Magic Turtle Day: Overtone Wind begins the Overtone Moon 16 Day Cube Journey

We enter the Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey on a Magic Turtle Day containing extra synchronicity.  The 17th Week concludes on Kin 122:  White Overtone Wind:  “I Empower in order to CommunicateCommanding Breath, I seal the input of Spirit with the Overtone of Radiance.  I am guided by the power of Heart.”  The Fifth Overtone tone of Empowerment and Radiance codes the day, the Moon and even the Seventh Solar Witness. 

The Postulate for today,  2.5 states:  “”The comprehensive whole system of the Galactic Brain at any given moment, due to the full-spectrum variability of the disposition of the stellar masses throughout the entire field, is supremely   aesthetic in it’s nature.”

The Overtone Moon’s 16 Day Spirit Warrior’s Journey begins on the Seal that denotes Spirit.  The Kins coding the  Day (2.5), Moon (1.5) and the Year (4.4) add up to 7.1 (Magnetic Hand), and today is Day 7; Cube 1.  This synchronicity indicates that today is the right time to practice a deeper level of the Cube journey, in preparation for the Cube  Journey in the exact middle of this year, two Moons from today.  This Rinri Report has information regarding this (Scroll down to  “Sirius Code and the Synchronic opportunity of the Cube Journey”, look at graphic 2 and see instructions in:  “Sounding the Double Octave of the Lost Chord“) Another interesting aspect of doing starting this 16 day practice now, is that we are only one day off  from the Kins described in the Rinri Report.  That was a once every 52 year event, when the exact middle of the Dreamspell Tzolkin coincided with the exact middle of the 13 Moon year.  More on this later.  All we need to know to begin, is that the first day of the Cube Moon Day 7, Cube 1 corresponds to the note: Do.

Moon Day 7 corresponds to  Baktun 7:  747 B.C.;  Mind Teachings.  “Through the power of 7 seals, Pacal Votan diverts  lost tribes of  144,000 into the Cube of Intelligence.  Witnesses Buddha’s enlightenment.

Cube One:  Memory  “By my Free Will of Power of Prophecy,  I elect to be one of the 144,000…  I reclaim and redeem Baktun 7 and vow to release Earth from the prison of Babylon Planet.”

SILIO is White and it’s power is to DICHARGE.  It concentrates in our Heart chakra. Focus on your heart as you say:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”  We have now completed the Red Telepathic Quanta, forming the Red Time Atom which is now in the Heart of the Earth.  Every Seventh day we become the Heart of the radion Cube we have constructed in the first 6 days of the Week, by imbuing it with our Spirit.  Now, find yourself in the Heart of the Earth.  from there, RADIATE LOVE, WISDOM and HEALING  to all of Creation. 

There is extra power today, with the Overtone Wind (Spirit) guided by the Dog (Heart) and with the Analog of  Overtone Earth (Which is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign 🙂 )  Also, the Occult is  Blue Solar Storm, 19.9, which creates a synchronistic link with Katun 7:  This is the last Katun, because  beginning tomorrow,  each day in White Week 2,  will time compress into one year, instead of  a Katun of 20 years. 

Today, we also invoke the Seventh Solar Witness, Kin 200:  Overtone Sun (20.5), who codes the Heart Oracle of the next year’s Lord of Time/Bolon Tiku.  We will revisit these Seven Solar Witnesses during the 4th Yellow  Week, when we rehearse the 7 Mystic Moons which are coded by these same 7  Kin:  194-200.

Seal 2:  Spirit correlates to Uranus and Seal 17 Correlates to this planet, so today we are on Circuit 3, Uranus-Earth.  Repairing the Time tunnel/Flux tube between these two planets is a critical part of the Telektonon practice and of the Lost Chords  rehearsal we are beginning today, cued by the Moon Day 7/Cube 1 of the 28 Day Moon, and the combined Kins of the Dreamspell equalling 7.1

So many synchronicities today cause this Magic Turtle Day to Radiate Empowerment for our 16 day Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 5. 7 /1      Kin 122


2 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Day: Overtone Wind begins the Overtone Moon 16 Day Cube Journey

  1. Since the Warrior is running ahead on the Telektonon Board here …

    “things and thoughts” are “:runing” for the closure …

    see how the psi-rune yellow turtle is on cube 10 today and the lovers on 7 …

    7 is the DO tone refering to the DoReMi…Do octave … were Do is both 1st and 8th in the serial and we have to reckon there is a third one too , aint we?

    The KweekSpell perfectly is virtually on FAdaya when it is 3 tones ahead … preparing the next trinity phase …


    This Quote on a page given strikes me by blowing my head off, so to speak:

    “The two kin before are day 5, Kin 121 (11×11), Red Self-existing Dragon, and Day 6, Kin 122 White Overtone Wind.
    Kin 121 + Kin 122 = 243 = 27 × 9 (81 × 3) 243 = V.24.3
    Kin 243 = Solar Night = Valum Votan, Heart of Nine
    The two kin after are day 23, Kin 139 Blue Solar Storm and Day 24, Kin 140 Yellow Planetary Sun
    Kin 139 + Kin 140 = 279 same as multiples of 243: 27, 9”

    here 243 simply reverberates the solution given by the KweekSpell at 27 daya for 3 kweeks of 9 daya/kin. 3 different type of kweeks as in the initial serial of love-life-void :: spiral-straight-blind (=on uniQversal chords as “chaordic radiant truth”)

    To the Quote section i would add number 120 : say the mid column covers 20 twin cells; then the remains are 2×120=240 (+20=260) … There the Mirror Tone 5 Speaks its Fusional Light Merging in G(alactic Spectrum)

    122 can be spoken as One 22 (twenty two ~ Solar Wind)

  2. AHA erlebnis of the Daya – SIRdaya 1.5~2.1/2.1.1 :

    “each day is a kin of 261 tzolkin units working on 1 seal doubled”

    can you imagine that as the outcome for sudying the Sirius A & B story which gets 20 to 13 to the 260 combi?

    Then by this collaboration we might define Sirius C as the synergetic compound of the 2 at “oneNESS” … as Lovers are One Couple

    ~~~ after a while having dreamed this conclus’ion …

    we see that one kinethic cycle of the earth cycle is on the 13×20+1 formula …

    and then we also can open up to the kweekspell (or any label one might prefer) formula of (3×3)x3+1 having the 28 kin of one moon on the 13moon grid as leader for memory lane Noosphere …

    ~~~ let me bivideotext’ur Noosphere as a Pie to Slice after Blowing the Candles:

    13 12 12 8 11 8 5 9 5 => 37 19 22 5 => 83 (11)

    in words i’ld say 83 is the infinite three (Boddhisatva?)

    from the Tzolkin board it gives :Overtone Night (=Knight too?) which matches the Overtone Spirit where WIND is the doubled seal of the day(a) …

    How do you feel / sense / live, having thumbled this outcome, TMQ ?

    83 + 122 vie 205 : Planetary Serpent (Survival for the Fittest Planet CareTakers)

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