Magic Turtle Kin 23: Planetary Night codes Beltane and the end of Planetary Moon

The Moon, the  Maya and most ancient cultures divided the Solar Ring of 365 days into 13 Moons  of 28 days.   Many also continue to honor the Sun’s cycles, 8 times each year.  Temples, Pyramids and Stonehenge attest to the ancient observance  of the Sun at  it’s extremes during the Solstices, and it’s total balance with darkness at the Equinoxes.   There are also 4 cross-quarter days between the Solstices and Equinoxes, and Beltane (now better known as May Day) is the most popular of these.  

On this Planetary Night, it’s fitting to remember the many bonfires that would light up our Planet, like terrestrial stars, on the Night of Beltane.  Celtic countries still follow this custom, which symbolizes purification and transition, and the Germanic countries celebrate it as Walpurgis Night.  For most of the world, ‘MayDay‘ now conjures up visions of Flowers and Maypoles.        This Pre-Christian Sacred Holiday was celebrated on the FullMoon between the Equinox or Solstice  by revering Flora, the Goddess of Flowers.  Now, May 1 has been partially usurped as a day of protest:  International Worker’s Day.   May Peace,  Joy,  Firelight and Flowers prevail!

The Code Spell for Kin 23:   Blue Planetary Night is:  “I Perfect  in order to Dream.  Producing Intuition, I seal the input of Abundance with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.  I am guided by the power of Magic.”

Blue Planetary Monkey
Red Planetary Skywalker Blue Planetary Night Yellow Planetary Warrior
  White Self-existing Mirror

Today we are Challenged by Planetary Skywalker and this Magic Turtle Day is Guided by Magic.  Occult Self-Existing Mirror codes the Night for Planetary Bon (French for Good) Fires (Light).  The G-Force for Kin 23 is Kin 161: Overtone Dragon.  The PSI of 14.11 leads us into the Spectral (11) Day of Seal 14‘s Wavespell, which is another Magic Turtle Day, coded by the Antipode of 14.11!

The two components of this Magic Turtle Day, 6.10 and 3.10 = 9.7, whose Challenge is Kin 59:  Resonant Storm, which codes the year of the 12/21/2012 Solstice and the 7 Mystic Moons of 2013.  The numerical value of the letters in Beltane = 59:  Blue Resonant Storm  🙂

The Postulate for 3.10 states: The radial design of the 13:20 Frequency of Synchronization  maintains order in motion.  In the third dimension, duration of geometric form maintains order of Time.  Increase of orders of conscious complexity increases the incidence of geometry as formal variety within the life processes of the organic realm, at first unconsciously, then consciously.”

   Seal 3:  Night.  The Offering (Puja) has “already been made since the beginning.”  Night dreams Abundance heaped up as the limitless offering to the Divine One.”  Night or Dreamer activates the centrifugal force.  The Dreamer exemplifies abundance as the intuition of Love.  GK-Saturn;  Signal;  Southern Regions;  Solar Plexus.

SILIO 28:  Discharge;  GK-Uranus;  Heart:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth“.  CUBE;  Buddha;  Pleaides.

On Silio 28 we place our Spirit and Intention inside Codon Cube 45, which we have constructed around us.  This special Master Codon  codes the entire last 13 weeks (PLUS this Week 1 and  Week 13  of this 4th quarter) before our GM108X Day-out-of-Time.   Codon 45OCEANS OF PRESENCE [Gathering Together (Massing)] synchronistically energizes the “kind of gathering that is synchronized every year on the Day-out-of-Time, all around the World.”  The spontaneous Joy generated by such ‘Massing’  or ‘gathering together’  can be  positively Earth-Transforming!  Let’s keep this intent in mind, as we now place the  Planetary Unified Field Cube around us inside the Codon  Cube and discharge all to the Heart of the Earth, her Crystal Core.    Meditate the Circumpolar RAINBOW BRIDGE: LOVE, WISDOM and JOY  

SILIO 28 places us in UR EARTH 7:  Earth in Heaven Spirit Tower’.  Today we telepathically rehearse the Last 28 Day Moon of the 13 Baktuns, which is coded by the 7th Solar Witness:  205:  Yellow Overtone Sun.  We  also connect with the 7th Mystic Moon- the last one before our Galactic Synchronization in 2013, which is coded by Kin 208:  Yellow Cosmic Star (8.13).  It is interesting to note that 8.8, our Guiding Star to our Galactic Synchronization is the difference between their  Seals and Tones  🙂


Telektonon Day 28:  Palace of Heaven, coded by 2.2;  Joyous Wind Spirit.  “Uranus Unveiled-Tower of Babel redeemed as the Spirit Tower of the telepathic redemption of the lost planets”.  “Pacal Votan descends to Earth to undertake another 13 Moons Turtle, 28 Day journey joining Heaven and Earth.”

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThe period of time that was extended Cube Day 21 (Telepathic Memory) in the Southern Hemisphere and Hunab Ku Kin 21 in the Northern Hemisphere produced several new Kin joining our ‘144 Community of the 441 Cube of Truth’.  The two 21’s framing/cubing  that narrow period of time represented our 441, while one of our new  members of the Cube:  Chaz, Kin 144Yellow Magnetic Seed exemplifies the 144  🙂

Chaz’s  partner, Mari is G.A.P. Kin 192; Yellow Planetary Human.  She stated their intention of joining during the Moon that is coded by her tone of Manifestation.  Her Kin number is an anagram of her sister Melovia’s Kin 129.  On page 129 of the ‘Master Synchronic Code Book’, which begins the codes for this year, it says that during the Self-Existing Seed year, we are “Awakening the Evolutionary Cycle of the Planetary Human in Devotion to the Supreme All-Transcendant One”.  Moon 1 of the Blue Electric Storm Year was coded by Kin 144.  During that year, we awakened the Supreme Golden Maiden who is coded by Kin 198:  Electric Mirror, whose G-Force is Kin 192:  Planetary Human!

Next to join us were Melovia and Mari’s parents, Ruby Kin 221:  Red Cosmic Dragon, and her husband of 64(!) years, Eric who is Kin 18, White Overtone Mirror.  Melovia writes:  “ Together they add up to 239 Overtone Storm which is the Occult of today’s Kin 22!!.   Additionally, their initials, R (18) and E (5) equal 18.5, Overtone Mirror.  This G.A.P. couple exemplify long-lasting Love and Devotion, a wonderful addition to our Cube.

Two more Grandchildren (Stephane is already a member) of this special couple also joined our Cube.  Melovia’s two sons:  “Matt, Kin 227, Blue Rhythmic Hand, Core Family, White Wind Wavespell. And Cyrus, Kin 245, Red Spectral Serpent, Polar Family, Blue Eagle Wavespell” are now a part of our Community of the Cube.  Matt and Cyrus triple the amount of (known) Catalytic Blue Kali energy, and Cyrus is our second Pacal Votan Clear Sign.  (Actually the 3rd one, since Pacal Votan himself was recently ‘inducted/invoked’ into our Cube of Truth.)

Next to join the 441 Cube was Alan, Kin 240:  Yellow Rhythmic Sun, which makes his partner, TMQ,  ‘Joyous’!  He radiates steady sunshine and support of all kinds, which is so welcomed into our Community  🙂

We now have a Wizard among us:  Prince William, heir to the British Throne and the ‘Magical genes’ of King Arthur and the ‘Sacred genes’ of the Merovingian Bloodline.  TMQ ‘seconded‘ Melovia’s desire to have Kin 254:  White Resonant Wizard inducted  into our Cube.  Prince William brings with him the ‘Resonant’  Heart energy of his Mother, the Queen of Hearts, to which the whole Planet responds.  It feels ‘right’ to have him join us during this double ‘Magic Turtle Time’.  The Prince of Wales also brings the ‘Round Table’ and Camelot back to life!Prince William

We Welcome and Cherish all of our new Kin with our Hearts and Souls!

Kodiak Sky, Kin 93 Lunar Skywalker has mentioned the Day-out-of-Time and the Crest 13 in recent comments, a welcome reminder of projects to focus our growing community upon.  During the next week, TMQ will update our 144 Community of the 441 Cube of Truth, and pages devoted to the GM108X Day-out-of-Time and Crest 13 ideas.  As always, your input is sought and appreciated.  🙂peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

Before the Planetary World-Bridger Moon ends at Midnight, please remember to Manifest the awakening of the 10th articulation (Left Hip) of this year’s Bolon Tiku:  ‘Awesome Vast Blue Sky’ 

Enjoy the Double Magic Turtle Transition (initially guided by Magic)  into the Spectral Hand Moon of Liberation.  This Moon-to-Moon Transition is even supported by the Bonfires of Purification and Transition which will be  lit on the night of Planetary Night  🙂 

N. S.  1. 22. 10. 28.           Earth in Heaven            Kin 23

9 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Kin 23: Planetary Night codes Beltane and the end of Planetary Moon

  1. kin 234: White Cosmic Wizard:My Father to Cube?

    kin 154: White Spectral Wizard :My Brother to Cube?

    It sea-ms that winds of Change, have mi full attent-tion.

    With One Coming,
    With One Leaving.
    The Point of beginning and Ending is No L-on-ger.

    One Circle. One Movement.

    Good daya Cube Familiy.

    • yes to the wizards!!!
      If we take 314 (3.14 being the number of Pie=Round Table)
      and stand it to be purified by our 260Kin, we get kin54.
      Lunar Wizard….which compassportals us to 2dayas post by or beloved TMQ, on Spectral Moon Seli 2.

      “The large poster from the Mystery of the Stone entitled “Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion“, (nestled between the two ‘Venus Transits’) show that our ‘Return of Camelot’ began during the ‘Blue Catalytic Kali’ year (2007-2008) which was coded by the White Lunar Wizard and carried the Magic of Cube 11: Monkey”

  2. Right on Alan k240.

    Welcome. High (5)!
    We are Home Team!
    We are the Ones!
    Strong MINDS with Vast Knowledge.

    93.39. One Giver.

  3. Beltane & Magick Turtle Greetings from this Welsh Celtic Lass here hear!

    Thank you TMQ for this morning charge of UR post — on the way out just now to sweatlodge building and sweatlodge tonight with our Elder, Turtle Mother to the Shawnee (who S ace wonderfully nicknamed as Tortuga Mom :).

    I created these Medicine Shields from some drumskins gifted by the same Elder (Blue Cosmic Eagle), and did so in reflection of our work together, as well as the work with Rysa and others too:

    Sharing as best one can in a cyber-manner:

    Here is also another look at the MAY POLE/MONOPOLE
    as seen through the eyes of teacher of the COSMIC CUBE:

    And welcome in to fellow brother PRINCE WILLIAM
    as once my family were the royal huntsmen to the King
    (so the geneology story goes)
    and resonate with some things along these LINES
    to the HOLY GRAIL:: merkaba teks
    and only in a manner which is to return the ANCIENT WISDOM
    by Re-Membering what can be retrieved via grid – sacred sites
    and Akashic Record downloads–dispensed on the noo
    activations, and reconnecting stars and stone

    the Welsh have a delightful saying:
    Y Ddraig Goch ddyry gychwyn
    The Red Dragon Will Show You The Way

    We may have no fire it is now close to STORM,
    however the PHI-RE is GOOD LIGHT

    Namaste to All
    and Good Dreams
    All Love
    Sky K100



    • iz STORM the WIND that blows the WIND as a WHISTLING MOOd :: a daya?

      i saw to ur art ma precious one:

      and saw how the kweakclock moves in this peace of art …

      the 6 is a form that represents ma storm in the belowbelly, the p’elvis

      then the 9 appears contact from the hara with the cosmo circle

      as 1 vertical axis as | which spins smoothly in vain veins nerving @RTH

      ))))) (((((

  4. We are all ONE family, but what an honour to have our parents/nephews now in the Community Cube with us. Thanks to Melovia for the initiation, sharing and prompting, and to TMQ for your unique insight & kind words.

    Beltane… well, on another interesting sidenote this is the day (May 1st) that our Dad’s (Eric) mother, Dorothy Mae Fuller, was born in England 1901. A more beautiful soul I have never known, and I am ever so grateful to this woman… for her courage in travelling to Canada at the tender age of 13 (alone & NEVER to see her family again!!) … enabling us to experience true expansion of freedom and thought in a “new world” in a “new age”.
    Grandma, you live on in my heart, with everlasting love & gratitude…

    Time now to have a celebratory fire in our garden firepit… nature beckons!!
    Beltane Blessings to all who read!

    ~ Mari 192 ~

  5. Wonderful Post thank you:D
    thought you might enjoy my Beltane Blessing machinima film

    Bright Blessings
    elf ~

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