Magic Turtle Kin 29: Red Electric Moon codes Electric Limi 20; Cube 14: Timelessness

MULUC  Kin 29

Red Electric Moon

Red Electric Skywalker
Blue Electric Storm Red Electric Moon White Electric Dog
  Yellow Spectral Human
I activate in order to purify
bonding flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of space.
The G-Force for this Magic Turtle Day is 10 Night Today’s Guide is 3 Skywalker, which codes Christine 🙂  The Challenge, Electric Storm coded the 5th year of the Mystery of the Stone. 
The PSI for Electric 20 is 11 Dog, a combination of Kin 29’s  Analog Seal and the Occult’s tone.  The Long Count Kin is 7 Dragon.
9.3:   The cultivation of sensory teleportation through maintaining a projective geometry coordinated according to sets of time vector potentials, organized by a collective multiplicity of planetary stations or points, establishes a continuing conscious field known as the telepathic matrix.  The telepathic matrix is not created as an abstract function, but is the evolved necessity of the biosphere-noosphere transition.

197 days after the ascension of Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles, the world lost another visionary Steve Jobs, coded by  Rhythmic Wizard.   His death on Crystal Serpent [Kin 26 South. Hem.] served to initiate a global Crystal Round Table.  Kin 162 is mourned by many  millions around the world, who realize they are more connected because of Steve Job’s innovative inventions.  Steve Jobs The 2006 here reflects his 2.6 Signature, and Kin 26, which coded the Southern Hemisphere when he died. Kin 162 is mourned by many  millions around the world, who realize they are more connected, because of Steve Job’s innovative inventions. 

Just 40 days ago, TMQ wrote this on, which was coded by  PVCS 11 Serpent:

“Steve Jobs, who  revolutionized communication, has announced he is resigning from Apple.  “In 1996, Apple Computer, the venerable founder of the personal computer, was struggling to stay afloat.  Now, 15 years later, Apple is the most valuable company in the world in terms of market capitalization.”    Synchronistically, Steve Jobs  is coded by 6 Wind:  “I organize in order to Communicate”.  He is a practicing Buddhist;  “Balancing breath,  I seal the input of  Spirit with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.””Let's pause and remind ourselves of some of the lessons Steve Jobs built his unmatchable reputation on. 

Here are some “Pearls of Wisdom” from this highly accomplished and revered man:

Never fear Failure.   

The most enduring innovations marry art and science.

Listen to that voice in the back of your head that tells you if you’re on the right track or not.

Expect a lot from yourself and others.

Find the most talented people to surround yourself with.

Anything is possible through hard work, determination, and a sense of vision.

The most enduring innovations marry art and science.

Two unique events that occurred on PVCS  Cosmic World-Bridger  seem appropriate for the two visionaries who left oUR Earth 197 days apart.

A Quadruple Rainbow was photographed for the very first time.  Thanks, Christine Kin 133,   for sending this:

Also on 10/ 6, 2011 – Scientists say the Crab Pulsar is emitting the highest-energy gamma rays ever detected from a pulsara highly magnetized and rapidly spinning neutron star – at more than 100 billion electron volts.  That’s more than 50 billion times more energy than the visible light from the Sun”.   “the radiation we detect must be a new component that was completely unexpected”  “Ong describes the [Crab Pulsar]  system as the Rosetta Stone of astronomy’, because it’s been observed at every conceivable wavelength of light.  “The Crab Pulsar is considered among the best understood systems in all of astronomy, yet here we have found something totally new,”

This article describes an interesting development in the ‘revelation‘ of extra-terrestrials/Star People:Lee Ufo

In this report:  Stephanie South, whose Kin codes this Moon, relates  Valum Votan‘s written words about crop circles and extra-terrestrials:

“…the increasingly complex geometrical/mathematical structures of the crop circles bring us the insight that these are coded messages, the activity of a highly focused and directed intelligence, obviously utilizing some kind of “long-distance” telepathic “engraving” technique. 

“…the fundamental message seems to be,  first of all, to let us know that there are higher telepathic technologies in existence that transcend the present reliance of industrial techniques of every kind, and that these technologies can be utilized by beings or intelligences that are completely invisible or hidden from us. Second, interpretations made of the crop circles call for the necessity of the unification of human consciousness.”

Argüelles states that a common theme of the message from extra-terrestrial civilization is that the UFOs will appear en masse in 2012.” 🙂  🙂  

The report ends with Kin  11.11’s  statement:  “This intervention is needed because, by its current operating standards and steadily lowering state of consciousness, humanity could never otherwise get out of its irrevocable slide into total global catastrophe.”

The petition mentioned above will result in humanity being more prepared to interact positively with those who intervene on our behalf  🙂

More of Humanity is beginning to help ourselves by Speaking Truth to Power.  Here is an inspiring speech given by best-selling author Naomi Klein Electric Dog;  today’s Analog/Support   [Thanks Marsha 9 Eagle  for correcting my mistake :)] to the Occupy Wall Street Activists this week.   “Let’s treat this beautiful movement as if it is the most important thing in the world. Because it is. It really is.”

The 3rd week of the Electric Serpent Moon ends tomorrow with a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Self-Existing Dog .

The 12th Heptad/Week of the Rhythmic Wizard year corresponds to Codon 2:   PRIMAL MATRIX:  Tree Informed.

May oUR   Service and Activation Flower  during the Fourth Yellow Ripening Week of the Electric Moon of Service  🙂

N. S.  1. 24. 3. 20.   Cube Fourteen:  TIMELESSNESS     Magic Turtle  Kin  29

9 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Kin 29: Red Electric Moon codes Electric Limi 20; Cube 14: Timelessness

  1. on Steve’s data i received some strange synchronicities

    he was born on 24th day of a moon
    he was born in Moon 1 year
    he was born in 1955
    he was archetypical depicted as Wind
    his LongCount Leg is Sun
    his 3Kweak walking is characterized as Wind ‘)
    the arabic form of the tone number is 6 aka 9

    these seven arguments are alike to Bolon Ik Kin 22
    how many kin later?
    4×28+8=120 daya

    while my 3K is (22+220=) 242 , his kin is (162 + 100=) 2 …

    then why iz ThreeKweak so Revelating and FrontRunning HoMP?

    Steve marks the first WIND in a Tzolkin Cycle …
    which depicts the idea he FrontRunned & Runs 2nd Creation …

    This is also a true meaning for number 2 …
    See also shift 2 on my keyboard: @ (transcending monkey bizz)

    @ is more AppleByte that WindowPeepin’

    must be a Serpent’ino ~ in Lakech ala Kino

  2. Wind whispers Baby,
    I love Pacal’s Stories.
    The one about Intrinsic Glory.
    Remember when we used To Time Travel?
    Recall How We Felt the End of History?
    Please do not slow Down,
    I like it when it moves Quickly.
    UR Time.
    Lunar Witness.
    In Electeic Service.
    UR Eyes are Wide Open.
    I Feel UR Heart Beat,
    Cuz it’s the same as Mine.
    Archetype Hunab Ku.
    TimeShip Prepared.
    Still Aware.
    I Shy away from Words.
    I Urge Numbers.
    Devotion to Galactic Federation.
    Head Held High.
    Eyes on the Prize.
    Arcturus Space Station.
    Strength in Numbers.
    The Ones Who Know.
    Solid Like a Rock.
    Strong Mind.
    Strong Friends.
    Welcome to The NOO.!
    On the other side of Cybersphere.
    We are Here.
    No Fear.
    Agent 93.

  3. thanks ‘ani’, yes the quasi-crystals are an indicator of where humanity is at spiritually, the only reason they are called quasi is because the science of crystalline structures had been pretty much nailed long ago, those crystal structures were/are based on the tetrahedron/cube/octahedron, now you can close pack tetra/oct and cubes forever BUT there is no CENTRE (no Hunab Ku), this is important to grasp, cubes and geometries based on square root of 2 have no centering magnetizing attraction. Quasi-crystal, which should be be called PHI based geometries ALWAYS radiate omni-directionally outward from a centre (Hunab Ku), therefore there is inherent an attracting suction back to that centre, we call that love/source/spirit/god/higher self/ etc etc. Humanity has now these proven facts
    1; Universe is known to be the phi-shape dodecahedron
    2; the centre of this local universe has been located, called the Great Attractor.
    3; quasi-crystals accepted as useful to store LIGHT (symbolically representing our immortal aspect/lightbody)

    To identify the centering attraction to the local universe centre is (for humanity) finding the rudder of the past so that navigating into the future is possible.

    Care needs to be taken with ETs who appear to the masses. Good ETs have zoomed along the future timeline of all they appear to , to check if it will infringe on free will. Negative ETs appear to all without regard of free will, its unlikely that a mass appearance will be by the good guys, not until enough of humanity can integrate that event/experience.

  4. found today in 10th place for ‘laffoley blog’
    The Blog dedicated to rebellion, konspiracy & subversion.

    Sunday, September 11, 2011
    Awesome Architecture: The Gaudi-Laffoley World Trade Center Plan
    The Zeitgeist at Ground Zero Gaudi and the World Trade Center
    September 11, 2010

    When I came to New York shortly after 9-11. I found out about a design
    that was submitted to the World Trade Center Site Memorial
    Competition. As the big firms presented models in the Winter Garden
    one entry was absent from the competition. This architect was far
    better known and loved than any of the others. Why wasn’t his
    building on display?

    OWS is a huge shaming action aimed at those who refuse to and won’t be
    shamed, named nor tamed. The unshamable will also obstruct any shading
    action, no matter how huge. But that might be the better, certainly more
    easily distributable and attributable, dispersable and catch-allable,
    catch-onable, not to mention the more honourable thing to do.

    google shame shade and poetpiet for the 3 decade long run up to my
    thinking in their present stage of ripeness.
    from comments:
    new zealander fella with a fine taste for photography

    Ben on Russ:
    9 parts on youtube

    i realize that the last lines i wrote on the piratenpartei chat just before 2
    am this morn were the motivation and justification for the ohnehin and
    anyway already all out – across the board assault on the music industry.
    One of the very in depth posts by Arthur Pastor (icp insane clown posse
    one is VERY long, he spends time on/in Egypt and poor dark africa), this
    one has a feature length thing (4x 22m google vids) on Laffoley

    Arthur Pastor one on one with Paul … no other folks interviewed
    whatsoever …. the visuals are kinda slow at times.

    plant grafting .. the primordial plant house
    at 12.26 of part 3 it shows one of those earth spanning grids familiar to
    geometry freaks and Arthur calls it the ‘world treehouse’

    Laffoley calls the present memorial ‘almost like waste baskets’ …. close
    enough to my calling these blocked flows and square drains earlier today

    PL claims it needs psychokinetic pendulum, an exorcism, nothing square,
    all curves, iow, the old Gaudi design meant for that very spot in 1908
    … sigh … never heard dumb Laffoley on about native american and their
    very remAinder ghosthurt that lingers not just there but all over the
    continent. He IS a(n alien) spy tempting us to dirty our consciences
    enough for aliens to get (to forget about in their turn, to get) the ok
    from their mastermind(er)s and/or justify their invasions down the line
    on their own. Remember this guy is, despite his global plant grafting
    plans, clearly sailing under the sign of sphinxy ire n fire (see part 1)

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