Kin 64: Crystal Seed, the only G.A.P. in Week 9 of Self-Existing Seed Year

Today is special for several reasons.  Because it’s Seal, Yellow Seed, matches that of  the Year-Bearer, it is the year’s 4th Vinal Meditation.  There is a Vinal Meditation for every 20 days.  (1) “The one who knows ”  (2)  “Listens in silence”  (3) “In order to integrate the Universe”  (4)  “Based on Knowledge”.

Today’s Kin number 64, is the same as the number of our D.N.A. codons.  There are also 64 Galactic Activation Portals in the Dreamspell Tzolkin, which actually mimics the D.N.A. spiral.  Finally, Kin 64, Yellow Crystal Seed is a Galactic Activation Portal. The Galactic Activation Portals  are days that are  more densely saturated with cosmic energies, and are ideal for meditation and telepathic communication.  

The Crystal (12th) tone day is especially suited for telepathy, as that is the day of each Wavespell when Kin are meant to gather in Round Table discussions, or connect telepathically to the Noosphere.  The Noosphere was first elucidated nearly a century ago by Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky and French philosopher and paelontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin as the Earth’s mental sphere.   According to page 43 of  ‘Book of the Timespace’:  “…we are shifting into a new evolutionary stage-the Noosphere-also known as the Second Creation.”

The Affirmation for Yellow Crystal Seed is “I Dedicate in order to Target.  Universalizing Awareness, I seal the input of Flowering with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am Guided by the power of Intelligence.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”

Day 5 of each week correlates to Radial Plasma Type 5ALPHA which has the action of RELEASE.  This Crhomatic Yellow Plasma gathers in our Throat Chakra.  Place your hands on your throat as you say these words:  “My Mother is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  Today we have telepathically constructed the first of three parts of the Telepathic Quantum.  Next, we  mentally build the 5th side of the Cube, the Right side.

Moon Day 5 is when we focus on the 5th Baktun of 144,000 days, which began in the year 1144, and ended in 747 B.C.  The most positive feature of this period was the rise of the  I-Ching of 64 Hexagrams,  which is part of the 13 Moon practice, and  is related to the 64 DNA Codons.  The military expansion of this Baktun is what we can telepathically Release today.

On this Crystal day, which is blessed with the extra energies of a Galactic Activation Portal, make the effort to connect with other Kin  (persons familiar with the Thirteen Moon Calendar) and to open yourself to telepathic communication during meditation.      Today, let’s  see, feel or  hear each other in the Noosphere 🙂

One thought on “Kin 64: Crystal Seed, the only G.A.P. in Week 9 of Self-Existing Seed Year

  1. 64 is a 2**7 figure … which precedes 2**8 and 2**9 (128 & 256) …

    here the whole bodily presence is at stage … and its healing from cosmic history affections given by some “mousetraps” …

    “Radial Plasma Type 5: ALPHA which has the action of RELEASE. This Chromatic Yellow Plasma gathers in our Throat Chakra.” …

    … as a Departure State ~ as BolonIkSealedSoul might inform/signal with a flashlight … ~ sort of a mission / call one might interpret

    The Flight might be similar as getting a sound in a piece of existing music as universe simply points at …

    This is what i call “LIFE” and is accompanied by figure 128 (127+1) ; where 127 is the sum of all number before and with 64 …

    and 128 confirms the power of 8 – eight and kneight too … the WARRIOR

    By then the flight aims its touchdown at 255 which is 128 added with all numbers before that (+1 makes 2**9) and goals at 256 and then the magical square :: (four-giver) confirms the whole tzolkin at 260 ~ two hundred and sixty ! (as in dartgames … we celebrate all its weavings)

    So here the voice came from departure THROAT has a flight through all bodily centerpoints and lands in ROOT … simply see the seal with the V from the earth crystal clear center … the horizon / kim is its marker … as a line which actually is just a part of a circle …

    namasté ~ ala kin ~ neureebah

    The sound “ALLPHOENIX” is similar as “EXCALIBUR” … aint it?

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