11.11: Blue Spectral Monkey codes Planetary Seli 16; Cube 10: LOVE

Today is the Galactic Birthday of Valum Votan, the Closer of the Cycle that ends at precisely 11.11 a.m. on the 21st day of the 12th Gregorian month of 2012.  Today (11.11) plus this Moon (6.10) and the Year (4.4) equals 21. 12! (11+10+4=25-13 tones=12)  Besides coding the Gregorian date the world has long anticipated, 21 and 12 are the roots of our Cube of Truth which is coded by 441 and 144Another way of viewing the combined Kin (21.12) coding Valum Votan’s birthday is as a Green Crystal Hunab Ku day.  Synchronistically, Hunab Ku codes the Leap Days, and the last one was nestled between Kin 11 (V.V.) and Kin 12. ( TMQ’s G-Force).  The Day-out-of-Time ‘overtones’ the year, and is Green for Freedom Day, while the Green Hunab Ku ‘overtones’ the four colors of the Tzolkin (as shown above), and all the other ‘4’s’ one can imagine.

In a parallel way, 21.12 (the Gregorian date) will ‘overtone’ and redeem the 5,125 years of history that ends at 11.11 that day.  Incidentally, today’s Gregorian date 19.4 codes this Year’s Bolontiku (and Cube of Truth member) Blue Self-Existing Storm. 

The Code Spell for Kin 11:  Blue Spectral Monkey is:  “I Dissolve in order to Play.  Releasing Illusion, I seal the process of Magic with the Spectral tone of Liberation.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Blue Spectral Monkey
Red Spectral Dragon Blue Spectral Monkey Yellow Spectral Star
  White Electric Dog

Postulate 11.11 states:  Repressed psychic energy is the lubricant of the fourth-dimensional personality, endowing it with vibrancy and vitality.  Quality and nature of alternative personality is determined by nature of repressed psychic energy in relation to uniqueness of psych-genetic patterning.”

Kin 128:  Yellow Spectral Star is today’s Analog.  (The G-Force of 8.11  is 18.8 :))  Stephanie South mentions a total solar eclipse on 8/11/1999  which occurred at exactly 11:11.  That day was coded by Kin10:  Planetary Dog!  Today’s Analog is Red Spectral Dragon:  Kin 141.  The letters in TMQ’s name and in Valum Votan both add up to 141  :).  The G-Force of 11.11 is Kin 21, Red Galactic Dragon, which is TMQ’s Analog.   The PSI Chronon Kin for Moon 10, Day 16 is Kin 198:  White Electric Mirror, which is the Fifth Solar Witness and codes the 5th Bolontiku/Lord of Time:  Supreme Golden Maiden.

Seal 11, Monkey.  The Attainment (Siddhi)  has “already been granted.”   Monkey’s magic is in your being as all of the Siddhis ready to dispel illusion whenever necessary. Monkey, Magician, Alchemist exemplifies Magic as the beginning of Prophecy.  SP-Venus;  Cardinal;  Northern Regions;  Throat.

SELI:  Flows;  SP-Mercury;  Root:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  Avatar;  Muhammad;  Crystal Earth.  Build the Bottom of the Radion Cube.

‘Build the Binary’  on the Right face of the Cube for Codon 37:  Power of the Home;   ████▌▐████  Yin;  SPACE

SELI 16:  Victory Flows Mystery of the Stone.  Bolontiku stage 2;  AD 2005-2006.

Telektonon Day 16:  Third Prophecy,  Seal 3 coded by Kin 94:  Electric Wizard.  3rd Lost Generation led by 3rd Solar Witness:  Kin 196:  Magnetic Warrior, who fills the cups of the castigated with self-knowledge.

Cube Ten:  Love    Bolon Ik’s 3rd Weaving:  “By my unconscious Dog power of Love, may Prophecy pacify the Victory of the Righteous!”  “May the return of the Sacred Warrior bring Peace, Truth and Love to this afflicted Earth!”

The Magic is Flowing today, as this articlehttp://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/object/article?f=/c/a/2007/02/23/MNGD7O9UNL1.DTL&object=%2Fc%2Fpictures%2F2007%2F02%2F23%2Fmn_color_smile.jpg  was posted by Kin 133 (Christine).  This feels like a big ‘Cosmic Yes!” to our Telepathic Seeding of the growing Silica Crystal cloud with ‘PEACE, TRUTH and LOVE’  🙂This circumzenithal arc, photographed in Concord, looks l... Andrew G. Saffas / special to the chronicle

“This circumzenithal arc, photographed in Concord, looks like an upside-down rainbow but is formed differently”.

A colorful smile in the sky. Chronicle Graphic This fabulous Rainbow Smile appeared this week at 3:51 in the afternoon in Concord, California. (CC=33 for this 33rd Galactic Spin).  It feels like a beautiful telepathic response, with the time of 3:51 appearing significantly for several Cube members, including coding the time TMQ witnessed the shooting star during the Cube 8: Star day here in New Zealand, while it was Kin 8:  Galactic Star in the Northern Hemisphere.   The ice crystals remind us of the Silica Crystals we are telepathically seeding, and a smiling Rainbow certainly strikes the Chords of our Hearts, and the Core of Earth’s Heart, from which our Rainbow Bridge emanates

The location of this Rainbow also struck some personal chords for TMQ.  Her  ill Father lived in Concord, which was the reason she moved to Benicia, 10 miles away.  Soon after, several crop circles appeared 20 miles from her new home.  This article today triggered the realization today that her Father died in the exact middle of her Solar-Galactic Return year  (as Galactic Mirror).  Today she saw that Jan. 10, 2004 was coded by Planetary Wind, which is guided by 10.10, Planetary Dog.  (As these words are written, it is still Planetary Dog where most of you live, and Cube 10:  Love here)  That day is Resonant Moon 1, or 7.1. reminding her of the 7.1 earthquake in Tokyo (where TMQ was born) which was the event that triggered this blog.  A very strong wind suddenly started blowing when she realized what was just described, and continues as these words are written.  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceMoon Day 7 always begins Day 1 of the  Spirit Warrior’s  Cube Journey. It truly feels like Telepathy and Magic  are ‘quickening’  within our 441-144 Cube of Truth Community, and beyond!  Today is the Galactic Birthday of one of our youngest members:  E-Star, and of our most revered member, Valum Votan.  Kin 129 (Melovia) suggests that we include Princess Diana (Kin 139), and Cube 10:  Love seems a most ‘Perfect’ time to  officially include The People’s Queen of Hearts-who has always been with us, and was mentioned in the very first post on Kin 21.  That first post was on August 12, which happens to be the Solar Birthday of Madame Blavatsky (who was ‘The Queen of Intellect” introduced in that first post.  HPB (Crystal Monkey 11.12) is discussed often by Valum Votan, and including her when it’s Kin 12 here, and Kin 11  where most of you are also feels ‘Perfect’. 

The absence of a “nay” will be taken as a “Yes” for these two Kins.  TMQ will wait till tomorrow (12.12-the most ‘Crystal’ day of all!) to post our latest list of Cube Kin, to allow time for feedback and for new Kin who are ready to join us.  🙂

Valum Votan is not the only  Spectral Monkey to write about places beyond our Earth.  Edgar Rice Bourroughs, best known for his “Tarzan” chronicles also wrote about “John Carter“, an heroic Mars adventurer. 

 Lavinia -- Orion, UIThe Arcturus Probe: Tales and Reports of an Ongoing Investigation Ursula K. Le Guin is another 11.11 who wrote science fiction of worlds beyond.  The discernment of the reader determines the degree of Truth in these ‘Science Fiction’ books.   🙂

May the Flow of Magic and Love continue through your Green Crystal Hunab Ku Day!

N.  S.   1. 22. 10. 16.     Cube Ten:  LOVE       Kin 11.

17 thoughts on “11.11: Blue Spectral Monkey codes Planetary Seli 16; Cube 10: LOVE

  1. Eye was first made aware of the 11.11meme on January 4, 2010. Or…
    010 42 010
    Love HA Love
    Seli Rhythmic 23, Planetary Worldbridger Kin 166
    I was just hit over the head with the movie “Moon,” directed by Duncan Jones, Cosmic Earth, Kin 117, son of David Bowie, Electric Eagle Kin 55. If you have not yet seen it – the numbers are all over it in a manaical way. The corporate logo of the false system, LUNAR INDUSTRIES is an uppercase L : with two dots nestled in the lap of the right angle – the largest image is on the robotic arm of the robot voiced by Kevin Spacey, (HA) Kin 214 Rhythmic Wizard.
    L = 12
    : = 2
    PVCS Lunar Human
    Really??!! My human and I are both agog.
    Sam Rockwell, Cosmic Dragon 221(more inversion) turns in a tour-de-force performance exploring cyclical consciousness and redundancy.

    m o o n
    13 15 15 14
    Cosmic Skywalker Lunar Eagle Lunar Eagle Magnetic Wizard

    6 6 6 6 – predictive – n o o n – m o n o

    Earth Day…challenge will initiate 😉

    P.S. I included the date of that circumzenithal arc in the last post –
    Friday, February 23, 2007
    Gamma Galactic 17 Overtone Dragon 16, 1 Gamma Moon 2006-2007 One Ring Catalytic Realm, Monkey Genesis

    It is Mon-key mon-key mon-key Time!!!!

  2. “Eye was first made aware of the 11.11meme on January 4, 2010.”

    My Dad’s birthday was January 4, and his death Jan 10, 2004 is an anagram of your 11.11 awakening on Jan, 4, 2010 🙂

  3. Dave Gahan, Solar Monkey, Kin 191(9/11) lead singer Depeche Mode – Fast Fashion
    4:13 6:6
    Written by Martin Gore, Overtone Dragon 161(9/11) (inversion/mirror)

    I Feel You

    I feel you
    Your sun it shines
    I feel you
    Within my mind
    You take me there
    You take me where
    The kingdom comes
    You take me to
    And lead me through

    This is the morning of our love
    It’s just the dawning of our love

    I feel you
    Your heart it sings
    I feel you
    The joy it brings
    Where heaven waits
    Those golden gates
    And back again
    You take me to
    And lead me through

    This is the morning of our love
    It’s just the dawning of our love

    I feel you
    Your precious soul
    And I am whole
    I feel you
    Your rising sun
    My kingdom comes

    I feel you
    Each move you make
    I feel you
    Each breath you take
    Where angels sing
    And spread their wings
    My love’s on high
    You take me home
    To glory’s throne
    By and by

    This is the morning of our love
    It’s just the dawning of our love

    Christine 😉

  4. Play Daya!

    Id like to take a Moment.
    To Express My Admiration for Our Beloved,Top Notch Dedicated Mayan (Valum Votan)(11.1).
    Our Closer,As well as Our Opener.Rainbow Warrior.
    I Praise( V.V.) with full Emotion,Mind n Spirit.
    With Honor,Courage,Bravery,Compassion,Wisdom and Truth……(V.V.)has given us……..US.!!!!!!!

    Devotion of( V.V.)
    For Earth’s Voice.
    So We have a Voice,with a sincere Choice!

    The Familiar Clamorous Sound,of Ancient Tone.
    Musical Dance, Galactic Surfer!
    That (11.11)
    Would Give Heaven A Home. With a Raincow Core.
    Us A Chance!

    After my Late Afternoon Rainbow Meditation.
    To the Wes,t appeared 3 Rays of HOPE!

    I Vow to Be of Complete Service to Maya.
    I Telepathically Choose to be Guard of (V.V) and His Presence.
    (VV) is as Sacred as One can find in a Solar Form.

    At 11.11,today,I will stop.
    Mind The G.A.P.
    To Have a Communion with our Leader………….

    I bow my head.

    Service of Play.
    I love these Codices.

  5. 10.10 also vibrates 20 the 7/13 and 9/11 compound pondering …

    it’s a TWIN intertwining the matter and antimatter !

    as 11.11 vibrates the quadruple … popping up the 5th dimension …

    and that is striking this one:
    5 iz the average / centre of 9 (twin?) as well as 3 iz the center of 5 …
    hmmm compound 5 radiates 😉


  6. Hello,

    Recently returned from Palenque and it was amazing! It was as magical as I have heard it described, but what I wasn’t expecting was for it to have such a royal feel – I felt the presence of Kings and Queens, as well as a lively Royal Court in the structure known as “The Palace”. It was overcast and there was mist around the treetops, and it genuinely felt as if I had stepped into a world of fantasy. Incredible! By contrast, I also visited Tikal in Guatemala, which to me felt more ancient and primal. I could see the Mayan priests invoking the power of the Heavens from atop the Temples. I really loved the fact that each city had its own unique feel; its own unique form of life.
    I happened to be in Tikal on Silio 7 (also Kin 2, my seal!) and took the opportunity to do my Rainbow Bridge meditation in a more secluded part of the ruins, consciously seeding the vision of our Community of the Cube as I did so, my essence meeting the city’s essence. I was not expecting the sites to be as accessible as they were (I kept hearing how in recent years a lot had been closed off to the public, which is true, but there’s still enough there to get lost in:)). In short, the experience was incredible, as was the time I got to spend with my sister in her husband, who were kind enough to bring me along with them. Just wanted to share a little:)
    On a synchronistic note, the Kin numbers of the members of GSC 154 (109, 123, and 182) add up to 414, the middle number in the 144-414-441 series of recombitant numbers that add up to 999! We had collectively realized this before, but its being brought up in a recent post, as well as the continual mentioning of the 144-441 Community of the Cube, compelled me to seriously think about the connection more than I have been, as well as to share it with the rest of the Community.

    Peace and Love,

  7. eyjafjallajokull=
    233+164=397 reduced by our tzolkin= Kin 137
    The Earth Resonnating

    The night before this-mi dream was with Eye-Sea-Calls…and a mountain, and parchment…so that this is the Earth Resonnating to mi is an affirmation/acceptance of our eer-unfolding/blooming plan. The Ether affirms with her chesire smile, the earth with its tremble, and we assemble…

    On 10.10 Eye decoded a birthdate on Spring Mtn. and it was LunarHuman-P.V clear sign… 2day Eye decoded one wo is currently walking through kin 55–electric eagle. i will watch Moon.

    Fed cinnimon 4 break-fast Eye re-membered what sent mi to palanque 3 years ago–Eye had a dream I was on a snow covered mtn.–sky was purple–I walked to a temple–inside was a water hole–eye peered in-side and saw there was a blue and a yellow necklace around mi neck-eye then knew eye needed to ‘balance’ mi serpent into mi optic-a-call nerves. So–eye went to the house of the serpent. On mi way south-in air-iz-zona eye dreamt of G-oats…and knew I had a tree. What tree? A dark woman in a launder-ma’at she’owed me a sacred text of 2 G-oats..one bear-in-G the ‘sins of man’ upon his brow. eye then knew mi tree was da cinnimon tree. Cinnimon grows in the highlands of mayan country. After returning to belieze from palanque-i asked one who had a headless serpent in a jar if he could take mi to a cinnimon tree. Eye said we had to bury the serpent. We began our journey in the rain–on our walk in the mud, i looked down and saw a black dot. picking it up–and cleaning it-it was a carved wooden head of a serpent. Now we culd burry the serpent wHolle.

    Is SOUNDS like we are all in G-Reat state of Re-Member-Essence!
    Grazi 4 Falcore on this 11.11 day!
    E-Star’s favorite movie is the neverending story!!! (perhaps tied with ‘pagemaster’.

    To ‘Close this Cycle of Rememberance’
    Eye and I Mirror Codiak Skye in
    co-im-b-ined 248= Magnetic Star

    of ALL!
    We are all Stars!
    ‘Twinkle twinkle little Star
    how I wonder who you are.
    Up above the worlds so high
    Like blue diamonds in the Skye…
    Twinkle twinkle little Stars

    e-turn-all G-ra-t’-t’-ude blown into our winds!
    23 9 14 4 18=68
    8 17 26 7 16=74
    142 Crystal Wind.
    We-all-come hOma.

  8. small slip of the keyboard: “The Code Spell for Kin 11: Blue Planetary Monkey is”

    while it spells the SPECTRAL monkey of course …

    maybe those small errors indicate a twin force active on this Spectral Kin 😉

    as the rainbow spectral is meant to heal the wholly sphere which iz a planet!

  9. On this Crystal Day of Hue-man cooperation eye come to you all sili with silicon! (Atomic number 14-our wizard of Oz)
    Sky!!!! What a Be-a-Ute-if-U-all!! site…Sea-star…wow! Just what mi eyes needed for da puzzle eye find mi seaElf in. (Luckily,I found a puzzle piece on mi walk-so now it is T(E)=Art.)

    wow. wow. wow. to this start up of or 105 day cycle to D.O.O.T.
    So, first came Crystal Moon…speaking of Orme (white gold) and merkebah’s in the water-then we ventured to Spring Mtn., met a newborn, Galactic Moon–her name was Quetzal! (after Quetzalcoatl). Decoded two clear sign while there-one Lunar Human (mine the tunnels) one Spectral Serpent–a soil tech to liberate the serpent who told mi that snakes’s brain waves are 800htz per second-while humans are 8htz. We bee-G-an to speak of krypto-bio-soil which has 13 crucial spores. Seemed very appropriate as our iceland blast/combined with dream gave us resonant earth. Resonant=7th tone. On our pH scale–7 is water and is balanced. Then came our 11.11. Mi two BELOVEDs Galactic Returns–on mi E-star’s solar B-day-3.5.3 we played a minning game all day. Now on 11.11 Eye find mi seaElf in conferance with 5 ‘buisness’ men. (Our PSI for this day is white electric mirror-coding 5th bolontiku-supreme G-olden maiden) The 5 men are kins; 129, 163, 7, 20 and 240=559 reduced by 260=299 +mi(205) =504 reduced by 260= Kin 244
    Upon arrival I am told they are working with the soil and have a mix which we can look at http://www.im-mom.com , Minerals of Mojave. If you go to the page click on downloads and then test analysis you can read the list of minerals. There are 77 total. Kin 7 is part of the Ringing Cedars group from colorado http://www.spaceoflove.com and re-minds me of Khalil Gibran, or beloved (and represented) kin93-lunar skywalker.
    Three men are coded by tone 7.
    One Six-One twelve.
    Fifth force….
    Planting Seeds–they speak of their vision. Eye speak of Anastasia and the Roerich Pact, and Crest13, and LawofTime. (I hold each of U in mi osHeArt!) They want this soil supplement to be gifted to these peace gardens. Kin 20 shows mi the Hannover Principles by William McDonough AND a copy of “The Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle Internatonal Indigenous Trade and Social Development Agreement and Unity Pact” signed on May 5th, 1999!!!!
    Coded by kin172 electric Hue-man!!!
    This G-roup of kin are working on a VERY BIG DEAL with a middle eastern partner. 2Day, 12.12 day of crystal human cooperation! Eye call on all of us to WATCH this deal…help it through the portals!!! When it G-oes through-it will be G-oo-d 4 US all…in that their aim is to give Spaces’ of Love and Crest13 help! Eye call on Elhaz our rune–‘The Act ofMaking Sacred that Transforms the Mystery’ and our PSI kin, AND Bolontiku tat we awaken this year, ‘Awesome Vast Blue Sky’, self-existing Storm, kin 199,
    ‘Eye define in order to catalyze
    Measuring energy
    I seal the matrix of self-generation
    With the self-existing tone of form
    I am guided by the power of vision!’

    This Vision has been blessed by the the eagle (kin55 and 175)
    And we use the clear sign of the LunarHuman to mine the tunnels and the spectral serpent to dissolve in order to survive
    Realease instict!
    Seal the store of life-force
    With the spectral tone of liberation!
    We are G-EYE-did by our own power doubled!!!
    EYE am a POLAR KIN
    EYE transport the red galactic spectrum!……

    wisdom within the caves…within the tunnels….
    G-EYE-DID this Conferance of Crystal Hue-Mans into Cooperation!!!
    3+15+15+16+5+18+1+20+9+15+14=131 (Magnetic Monkey)
    5+24+24+22+9+18+1+14+17+24+26=184 (Lunar Seed)
    2G-eather= Kin 55 ELECTRIC EAGLE SOAR!

  10. Note about Minerals of Mojave,
    the pH of the mix is 8.8= OUR GALACTIC STAR!
    Star seeding the earth with her minerals!
    The location of the analysis; JEAN
    10+5+1+14= 30 Self-existing Dog (line-ear)
    19+9+1+26=55 Electric Eagle (radial)
    2G-eather=85 Resonant Serpent!!!

    Date of Analysis; 4/5/03 = Kin42 = electric wind…

  11. (01:00:08) :
    Fitting that we will celebrate Earth Day four days from now as She is my Guide. On Cosmic Skywalker Kin 13 – I am very interested to see what Obama will do. 😉 He’s been on quite a roll, as it were, lately. The 40th Anniversary – 4 x 10 – two generation/dimensions vigesimal/organic construction expression – Mirror, Mirror

    In explaining the primacy of the energy of the Dragon wavespell to a friend, I realized its mirroring capacity as an encoding recalibration, much in the way a printer adjusts itself through symmetry exercise. It is still incumbent upon the user to CHOOSE the correct perspective (aspect ratio/trajectory/quantum level of fractality.)

    So I posted that last night/morning and in researching which “Kintagonist(s)” I wanted to sharewareness for today and while I am not given to negative pro-jectory, physical spacial challenges have pricked my noggin.

    Today, 12.12 is…
    Leonard Nimoy, La Spock!
    I totally GROK Spock. 😉
    Raised on Spock. Space…the final FRONT TIER.
    My father was a nuclear test engineer on the USS Enterprise
    I even bought the VINYL.

    Drumroll please?


    Nimoy has written two autobiographies. The first was called I Am Not Spock (1975) and was controversial, as many fans[who?] incorrectly assumed that Nimoy was distancing himself from the Spock character. In the book, Nimoy conducts dialogues between himself and Spock. The contents of this first autobiography also touched on a self-proclaimed “identity crisis” that seemed to haunt Nimoy throughout his career. It also related to an apparent love/hate relationship with the character of Spock and the Trek franchise.
    “ I went through a definite identity crisis. The question was whether to embrace Mr. Spock or to fight the onslaught of public interest. I realize now that I really had no choice in the matter. Spock and Star Trek were very much alive and there wasn’t anything that I could do to change that.[11] ”

    His second autobiography was I Am Spock (1995), communicating that he finally realized his years of portraying the Spock character had led to a much greater identification between the fictional character and himself. Nimoy had much input into how Spock would act in certain situations, and conversely, Nimoy’s contemplation of how Spock acted gave him cause to think about things in a way that he never would have thought if he had not portrayed the character. As such, in this autobiography Nimoy maintains that in some meaningful sense he has merged with Spock while at the same time maintaining the distance between fact and fiction. (Can you say fractal recognition? A 20 year cycle? ALL WAR IS INTERNAL.)

    The Space Foundation named Nimoy as the recipient of the 2010 Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award [28] for creating a positive role model who inspired untold numbers of viewers to learn more about the universe. (HAHAHAHAHA!)

    Makes sense, right???
    Discovered August 16, 1971, Kin 195 Cosmic Eagle

    Moreover – Yesterday – In a belated addendum –
    Kafka 11.11 – Spectral Monkey

    Discovered January 10, 1983, Lunar Earth
    3412 Kafka is a small main belt asteroid. It was discovered by Randolph L. Kirk and Donald James Rudy in 1983. It is named after Franz Kafka, the German-Czech writer. Its period is about 1212 days (3 years and 116 days), so it is passed by Earth about every 523 days (1 year and 158 days).
    Holy Happy Crystal Human, Batman!

    Wait for it…

    And I find that my other selection for 12.12, Michael Palin of Monty Python also has an asteroid named after him. Which in my swill of Mirrors is something to not ignore.

    I LOVE THIS MAN. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_Bandits

    Palin’s travel programmes are responsible for a phenomenon termed the “Palin effect”: areas of the world that he has visited suddenly become popular tourist attractions — for example, the significant increase in the number of tourists interested in Peru after Palin visited Machu Picchu.[22] In a 2006 survey of “15 of the world’s top travel writers” by The Observer, Palin named Peru’s Pongo de Mainique (canyon below the Machu Picchu) his “favourite place in the world”.[23]

    About three weeks before I had the spontaneous Kundalini event I had a dream of this place. (I have never been out of the contiguous U.S., at least not in this arc,) I woke up, softly, eyes still closed and the picture of a beautiful green sub-tropical mountain with a lake at its base and the female whispered words “Machu Picchu” wafting in my aural record. I immediately looked it up and this began my “divination” process of Natural Time. I have been biding my time to also reveal that I have my own set of paint chips – my ex-husband was a carpenter and I was a design student – they are circa 1995 – “Galax-z” (I shit you not!) and in an extemporanous fit of silly idea channeling, I was thinking how there were actual potential realities housed within this nearly two-dimensional medium, I Dis-covered they included a dark green named “Machu Picchu,” as well as a saturated indigo called “Inca.” “Kelly Green” is my Galactic Mirror and she is in there, as am I “Krissy” which is the same color aqua-marine as my birth-stone.

    Discovered on March 21, 1993 – Kin 17 Self-existing Earth

    When I was first beginning my future consciousness researches this meme was at the forefront of much paranoia. Asteroiditis, as it were. I’ve not leant it much creed. But it is a rather pro-vocative joke. And one which needs addressing. Too many P’s and V’s there.

    In an entirely posit-ive twist, this found my field as well. TEST TEST TEST.

    Who is ready to REBOOT?

    no bo dy ex pe
    ct st he sp an is hi
    nq ui si ti on.

    BI KU

    0 42 0 0 1 0 You make me laugh 😉

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