Kin 225: Red Self-Existing Serpent of Alpha 5 of Overtone Moon 5

Red Self-Existing Serpent

Red Self-existing Dragon
Blue Self-existing Eagle Red Self-existing Serpent White Self-existing Wizard
  Yellow Planetary Warrior
I Define in order to Survive,  Measuring Instinct.
I seal the store of Life Force with the Self-Existing tone of Form.
I am guided by the power of Birth.
Today’s G-Force is Kin 91:  Cosmic MonKEY The Guide is Kin 121, Self-Existing Dragon which codes the birth of the Law of Time.
Postulate 5.4“The evolution of the Galactic Brain follows a strictly regulated process in which the transition from instinctual consciousness to telepathic continuing consciousness is inevitable and represents the ultimate crisis in the development of the biosphere.  The error in time only induced what was an inevitable consequence of a species operating with instinctual consciousness and mechanized laws of space, but without the knowledge of the Law of Time”.
  ALPHA 5:    RELEASE:  THROAT/VishuddhaChakra05.gif    Reimar Cosmic Night brings us the news of
HIP 13044 b, an exoplanet orbiting a star that entered our galaxy, the Milky Way,  from another galaxy.  This planet of extragalactic origin was detected by a European team of astronomers in Chile.
Astronomers find first planet from another galaxy
   Pleiades large.jpg
On Rhythmic Hand, the Full Moon will be very near to the Pleaides  🙂
Self-Existing Serpent is the Galactic Signature of Henry Longfellow, who wrote the poem about the American revolutionary and ‘Freedom-Rider, Paul Revere’.   He (and all the ‘Writers of Freedom’) would decry this advance in limiting internet free-speech:  ”  A senate panel voted 19-0 to introduce legislation which “Critics of the legislation have said [it] would censor free speech online and damage the Internet.
From CHC VI:  Book of the Transcendence by Valum Votan and Stephanie South: 
“To gain a wider view of cosmos, it is important to develop the capacity to withdraw our mind from the chaos of the world, and look down on the whole Earth from above.” 
The Divine calls upon the human in order to realize itself.”The Earth from space © NASA
“It is the duty of those who hear the call to surrender and merge with the COSMIC ENERGIES that are currently working for the LIBERATION of EARTH”. 
 N. S.  1. 23. 5. 5.                                                                 Kin 255


4 thoughts on “Kin 225: Red Self-Existing Serpent of Alpha 5 of Overtone Moon 5

  1. in lak’ech
    the lOOoove was drippin’ from all corners and edges of this world.
    as soon as i’m still, seems,lol
    and i feel you much stronger nOw, of course…

    BUT, didnt tm lately say, we are more than 300 here ?

    unbelievable… it feels like we’re not more than 10 or 13…
    so, thankyou s’ace, for your warm nOrthSeabeezze««e
    and YOU know, it’s oUR dream –all ofUSreaders here–oURdream
    though we could need some corroboration against this reddish-white multicolourspectralized witchfront,

    -maybe even a sun-child…..!
    or many…
    Love to you all.

    The error in time; the inevitable consequence of the proceedinG one.
    with instinctual consciousness in mechanizational alléés of space,
    oUR monKEY-mind lOst in innertime contradiction

    at heaven’s canopy
    something enters oUR galaxy
    144–03, about 2000 light-years from Earth in milkyway’s southern Furnace;
    aan exoplanet, having survived the RUbedo of his hoststar — the red giant phase
    …….is havinG a stroll…nOw even planets dare to have a look…

    …and then this blue hand…
    another unit of planetary, stellar stream;
    snatched UP by galactic sURge

    on a hair’s bridth
    on the ZuVuYa…..fourdimensional circulatinG power
    for galactic-solar-planetary 5D-hyperradion dOwnlOads
    it’s the Geeee-force, essence of the FIFTH
    GIVING CIRCULATION, get in motion thru rO-zazenTATIOn;
    and we thrOw oUR 5th Force-Oracle

    fOrm nURtURinG blueprintpOwer
    collectinG stardust,
    mindcruising cOrrective fractalfOam
    logical progression on an outer stand

    CoRRECTION… -…’Space’Times’
    of the hijacked bi-pOlar vesica-piesces cOde
    Infiltrated ‘binary’Code’Reverse’
    ConsciOusness pOlarity split -third code left out.
    cast out by daily spell
    inside the 7 x 113
    and 7 x 114
    day cycles : RetURn of sacred pOwer
    lOrd of the Dawn arising
    –i seek refuge with the lOrd of the Dawn––from the mischief Of created things
    WE’re ma(n)kinGd the fourth dimensiOn FLUID–, by awakeninG the noOsphere as a mental field of global cOherence.

    logical progression ‘s got the upper hand
    so understand in lake’ch cosmicnight143

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