYE

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