Kin 45: Red Rhythmic Serpent Begins the 8th Galactic Moon of Integrity, coded by Red Galactic Earth

Red Rhythmic Serpent

Red Rhytmic Serpent
Blue Rhytmic Eagle Red Rhytmic Serpent White Rhytmic Wizard
  Yellow Galactic Warrior
I organize in order to survive
balancing instinct.
I seal the store of life force
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s Challenge, Rhythmic Eagle, is also today’s G-Force.  The Eagle and the 8th Moon’s totem:  the Hawk belong to the same family:  Accipitridae.  The Hidden Power for the kin that begins this Galactic Moon is Galactic Warrior
The first 3 days of each Galactic Moon correspond to the PSI of GAP Overtone Star.  Today’s Postulate discusses the PSI Bank:
5.6: The PSI bank is the “brain” of the biosphere, the guiding force of the evolution of time and consciousness governing the evolutionary stages of the biosphere.  As the repository of all thought, unconscious and conscious, the psi bank remains in the instinctual unconscious until the advent of self-reflective thought. The Noosphere is the PSI bank made into the continuing conscious regulator of life.”
 DALI 1:  TARGET;  CROWN  Chakra07.gif
Today’s  Analog is  coded by the Analog of Rhythmic Wizard.  ‘Our 6 Wizard, Priscella began this Moon by linking us to this ‘magical’ video about material discussed in CHC Volume V:  Chapter 11:  The Wizard’s Garden  🙂  Go to fullsize image  
This 29th Heptad corresponds to  Codon 35:  MIND EXPANDING:  Cosmic Order Enlightens Space.
  During the Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity, we awaken the ‘Galactic Left Shoulder’ of the Bolontiku, Single Wing Red Fire.
 Kin 177:  Red Galactic Earth codes this 8th Moon of Integrity and Harmony
Red Galactic Dragon
Blue Galactic Hand Red Galactic Earth White Galactic Wind
  Yellow Rhytmic Seed
I harmonize in order to evolve
 modeling synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation
with the galactic tone of integrity.
I am guided by the power of birth.
We have an extra dose of Synchronicity from the Long Count Kin that begins this MoonRed Planetary Earth.
 The G-Force for this Galactic Earth Moon is Blue Crystal MonKEY, which codes Madame BlavatsKEY .

Each Galactic Moon,  telepathically connects us  to Baktun 8:  Baktun of the Annointed One (BC 353-AD 41)

During these 28 days, let’s expand our beliefs to encompass all the unseen (by most) of God’s creations, and to live with greater Harmony and  Integrity by following “The Golden Rule of the Annointed One, 🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 8. 1.          Galactic Earth Moon   Kin 45
 Kin 177:  Red Galactic Earth codes this 8th Moon of Integrity and Harmony

14 thoughts on “Kin 45: Red Rhythmic Serpent Begins the 8th Galactic Moon of Integrity, coded by Red Galactic Earth

  1. on this kin-ethical energy moment is just started a lecture/program on the internet which somehow binds the NRG of 44 and 45 …

    Overtone Seed and Rhythmic Serpent …

    the Yellow and the Red in a HURRY …

    the title iz “from SDi to SDis” in 28 daya …
    SDis : Spiral Dynamics integral semantico
    is based on the work of susan satori and the equation she gave free with

    In 28 daya this work is cut and pasted by the master of 9 daya a kweak.

    U might be the ones who k’now this from prime cardinal core …

    thank u all for vibrating what u allow u’r bloodY selves !
    (details might followww)

      • The other day (Kin 44 😉 ) I had a card come to me from the Mayan Oracle, and that card was EIGHT : Harmonic Resonance : “Pierced by the harmonic of the one heart, you sing ecstasy’s song. Join in singing the dream awake!”, which appears in the accompanying book on p. 142. I noted a nice mirror to the day’s All-In Kin of 241.

        Now I see on the Satori work (a fantastic compilation & resource!) Harmonic Resonance under Jose Arguelles (V.V.) 1987: ‘harmonize, modeling, galactic, integrity’ and ‘two groups of four; A balance of systems seeking commonality; In this way, we Integrate.” I scrolled over for the associated names of Science: “Bacon, da Vinci, Vannevar, Bush.”

        So this is a synchronicity that keeps on giving! 🙂 On this first day of Galactic Moon of Integrity, here’s the rest of the text:

        “Eight is the ray of harmonic resonance, the foundation of self combined with the current of the trinity. It is love made visible. Create the flow of harmony in your life. Enter the spiral frequencies of the greater galactic grid. You are being offered empowerment through your innate resonance with this grid. Be aware of where you are drawn, for there you will find unique opportunities. Discover the harmony of being in this natural resonance with others. Be receptive. You are the diviner of harmony, the meeting ground of physical reality and the infinite.

        “Bring a deeper harmony to the practical circumstances in which you find yourself. Free the ego from its self-centeredness. Embrace the potent energies that are raising the harmonic frequencies of the planet. Breathe easily; you are the song being sung by the new golden octave. Sound the resonant tone of the one heart!”

        In lak’ech!

  2. Ornithology Sync! Metacafe. And on EASTER noo less. Phoenix loove…


    Significance – Celebrates the resurrection of Jesus/Quetzalcoatl…
    2010 date April 4 (both Western and Eastern) Bivid???
    2011 date April 24 (both Western and Eastern) Bivid???
    2012 date April 8 (Western) Genesis?
    April 15 (Eastern) Exodus?


    The next Galactic Birthday for kin 101
    is in 55 days on 4/4/2011…5544…


    I Perfect in order to Nurture
    I Produce Being
    I seal the input of birth
    With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
    I am guided by the power of Universal Water



    The next Galactic Birthday for kin 256
    is in 210 days on 9/6/2011


    I Pulse in order to Question
    I Realize Fearlessness
    I seal the output of intelligence
    With the Solar tone of Intention
    I am guided by the power of Free Will



    I Activate in order to Question
    I Bond Fearlessness
    I seal the output of intelligence
    With the Electric tone of Service
    I am guided by the power of Universal Fire


    The next Galactic Birthday for kin 121
    is in 75 days on 4/24/2011- HAHA, hut hut! 4242 – Monkey!


    I Define in order to Nurture
    I Measure Being
    I seal the input of birth
    With the Self-existing tone of Form
    I am guided by the power of Navigation



  3. April 15 [Lunar Eagle] (Eastern) e/x/O/d/US? TAX DAY IN US.

    Daya 7 in the midst of the inhale GAP cycle – on Alpha, Plan/eta/R/Y 12

    Kin 112 – Galactic Human 😉

    The next Galactic Birthday for kin 112
    is in 66 [Magnetic Worldbridger] days on 4/15/2011


    I Harmonize in order to Influence
    I Model Wisdom
    I seal the process of free will
    With the Galactic tone of Integrity
    I am guided by the power of Intelligence


  4. Today (Kin 46 White Resonant Worldbridger) is Day 2 of the 4-day cycle of the biphasic codon:

    Harmonic 12 : SOLAR STORE : Remember Elegance of Intention
    Codon 26 : TEMPLE OF TIME : Cosmic Awareness Informed

    (Again both represented by circumpuncts!)

    The month (Kin 177) and year (Kin 109) add to 26: P.V.C.S. White Cosmic Worldbridger. So Kin 46’s Combined Dreamspell Kin (CDK) is Kin 72 Yellow Human and yet another Resonant tone on a day whose Oracle already contains 5 Resonant Kin.



    Man killed by cockfighting bird
    A US man who died after attending an illegal cockfight in California bled to death after being accidentally stabbed in the leg by a bird with a knife attached to its limb, officials say.

    Payback is a bitch. 🙂

    Single Wing Red Fire…Hawk…Cock…do we live what we believe?

    And Melovia – i posted Lisa’s missive on my facebook. Wherever 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, EYE am there/their/they’re with thee. 😉 Whee!

    Has anyone here had buzzing symptoms? My left ear when i wake up usually is tingling for a bit – guidetalk i suppose. 😉 According to this chapter the Superconscious 5th sphere is located here. In the last two days prior to reading Part IV of the CHC my heart chakra has been buzzing intermittently like crazy…hmm…

    In Lak’ech,

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