Kin 83: Blue Overtone Night codes Catalytic Blue Kali 11; and Prince William’s Arrival in New Zealand


Kin 83

Blue Overtone Night

Blue Overtone Monkey
Red Overtone Skywalker Blue Overtone Night Yellow Overtone Warrior
  White Solar Mirror
I empower in order to dream
commanding intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of magic.
Happy Galactic Return to Preb, a.k.a. Deo  :)!
Our [his]  Challenge is 5 Skywalker, which  also codes the next Day-out-of-Time,  in 18 weeks and 3 days.
The Occult, Solar Mirror reflects this Solar Mirror Moon, while the Seal [11]  of today’s Guide matches this 11th Catalytic day.
The G-Force is Kin 81:  Electric Dragon, which codes Carolyn. 
Shortly before our departure, Carolyn realized that the hope of a glimpse of Prince William didn’t justify taking a day off from work, and enduring the weather conditions, expense, and long drive.   Instead, we will [more sensibly]  watch the Christchurch Memorial on TV. 
Just now it was reported that oUR Resonant Wizard received an enthusiastic and ‘chaotic’ welcome at the Christchurch Airport  🙂    Prince William  “Prince Williams told members of the armed forces he was stunned at the level of destruction in the CBD” [Central Business District] “The scale of it is unbelievable,”
3.5:  “Within the Galactic Brain it is the radial matrix of fourth-dimensional time by which the forms of order common to all four quadrants of time and consciousness are projected.  All forms of order within the Galactic Brain are projections of radiative geometries.”
Moi, 10 Serpent  sent the Solar Jaguar Noosletter, which relates: 
In the pulsar geometry, the ninth tone represents the second or Solar Tower of the fourth-dimensional time pulsar: tones 1-5-9-13. While tones one and thirteen represent the gates of the Wavespell, the fifth and the ninth tone represent the towers.  These are the two major articulations of the Wavespell. The Solar Tower takes the energy of the eighth Galactic Tone, compresses it into the Solar Tower and then directs it upward through the next three chambers: Planetary, Spectral and Crystal. Note: the solar energy first reaches the Planetary chamber, just like the solar flare reaching Earth’s electromagnetic field.
It also warns us: 
“Since this is just the beginning of solar sunspot cycle 24, which will not peak until late 2012/early 2013, the reports spoke of the “unprecedented havoc” that would result from a truly major flare that could hit, most likely sometime next year – 2012 – in which civilization could be rendered helpless for up to three months, with satellites and the electrical grid totally knocked out…Prepare now. Set your intention. Be ready.
“However, as the flares become stronger the auroras extend closer toward the equator – and that is the exact recipe for the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge. Staying tuned to the solar flares is now of the greatest importance. In our rainbow bridge meditation we should visualize the auroras extending from both poles and when they connect, then flash that they become the circumpolar rainbow bridge.”
Moi also wrote: THANK YOU FOR YOUR BLOG!!!!
Eye think of you all often, and will tune back in when ‘time’ is right…”  🙂
The world is benefitting from the courageous efforts of the 50 heroic persons who are choosing to risk their lives in order to ameliorate the disastrous consequences of the multiple nuclear failures.  As the head of the American Nuclear Agency said: 
“There is at least fragmentary evidence that in some places on this site [Fukushima] there are life-threatening doses of radiation.  I think they are doing enormously heroic work.”
Melovia 12 Moon  shared a channeling that examines the 9.1 Earthquake from a higher perspective:
“Menon related to me that the Japanese quake and tsunami were openings whereby a significant portion of the foundational magnetic energy components of the Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission were downloaded into the crystallex grid of the planet”…”This is the Law of Divine Grace in action at its best because it would have been a very potent charge to handle through our human bodies otherwise.  Those souls that perished in the quake and resulting tsunami were part of a higher level movement wherein their souls chose to serve such a purpose.”  Excerpt from 
Code=E 2 Skywalker shared wonderful quotes from Cosmic History Chronicles, including one that is relevant to the current “unprecedented” crisis:  “The challenge for Japan is to overcome its isolated ethnocentrism, as it is susceptible to suffer the same fate as Mars or Atlantis” and this from Surfers of the Zuvuya:  “But time is short and we are full of nothing but goodness for everybody”
Prem, coded by today’s 5 Night recommends this book:
Among Christine 3 Skywalker’s many wonderful  offerings was this fascinating article:  One line from it might be the ‘silver lining’ to the massive solar flare predicted in the Noosletter:  “The implication is that the global electromagnetic soup of cell phones, radio, television and electric appliances actually impedes our innate communication abilities.”
Another Electric Skywalker   joined us on the day of the 9.1 Earthquake:  WELCOME to Spacetime23 [from England (?)] who introduces himself on the post for Kin 73:  Galactic Skywalker  🙂  Spacetime23 133  added this second succinct comment:
 “Also i think you should develop a forum”
Technologically-challenged TMQ is very open to suggestions and help with that idea, one that was first suggested a year ag0. 
We’ll close with this lovely comment from another Kin who also joined us on Crystal Earth:
Jeremy 1 Eagle:  “Wow. I am once again blown away in the winds of Divine Synchronicity. Thank you all for everything you have done for me today.  I am humble and in awe of the Collective Mind we all shareLove is all that IS.”
N. S.  1. 23. 9. 11.      Cube Five:  SEX        Kin 83

13 thoughts on “Kin 83: Blue Overtone Night codes Catalytic Blue Kali 11; and Prince William’s Arrival in New Zealand

  1. I AM Blue Overtone Night !

    I empower in order to dream
    Commanding intuition
    I seal the input of abundance
    With the overtone tone of the splendor
    today I guide the power of magic

    Energy State:
    Composed state without fear in absolute darkness. Embodiment of unlimited

    Endlessness and darkness are structures for deep contemplation. Profound stillness is the foundation for the pondering mind.

    Becoming aware of form and structure in the shadows of uncertainty. Maintaining a state of stillness and allowing the mind to be born out of the abundance of time. Recognizing the gift of Being incubating in the stillness of the eternal now.

    Category Absolute & Complete in Itself.

    Night dreams of wealth from the offering by the limitless Divine One.

    Class: Primary Development Being
    Properties: Abundance, Intuition, Dream
    Cosmic Race: Blue Transformer
    Member: Abort, Right Hand
    Clan: Fire
    Loop Group: Generation of Light
    Family: Signal
    Chakra: Solar plexus, which receives
    Vibrates with the note: My
    Time cell: ONE Entry Report
    Gives rise to: Abundance
    Duality: Patience – Impatience
    Highest point of vibration: the sunset
    Direction: West
    Senses: Smell

    NIGHT = Akbal, West transformed, ruled by Saturn, solar plexus chakra, right hand ring finger.
    Introspection, inner sanctum, mystery and depth.
    Columbus Blue is the power of wealth.
    Mental power, insight, perception, night tribe is the place closed and dark, the place of mystery, too protective of the spirit, giving conditions for this to develop, so is the power of wealth.
    This abundance is of spiritual and material, the people of this tribe manifested in the physical abundance, and has telepathic connection during dreams, and get messages and information.
    When connected spiritually develop their brain power to help others, are tarot, fortuneteller, seers.
    Its action is to dream awakening intuition.
    When a person of this tribe-Night is asleep, makes the lack of spiritual or material and whether they are half asleep, can fall into the greed.

    Toned Tone 5
    Keyword: the splendor
    Creative Power: bestow
    Action Tonal Commanding
    Torre – Take Command
    4th Dimension – Time – Music Note MI

    “Action Tonal Commanding”

    Ho=Tone 5, holds the purpose and intent for centering in the foundation of your core self. Other qualities include organization, intelligence, and natural networking to produce what is needed.


    Represented by the male generative principle that integration is exercising its quality as a positive attractor-yang. Allows the beam five, under the click of four moves governed by the nine-creative feminine integrity.

    Each unit no matter how small functions a core as an attractor and a periphery of expression, for example, the time nucleus and electrons.

    Overtone tone is called to derive the conception of five color tone that is the action of the Galactic Force “Qinta” the hue of intonation.

    Night also represents: serenity, sanctuary, darkness, softness, yin looking within & dream exploration. Its symbol is a womb.

    Blue is the color of the West. Its element is water. Its medicine is for completing things.

    So, a message for today is:

    Carry your dream with you wherever you go. Be a listening listener for how you can express it & create it IN your life.
    Stand with your feet spread apart & your arms spread out wide your face upturned & your heart open.
    NOW Feel your core self, the ONE that looks-within the sanctuary vibrating through every muscle & tendon.
    You are YOU & that’s gooodd:)))

    Mudra, eyes closed, hands clasped at the waist, palms up, bend, then straightened, crossing his arms to chest height.

    MEDITATION: – I am the darkness that is light and the stillness that is dance –

    STATEMENT: I make a pilgrimage into the depths of myself, the sanctuary of Being, to collect the gifts that await me there.

    “The world rests in the night.”
    —John O’Donohue

    Mangalam Sarvam (may all beings be well and happy, Buddhist)

    As Salaam Alaikum (Peace be with all of us, Islam)

    O’MITAKUYASIN (for all my relations)

    IN Lakech (I AM another yourself)
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    BIG love ALL dear Dreamers

    • Thank U so much for sharing all this, Angel Kin! (Nice touch, O’Donahue quote on St. Paddy’s… the Noo-ni(in?)verse chuckles)

    • Dear Angel Crystal Moon,

      Your beautiful insights regarding this day are so informative and inspiring!

      So glad to infer that more of your delightful messages are coming oUR way 🙂 Thank You! ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Long Count Solar Skywalker, Kin 113 G.A.P.
    3K is m’eye 3K (if I play 😉 ), Kin 196 Magnetic Warrior
    CDK Rhythmic Dog Kin 110 G.A.P.
    All-in KIn: White Self-Existing (‘central’) Wizard Kin 134

    CUBE FIVE : SEX : Instinct Initiates radiance of spirit
    TONE 5 : OVERTONE tone of radiance

    Time to shine 🙂

    • Hi Melovia;

      Several times, the Long Count you have mentioned is different from the Kin presented here:

      From where are you getting 13.9 for today? Is there another Long Count site that has a different count than the Mayan Tzolkin which says that today, March 17 is coded by the Long Count of Resonant Eagle?

      Based on that site’s LC, I wrote this (in the Kin 82 post) about today:

      “The CDK for Solar 11 is Rhythmic Dog, and that day is coded by the Long Count of [Magic Turtle] Solar Eagle. When we add 10.6 + 15.9, that “All-in Kin” equals 5.2, the G-Force of 19.9. When we add William [14.7] to that, it equals 19.9: Solar Storm, the Galactic Signature of Princess Diana”

      [I noted while writing those words [but didn’t write it] that this was written during the 17.4 watch (Here; it was already 4 a.m. on Kin 82) and that the All-in-Kin; 19.9, plus mine; 18.8 equals 17.4; Nahui Ollin.) 🙂

      But, your mention of Kin 113 reminds me of another observation that didn’t go into today’s blog: Kin 83 marks the 33rd day of this 113 day cycle.
      Also, 83 adds up to 11, (matching the Moon day and Guide) for the 11th day of March; 11/3 = 113.

      So, Thanks for mentioning Kin 113, and let’s resolve the Long Count Kin so that oUR daily observations are Synchronized 🙂

      Shine on :),
      Galactic Mirror

      • Well, I don’t know about the ‘several’ (although I suspect something similar 🙂 ), but on review I see I read MEN (15) ~ in the 13 Moon Almanac ~ but wrote BEN (13) and so went off on my happy tangent. Thanks for the correction.

  3. Thanks Melovia, for the fast response–glad to know it was just a mistake–As you know, I make plenty of those 🙂
    And isn’t it nice how they can sometimes lead to happy tangents-like they happened for a reason. In this case, it led to an exchange between us during the Memorial: Our Prince Will I Am was splendid! 🙂
    As I write these words, the ceremony has ended, and Prince William is mingling with the families, bringing Love and Comfort in the same genuine way Princess Diana would 🙂

  4. 3 beautifully vivid rainbows on my Galactic RetURn andSt. Patrick’s Day! One was so intense eye could see it repeat inward 3 times. Remember that every rainbow ends at U, UR the pot of gold 😉

  5. on this daya march 18 ~ kin084 rhythmic seed ~
    mercury was cycled by a space craft

    i remember just having picked 5/5 as a special daya here in Holland:
    Liberation Daya ref. IInd WW
    That is kin132, left leg (love), and its right leg (life) gives 084 (todaya in DS);
    they both generate the VOID kin number 220 ~ crystal sun (10×22) and my personal longcount frequency in longcount / ancient forecast

    bon voyage!

  6. Pacal Votan

    “Children of the day of truth, people of the dawn, people of the book, foursquare is my talking stone, invisible its design, its crystal lacing of star histories met in my human form. Time’s special witness am I seeking apostles of time to organize the day of truth into the revelation of God’s redemption. Universal forgiveness awaits those who understand God’s plan, a common time of 28 days-thirteen moons, begun together at the appointed hour, on the day called Lunar Moon, the first day of the second year of prophecy.”

    Eye Must share that I feel the overwhelming Intrinsic awareness of the SUPER MOON. Full Moon Kin 85.
    Into Spring Equinox Kin 85
    Eye am aware of the transcendence that is Manifesting.
    Breathing Lunar Compassion,
    Exhaling Solar Prophetic Healing.

    Blessed Be the 144-414-441 Sacred Time-Cube!
    Thanks MOI!!!!!!

  7. C:H:C:
    Votan/Red Queen
    :Page 118-119:

    PRACTICE 7: V.00 (Hunab Ku)
    “Within your wisdom eye continue to visualize the galaxy spiraling at an enormous rate of speed, like a giant pinwheel whirling in the cosmic wind of creation. Now penetrate with your wisdom eye to the center of that pinwheel, the galactic core, the Hunab Ku-“one giver of moment and measure.” As you approach, you pass through on incredible density of radio waves and a mass of hot gas swirling rapidly around on a small but super massive “object”. This is the interdimensional portal, mistakenly though of as a black hole: The heart of the Hunab Ku.
    Here is received the transmission of the sole atom, downloading higher-dimensional programs and broadcasting them out. Seen from its side, our galaxy has the shape of a galactic disc. Think of the Hunab Ku in the very center of your third eye sending out its broadcasts to the galaxy which is like a compact disc(CD) spinning as it plays its higher harmonics condensed into tens of billions of stars, each holding a note, a resonant frequency, in a galactic symphony that only GOD could possibly hear.”


  8. The above is C.H.C.
    Volume 6: (as well).
    Votan/Red Queen
    Page 160:
    ” The Grid creates five horizontal zones. Each of the zones are activated with equal frequency in the 20-day runs. When consciously directed by human thought force, higher interplanetary frequencies can penetrate the chaotic frenzy of happenings on Earth. This structure makes up the skeleton of the fourth-dimensional body of the planet. By continuously activating this grid, slowly but surely, the higher fourth-dimensional frequency will moderate and help lay a foundation for the emergence of a new order or state of being: The Noosphere.”

    ” Through contemplation of this planetary grid we can better grasp, as galactic citizens, the various levels and methods of the New Earth Geomancy. In time we may even be chosen to become the new planetary shamans-the diviners of the Earth, whose science and knowledge is based on a telepathic engagement of the Planet Holon/Arcturus Protectorate Grid.”

    Lunar Engagement.73.93.178.
    Locked in Position Velatropa 24.

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