Kin 244: Yellow Planetary Seed codes Overtone Gamma 24: Telepathic Meditation

Yellow Planetary Seed

Yellow Planetary Human
White Planetary Wizard Yellow Planetary Seed Blue Planetary Eagle
  Red Self-existing Earth
I Perfect in order to Target,  Producing Awareness.
I seal the input of Flowering with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.
I am guided by the power of Free Will.
The G-Force for Planetary Seed is Overtone Wind/Spirit, and the PSI for Overtone 23, 24 and 25 is Lunar Seed. 
4.10:  “The duration of the biosphere as the complexification of the dialectic of crystal and its secondary reflex, life, constitutes the whole order of the Galactic Brain in all of its spectrum of evolutionary possibilities. The biosphere evolves through the preconscious to the unconscious, and from the unconscious, passing through the conscious and continuing conscious to the super conscious and subliminal conscious.”
GAMMA 24:  PACIFIES;  Third EyeChakra06.gif
The Long Count codes today as Lunar Earth, the day in the Dreamspell (Kin 197) which began the two sacred cycles of 113 and 144, ending on the Crystal Hand Solstice and the Galactic Seed Galactic Synchronization in 2013.  Today’s combined Dreamspell Kin (4.10) and Long Count (17.2) mirror  the numbers (21.12) coding the Gregorian date of the 12/21/2012 Solstice.
Today’s combined numbers, squared, equal the 144 – 441 Cube of Truth. 
           peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace          Géode V 3 1 duale.gif          peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
The Solar NightHeart of Nine”  post on oUR Overtone “Lover’s Reunion” elicited 22 great comments from our 441 Cube Kin  🙂  Reimar 13 Night offered beautiful songs by Kin 7.1, Brian Emo, along with his usual sparkling words.  Christine 3 Skywalker synchronistically  reached the topic of Easter Island while researching boustrophedon, and S’ace 9 Wind’s report of the man who  “died on the way to the burial sites in Peru”  Rongorongo Qr3-7 color.jpg     (As a left-hander, TMQ knows that writing from bottom right to top left would have been so much easier.  This earlier form of writing reflects a fourth-dimensional order, anits interesting to reflect on how left-handedness and it’s right brain connection to 13:20 values has been maligned and discouraged in various ways) 
The day after birds were featured in ccomments and the blog, Kin 133 alerted us to the upcoming sale of  James Audobon’s  “Birds of America” book which “sold at Sotheby’s last night for a staggering ₤7.3 million ($11.5 million) including buyer’s premium, a record for a printed work.”  It’s nice to have ART and NATURE in the limelight, and so highly valued  🙂
This image from Kin 143 called “Sky Dakini”  synchronizes with  current themes.  🙂
N. S.  1.  23. 5. 24.  Cube 18:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION   Kin 244

7 thoughts on “Kin 244: Yellow Planetary Seed codes Overtone Gamma 24: Telepathic Meditation

  1. in lak’ech
    that was just another day …on earth

    with dimminG breakbeatz from ‘goldenMaiden’-divas of ancient times
    anotherone begiNs:

    i like this packed 3er refrain into the 4/4 and it makes me think…,
    maybe, . ..
    i’ve some homework still to do, with the local skywalkerIssue and ma of my 11-er, who calls himself virtually ”m.c. s.s. king valentin” or so, lol.

    So that a cat’s ladder can be installed.………as one of his nice pair “dandy” by name, needs legroom and some discipline
    he likes bitin,,, any cable, he finds worthy and still is ‘his size’, luckily.

    an…i’m gonna spee3d up a little my current good-natURed disposition from 2/3…to 18/17 -er tact, maybe? –

    and follow the heed of an uprising middle-Toned Chief of Midwayer’s advice, concerning deep mind-train
    he says, The contact of the mortal mind with its indwelling Adjuster, while often favored by devoted meditation, is more frequently facilitated by wholehearted and loving service in unselfish ministry to one’s fellow creatures…,
    and DEFINITELY shutdown this machine now wuuhuu
    wish you a nice jour – neé.

    A in Paper 91 of The Urantia Book – P.1000

  2. on this serpent kindaya the seed is still current page …

    so this has a meaning i read as SIGN THE PETITION!

    so, dear fellowww kin did u sign the 144000 call for installing the 13MooN?

    as a matter of fact i didnot recall myself havin’signed it yet …
    (maybe cause the memory flush overload was at stake):

    anyway i signed it a’gain , to be sure … number 12747 showed as a number
    to see for its vibrations considering the last 1300 year flush offspin
    densed in todaya 12/9 2010 – SERPENT 11 in the 5th MOON

    N. S. 1. 23. 5. 25 at seal 5 tone 11
    invites for a KWEAK spotlight on SIRdaya which burns the SIRIUS ion

    The Serpent bites its OWN T’AIL … in order to SPEAK its own TALE – once again

    in that spotlight i see our PETITION as a CHANCE to rise it in the FREEd & OPEN cells all around on the CYBERphased PLANET ready to REE … CHRIS-T-MASS~T i me (r)evolving the toroidal vacuum …

    • and the oracle reading in 12747 …

      sums into 21 – the galactic dragon just a kin before 22
      747 as a number familiar to flyers – bo*ing …
      747 minus 520 gives 227 – the rhythmic hand

      is it the hand of the GUITAR MAN ?

      too soft ? or just fine:

      FOCUS in an early show of a familiar American Woman in Media

      “Hocus Pocus” as the Wizard Gesture Enchanting the Wielding Wheels’

  3. 244 sort of indicates it is pulsed to set a 4th “replY” here …

    sets the term for 13! daya STARwave ALLIES , or better ALLKIN’D

    Inspect the STAR seal/tone for its spices …

    here the affirmation speak …

    Yellow Magnetic Star
    Green Central Castle of Enchantment
    Earth family- Signal Clan- Blood

    I unify in order to beautify
    Attracting art
    I seal the store of elegance
    With the Magnetic tone of purpose
    I am guided by my own power doubled

    ~~~MOBILiZER tone iz 9 at WARRIOR

    (personally dedicated to my oldest BRBR’other,
    a monkey kin celebrating birthdaya)

    Yellow Solar Warrior
    Green Central Castle of Enchantment
    Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Sky

    I pulse in order to question
    Realizing fearlessness
    I seal the output of intelligence
    With the solar tone of intention
    I am guided by the power of free will


    “let us cleanse what is to be cleansed!”


    then on the 10th tone my dear YaniQ celebrates on EARTH seal, tone 11.

    consider the opportunity to send this invitation to whom it might concern (eg. i.s.o. a CARD)

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