Kin 141: Red Spectral Dragon on Red Overtone Dragon Moon Day 26

Today, we have a plethora of Elevens!  Today is toned by the Eleventh Spectral Tone.  The G-Force for today is sealed by Eleven11.8 (Galactic Monkey)  Today’s Challenge/Antipode is 11.11, Galactic Signature of Valum Votan.  The letters in Valum Votan add up to  141, todays Kin (1.11).  Also, today, there are  Eleven days until Solstice (Winter Solstice for 90% of us) on Dec. 21, 2009.  Even today’s date:  10 + 12 + 2 + 9 = 33 (=Kin 13.7), the Mystic number composed of 3 Elevens.  At this moment, it is 11.11 a.m. in the Heart of New Zealand.  All of this is occcurring on the 11th day of Wavespell 11, coded by Seal 11:  the Monkey a.k.a. the Magician.  🙂 

The Code Spell for Kin 141:  Red Spectral Dragon states:  “I Dissolve in order to Nurture.  Releasing Being, I seal the input of Birth with the Spectral Tone of Liberation.  I am Guided by my own power doubled.”

The Postulate for 1.11 is:  “The social structures mandated by the Law of Time are telepathic structures of knowing as well.  The integration of biological living patterns in the correct timing frequency, with the pursuit of the creation of mental structures of prolonged duration, will endow the species with a collective telepathic awareness presently unknown.”

Red Dragon Seal 1, the Dragon, belongs to the Cardinal Family which guards the ‘telepathic protectorate zone’ of the Northern Regions of our Earth, and her Throat Chakra.  Seal 1 correlates to Neptune and Circuit Two which it shares with Venus.

ALPHA 26  is in ‘synch’ with today’s tone of Liberation, with it’s action of  RELEASE, and in synch with the Cardinal Family’s Chakra:  Throat‘My Country is he Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  We have begun the first part of the Overtone Moon’s last Telepathic Quantum with the power of extra synchronicity.  Next, envision/build the Right side of the Radion Cube.

Telektonon Day 26 (13 x 2)  is all about the Galactic Power of Time:  13.   “OXLAHUNTIKU:  The Summoning of the conscious power of 13″ .  “With the power of the 13 feminine Oxlahuntiku, we send the telecosmic power of 13 to Pacal Votan to help him  complete his conscious power of  Prophecy: 7.”  (The 13.7 was evoked earlier by today’s Gregorian date).

With only 2 days remaining in  Moon 5,  it’s helpful to be aware that we are awakening the 5th articulation of this year’s Bolon Tiku.  Imagine Empowering energy Radiating through  the Right Elbow of  the 6th Lord of The Ring:  “Awesome Vast Blue Sky“.

On the topic of Blue and Sky, here is a Mystery to ponder: What do you think of this unnatural looking  blue phenomenon in the sky above Norway?

All of the Elevens happening  today on Kin 1.11  warrant a few words from Channel 1, page 11 of   “Book of the Timespace”: 

Space is an infinitely locatable point.”  “Time is the universal factor of synchronization.”  “A TimeSpace is a template of reality requiring organization of, by and for evolving intelligence.”  “We take it for granted, but…Planet Earth…is a highly complex organization of  Timespace that has evolved.”  Our Earth Matrix is a type of training program, and in 2012  “this particular Timespace matrix dissolves and a new Timespace phases in;  the coming  “Sixth  Sun of Consciousness.”

John Lennon,  White Planetary Wizard (a G.A.P.)  died 19 years and 2 days ago.  Some quotes from this visionary hero are appropriate for today’s themes:  “Possession isn’t 9/10th of the law.  It’s 9/10th of the problem!”  “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”  “All you need is Love.”  “Love and Peace are eternal.”   🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 5. 26    Kin 141


4 thoughts on “Kin 141: Red Spectral Dragon on Red Overtone Dragon Moon Day 26

  1. the Question here on NewSirius 1.11 is

    “What do you think of this unnatural looking blue phenomenon in the sky above Norway?”

    i will tell you what i “thinknow” what it is … how i let it in …

    1st this: in 1985 i was traveling NorWay and 2 extraordinary experiences sort of fused in me:
    a) standing at a Norwegian Fjord i listened for the first time in my life to the crack of a Norwegian “Breen” (glacier). This sort of cracked my cosmic egg “the Brain” and i still see for that moment because i at instance realised Ancient Water was Melting into streamy water aGain …
    b) we were walking in the Dovrefjell on the Kongs Vej shortly after a) and i contemplated how the “ViKingKong” travelled this road from Oslo to Trondheim and back again. It was his act for showing he was the King(Kong) for the whole country as Vikings.

    On topic this area were the Blue Spectral Light was observed is slightly north to the Dovrefjell. This area starts with the 1st and 8th tone of the octave we expressed in the 16 late TMQ cubes. Is this related? and how was it all related?

    Then we have to bind the fact Danmark is a part of the Scandinavian Countries … and they are having some taskforces on dialogue on the World Climate Issue(s) …

    How can we interpret the whole signal …

    IceWater – KingKong – Climate & TMQ NooSpheric Forces as Agents Catalysing

    This is my weaving as a “weaviking” on a Kongs Vej (“Path”)

    Namasté S’ace Sirius~C8.1 (Column Eight dot One/Twenty)

  2. 2nd comment from kweek’all in 6.1 ~ SìrDaya Pionering G’r*uneD(ance) …

    can you see the tale’nt from your line 2 kin ago, dear TMQ?

    quôte: “Your creative comments are always so thought-provoking-even the parts that aren’t totally comprehended.”

    2 spices can be adapted / pivoted here, i offer as an opportunity at hand (to the Worldbridger GAP Coming) …

    is this okay with U?

    * creative comment – i’ld articulate as fRictional comment , simply while that is the spice that describes the vortex given by the writer (me); then creative has an other source (which one? a collective one? a bilateral one? other?)

    * thought-provoking – includes a judgement that has a Babylonic influence … and i offer here the opposite of the word “postpone” which would be “prepone” – but then that one is not in the dictionary , strange enough.

    Conclusion Weeked in our WaterBags can be: we are on a noospheric journey getting some stress out of our vocabulary … which in fact is why the dreamspell linguistically setting attracted my mind at an elegant mood.

    ~~~ on the topic in Scandinavia i offer this page here as a link that is parallel to the blue sky happening while this song of U2 (as a “V2”) is mentioned in the stream of TMQ miss’iles that unify a lot of peoples mindsets on love strings …

    here 2 bivideotex’pieriements into a numbears:

    * valum votan : 5 1 12 6 13 – 5 12 7 1 13 => 35 – 38 => 73!

    * mollust : 13 12 12 12 6 8 7 => 25 24 21 => 70

    ** together 143 ~ blue cosmic night – DreamSpell 5.28 (GLORY daya)

    Then 73 at valum votan is the postponed value on 141 given by Bolon Ik and represents a full 52 year Tzolkin Round synchronizing 73 Cy’clues …

    GoodDaya! S’ace

    ‘) prepone and postpone go together from akashic interval, of course 😉

  3. on the Norway issue of 12/9 i share those lines:

    “We are moving through the Triad of Portals 11/11/09, 12/12/09, and 12/21/09. The 11/11/09 StarGate portal was about individual change. The 12/12/09 StarGate portal involves changes within Groups. We have seen on 12/9/09 a vortex open in the sky over Norway which is a Celestial Sign and also a StarGate portal allowing in vast StarShips from another Galaxy. These Ones are here on Earth from the Cosmic Forces of Light to assist the Galactics already here in massive joint operations for completion. This Operation will last 72 hours and then this portal will close.”

    and i ask aGain from TMQ what she sees as a meaningful signal coherent to all the fields we are wielding …?

    i think – apart from a lot of guessing and gambling – we should share thoughts from origin planes of intelligence to get course out of the mesh of data let go into a natural rise – as we here might be able to transmit …

    will you either cover , TMQ , or include it in the stream as an immanent psi …

    thX for all attention ~ en G’arde 😉 S’ace

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