Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Blue Solar Hand (7.9) in Blue Storm Wavespell 7, Day 9

The last day of the Blue Electric Storm Moon is a synchronistically placed Pacal Votan Clear Sign, Kin 87.  The Affirmation for Blue Solar Hand is:  “I Pulse in order to Know.  Realizing Healing, I seal the store of Accomplishment with the Solar tone of Intention.  I am Guided by the Power of Abundance.”  The numbers 7 and 9  (besides describing the Wavespell (7) and Day (9),  also represent the two sequences of the 16 Day/Year  Cube  Journey.

The Postulate for today’s Pacal Votan Clear Sign, 7.9 is: “The inverse binary symmetry pattern of the 13:20 matrix, extended over four plates or time functions, establishes the Psi as the holonomic registration of the Galactic Brain fully encoded on a planetary scale.  As a result, the Psi bank contains the complete complex of Time Vector Potential, creating Celestial Harmonics, accessible through the Dreamspell codes.” 

From the introduction of  “The 260 Postulates of Time and the Evolution of Time as Consciousness” by Valum Votan:  “The science of the Law of Time is a knowledge base for advanced spiritual technology, as fantastic to us now as the concept of the automobile was three hundred years ago.”  “The perseverance and pursuit of Truth are not humanly controlled, but Divinely guided courses.” 

Valum Votan presented this Supremely important (R)Evolutionary material on Day 23 of Self-Existing Moon (4)  of Self-Existing Storm Year.   19.4 is the Analog of the Moon beginning tomorrow, and it also codes the Heart Oracle of this year’s Lord of Time, so we will begin presenting a Postulate or a quote from the introduction, each day of Self-Existing Sun Moon of Self-Existing Seed Year.  Slowly, but surely, we will penetrate and comprehend the meaning of the Law of Time.

SILIO 28 is the final day of Week 4  of Blue Electric Storm Moon.  Radial Plasma Type 7 has the action of DISCHARGE, and this White plasma concentrates in our Heart Chakra.  Focus your attention on your Heart as you say:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I discharge the Mental Electron at the Center of the Earth.”   On the Seventh day of each week, we put ourSelves/Spirit  in the Center of the 6-sided Cube we have created, and Discharge the Cube/Telepathic Time Atom and our Selves into the Center of the Earth.  On the 28th day of each Moon, we Radiate Love, Wisdom and Healing from the Earth’s Heart to all of Creation.  From the Center of the Earth, visualizing the Red Time Atom above us, the Yellow and White Time Atoms beside us, and the Blue one below, we perform the  Rainbow Bridge Meditation.

On Electric Moon Day 28, we  the awaken  this year’s   Bolon Tiku’s 3rd articulation: the Right Hip of  Awesome Vast Blue Sky.  On this day of meditating from the Heart of the Earth, let’s look at the Heart Oracle of this Lord of Time:  Blue Self-Existing Storm, Kin 199.  The Kin that codes the Moon beginning tomorrow is Yellow Self-Existing Sun, and that Kin(120)  is the Analog for Self-Existing Storm.  The Guide for Self-Existing Storm(19.4) is Self-Existing Eagle and the Antipode is 9.4, Self-Existing Moon.  The Occult for Self-Existing Storm is 2. 10, Planetary Wind.

Three years ago today (October 17th)  there was a Global Meditation called the 10-17, the Day of Maximum Manifestation or the “8-18 Gateway“.  Because the 10th tone is the Tone of Manifestation, The Mystery Queen also meditated upon 17.10, Planetary Earth.  That night, when she reached for her bedtime reading, she had left Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 2 downstairs,  so instead she picked up the book  “Seven Years Mystery of the Stone:  Resurrection of the Soul in Time”  by Valum Votan.  It  fell open to page  51, and  the first words she saw were:  “Planetary (10) Earth   SP Uranus “second Earth” object of the flux tube time tunnel experiment.”  🙂 

It’s interesting to note this on Moon Day 28, when we envision the “Telepathic Redemption of the lost planets” and “Uranus Unveiled”.

3 thoughts on “Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Blue Solar Hand (7.9) in Blue Storm Wavespell 7, Day 9

  1. Great Day – the Last of 13Moon3 goes with number 28 as well 7.9 …

    the line “The numbers 7 and 9 (besides describing the Wavespell (7) and Day (9)” made me think – while it is known Bolon Ik sent the code to Pacal Votan in this crucial Moon Scriptûr as a “ScripThor” – just like an Angel … but then who remembears what Angels actually do and by their doing achieve ? What about a Stirr in the allied groupings that suddenly have insight to a total different world at charge? What does this situation need when we are in contact with our guides and leaders?

    Base7 is to be pivoted to Base9 just as the kweekspell directs …

    Another Clue? As BI ( Bolon Ik / Ix9 / Moon1 / Sun12 ) spells we have to widen up a number jist a little bit: make each serial start by 0 and you see the real number pop up … because by then 1 becomes 0 , 2 1 and 64 63.

    The last example of this magic is current today : 7 to 9 is 63 …

    Earlier BI pointed to 64 as 63+1 … ; so what is at charge here is the Planetary MANITOU. As in the link see it both vertical and horizontal. BI senses the +1 factor is the indication for the new day and affirms the great mission we all individuals have to trust on the flight from departure station into the arrival as a final destiny into planetary peace at a cosmic pace.

    We are all informed on the DNA code which is the number for the sensoric realm; then the other cells are all re-connected at instance at the arrival. Havng accepted the 260 as crucial we might here say it is about 259 minus 63=196 newborn memory cells that are at charge in the horizontal MANITOU – the healing one that is active each Sleepy and Dreamy Night – which makes you a Knight – a warrior that has the Infinite Inner Child Factor (8) alive to accomplish the Kins Destiny on the Planet (9).


    This is also interesting for KIN9-7 : Wavespell9 Resonant Day … This is MIRROR (the occult seal of this wavespell while it is Storm minus 1) and here SEED is at SEVEN ; doubling the Years Masculine Power from its NameGiver Self Existing SEED => which is about fertility => Quality Spice for the Fruit …


    BI sort of closes down the extra focus for this Electric Moon on the 3rd daya in the Kweekspell Dispensensation 😉

    On BI’s Warrior Website the days 26 27 28 are connected to the Telepathic Seals ALPHA LIMI SILIO and they all are transcribed in a Card reading … in the frist kweek of that Psimenu for the DreamSpellers preparing on the Flight.

    Long Ago the label Psimenu was created and given to the Planet – by then the mystery writer from a BI-interval did not mean what it meant. From this day onwards it is here in the writing and on the link page provided where psimenu and the both manitous cling and go together.

    Writings are meant to near the divine ; as seeing a little bit next to what is to be seen delivers the most bright view ! … and thereby the mystery connection field …

    MAN’IK spells both MAN and IK … the white solar winds planetary spirit as a Knowing Healer Accomplishing Gathering Forces into a Flight … its vibration 124 should be written as 123 +1 which is as ABC and a SMILE 🙂

    AHAU 12

  2. hmmm … in the paradigm where 7.9 is the label for this day solar hand , i made an error by pointing to the MIRROR wave as number 9, because it is number 10. So from this reference card 9.7 is Serpent Wave Monkey seal on position 7: Resonant Monkey … this aligns to the messenger Pacal Votan labeled “Valum Votan” ‘) who is Kin011: Spectral Monkey.

    Why did the error happen and is there a clue inside that happening? i asked myself (Bolon Ik).

    My opinion on this is that i was in a (sort of zuvuya-) stream where something was stronger than the eye itself ~ possibly this is the third eye factor on dominant inheritance from mystery realms. Rationally spoken i did tell about the +1 factor which is from the other side seen as the -1 factor, in example:

    When seal 1 is 0+1, 2 1+1, 3 2+1 … 7 6+1, 8 7+1, 9 8+1, 10 9+1 … 64 63+1 … (do you get that?) by then the illusion spells to see next to the STAR guiding the path … where 10 is the STAR for the Path where 9 is CURRENT.

    With this narrative as co-liberating digestive fruit we might see back for the “real” kin that shines from 7.9 which is 8.9 (the star for 7.9’s path) … as 8.9 = (7+1).9 and the +1 factor is transparant because it is each living factor achieving the stars wish.

    So here we get to Kin100 = 99+1 … both the Galactic Storm as well as the Masculine variant of that: Solar Sun … a very powerful combination that will be current on the 13 day of the coming 13Moon4 : OWL moon – self generative, self enlightening & self-existing for the time being onwards …

    May we vow TMQ in the humility transformation we experience?


    ‘) Are the first two character in Valum Votan indication for both VV as viceversa and Victory VirGin? In character decode V is number 22 (21+1) in 26 character map (ZYXWV) and it is also number 5 starting at Z as 1, making VV to : 55 (10=9+1)

  3. As for Valum Votans saying in “The perseverance and pursuit of Truth are not humanly controlled, but Divinely guided courses.” it is pretty parallel to the witnesses of his old classmate drunvalo. i – “BI video” ‘) – share this article with a radio interview: here to click – it tells about the cycles and cycles in cycles on this very planet, in each living creature “awakened” and “cleaned fro stress”.


    the 4th SILIO can be spoken as ))) ~ SeeLeaOhh ~ ((( …
    where See is about the eye and the holistic principle speaking to the body and mind from the soul mystery; Lea is about the vessels Leadership to speak true; Ohh is affirming H2O as the Grails Content that speaks from crystal pure water including cosmic elements.

    This 4th one comes together with the 3rd daya in kweekspell: MOONdaya but then also in the prepared 28th day by that psimenu force : GLORYDAYA.
    Is it decent or just transparent to share that BI-video information , which is similar as intelligence raining as drinkwater on the planet?

    This week a METEOR (“O-meter”as Omega-measure as self-existing seed?) burned in the Dutch Sky. It was spotted by many citizen and also on tv-equipments. They often say that such a thing burns in the sky and no harm is done. But then THINK: what happened to all matter – elements from the skies? Somehow the elements from a falling star of meteor get in our air and water and are feeding and nurturing the earth which feeds us by a fertilized ground for existence. Well, TMQ told us on the red dust feeding the sea in about a month for tripling the “fishcatch”.


    On VV in the last comment – i add the suggestion to put an V below that and you will see 3 V’s creating a bigger V – which is about having a W above a V – this is having character 4 and 5 as a unity Character working together. Giving them numbers from Z-N=1-13 this means 4 and 5 go together wich simply is 4×5=20 and 4+5=9 and 5-4=+1 and 4-5=-1 … Result : see how -1 and +1 go together in this bigger picture?

    Finally here we can conclude ZYXWV UTSRQ PON is about 13 characters where Y is the second one – the challenge for unity … X is about service guided by intelligenc = information (that what is often gathered by scientists on a job and also on voluntary free will)


    ‘) BI-video is short for Bolon Ik impulsed Vision by “deo” – latin for the divine spark at every station … (sio indeed there is actually no flight , however the flight is a metaphore to pivote the planetary human mental map)

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